August 28th, 2016 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “merge”

  1. By the time my father agreed to merge his company with his rival’s business, I was already starting to see the writing on the wall. None of this looked good. From shady corporate practices to poor treatment of employees, Sherman Malfort’s company was absolutely the opposite of what my father needed to spur on growth and resourcefulness on his end. I had tried telling him that, multiple times. His stubbornness, coupled with an obviously developing senility, sealed his fate before I could even begin to stop it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.28.2016

  2. I think that this word is about water, when you swin you can merge if you want.

    By Silvia rissetto on 08.28.2016

  3. it’s so strange
    how two different paths can so seamlessly become one
    just one chance encounter can form the bond of a lifetime
    and sometimes, despite everything, the two paths are inseparable

    By stranger on 08.28.2016

  4. As I merged into traffic I noticed the car behind me did also. Glancing in the rearview mirror I realized I had noticed that car earlier today when I came out of the post office. “This is quite the coincidence,” I thought to myself.

    By Barb Richardson URL on 08.28.2016

  5. Traffic. Documents. Ideas. Souls.

    By Laurie URL on 08.28.2016

  6. I merged onto the interstate. The cars swallowed me into the monotonous rhythm of the everyday world. But I was far from my well-known rhythm of life. I was just driving, driving to get away. I didn’t care where I was going. I just needed to get away from it all.

    By Faith URL on 08.28.2016

  7. The cars merged into the highway from several lanes, all at high speed. The flow of traffic was like ballet, all the cars controlled by a central AI, which could see the openings like no human eye could. Inside, all the riders were working at their laptops, increasing their productivity.

    Until one day, a solar flare disrupted the AI’s concentration for a moment, then the human lives merged.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.28.2016

  8. Aurum and Argentum aren’t exactly happy about it, but at least they stop complaining so much when Platina reminds them that this is how it was, originally, and it was their fault it changed in the first place.
    Still, sometimes Ori catches them grumbling to themselves that really, it wasn’t necessary to merge their kingdoms, was it?

    By savvadrokki URL on 08.28.2016

  9. I walked into my math class only to see kids I didn’t recognize.
    I looked around confused, but I knew it was my classroom, everything was positioned the same way.
    I sat down in my regular seat, a bit shaken by the whole new group of students in the room with me.

    “We’ve merged these two classes due to the small amount of students, so say hello to your new classmates!”

    By C on 08.28.2016

  10. I hate the way that people merge onto the highway, they are so stupid and cannot get it through their heads that they must speed up when merging and then they will have a seamless transition into the already moving traffic. UGH!

    By Cynthia on 08.28.2016

  11. Love

    By Cole on 08.28.2016

  12. To put together. To join and make one big team or to companies. The act of joining someone.

    By Cole on 08.28.2016

  13. The first thought that came to mind was the merger between the two schools: London and Steveston. As I think about it, it is more like financial term to me. Then I’m thinking maybe it could be the merging of two human souls.

    By Harmony Sin on 08.28.2016

  14. Life is a system of merging. We merge people in marriage, merge into children, merge into new jobs, religions, etc. We merge into death, into the beyond. We merge into life as babies. Life is merging.

    By bmbelko URL on 08.28.2016

  15. To merge with another person is the greatest joy, and the greatest sorrow.
    It is the greatest gift and the greatest risk;
    whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally.

    By Kimberly URL on 08.29.2016

  16. What a merge! I’m trying to figure out the different components, but it is extremely difficult indeed.

    By BR on 08.29.2016

  17. 1merge = Making Enclusive Reciprocol Gaurentee Ether

    By garz on 08.29.2016

  18. Samenvoegen, veel mail dan een mail merge of een cell merge. Grote bedrijven kunnen ook mergen, met grote gevolgen. Maar ook in de positieve zin. Meer mensen samen.

    By marremans URL on 08.29.2016

  19. “merge like a zip”, the official mantra for merging lanes on the road, it’s more about being polite than anything else and takes me back to learning how to share toys at Kindergaten. I just know that the person who shoves in front of me on the motorway is that same child who wouldn’t let others play with their toys

    By Kat URL on 08.29.2016

  20. “One lane!” He shouted. “One lane for one car! How hard is that!?” The only thing that kept Jack at bay was the solace of knowing that, if he did run someone off the road, his children in the back seat would have been witness to it. He couldn’t do that to them, he thought.

    By Matt on 08.29.2016

  21. To come together either of companies, rivers or people.
    To dissolve into one another.

    By Pravin Patel URL on 08.29.2016

  22. As the streets merge so does our brains. Merging with the thoughts of life and death. The streets merge as well as the cars. Crash hard with a loud bang

    By Mrs. King123 URL on 08.29.2016

  23. the way the river likes to merge with the sun. in the mornings and at night at that certain time where they look like they are combining

    By Douglas Salhani URL on 08.29.2016

  24. When two people get married each participates families merge into one large family.

    By Charlie Bradford URL on 08.29.2016

  25. THe two of them were so different before they met. She had goals and dreams but never thought of herself with anyone. He was focused on living in the moment. Then, they merged into one.

    By Paige URL on 08.29.2016

  26. Traffic signs make me think of my husband–and not just because he’s a cop. Words like Stop. Or green lights. Or red lights. Or red and blue lights. Or Pedestrian Crossing. Or Falling Rocks. Words like Merge. How do you merge two lives together. Traffic laws are a lot like marriage.

    By Melissa URL on 08.29.2016

  27. Combine or cause to combine to form a single entity.

    By Rose4444 URL on 08.29.2016

  28. “Gah! Why can’t he see my signal?” “This asshole’s not getting in my lane” “S’cuse me…s’cuse me…” “Oh, shucks – sorry…it’s too late…”

    By ml on 08.29.2016

  29. I stated to merge onto the freeway, only to realize I’ve been going in the wrong direction for 3 hours and had no clue where I was at. I tried to turn around but It was too late I was already on the freeway still heading away from my destination.

    By Makenzie Cooper URL on 08.29.2016

  30. We all drive down the highway called life. Some of us have more experience with it, and some of us don’t hardly have any at all. When you first come into this life you don’t have to worry about navigating the highway, your parents do it for you. But the older you get, the more people expect you to be able to navigate it yourself. But at some point in life, you are expected to merge your highway with another person. Together you’re suppose to navigate your combined highway together.

    By Golda P. Jackson URL on 08.29.2016

  31. One day I was sitting in traffic and finally the traffic jam started moving and I had to merge into a different lane. It was scary because a semi almost merged right into me. I am glad that i don’t have to use that highway very often and merge a lot.

    By amber on 08.29.2016

  32. She turned on her blinker and looked in her side mirror. “This is the worst thing about driving,” she muttered as she tried to ease in behind another car. He watched her, doubtfully. “Stop. I’m a good driver, I swear, I just hate merging.” He tried not to laugh, knowing it would break her concentration.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.29.2016

  33. I have to merge my ideas into one great masterpiece. Like, I gotta just sit and think. Or maybe not think, at least not overthink what I’m trying to do and just write. Like how I’m doing right now :)

    By Imani URL on 08.29.2016

  34. Connecting two things to make one. A car merging into traffic.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 08.29.2016

  35. When a company doesn’t have a future, maybe it’s time to think about a merge with a bigger a company.

    By Patrick on 08.29.2016

  36. I’ll never understand why some people won’t allow you to merge when your lane is ending and there is nowhere else to go. Do they think it is safer for them to speed up or slow down to match your speed? Stupid. Plain stupid. This is why i rarely ride my motorcycle. Just be safe and merge!

    By Luna Pinole URL on 08.29.2016

  37. merge together to destroy the enemy before he destroys us. merge those battery’s to form a circuit.

    By kj on 08.29.2016

  38. to form a circuit you need a battery and some wire combine them to form a circuit

    By Hunter URL on 08.29.2016

  39. luck
    post rock
    joy division

    By luka sebiskveradze on 08.29.2016

  40. The two beings, totally separate, totally alone, totally without, turned
    to merge
    to find meet
    a mate
    and match
    and be. Belong. Beloved. Merged.

    By Kevin on 08.29.2016