August 27th, 2016 | 34 Entries

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34 Entries for “grounded”

  1. Ich wäre so gern geerdet. Fest verwurzelt, so dass mich kein Wind mehr umwerfen kann. Fest verwurzel, um mich von den Wassern zu nähren, die tief im Untergrund ihre Wege finden. Ich wäre gern wie ein Baum, der jedes Jahr seine Blätter verliert und im Frühjar neue wachsen lässt und dabei dicker, höher und stärker wird.

    By Eli URL on 08.27.2016

  2. I first thought about grounded as someone who is level headed and solid in their thinking. But I expect that my teens will think of grounded as a word that deals with punishment and isolation. As in, something was done wrong and now I am grounded. I wish to be grounded in my thoughts living without fear of the present or the future.

    By Julie on 08.27.2016

  3. One of the presidential candidates is grounded in hypocrisy. It’s hard to tell which one. So maybe both are. I’m grounded in good will, honesty, fairness, generosity and elegance. In other words, I’m the biggest hypocrite of all.

    By Joanna Bressler on 08.27.2016

  4. Sticker slick on every wll – the originl imsges skulked round unseen – lot of people hd touched the wlls round them.

    By Oe on 08.27.2016

  5. Mister and Missus Shank grounded their daughter Abby for exactly three weeks, two days, seven hours, and thirteen minutes. The reasoning for this was simple: It would fall right on the very end of her fourteenth birthday. Their neighbors, Mister Wainsworth, was floored. What exactly had Abby done, he wondered aloud, to deserve such a long and meticulously timed punishment?

    “She tried to summon the devil,” Missus Shank explained to him over tea.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.27.2016

  6. I feel grounded. I feel stable. Like I can actually breathe again.

    By Lori URL on 08.27.2016

  7. Grounded. Something that happens when you’ve done something bad. Grounded. Something a tree does with its’ roots.

    By missveemassimo URL on 08.27.2016

  8. Because without that base, without two feet down, without somewhere to start, you can’t go. You can’t explore. You can’t shout to the heavens and leap for joy. You must be grounded, firmly, drastically, then– then the sky is yours. Then the race can begin. You must be– grounded.

    By Kevin on 08.27.2016

  9. I felt myself quiver at the sight. “flight”. He saw, and thought to himself. Why? Why must we detach ourselves, flow into nothingness? Why cannot we all connect through each other, and the earth we live on?

    By Donovan on 08.27.2016

  10. in trouble, stuck on the ground, down to earth. I am grounded because I got stuck on the Earth and am now a down to Earth real kind of person.k

    By Kathy VanDeventer on 08.27.2016

  11. grounded

    By jing on 08.27.2016

  12. grounded, I think it’s a word about punish

    By Jing URL on 08.27.2016

  13. “He’s very well grounded,” the secretary said. I heard her through the crack in the door, after I had been sitting and waiting for this audience for two hours. It felt good to be perceived in that way.

    The job interview was tiring. Too many questions which seemed to lead nowhere and prove nothing. And at the end, the usual response, after asking when I could start and the salary limitation. “We’ll get back to you.”

    I left the office in a daze and entered the elevator. To keep with my appearance of being calm and well-grounded, I kept a straight face. But inside I wanted to scream and break things.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.27.2016

  14. We opened the latch of the travel kennel, and he cowered for a moment before making his cautious way out on shaky paws. He sniffed for a moment at the bright ochre dirt, before taking off at a wonky sprint across the dusty driveway towards the wide open paddock beyond.

    By Archanza URL on 08.27.2016

  15. grounded makes me think of being in trouble for something as a kid. it could also mean not being conceited or full of yourself. you’re able to place your feel firmly on the ground and remember who you are and where you are from. it’s a positive thing.

    By Alyssa on 08.27.2016

  16. Her report sounds well grounded. We should do what she suggests us.

    By BR on 08.27.2016

  17. “You’re grounded.”
    For what?
    “You’re literally standing on the ground.”
    That’s not what grounded meant.
    “Who cares”

    By Jason Derulo on 08.28.2016

  18. Being grounded is the worst thing. There are many ways parents can ground their child, whether is be taking away their phone for a week or any period of time or not allowing them to hang out with their friends. Getting grounded really doesn’t teach the children anything though, does it?

    By Tyler Runyan on 08.28.2016

  19. I never felt as grounded as when I would look out over the setting sun on a beach.

    In my youth, I spent a lot of time being grounded. Two very different things.

    By Kimberly URL on 08.28.2016

  20. “Takumi,” Seth began imperiously, “you’re grounded.”
    There was only a brief pause before both of them burst out laughing, Tabatha bouncing on Seth’s back from his shaking shoulders.

    By savvadrokki URL on 08.28.2016

  21. First a good thing then a bad thing once you think of the way you first heard the word as a kid. It was a punishment. I am pissed that I was never once grounded. I am pissed that my parents never disciplined me. That instead they used shame. I am really disgusted, mad, and well, ashamed.

    By Wonderful1 URL on 08.28.2016

  22. “Come on down TA-1.” Bill heard the crackling sound, familiar in his ears, as he guided the airborne beast to the ground. “Nothing to report today so far it seems.”

    By Matt on 08.28.2016

  23. “Come on down TA-1.” Bill heard the crackling sound, familiar in his ears, as he guided the airborne beast to the ground. “Nothing to report today so far it seems.” He’d been in the commercial flying world for some time now. But he couldn’t help shaking the feeling of military precision when he reported back to mission control.

    By Matt on 08.28.2016

  24. Being grounded is definitely something I try to be every day and it keeps me sane.

    By Kat URL on 08.28.2016

  25. She was fixed in one spot, unable to move her legs or even pick up her toes. “Help me,” she pleaded. The woman turned toward her, a small smile, and said, “Learn to help yourself.” And she knew it was wrong.

    By Amanda on 08.28.2016

  26. I stand barefoot in the forest. My toes curl around peat and dirt climbs its way up the sides of my feet. My heels dig into the upper layer of growth and decay and I reach my arms like branches toward the sky.

    By Willow URL on 08.28.2016

  27. Who says its good to be grounded, meaning that you don’t do anything without entirely thinking thru to the very end – what will happen if I —? Not a wise idea for your whole life, maybe just part of it.

    By tippers URL on 08.28.2016

  28. Being grounded is hard work. Sometimes people around you influence you to do the opposite. It is a humbling experience to stay grounded, especially in the presence of people that aren’t.

    By Lakisha Singleton on 08.28.2016

  29. She felt her feet on the floor solidly for the first time in weeks. Wow. She took a tentative step, then another. She inhaled the air and exhaled all of the remaining illness. To be well was the greatest thing she could ask for. She wanted to run. It took all of her energy to take one small step. So, maybe running could wait until tomorrow.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.28.2016

  30. For the last few weeks it felt like I was walking on air – I finally felt like life was going my new way. New job, finally money wasn’t an issue, deliriously happy in a new relationship. But then it all grounded to a halt around me with a stark reality. My new job wasn’t what it was promised, the unhappiness was spreading, poisoning every other part of life

    By insanity rambles URL on 08.28.2016

  31. When I was 17, I was grounded for six months. I won’t say why. But over that time, I learned to love my family more. Eventually, I got my driver’s license back and helped my parents drive to California on vacation. It was very rewarding to me.

    By Brian Boyd on 08.28.2016

  32. Sometimes I tell myself you are around to keep my more… whimsical ideas grounded.

    I finally understand that’s the only reason you ever approached me.

    But you’re dreams are all so much more interesting than mine.

    By M. Rene' URL on 08.28.2016

  33. I was grounded because I had been behaving badly. I don’t think it is a good way of punishing people. It is old school.

    By szabjass URL on 08.28.2016

  34. I find myself, grounded to the floor with chains, missing the blue skies and the wind’s touch under my wings, these humans are cruel indeed. No matter how much I struggle these chains don’t break.

    By Bramsy URL on 08.28.2016