December 31st, 2014 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “mercy”

  1. Mercy is when you show someone grace and kindness. It makes me think of church and Jesus, but also about uncle Jesse from Full House (definitely not as noble). Mercy is difficult sometimes. Mercy is being the bigger person. Mercy is showing someone the best in yourself, and in them too.

    By Kristin URL on 12.31.2014

  2. He showed no mercy that night. It was all a blur, and by the hour’s end, he knew he’d done it again. How? After all this time? How had he stepped foot back in the haggard old cabin? It wasn’t his choice. He didn’t remember making a choice.

    By Susan on 12.31.2014

  3. Mercy just reminds me of the Duffy song “Mercy.” I don’t particularly like it or dislike it. It’s just a meh thing for me. Though it does tend to get stuck in my head whenever I hear it. I’ve got to say that it definitely works by being a sticky kind of song. Otherwise, not too thrilling.

    By Rebekah Kim URL on 12.31.2014

  4. “Lord,” intoned Darcy, much to everyone else’s amusement, “have mercy on me this upcoming year. A house without a rat problem and a dog that doesn’t have three tumors in his ears would be really, greatly appreciated.”

    “2014 was not a good year for you, huh, Darcy?” Yasmin laughed, lounging in the corner with a very large bottle of beer.

    “This just hasn’t been a good decade,” Darcy corrected. “But hey, maybe the halfway point means a turnaround in fortune.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.31.2014

  5. There’s nothing like the mercy of God. Nothing like what he offers.
    Nothing like knowing that if I care for others, the way he cares for me, I will make a HUGE difference in their lives. Simply by offering them understanding, forgiveness, a second chance – mercy.
    It’s what I have received, and continue to receive time and time again from God, from my husband, from my mother & from my faithful friends. I can and will offer it to others, every day, for the rest of my life.

    By offendreaming URL on 12.31.2014

  6. it´s a new day
    another second hand year
    and all i´m thinking bout
    is grey fear
    hang on a second
    put on his pout
    hang on five hours
    fresh, clear
    blue, white

    By too stable URL on 12.31.2014

  7. “I cant believe it!” The man shouted in angry. The goddess merely glanced at him, speaking in a soft voice she whispered. “You as a race need mercy, why ignore this mans crime, because he is poor and not the other man, the rich one, who has killed…Your race needs more mercy…I will come back within the week, your city must be changed for the better by then if you want to remain under my protection.”

    By Ari URL on 12.31.2014

  8. We have all been on the receiving end of mercy at some point not because we deserved it but because as fallible human beings we were in need of it. Gratitude should leave us with a burning desire to play it forward. Who can you extend a little mercy to today?

    By Tracey URL on 12.31.2014

  9. “Mercy, ser, mercy; I beg of ya,” my mother said entreatingly, pulling me harsh against her breast, “She didn’t mean ya no ‘arm,”
    The crimson knight stared impassively back at her, their narrowed golden eyes just visible through the slits in their visor. And, when they turned that sharp gaze to me, I felt a shudder rip through my body. “Honor your mother, girl,” they said and it was only then, by the feminine sound of their voice, that I realized the knight a woman, “It’s thanks to her intervention alone that you’ll live to tell of this meeting,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.31.2014

  10. i’m generally a great date
    i’m fun and outgoing
    i should be happy

    but i’m not
    dumped so many times
    its hard to see what the

    future holds for me
    can the world give me
    some mercy

    and allow me
    to live and let live
    and be happy

    By rachaelroyce URL on 12.31.2014

  11. He begged his mother to show mercy. Alas, it was of no use. Jake was grounded for two weeks and couldn’t play video games for a month. Worst April Fool’s Day ever.

    By Lisa URL on 12.31.2014

  12. “Have mercy on me please!” The man pleaded the woman. At this point he was already down on his knees with his hands clasped together. He was ready to bow down and everything if he had to, because he desperately needed the job and if he were fired, the man would be unable to support his children. He was a single father after all.

    By Tsuki on 12.31.2014

  13. Dear Lord, give me mercy. Compassionate and fulfilling. Show me that you are not cold, relentless, and vindictive. Show me that you put me on this earth for a reason.

    By Jessica on 12.31.2014

  14. Those who are brave and have courage know what mercy means. Mercy means a lot to those who believe that life is to live and let other live than simply making a futile attempt in trying to prove that impossible is possible. Mercy means a lot.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 12.31.2014

  15. Whenever i think about this word, its when people say please have mercy. Im not to sure what this word means, but it has defiantly impacted many peoples lives in a hundred ways. I think having mercy is being kind and sparing someone even if they don’t have a right to or need to.

    By lily URL on 12.31.2014

  16. Karen slipped into the room to her left. She ran over to that man who had hurt her sister. “I’m giving you one more chance. Use it.” She slipped out, smiling. He just stared after her.

    By Savannah on 12.31.2014

  17. He asked for me to show him mercy. had the nerve to beg.
    cried that all could be right with the world. If only i could see.
    He asked for me to show him mercy.

    By WillaFaye URL on 12.31.2014

  18. Lamborghini Murci,
    Your chick she so thirsty

    You have corrupted me in the most beautiful ways, in the way that this song has destroyed a word that has utmost feelings.

    By Klarinea URL on 12.31.2014

  19. “please give us mercy” said the crying mistress of the house.

    The lady of the house scowled upon them, “Do you really think you deserve that, after you’ve ruined family upon this house , upon it’s very own roots?”

    The illegitimate child, who had been forced to kneel along with his mother, held a gaze burned with repressed anger towards the lady until he finally exploded, like a fire cracker that has burned to the end of it’s twine.

    “Has this family ever been anything but perfect? It has ruined the life of many people, through the company that has taken the money out of the poor’s hands, and leaving many children, including your own to take out their anger towards you! Is anyone happy with this fate? We will not plead mercy to you! There will come a day where you will beg on your knees to us!

    Fireworks of his soul shot towards the hearts of all the empty starving beings, as they rose to protect their rights to live, and to live without the mercy of others.

    By imJAL URL on 12.31.2014

  20. I don’t want mercy, I want to live a life where I don’t need it. And, I don’t want want to be merciful, I’m not interested in that kind of responsibility. You’ll never know if you’ve been given it, that’s what true mercy really is.

    By Swing Through URL on 01.01.2015

  21. mercy is something that i have always wanted to understand about. is it forgiveness of when i am wrong or the understanding that everyone can be wrong sometimes and therefore i must not judge too harshly. Mercy is a virtue but i am not sure of how much we must first be merciful to oourselves

    By Vijayita URL on 01.01.2015

  22. how do you ask for mercy when you don’t know who to ask.
    what’s the point of asking for mercy when you don’t know what it would be.
    we ask ourselves, and give to ourselves, and we keep going round and round.
    upward, onward, anywhere but here.
    there is no mercy.
    mercy is imaginary.

    By Blue on 01.01.2015

  23. It’s begged for but never often received- mercy. Pain left in its wake. We all want it but so rarely grant it ourselves. The trust falls we take in life, in love- we give power over to another, hoping when it falls apart around us that they will grant it to us.

    Do we ask of others what we would not do ourselves?

    By Artemis Ver on 01.01.2015

  24. At the mercy of fate. We think we have a decision but it’s already been decided and it’s already been written. There’s already an ending. We just don’t know it yet. We’re just living out a story just like reading a book where we are the characters and we don’t know what’s next but there’s already an ending.

    By Renato on 01.01.2015

  25. Not everyone has it, some does. Finding them is difficult. They are in hiding. Well its a lonely world.

    By Sanka on 01.01.2015

  26. Seeing yourself in another — mercy is something that we grant to another being with the express purpose to place ourselves in the other’s place. We choose not to change the state of something for the worse, simply because we see ourselves in that place.

    By joe on 01.01.2015

  27. It is by his mercy that we live everyday. We should not take any day for granted, but cherish each moment with those we love.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.01.2015

  28. God, dreams, new year, family, friends, being alive, hope, learn french, being happy and inspired, being healthy

    By Carla Ruiz on 01.01.2015

  29. Having mercy starting with ourself, sometimes we are tough and strict with ourselves but we are human.

    By Eyregirl URL on 01.01.2015

  30. My challenge is to show mercy to my own circumstances as well as those circumstances that don’t belong to me.

    By Christina on 01.01.2015

  31. a classmates nickname.
    animals for slaughter. have mercy on them

    By tshering on 01.01.2015

  32. She squinted at his crumpled body in the rain. Even though his face was shoved against the dirt, she could still make out some of his garbled words: “Please….stop this…please…”

    By Angélique URL on 01.01.2015

  33. Mercy! Oh, that 2015 will bring mercy is what I wish for all in this house. We need a break from the sadness and the madness. No more knocks for Miranda and Grace, Erica and Douglas, except the knocking that we do ourselves, at new doors, which we hope will open and welcome us to fresh and nourishing adventures.

    By Erica URL on 01.01.2015

  34. The Lord grants us mercy and grace. He loved us first and we love Him. We should extend mercy toward others.

    By Arleen Clark on 01.01.2015

  35. Jesus

    By Darain on 01.01.2015

  36. I fall to my knees and gaze up to her. Her beautiful grey eyes, normally so gentle and kind; fill with anger. She glares at me and I look away.
    I manage to choke out one word. Mercy.
    She begins to laugh. For a minute I think that it will all be ok. That she will forgive me and we will forget and move on. However, her laugh isn’t a happy laugh; it’s more like a sneer. Her mouth seems too tight and her eyes still full of hatred.
    I can’t blame her though; I hate me too.

    By Hannah Phillips URL on 01.01.2015

  37. Having remorse for people and things. Forgiving people for mistakes and making things right as God would

    By Martell on 01.01.2015

  38. She was happy for the first time when the bells tolled. Year upon year of disappointments and waiting by the phone and fake smiles were washed away by this new beginning. Maybe this was mercy. Maybe she had just had to claim it for herself all along.

    By lightthisfuse URL on 01.01.2015

  39. It is not everyday that we feel like letting something go which might have taken a lot of our time. Or someone who might have made us feel like something which we truly are not. It is then, that we must have mercy on ourselves and do the right thing. do what is needed.

    By Kaushik Gopalan on 01.01.2015

  40. Begging for mercy – on his knees he asked to dark looming figre above him to reprive him. even just for a moment. The relentless torture had gone on to long – he just wanted to get home and return to his norml life, back in the city where he blended into a crowd

    By insanity rambles URL on 01.01.2015