August 28th, 2016 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “merge”

  1. “Holy F-” He cut his own swear off as he cut the wheel, sliding out into the breakdown lane and narrowly avoiding the 18-wheeler. He pressed down on the gas, breaking his own promise to stick the speed limit and passed the truck. He slid back into the lane just as the breakdown one ended and let out a sigh of relief. He hated states that allowed Trucks into the left lanes, they were just too large to merge.

    By ShadowDev404 on 08.29.2016

  2. im not sure what this word stands for, it seems to have a lot of meanings. One having to do something with water, i dont know how this works. one sentence to go, one more stressing path i chose.

    By aikia on 08.29.2016

  3. going into something else combinding things into one thing.

    By Anthony williams on 08.29.2016

  4. jam things together. merge into traffic when the lane is closed. conjoined twins.

    By Crystal Janette Rivera on 08.29.2016

  5. come together


    By brooklyn on 08.29.2016

  6. A car had to merge into the fast lane, because the car in front of him was going 10 under the speed limit.

    By Savannah Longo on 08.29.2016

  7. A big decision for a company deciding to merge with another smaller company, to better them both.

    By Baseball Freak on 08.29.2016

  8. Merge reminds me of submerged. Merge is like you merge up to a road.

    By Olivia Woods on 08.29.2016

  9. My mom turns on the blicker, letting the car behind us that we were going to merge into another lane. However, that car was not paying attention and we collided. It was a horrifying experience for both of us.

    By Morgan Wise on 08.29.2016

  10. We can merge things together and make them better or worse.

    By Trever on 08.29.2016

  11. The car had to merge left to get over on the highway.

    By Michaila on 08.29.2016

  12. To come together.

    By Mya on 08.29.2016

  13. when people merge incorrectly it triggers me and makes me very uncomfortable and mad

    By savannah bryant on 08.29.2016

  14. To combine something with something else.

    By De'Shawna Isbell on 08.29.2016

  15. I had to merge into traffic on the two lane highway, on my way to the beach.

    By ben on 08.29.2016

  16. When I see the word ‘merge’ I think of highways, roads, and cars. I also think about things coming together and becoming one.

    By Cade on 08.29.2016

  17. Until the 1960s, the races were very different and very far apart. Then protests started to start. Different people started to be inspired to stand up for a change. One of the biggest ones was Martin Luther King Jr. He had the idea of merging the races together. This was a very difficult process but with a lot of hard work, they eventually were able to bring change. There were still difficulties but life was better for the races that faced racial persecution.

    By Jordan Bowman on 08.29.2016

  18. Merge means collide or cross paths.When I think of merge I think about cars merging together and crashing.

    By Riley on 08.29.2016

  19. I need to merge into the right lane so that I can avoid hitting the space alien stationed in the middle lane. He’s pretty wide, so I might hit him anyway. Wow! All that green stuff is leaking onto the road. I hope the rest of the drivers don’t skid.

    By LigTechie on 08.29.2016

  20. I merge on to the big road from the small road. The big road has a lot of people on it. Also the cars are moving fast

    By Simon Woodard on 08.29.2016

  21. merge means to put 2 or more things together.

    By lucien URL on 08.29.2016

  22. The car merged into the highway when the car was late for work. Merge means colliding. The train rode onto the other track. After that, the train ran into a semi. It killed all of the people in the train and semi.

    By Addison M. URL on 08.29.2016

  23. There was a ruthlessness to the merging of their lanes. She had always imagined what happened if you and the other person were so compatible that the only reasonable outcome to the fusing of paths would be absolute destruction upon collision.

    By Mo Alcott on 08.29.2016

  24. My dog merged itself in the tree he is very magical I can merge with him to

    By Amber on 08.29.2016

  25. My mom hates merging when it comes to traffic. I don’t really understand why. This is harder than I thought it would be but I guess I should try to stay on topic. Merging two ideas into one doesn’t necessarily make either idea better.

    By Evol on 08.29.2016

  26. I need to merge into the right hand lane so that I won’t hit that big alien that is stopped in the middle lane. Whoops! He’s oozing a lot of green stuff.

    By LigTechie on 08.29.2016

  27. I spend a coin in a mental splurge
    it slides in and the thoughts emerge
    I split and the pictures diverge
    to the east a scourge
    to the west a purge
    there’s a skeleton but no dirge
    six trees and packs of leopards
    a flash, a surge
    one last urge
    we say to each other “c’mon, let’s merge”

    By omqwat on 08.29.2016

  28. A merge can create great new things which is why companies and people in our daily live merge.

    By Faith Obaro on 08.29.2016

  29. What if one universe merged with another and everyone met their doppelgängers and realized that things weren’t the same and it didn’t matter. Traffic merges would still exist and that’s the only important thing because it’s something that everyone knows about.

    By Evol on 08.29.2016

  30. the company has a merge with a biggest company today

    By gabriela de almeida ribeiro gonçalves on 08.29.2016

  31. Join a group of poeple.

    By Haylee on 08.29.2016

  32. The beasts fused into one, a two-headed, growling monster. It snarled as a gripped my sword and attacked, trying to ward it’s snapping jaws away from my friends.

    By Jonaya on 08.29.2016