July 31st, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “methods”

  1. He eyes my bloody lip and the faint purple bruise just beginning to bloom along my jaw.
    “You know,” he says, turning to the guard with a single raised eyebrow. “There are more orthodox methods of interrogation.”

    By WearyWater URL on 07.31.2012

  2. we all have different methods of approaching the problems in our lives. some come at problems head on and for them, this method works. for others, quiet contemplation is needed. i think that differing methods allow for a broader scope of ideas and ways to accomplish them.

    By Hannah on 07.31.2012

  3. There are as many methods as there are people.The best method is the one that you feel comfortable with,not the one you learnt at school .;in other words,customize !

    By HILM Aicha on 07.31.2012

  4. They are different types of ways to succeed in things, which are called methods. There is also a famous rapper that goes by the name of “Method Man”. Methods are often used in experiments.

    By MaKayla on 07.31.2012

  5. now that i think about it, this is a really weird word. from annuciation it sounds like it’s a very dangerous word, like something that would probably kill you, like a drug or a military strategy or something. it reminds me of the word morbid. i like this word though. this word is super fucking cute

    By ruben on 07.31.2012

  6. the way you do things. The precise way to execute a plan or idea or thing. the right way. this is the right way. the only way. the different ways. step one, step two, step three. this is the method.

    By Margareli Ortiz on 07.31.2012

  7. Methods of the creative process. In art every artist has there own method, I spend more time staring at my drawings than actually connecting pencil to paper. Thinking.

    By Caroline on 07.31.2012

  8. Methods? What is a method? I would much rather right about kangaroos or koalas. Koalas are like fluffy teddy bears with freakishly long and scary fingernails. I love fluffy koalas.

    By Cheryl Hoelscher on 07.31.2012

  9. Methods are ways to try to achieve what you want to achieve. Everything you want to obtain or reach is done through specific methods. It is not easy to know what kind is right for you but everyone has a one that works for them.

    By Alyssa on 07.31.2012

  10. they tell you what to do. how to order your life. but who says you have to follow? the world exists out side the methods, the rules, the laws. be free.

    By Alice Furnace on 07.31.2012

  11. Methods. This or that. Which one? Will it work? Are there any methods for choosing a method? Methods. Who came up with them? Did it work for them? It sure must have had because otherwise it wouldn’t even be an option.

    By Alyssa URL on 07.31.2012

  12. Be happy and live your life love people spread peace think positive

    By manal on 07.31.2012

  13. There are different methods to do things. A method is a certain practice of a thing, act, or a concept. I have some specific methods of doing and believing things, and some more favorable.

    By Wrik Chakrabarti on 07.31.2012

  14. A manner of procedure, especially a regular and systematic way of accomplishing something… But why do people say that there is a certain METHOD to the way things work?

    I don’t have anything else to write on this.

    I do like skittles though.

    By tricia URL on 07.31.2012

  15. i think that this work is about science
    different types of science project where you have to use methods to formulate your plot
    i also feel that this word represents a type of evil. When people want to plan methods to plot something

    By amanda on 07.31.2012

  16. of licking a lollipop. see, you can lick one side and one side only until you get to the middle and then you end up popping it off the stick. or you can obsessively keep each side as even as you can possibly get it until you get to the middle where you collapse in a fit of frusteration because you can’t get it off the stick cleanly enough.

    By Claire on 07.31.2012

  17. There are multiple ways to do anything and you must decide on which method is best for each situation. That’s what makes life so hard.

    By PetitePommes on 07.31.2012

  18. There are methods to madness and methods about how things should get done.
    Methods can be old, new, boring or fun. Methods take time and methods take patience, but in the end, you’ll be happy cause it’s worth it.

    By Kelly on 07.31.2012

  19. I don’t really have any methods to writing under pressure. This is pretty tough. Even though I’m also no good at outlining, without some sort of concrete idea in my head, I can’t even think of where to begin. This is mindless and nonsensical and, just plain difficult. But I’m trying.

    By Rachel on 07.31.2012

  20. there are methods to doing everythings. good methods and bad methods. i think the one method that works in doing any task is focus, drive, and a kick butt attitude, go into everything like you are going to kick butt and finish it in 2 seconds and in the best way possible and you will be the most effective person.

    By TaylorLondagin URL on 07.31.2012

  21. what can we do but to follow what we have always followed? the dogmatic and the pedantic ways of our ancestors….carried to us, the descendants, who follow like the mongrels sniveling at the streets for food

    By Danica Munoz on 07.31.2012

  22. methods are a way that people think of ways to do things. such as a method on how to cut an onion. there are different ways, or “methods”. some may cut it first or peel off the skin. some may cut off the stem part that you are not suppose to eat or keep it on if they want to keep the onion more fresh still. there are also differnt methods to figuring out a math problem. there are word problems where u can do process of ellimination or work backwards

    By monica gomez on 07.31.2012

  23. Methodology. Advertising and public relations class on how to advertise. Project about the media and women’s body image. What a terrible correlation, to ruin someone’s body image!

    By Laura URL on 07.31.2012

  24. methods

    By Madeline on 07.31.2012

  25. methods is a word that is mentioned in the dictionary, it also has a definition! I know what you’re thinking that’s crazy! But its completely true woah. fascinating.

    By Madeline on 07.31.2012

  26. These are the methods I use to write, to paint, to run. Listen to the environment. Listen to your body. Lean forward slightly, keep feet under your center of gravity, bend forward at the ankles. Hit the ground lightly, as if sneaking quietly through the woods. Methods to paint: First of all, look. Just look, as Lin says. Look for a few seconds, look for as long as it takes.

    By Carol Cooper on 07.31.2012

  27. Methods are ways of doing. They change with people, environments, and circumstances.

    By Sarah URL on 07.31.2012

  28. She has crude methods for making crooks talk. Crude as in rough. Crude as in brutal. She chews tobacco and spits it onto the table just right so it splashes and hits the person in the cheek. She unbuttons her police jacket, exposing a white T-shirt underneath with stains. And when a guy doesn’t talk in the right tone, she slams his teeth into metal.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.31.2012

  29. It became vital that he found various methods for moving forward. The malaise that had set in as a result of his troubles had held on too long and he needed new life, new ideas and most of all hope.

    By sharon london on 07.31.2012

  30. oh my god I’m about to do this, i really am. Stop stop stop stop stop stop! Think if i put this uranium with this rabitorbiosn and kryptonite will humans cease to exist? No. so i do it. (that was the last science experiment of the humans)

    By Cara Giles URL on 07.31.2012

  31. Opinionated doing.

    By Claire URL on 07.31.2012

  32. The way I perform my business is quite unique. It usually begins with the target getting what’s coming to them. Then, we get in the bathtub together, without all our clothes weighing us down. Their head falls off to the side of the tub by the time I’m done with them.

    By Lyle URL on 07.31.2012

  33. Scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. Ask a question, do research, construct a hypothesis, perform an experiment, analyze results, collect data, test hypothesis, report results.

    By amanda on 07.31.2012

  34. to the madness. something that i hate, but cannot get away from why do ethere have to be so many protocols in place, i wish i was more disiplied, i imagine that people who are less intelligent than myself get much more doen

    By You on 07.31.2012

  35. I’ve never needed methods, never needed a plan, never needed to organize spontaneousness into dead, stale order. I listen to that quiet burning feeling of what’s right, and that rare ecstatic impulse to act that cannot be restrained readily, because it aches to be realized. Simmers like the boiling steam that climbs to the clouds to evaporate and join it. It’s never known anything else than that one uncompromiseable law, to rise. It doesn’t know what down is.

    By meliora URL on 07.31.2012

  36. I dont know anything about methods. i suppose there is a method to anything andf everything and everyone has his or her own method. whether it works or not is a whole other story. Sometimes i feel like i need to develop my OWNmethods rather than use someone elses, because things normally work better when you do them on your own terms, i dont know what else to really say a

    By michelle on 07.31.2012

  37. There are more methods then one can count, and not one is ever the only way to do something! We are lucky to be educated with many ways, so that our methods may transform us day to day!

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 07.31.2012

  38. Methods are hard science stuff you have to remember, and quit honestly i do not like it! What so EVER!

    By carson URL on 07.31.2012

  39. Methods. When I think of methods I think of mathematics and the development of cultures. I think of the way in which society functions and the means by which it does so, through economics, free trade, etc. It all starts in school, we move on to college then we learn methods until we die.

    By Andy URL on 07.31.2012

  40. there were many who wished to be told what to do and then others who wished to have no one tell them what to do – ultimately those who wished to be told began developing methods and then the non – wishers to be told rebelled and decided to have non methodology as their guiding force.

    By Mark C URL on 07.31.2012