October 8th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “mass”

  1. Like a hundred percent chance I will grow a mass if I continue to eat like the rest of America. I don’t own a microwave. Should I reside in a museum or a freak circus show?

    By Maryanne URL on 10.08.2012

  2. The mass in my body grew every day. I could feel it throbbing, eating at me. I wanted to cut it out, to grab the nearest knife and lay waste to the mass destroying me. Just a little thing, how could it be so deadly?

    By Sam on 10.08.2012

  3. her heart weights a tonne as she blinks through each day
    she wished for less and all she gets is more
    what is this matter? she asks.
    where will it go?

    By Nightawait URL on 10.08.2012

  4. Sometimes there is so much mass upon your shoulders. You begin to get exhausted, a mixture of emotions try to come out through open pores of your body. They take their toll on your; you become disfigured and tainted. You can no longer recognize yourself.

    By Armando on 10.08.2012

  5. Her heart weights a tonne
    As she blinks through every day
    it won’t go away

    By Nightawait URL on 10.08.2012

  6. Her heart weights a tonne
    As she blinks through every day
    it won’t go away

    By Nightawait URL on 10.08.2012

  7. It’s big. Well, duh. Everyone sees it everyday and yet it goes unnoticed. Tragic. It’s a loss for humanity when they look up at this familiarity and then walk. Life

    By Hannah Edson on 10.08.2012

  8. Present in the physical world. Temporary. Changes a lot. All the time, actually. Fools the senses

    By Lud on 10.08.2012

  9. The porpoise sighed as it swam near the great blue; the cheerleader sighed as she brushed by The Brick.
    He was a giant…thing…perhaps, of 280% muscle and 2% intelligence. Everyone was so afraid of him. If he said “Come with me,” you came with him. If he said “We’re going to go out on a date,” you did that too, and smiled at his dumb, half-baked, racist jokes. Even if you were black. “Hey, did you hear that they reinstated slavery?” he had asked on his first date with the cheerleader, “and that the entire South had a party with their enslaved rappers?” She had smile weakly; surely he couldn’t know that her step-mother, who she adored, was 1/2 black.

    By Mari Xavier on 10.08.2012

  10. i hate church a lot. the only time i ever go is for christmas eve. i always feel awful because you always see people who are these regular church go-ers and i feel like that should be me bur its not, at all. i feel so guilty at church

    By bridget on 10.08.2012

  11. When the frogs hatched, they emerged in mass. Thousands of them, I suppose. Their song droned like a mass of cicadas in summer.

    By Kinney Thiele on 10.08.2012

  12. The weapon mass destruction was designed specifically to leave the entire city of New York in ashes. But it didn’t exactly work that way. By the time it was done, not only was there nothing left of New York, but there was nothing left of the rest of North America either.

    By Iam Me URL on 10.08.2012

  13. A lump, a group of cells, a mass — whatever you want to call it, it’s not suppose to be there. It wasn’t there last month. I wonder where it came from. I just want it gone to rid myself of these deadly cells that are intent to spread throughout my body.

    By wgirl URL on 10.08.2012

  14. audiences, war, chaos, mass of objects. Great mass as in space. Mass of people. People together outside in large crowds. Concerts. Malls. Shopping. Mass of wealth. Mass of knowledge. Mass as in the body.

    By Angela on 10.08.2012

  15. I have the mass of the worlds on my shoulders and it feels, well, more than amazing, as if I could never, ever leave the earth unbound. I wish the mass of the world was upon my back, therefore I could make the decisions to heal and worship to love and to honor with blood and life. To wonder at the awe inspiring events of past eons. I have the heavy weight of it inside of my soul and heart, sapping at the strength of my chest to even breathe. It weighs me down till I am nothing more than shriveled up.

    By Violet on 10.08.2012

  16. La masa cayó sobre mi cabeza y la abrió como una rosa marchita. Los pétalos sanguinolentos cayeron con delicadeza sobre mis hombros y el perfume de la rosa se derramó sobre mis palmas. Miré hacia el horizonte y vi como la luz que emanaba mi conocimiento alcanzaba a tocar con delicadeza la punta del horizonte.

    By Tohe URL on 10.08.2012

  17. I was walking down the street when I saw this huge mass of leaves I automatically went over and jumped into the pile, only to find myself falling into what seemed like an endless pit.

    By katie URL on 10.08.2012

  18. There was a mass of people when the team lost the game. They went wild. They started flipping over cars and burning buildings. No one could stop the angry mass of fans! The police match for the 10,000 angry fans.

    By Jill Arsenault on 10.08.2012

  19. A mass of thoughts gathered up in my head, haunting me, threatening my existance. Every day, every night I felt lonely, yet accompanied by the productions of my mind. I felt as if I were some place else, felt as if the ghosts inside my mind were about to consume me.

    By acastellanos URL on 10.08.2012

  20. Mass is a concept not wholly understood by the world of Physics. Nobody really knows what mass is or why anything has it. Nevertheless, its not a massive problem (wahay). If something with mass is affected by gravity, it falls towards the centre of the gravitational pull.

    By Charlie on 10.08.2012

  21. I’ve always though that there are masses of problems in the world but i guess I’ve always been wrong. There aren’t masses of problems, just masses of people doing the same thing everyday. Doing what they think is right.

    By Alyssa on 10.08.2012

  22. The mass of this decision is too great for me to handle. It weighs down on me with the extra force of gravity that I cannot seem to manage with my own bones and muscle. What am I to do? This is life.

    By Laura-Ashlee on 10.08.2012

  23. mass. the church steeple, the rocky ground, the peoples tears. i remember what it was like, who the people were like; please don’t cry over me. i’ll be watching you just from above.

    By hannah on 10.08.2012

  24. Force equals mass times acceleration.

    He doesn’t know why that equation is repeating itself over and over in his mind as the avalanche speeds down the hill at over a hundred miles an hour, but it does. Force equals mass times acceleration. Force equals mass times acceleration. He’s turning to run but he knows it’s already too late–the ski poles get tangled in the lines of his pack, he trips over his skis, the snow is filling up around him stuffing itself in his nostrils up his mouth in his ears in his eyes–

    By Marmaroth URL on 10.08.2012

  25. massive disaster. my life is a massive disaster. i finally get plans together, and then they fall apart, conveniently at the same time as my air conditioner does the same. i am lost in a massive pile of junk, trapped in a massive, whirling hurricane of the past.

    By emily on 10.08.2012

  26. Look at the mass
    Of zombies
    Mindlessly following
    Stupidly watching
    Cluelessly unquestioning
    There is a cure
    They have to only grasp it
    Recognize it
    And see
    That the world is indeed

    By recogirl URL on 10.08.2012

  27. What has happened to Catholicism? Once one of the most powerful and growing faiths; it has abandoned its own by spending its energy reflecting inward instead of outward. Get over yourself.

    By Dominic on 10.08.2012

  28. We’re learning about mass in school. If you divide an object’s mass be it’s volume, you’ll get its density. Now you know. Woopa.

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 10.08.2012

  29. Mass started as usual. The ancient voice wheezed from the front. The old frail body struggled to project his voice into the wooden rafters of the stone church.

    By CuriousFaust on 10.08.2012

  30. Mass. A confusing mass is what our mind is. Brain is no more that a bunch of confusing and seemingly inexplicable cell’s connections. When one is cut off, what happens?
    You get the other side. The one that’s not your self. A whole new bunch of possibilities, or rather… Irreabilities?

    By Ishimimoto URL on 10.08.2012

  31. People are everywhere, swarming in on me. The masses could not be controlled. The events that occurred were beyond me. It came out of me, flying quickly. Suddenly it was quiet, and I was the only one left.

    Alone, truly alone.

    Everyone was gone, abandoning me, or running in fear.

    I stand here, amongst the pile of souls that have already forgotten me.

    Yet not without weight, do I perch myself above the masses. The weights of those fallen, and those to fall rest upon my shoulders. The starving and begging, the crying and weak.

    Your cries are not unheard. I will listen.

    And I will listen alone.

    By Matthew Everwind URL on 10.08.2012

  32. mass is a heavy thing….. ummmm mass is the amount of volume packed into a square unit right? i dont know…. im learning this now…… wow i should really study more… school has gotten me no where so far just kidding thats a total lie… i have all A’s but not for long.. ill flunk…. why am i so morbid?

    By sophia on 10.08.2012

  33. Mass. Mass destruction. Mass murder. Mass suffering. Mass ignorance. Mass hunger. Mass heartbreak. Why can’t the world be full of mass compassion? Mass kindness? Mass forgiveness? Mass recuperation……… Mass Love?

    By April Watson on 10.08.2012

  34. A mass is huge, man! Like…dat mass that Einstein lusted over. That critical mass that things reach when stuff goes awry, stuff being fat universe crap that we all are made up, exploding starts and stuff. Commas! So many. They too take up mass. I went to mass once it was long and sad. And then I decided I was continue my own mass elsewhere. My massive mass is mass produced.

    By Seth Copeland on 10.08.2012

  35. mass is like weight only its not. i’m not great at science. mass reminds me of planets because you have the same mass on all planets but not weight, or its the other way around, i forget

    By shannon on 10.08.2012

  36. It just laid there. On the foot of my bed. Staring at me with those large round eyes. I didn’t know what to do. It was a kitten. A live cat. Watching me from my bed. The mass of fur continued to stare as I slowly removed myself from the bed.

    By Zoe on 10.08.2012

  37. theres a mass missing thers something wrong theres an influx somewhere it doesnt belong theres too much and too little and certainly

    By AzalynSmith URL on 10.08.2012

  38. theres a mass missing thers something wrong theres an influx somewhere it doesnt belong theres too much and too little and certainly not enough theres too much its too gentle and way too rough.

    By AzalynSmith URL on 10.08.2012

  39. He looked up across the table again: yes, she was still there, and she was still massive. He wondered if he had perhaps let his loneliness get the best of him.

    By runrunrun URL on 10.08.2012

  40. To learn forget to think, realeasing the mass of bringing it.

    By Dewi Indriyani URL on 10.08.2012