December 9th, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “methods”

  1. We use certain ones to do stuff like building something.

    By Darius URL on 12.10.2012

  2. There is a scientific method in science and in almost every project or expiriment they follow this method.

    By Sammi URL on 12.10.2012

  3. You can have so many methods of doing things. There’s modus operandi or method of operation in murders and the like. Some people are very methodical in the things that they do–almost obsessive compulsive in nature.

    By kelli URL on 12.10.2012

  4. The methods the pirates used to abstract the information for the merchant were cruel and harsh.

    By gundarhardstriker URL on 12.10.2012

  5. Methods. Methods are great. Methods help people.

    By Cody URL on 12.10.2012

  6. There are methods to my madness!

    By katlynnt URL on 12.10.2012

  7. my modus operand i out whits even the most persistent obstacles
    get behind my wake and live to see
    what my legacy could grow to be

    By Aley URL on 12.10.2012

  8. methods are a way of life. We follow methods for many things in our daily lives. They help us see patterns and deal with them. They help us predict patterns to. Methods are fundamental to our existence. Each and every one of us have methods fir making sense if thus universe. Sometimes we are nit even aware of these methods, they are in our subconscious

    By sowmi on 12.10.2012

  9. Deceiving, the very eyes, her methods, cruel and harsh.
    They betray. They love.
    They encourage.
    They know how to entame, to destroy.
    They employ the best methods to deceive, to destroy, the eyes.

    By Sohinee on 12.10.2012

  10. Oh methods. So i feel like in school we learn all these diffferent methods.. hard ones, long ones…ect. Then at the end of barely understanding what was taught. They teach you this easy method. why didnt they teach you this easy method to being with?? waste of time.

    By Erica on 12.10.2012

  11. Clear tear-drop shaped illusion of glass, scent that wants to elicit nature, colors that could be stained glass or pale gems, all in a soap bottle with an unlikely name, a cleverly written website that does not give answers but manipulates expectations.

    By Taddy on 12.10.2012

  12. Methods

    By Taddy on 12.10.2012

  13. I want to discard all methods and move on towards something new. These methods bind me, and this life suffocates me. I’m dying here.

    By Nico URL on 12.10.2012

  14. We spend our lives searching for
    methods. How to live, how to love,
    how to accumulate money, how to
    make decisions. How to start, how to stop.
    Sometimes we follow the methods of other
    people who seem to have the answers.
    There is method to our madness (Shakespeare).

    By Robin URL on 12.10.2012

  15. Gewalt ist eine Möglichkeit, keine direkte Lösung.

    By pikamug URL on 12.10.2012

  16. how i do
    what you do
    why we do
    the things
    we do

    methods are for madmen
    who lack the need
    for evolution
    but madness spawns
    the sparks of

    By katiekieran URL on 12.10.2012

  17. There are methods to everything you do. Methods and money make the world spin

    By Ryan URL on 12.10.2012

  18. there are things like the scientific method. there is also the rock cycle method

    By riley URL on 12.10.2012

  19. I use methods to solve math problems so i can get the question right. I use the fishy method to figure out my answer.

    By Devin URL on 12.10.2012

  20. The method for the math problem was very complicated and it took a lot of time and I didn’t have enough time for anything else.

    By chase URL on 12.10.2012

  21. There are many methods to solve something. In math you will learn many way to solve the problem.

    By lissamc URL on 12.10.2012

  22. There are many methods to do the math problem.

    By jose URL on 12.10.2012

  23. My method for keeping good grades is to do all of m homework and actually pay attention in class.

    By Kyla URL on 12.10.2012

  24. my method is to run.

    By Nicholas URL on 12.10.2012

  25. there are a lot of methods like the scientific method.

    By Brianna URL on 12.10.2012

  26. Mr. Davin used the fishy method to solve something and the advanced fishy method these are two diffrent methods.

    By Fernando on 12.10.2012

  27. the methods used were the scientific method, the done method, and the new method.

    By danieler URL on 12.10.2012

  28. A special way to do something or get something…… for example: i use a special math method to solve my math problems.

    By adriana URL on 12.10.2012

  29. My methods to seckos is WORK

    By josephfo URL on 12.10.2012

  30. Special ways to do something.

    By gabrielach URL on 12.10.2012

  31. are hard to follow going to work the methods always changed keys are a method of control so im not late giving time to care

    By naz on 12.10.2012

  32. So, we have scheduled a meeting today to discuss the methods used out in the field. Whenever we set about working to dispatch our targeted goals in the most respectable manner possible, always consider the needs of the company. Never use high-explosive rounds, avoid putting holes in the immediate bodies of civilians, and also use caution.

    By Steve on 12.10.2012

  33. Methods
    The way we do what we do
    Do anything you want
    want what you cant have
    have what you need
    Need is in high demand
    Demand how to do
    Do what you do

    By Sam on 12.10.2012

  34. What are your methods, sir? Please explain them to me because from the outside, looking in, they seem to be scurrilous and savage. To what ends do your actions leave those around you? Do you care. Define your method, sir.

    By John Komarek on 12.10.2012

  35. Methods can be anything. There are ethods for this and methods for that. Methods for making love and methods for killing a human with a knife. There are usually hundreds of methods for different things, however I choose not to go into that ;)

    By Phil URL on 12.10.2012

  36. We all have our own methods to get things done, some are better than others.

    By adam on 12.10.2012

  37. Ways to do things in an orderly fashion. YOu can use them to help you do things a certain way. There are many methods people have made. Like my typing method. The end.

    By Jonah on 12.10.2012

  38. jean was good about these things. first he would knead the clay for at least five minutes it builds arm strength plus the pug mill at the community center didn’t actually do anything aside from shaping the clay into one large cylindrical lump. he’d take his molded clay into the other room, sit down, center himself, exhale and plop. right in the middle of the wheel. then wet his hands, reinforce his elbow against his hip and press on the pedal. the clay so smooth, the excess water splashing outward all of it made him feel in control again. the world seemed easier then it usually did. not like the windy night that broke the screen door not the like the windy morning that stung his eyes and froze his fingertips. now there’s only warm water and slick possibilities. he didn’t even know what he was going to make. he’d been wanting to make a sake set but he hated sake so it seemed kind of useless. he could always sell it in some school sale. he was always told to price his “art” at a much higher rate but he really didn’t care; he wanted it to sell he didn’t want it anymore. plus lugging it around on his bike was asking for trouble he always broke pieces. he’d been getting better at gluing them back together. he used to fill in the cracks with white toothpaste until a frequent customer said their dog kept licking the vases and so now if he did glue stuff together he would tell his customers to fill it in for themselves when they got home and warn them to keep the stuff out of animal reach.
    somehow while he was thinking of all this the clay had turned into a small sake container. oh well i guess that’s what he wanted. his favorite part or what he imagined would be his favorite part would be pressing the indentations into the side. he liked messing with soft clay. it was a pivotal moment everything could be ruined in one motion. he scraped the excess clay off the wheel and used his wire to do a light spin, added more water to the wheel and gentle as he didn’t know he could be until he started doing ceramics he slid the bottle onto a board. he wet his hands a bit more, positioned where he thought the divots should go and first lightly touched the two spots to make a mark. then with his thumb pushed in the first. the whole bottle gave slightly and a quick thin rush of fear moved up from his belly to his chest and rested in his cheeks. he pushed the other indentation because at that point all you can do is go forward. the warp corrected itself. the tightness of fear released, he felt a small slightly shameful swell of pride. not bad for a brute. not bad for a man who used to be in prison.

    By becca Loo URL on 12.10.2012

  39. The methods in which to produce. Ah geez. I’m done with my science classes. Yay!! That means I don’t have to remember any methods anymore they just sound too science. Not that I don’t love science I do it’s just =)

    By blankpage URL on 12.10.2012

  40. The science is in fact not the results to be reached. It is the way of research; in other words it is the method that makes the science is. However, having wrong methods make you unscientific even your results are correct.

    By a on 12.10.2012