October 22nd, 2010 | 126 Entries

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126 Entries for “microwave”

  1. A microwave is one of man’s most brilliant invention ever conceived. The practicality of it is so useful and has so much uses out of it. It is also ideal for the lazy people out there.

    By anneli on 10.22.2010

  2. Microwaves
    Endless Parking Lots
    Strip Malls
    Formica surfaces
    Plastic Wrap
    Fake Plants
    Auto parts
    Popsicle Sticks Littering The Ground Of A National Park

    By Carlos URL on 10.22.2010

  3. The microwave. Invented free of charge, heat that brings hot hot food. Does it feel hot? Only the food. Ah tasty and quick. Thank goodness. OOoooh did Jimmy’s family get a microwave? He is so neat!

    By Elsie URL on 10.22.2010

  4. today i want to stay at the dormitory!That’s all!!

    By molandana URL on 10.22.2010

  5. The tiny wave. Micro. Tiny. Wave. Makes my food warm, my tea hot and my tummy buzzy.

    By amy on 10.22.2010

  6. the radioactive waves pulse and push through my body as i am trapped to the machine of existence as is every living oraganism that is electro senstitive and relying on the great gift and curse of technology that tares

    By TJ on 10.22.2010

  7. The microwave beeped loudly and pulled her out of her trance. Her stomach lurched, and she could feel the fear seeping into her gut. She didn’t know what she was supposed to be doing and she heard footsteps from the kitchen. She ran towards her window, further, further from where she knew her mother was. This was real fear.

    By Sophie URL on 10.22.2010

  8. if anywone could give me a microwave, maybe my foreign-student life ould be way more easy.

    By carolina URL on 10.22.2010

  9. I sit in front of the microwave and think about my future. I don’t really know why the heat and teh light and the suffocation feel like they represent my life so wellwhat they do. Always turning, adn it’s always in circles. I feel as if my life is spent in a sense of dissillusionment and spinning–always spinning out of control.

    By KathleenCousteau on 10.22.2010

  10. Waves and particles travel super fast or super slow in waves towards my afternoon dinner. Keep me full. Waves bring heat and flavor. keep me.

    By Bub on 10.22.2010

  11. The microwave dinged while the smell of popcorn filled the room, only no one was there to get it so it slowly burned. Sophia laid dead in the bathroom from an overdose of Oxycontin. Her chestnut brown hair spilled over the cold tiling upstairs.

    By Amy URL on 10.22.2010

  12. It exploded! Shards of plastic, glass and metal flying everywhere. Marci was beside herself, staring at the wreckage.

    By Trebez on 10.23.2010

  13. i crawled inside. and waited. soon someone would turn me on. warm. i will wait.



    By Ems on 10.23.2010

  14. “Gods damn it, Rikki!” “What?” “What did I tell you about using the microwave without warning?” “….Oh, right I forgot about that.” “….Dear.” “What?” “Dear. shut up.” “I love you.” “…I love you too.”

    By Phee URL on 10.23.2010

  15. something was wafting from the microwave. “did someone cook pizza in here?” asked Jimmy, looking at his cousins with a weary gaze. Just last week he stressed to them that using frozen products in that old microwave would make the house stink to high heaven.

    By MK on 10.23.2010

  16. oh microwave, you you make my laziness less of an obstacle as i further dwell in my hatred fro cooking… and cleaning up after cooking. thank you oh beta waves of heat which warm my food, and allow me to cook, and leave the room, basking in the muti-taskability of your invention.

    By Lauren URL on 10.23.2010

  17. Once there was a dog who was a bit more curious than he should have been and put himself in such a position that dared the boy from next door to do something he’d been wanting to do for too long. He put the unfortunate hound into the microwave and low and behold SUPER DOG was born. Although his super powers were never realised because of his death.

    By Holly on 10.23.2010

  18. By bhumika on 10.23.2010

  19. a magical box where many magical things happen. Food can be heated in just a matter of seconds, while still retaining its original taste and texture…almost re cooking it to it;s origninal state. An invention that should not be taken for granted.

    By Stephen on 10.23.2010

  20. How did anyone cook anything before the microwave was invented, he wondered? Wait all day for water to heat up for coffee? Now he could have it in an instant and still he could get nothing done, waiting for coffee to douse his brain in caffeine so he could think.

    By gino on 10.23.2010

  21. It gets dirty; what can you say? Either it’s sitting unused, untouched by greasy hands or being over pumped with energy to form a flavorless food for a gullet that takes little time to wait for a home cooked meal.

    By Adam Gould URL on 10.23.2010

  22. for what it’s worth…i wish to tick off like a microwave. place my cold heart on the glass plate and give it time to warm up. ding. it’s ready for you.

    By miss.miles URL on 10.23.2010

  23. Day in day out: like a piece of frozen food taken in and out of a microwave. Except that I don’t feel any more alive by the mundane routine in my life … existence, rather.

    By Yellow Submarine on 10.23.2010

  24. So, apparently it’s a bad idea to stick your head in the microwave? What? Who decides these things? I hate being told what to do, so just to spite “them,” I’m going to go stick my head in a microwave.

    By Miss FFF URL on 10.23.2010

  25. Microwave

    By Barbara25 URL on 10.23.2010

  26. Microwave

    By Barbara25 URL on 10.23.2010

  27. Old microwave, 15 years, like me. Bought in Hong Kong. Came on a plane to my house. With my granddad. I forget that it’s like a brother, or sister.

    By Sophie URL on 10.23.2010

  28. The microwave rested comfortably on top of the dirigible, which was in turn attached to the corrugated bed of the utility and held in place with some haphazard but still devoted riveting. As far as time machines go it had no science or thought or any sort of realistic expectation behind it but if sheer hope and tenacity could pierce the veil of space and time then this baby was set to rock and roll

    By Damo on 10.23.2010

  29. If you put a marshmallow in the microwave it will get all big and goopy and look like something from ghostbusters. If you put a CD in the microwave it will spark and crack and when you take it out it will look like a cool old fossil or like sketched micah. Yup.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 10.23.2010

  30. Microwave ovens make good bread holders
    Popcorn makers and coffee warmers
    Others I know use them for more
    But I never know what else to do
    I’m told they boil water too
    Still their mystery paralyzes
    my desires to try more tasks out
    though I admit I love the bell
    that announces the microwaves
    finish of whatever it does
    to whatever’s inside it

    By Barbara Schweitzer on 10.23.2010

  31. Let’s just nuke it. It’ll be faster than actually cooking something. Now, would you really want to eat something that’s only “cooked” because microwaves have agitated and disturbed its water molecules? Not I!

    By Tkot on 10.23.2010

  32. I just put coffee in the microwave. It’s a bit odd though and I don’t think that anyone does that. It was cold.. and I can’t drink anything that’s hot.

    By Magenta on 10.23.2010

  33. the microwave is white. it cooks a lot of my food. too much of my food. i am scared to stand in front of microwaves because when i was a very small child my dad told me that that was dangerous. to this day i can’t do it.

    By Sarah on 10.23.2010

  34. I can’t believe all of the places & things and people I could zap with the radiant waves that circulate inside the microcave.

    By Ivy January on 10.23.2010

  35. it was 2:30 in the morning when she got home. she placed her bag in the living room couch, and walked toward the refrigerator. She opened it and searched for the blue container. She held it in her right hand while she used her left hand to close the fridge. She walked to the counter where the microwave was. she plugged it then opened it and placed the container inside. She waited for 5 minutes until she heard a small beeping sound. she placed her mits on her righthand while opening the microwave door with her left. she proceede to eat her meal in silence while staring absentmindedly on her microwave.

    By am on 10.23.2010

  36. I pull the ramen out of the microwave, walk over to the large windows overlooking the open grass and trees, all covered in snow and ice. I think of home, the desert, and how hot it must be, but somehow so much colder than it is here, where people are willing to give twenty hugs to warm you up.

    By Annie P URL on 10.23.2010

  37. חמוד לא בריא נוח מידי יעיל וחבל להשתמש בו..♥

    By odelia on 10.23.2010

  38. A microwave pizza is one of the most depressing things in the world. You’re making a statement with what you eat, and this statement is “Hello world, I care nothing about what I put in my body, I have no motivation to take any thought about what I eat, it just doesn’t matter.”

    By Kirk URL on 10.23.2010

  39. The toaster hit the floor last week,
    and now it doesn’t work.
    The refrigerator is on the brink,
    and the water from the sink,
    turns green, before turning pink.
    Oh now, now how shall I eat?
    My soup is getting cold.
    Easy, I think, and I gave,
    my cold soup to the confinements,
    of the warm microwave.

    By Angel of Music URL on 10.23.2010

  40. its an incredible invention that really expedites the cooking process. it may or may not be healthy to stand by it because of the radio waves.

    By Sean Ritchie on 10.23.2010