June 15th, 2012 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “mayor”

  1. it was cute, watching him with his sash that had ‘mayor’ scribbled on it. the ‘R’ was backwards, but it was more endearing that way. how else could a cute little creature with a firefly named serenity present himself as mayor of cantown?

    By jo on 06.15.2012

  2. stand tall and stay stand straight
    keep your eyes ahead
    as you give your speech
    your the mayor now
    your expected to be great
    so be great mayor
    be great

    By Rebecca URL on 06.15.2012

  3. The mayor slammed down the phone receiver and sat down at his desk. There was no way he was going to be able to stop the menace from entering the city and destroying every living thing in its wake. It was too late. All hope was lost.

    By giegie URL on 06.15.2012

  4. I looked at my people. I was finally here, to stand in this place, once of despair. I stood above the crowd as they cheered. They yelled. A few jeered. I was king. I was emperor. I was mayor. And the world was mine. I was mayor.

    By AJ Gazin URL on 06.15.2012

  5. A spanish and an English word. Both are tied together. Mayor of a city is in charge, and mayor que means bigger than or older…so it makes sense to me. Only in my mind it seems.

    By Michael URL on 06.15.2012

  6. Mayors are people who rule a city, they have power. I’m not sure how important they are, just that they are more important than me.

    By Paulina on 06.15.2012

  7. The mayor of the town looked down on the ranshackle little collection of houses and shacks before him. For in instant, he closed his eyes and imagined that shining marble buildings were being built around him, the filth cleaned off the street and manicured gardens established on every corner. Then he opened his eyes and the illusion fell to pieces, borne away by the pungent wind that blew by him.

    By Jules on 06.15.2012

  8. “No me importa que usted sea mayor que yo, hoy la quiero en mi cama…” he heard from the window of that older lady he loved. He needn’t more. It was finally time to enter.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.15.2012

  9. I’d like to meet the mayor, I’d like to tell him or her or whoever they are just what I think of this town. It’s not them, I’d say, it’s just that I feel trapped in this small town, that my dreams are bigger than the number of people who live here and that I could never stand being stuck here for the rest of my life.

    By Julia M URL on 06.15.2012

  10. The mayor stood at the front of the crowd, his hair in disarray, eyes half closed from a clear lack of sleep. He clutched at the paper in his hand, glancing down at it for a brief moment before he looked back up, staring into the worried eyes of the town. “I have some news..” He spoke softly in front of the microphone, hesitant and uncertain. “We are alone in this war.”

    By Veronica on 06.15.2012

  11. I live in Oakland and everyone hates Jean Quan.
    Our mayor doesn’t know how to do her job, so
    we all suffer. Oh well, hopefully she’ll get recalled.

    By Daijha Renee URL on 06.15.2012

  12. pleanty of room for corruption. It’s no president, but there still is alot of important things you are in charge of. Any job has room for corruption really. I guess. Maybe? Well I’m not saying every mayor is currupted. I’m just saying there is plenty room to be. Most all mayors are curropted, or at one time were. And if they aren’t, they will be. Oh, and don’t you just love my spelling?

    By rivers URL on 06.15.2012

  13. I watched him arrange the powder into a little wine line on the mirror. He placed the straw, slightly tilted, gently in front of the line and sucked it up, up, up into his nostrils. Half grinning he sat up and shook his head, wiping his nose.
    He placed his hand on the inner thigh of the stripper, scantily glad in nothing but a blue, denim thong, and said ” Jameson, it’s going to be a great night!”
    “Yes, of course, Mayor.” I replied, silently praying that when he gave his speech his nose would start to bleed.

    By LifeisaVerb87 URL on 06.15.2012

  14. In the city of townsvill. Mayor walked into his kitchen looking for a snack. When suddenly, mojojojo ran in and stole the pickles, running off laughing sinisterly

    By Hank on 06.15.2012

  15. The mayor said no. The mayor said yes. When power holds you in its grip you don’t always have to agree. It is not necessary. It is not always about you. The mayor is a small power. What about the big ones?

    By jo on 06.15.2012

  16. the mayor is usually the person in charge of a town or city. in los altos, we don’t have a mayor, we have a city council who sort of share the duty. each year a new council member is selected as “acting mayor” or something like that, but the person who really takes care of important things is the city custodian. that’s all.

    By anna on 06.15.2012

  17. The mayor turned his hat in his hand, it was clear to everyone how this had all affected him.
    “I never wanted this to happen.” he said choking back tears.

    By Frank on 06.15.2012

  18. the mayor of mayo town declared that it was steampunk day. Everyone wasn’t sure what he was talking about but they went with it anyways. Everyone tried but nobody got it right. Except the mayor. He wasn’t mad, he just laughed. Everyone laughed with him.

    By Bailey Anderson URL on 06.15.2012

  19. He was smiling at the people one second, and then leaving them at the next. He just couldn’t make up his mind, could he? Staring at the people sadly, he bid them farewell.
    “I know you’ll be good.” He said for no reason in particular. “Stay away from foreign wars.”

    By Washington on 06.15.2012

  20. Puffed up before the crowd on a bandstand draped in 19th century patriotic bunting, the mayor glances sideways to be sure that the townspeople are noticing the announcement of his presenceand subsequent speech from beneath their frilled umbrellas and black tophats

    By wildwoman URL on 06.15.2012

  21. It was time. It was time for Mr. Montego, the former mayor, to announce the results for the New York 3012 Mayoral Elections.
    “Good morning ladies and gentlemen” The former mayor said confidently,”I am pleased to announce,” He said as he opend the envolope, “The Person who will be serving the state of New York is,”
    The crowed looked on earnestly.
    “Arrul Kabar!”
    The crowed cheered. As Mayor Kabar walked up to the podium, he did not have to say a single word before the chaos started. All he had to do, was take off his flesh mask to reveal a repulsing reptilian face. Over half of the crowd did so as well, including the former mayor Mr. Montego.
    “And that, my students, is the story of how our race, the Klergienis, took over planet Fereisjs, formerly known as Mars.

    By rivers URL on 06.15.2012

  22. The man in charge. Mayor makes me think of mayo and how in the world was this word created. Do people in charge like to be called mayo? How was this word invented?

    By Alexis URL on 06.15.2012

  23. The definite and absolute decree founded upon the dictatorship of the leader of the country, this brave and somewhat peculiar, peculiar in its approach on taking larger forces than him, mayor has stood up. Stood up in the centre of the conditioning centre of mind-deprived and autistic patients of the degenerated victims of the nuclear assault. He stood in front of them and with valor, shouted. He shouted not for them, but to them. He screamed, at the top of his lungs and with saliva spurts, “You got to be better that that!”

    By huxley URL on 06.15.2012

  24. The mayor closed his eyes and drank from the amber bottle. There was little he could do about his crumbling family. It started the moment he got his job.

    By Summer on 06.15.2012

  25. Mayor Judy was in a swivet. her campaign was not running a smoothly as she wished. Elena McGurdy failed to show up at the rally with even one cherry-bourbon pie, let alone the ten she promised.

    By Leslie Turner on 06.15.2012

  26. town leader
    rule maker
    role model
    person to look up to
    some one you vote for

    By Katherine URL on 06.15.2012

  27. Powerpuff girls just love this guy. He has a supposedly super-awesome-foxy-hot secretary that really does all the work while he enjoys all his pickles. There could most definitely be a movie on his youth- Chuck Norris. That’s him- basically.

    By Bry on 06.15.2012

  28. it’s been so long I can barely remember what it’s like to have him just to myself. there are so many people who love him now, who need him, that it feels almost selfish to indulge my feelings of loneliness. I’m not a dog that needs constant affection. but I can’t help but think that I, I’m not wrong for wanting to be more than his crutch, this stoic, smiling thing he leans on when the public becomes too much. this is not what I signed up for when I was sixteen, excited just to be allowed to hold his hand, and hoping, hoping, hoping my first would also be my last.

    By miira URL on 06.15.2012

  29. The mayor stepped towards the podium. “Hello, i know there is a lot of chaos, but it will end soon. He stepped down and walked towards his assistant Karen, “will the zombies ever die?” he asked worried
    “Yes, eventually.” Karen said smiling down at the short man. “And when they do you will be there to help everyone return back to their loved ones.” Karen waved him goodbye, turned and started to walk off. “Don’t forget, this country will need a new leader. My vote, and everyone else’s is on you.” Mayor Ronbottom new that Karen started the zombies for his benefit, but it felt so wrong. He didn’t even want to be president of a terrified country, with scarred, un-trusting people.

    By Katherine URL on 06.15.2012

  30. A mayor isn’t supposed to hide behind a desk in his office and tell everyone, “Oh, yes, everything’s fine!” when really there’s a prostitute’s skeleton in his closet and wads of cash stashed in her rib cage, not the bank.

    By Calandra URL on 06.15.2012

  31. and there across the field i see it just beyond my reach the look of a man so close so far so right for me it hurts with the smile in the air and the sun and the wait what is that that music cutting into our scene… the alarm clock

    By C. Ritchie URL on 06.15.2012

  32. the mayor. a supervisor. one who watches his faithful town. the town that looks up to him. who looks at him as the leader of their own. each town with their own mayor colliding into one union called state.

    By anonymous on 06.15.2012

  33. head. leader. something i, myself, could never be. pressure, unbearable, it would be.

    By sadie on 06.15.2012

  34. The man, his arm hanging limply at his side and his Monopoly Man hat spinning in his hands, smiled at me. I tried hard to return a grin, but I lost all hope. There was STILL a dead prostitute’s skeleton in his closet. Still.

    By Calandra URL on 06.15.2012

  35. mayor…reminds me of my stupid cousin.

    By andrea URL on 06.15.2012

  36. The mayor of the city was not your typical mayor. She wore a feather cape, and a aztec headress and stood on a hill.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.15.2012

  37. I could never be a mayor. Politics are messy and most of the people involved are liars. I don’t want to be a liar nor do I want to be messy. So I’ll leave the politics to those who don’t mind being slobs.

    By Kim URL on 06.15.2012

  38. The mayor of our town is presenting something tonight. I don’t know what it is. No one does. There is supposed to be this big gathering at the city hall. What could it be. Why is it such a big deal? Who will it impact?

    By Emily URL on 06.15.2012

  39. a man or woman who is voted to be in charge of a city and make sure that the citizens are taken care of. usually a small town person who is into politics but not too involved in big politics. Easy to connect with and caring.

    By Gretchen on 06.15.2012

  40. His voice was trembling, he never thougth he was going to be in that difficult situation. But that day, the sun didn`t rised to the mayor.

    By fran on 06.15.2012