June 15th, 2012 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “mayor”

  1. Una palabra es mayor que otra cuando hay minutos involucrados en su forma de dictar. Es difícil controlar las palabras mayores ya que tienen tendencias a prolongarse y cortarse de acuerdo a su divina voluntad. Cosa que muchos cinetíficos repudian por que es asqueroso y entonces todos las odian. Después de quince minutos una palabra mayor explota y quema la piel.

    By Estefanía Rangel on 06.15.2012

  2. The people of Whoville love their mayor! He’s a nice guy with a zillion kids, and an elephant best friend, and a receptionist with an attitude.

    By Camila on 06.15.2012

  3. The mayor of this town has long gone wild. Major power for the mayor turned out in major madness. Bad puns where special for him. This is my first time here, I kind of gfeel under pressure what if the mayor gets me executed I feel afraid of it all ?

    By Estefanía. on 06.15.2012

  4. A mayor a someone who rules in a city. Usually an asshole, an idiot, a corrupt politician who strangely, most people like because they’re idiots as well.

    By Lucia on 06.15.2012

  5. Shaking hands, kissing babies, waving hello. Plastic smile plastered to a plastic face. Expensive suit. Visiting parades. Raking in money but not bothering to invest in the community’s best interests.

    By Meghan URL on 06.15.2012

  6. Mayor. The mayor of Storybrooke is Regina. I hate her. She makes Gram die because he remembered too much. Also, it’s because he fell in love with Emma. She just can’t stand how people could be happy. All she’s capable of is ruining people’s lives… what a party pooper.

    By sorryimnotperfect on 06.15.2012

  7. I think it would be fantastic to be the mayor of a small town. The kind of Mayor who knows everyone’s name, and goes to there baptisms, and funerals. The kind that know everything about everyone in her town. Lovely. I would flourish in that kind of life I think.

    By Bobbi on 06.15.2012

  8. The mayor straightened his back and took a step forward. There were parts of the job that he loathed, but he knew what he had let himself in for when he stood for election and he would go through with the even the most unpleasant tasks wit a smile on his face.

    By Semolina on 06.15.2012

  9. First female mayor. It was an honour, she supposed, even if she only got it for that very reason. The ratio of men to women in Greyville was vastly in her favour, and with every mother, lib student and old war bride in the place on her side, she couldn’t lose if she wanted to. And she wanted to. It had been forced on her really, politics had never really been her calling. But flattery from girls at work and a pushy mom and three months later she was wearing the sash and waving from a float like some god damn Mayday queen.

    By Clare Bonner on 06.15.2012

  10. The mayor of london is called boris johnson, recently in manchester we voted that we did not want a mayor. I thought this was silly. Manchester also voted not to improve their public transport. I think the people of machester are stuck in their ways. Like voting in a member of the BNP. Back to the mayor, the last time i saw the mayor of london was when he was standing on the boat on the thames on the royal boat fir the queen’s 50th anniversity.

    By Emily on 06.15.2012

  11. It was the biggest belly on the biggest guy that made him the mayor of all beers. Thats why Jerry said as we all sat down in the Bar. And looking at that monster, I believed it.

    By kate G on 06.15.2012

  12. When i think mayor, i think big heavy man. There once was a mayor somewhere that had a disease and died and had the disease named after him, i often think of that. I dont know much about mayors though.

    By Livv on 06.15.2012

  13. Mayor is a very stranger word. it is pronounced mare… it would seem to0 the person who did not know the oddities of the English language that you would say may-or…
    the English language is odd isn’t it…
    I like the way that DOING and BOING are spelled similarly…

    By Emily on 06.15.2012

  14. Mayors run the town. I don’t know much about the mayor of my town though. I should probably learn a bit though.

    By lisa on 06.15.2012

  15. The new mayor of the town was a favourite of hers. He owned a small business and was very community oriented. However, his wife….well that was another matter. The wife of a mayor has to be somewhat circumspect and this lady…well she was anything but.

    By coramie on 06.15.2012

  16. The mayor of the city walked out slowly, placing his hand on his stomach, an old, useless nervous tick. As the town had no idea what was coming, he would have to approach the subject with care, He planned it out step by step in his head.
    “Thank you for joining me today.”

    By Jenny Haynes on 06.15.2012

  17. i once knew a girl names Erica mayer. I know thats not the same as mayor, but it soudns the same at least.
    I know who the mayor of my city is – i saw him up close on canada day last year. He was ppretty charming, actually. But I guess thats half the job, right – putting a face to the city. Do they even have much impact at all?

    By Becky on 06.15.2012

  18. The mayor of the town lived happily. He had a son, two daughters, and a dog. What he didn’t have was a wife. Well, he did. At one point. But she died. She died a while ago, actually.

    By Amanda Stefan on 06.15.2012

  19. Wears the mask of many; yet often, that is a mask of many years, etched in lines across his forehead. A job that seems simple enough, but piles burden upon burden, turning a young many into a carved, rigid statue. A fool, in every sense of the word, for having signed-up for the mess in the first place.

    By Heather on 06.15.2012

  20. The mayor was a mean old man. He lived in a house at the end of the longest lane in town. No one approached his house. Everyone feared to. Yet he was always reelected every time the term was up for election again.

    By Jen on 06.15.2012

  21. i would like to meet the mayor and tell him or her, idont even know who the mayor is…shoot…well if i met them i would tell them to stop the violenceand hate going on that our younger generation needs help

    By c on 06.15.2012

  22. the mayor sat on the porche, drinking wine, thinking about all of the mistakes he had made. every now and then we will regret things he had done, every now and then he will linger on them, and grin

    By lauri lynn on 06.15.2012

  23. Being the mayor wasn’t easy job. Stamp papers, listen to boring people, stamp papers. One morning, I decided to do something to shake up the routine. Something the town will never forget. And, let’s just say, they never did.

    By Alison URL on 06.15.2012

  24. el mayor flint iba caminando por la acera, cuando se tropezo con la sobrina del coronel. una mujer q no habia conocido. la saludo amigablemente quitandose el gorro y siguio caminando. penso todo el dia en ella

    By Valentina on 06.15.2012

  25. there once was a mayor. he was really rich. He had a dog and two daughters and their house was full of colorful birds and butterflies. His oldest daughter loved parrots so she had a room full of them.

    By Paulotta on 06.15.2012

  26. The mayor is the authoritative person in a town. He’s supposed to be the one who guides everybody else. Sometimes they are just plain stupid. (I think some need help.)

    By Charlie on 06.15.2012

  27. mayor quimby, the mayor of springfield, mayor west, the mayor of quahog, thats all.

    By satan on 06.15.2012

  28. Her affair with the mayor started by chance one evening on an elevator at the Marriott Hotel. New to town she was unaware that the handsome distinguished gentleman that got on the next floor had the keys to the city.

    By leelee on 06.15.2012

  29. Mayor sorta reminds me of the word mayonnaise. I don’t like mayonnaise at all. I used to eat it and like it but I guess I got over it. I guess you get over stuff when you get older. I’m scared to get older. Who isn’t tho. I know I am. I’m going to go into the navy and become a nurse. But lately I’m been thinking different. By different I mean like I can be anything I want why am I choosing this?

    By Haley Taylor on 06.15.2012

  30. mayor. A mayor is someone with authority, power, responsibilities, notoriety..but is it all that? The answer to that depends on what the individual with the title uses the power for.

    By zachary keegan on 06.15.2012

  31. the mayor lives in a neighborhood that baba knows where. it’s a really rich neighborhood. and i don’t even know who the mayor is. lol is that something everyone is suppose to know? because i don’t know. I read a book in eight grade about a mayor who was murder. well not really a murder but he liked to stone people.

    By Husna on 06.15.2012

  32. He was a leader. Not a fearless one, but nonetheless a leader. He followed the law to the letter. Yet at he sat at his desk, pen poised to write out a proposal, sadness crept on features.

    By brittninja on 06.15.2012

  33. I wonder what someone’s thinking when he decides he wants to be a mayor. It’s a big responsibility, but doesn’t come close to something major, like being a president. And do mayors in real life even *wear* those sashes?

    By kibi URL on 06.15.2012

  34. Some big noise swanning around in a big jag. I stand back waving a union jack. The mayor sees me. Lots of photographers clicking and mingling. A sea of people, autograph hunters, as the mayor escapes down a narrow street.

    By Jeanette on 06.15.2012

  35. Mayor Quimby was in the bank when suddenly a woman with a pink poodle walked in. The poodle was wearing a yellow collar and had a sorry look in its eyes.

    By Aoife O'Neill on 06.15.2012

  36. i would like to be the mayor of your heart. lets hold elections all over your body and see how they cast their vote. i can get their attention and minds racing to the poles…

    By brose URL on 06.15.2012

  37. The mayor looked outside of her office window. She couldn’t believe the crowd that had gathered outside. At least one hundred people. Why on earth would they be so upset about this? What cause had they to protest? Why had she agreed to ban ice cream from the city limits?

    By KAO on 06.15.2012

  38. “So are you, like, the queen of the island?”

    “Ha. I don’t know about queen.”

    “President, then? Mayor?”

    “Haha!” she guffawed. “Mayor of the island that’s intimidating as fuck. Jesus, Fisker, you’re a weirdo.”

    “I try,” he said with a lopsided grin.

    By Julia A. URL on 06.15.2012

  39. my mayors name is janelle anders, of our small town lamoni. i just learned yesterday who the mayor of chicago is, although i forget his name. i wish i could remember. i asked gretchen how she felt about him and she said she likes him, he is very involved. i agree, he must be if he were on the back of the bike trail brochure.

    By karli on 06.15.2012

  40. The mayor had a secret. He was in love with a woman. It was unrequited, as it usually is. But he really wanted her so he’d call her everyday and end up talking about the weather because he wasn’t properly equiped with socializing skills that would generate a relationship with the lady. One day the lady decided to ask him out on a date so they went out to a fancy restaurant and ordered lobster. He had an allergic reaction and was so embarrassed. She ended up taking him to the hospital.

    By Annette on 06.15.2012