October 8th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “mass”

  1. There were so many people all around me. It was just a mass of bodies. The noise was insane. I couldn’t even hear myself think over the roar of the crowd. It was like I was drowning in a sea of my peers. I felt lost and disconnected. Yet, I’ve never felt so in touch with my peers as I did at that moment.

    By Tabetha Corrigan on 10.08.2012

  2. Mass population is found here in Venezuela. Mass, as in so so so many people that you woulld think that there would be a change in these 2012 elections, but no. Our futures, ruined by a dictator dressed like man in red clothes ad fluent speech, more power hungry than ever.

    By Gisela A on 10.08.2012

  3. There were so many people around me. I was stuck in a mass of bodies. The roar of the crowd kept me from hearing my own thoughts. In one sense I felt incredibly disconnected. Like I was floating above the crowd watching. Yet, at the same time, I’ve never felt so in touch with my peers. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.

    By writertc URL on 10.08.2012

  4. There were so many people around me. I was stuck in a mass of bodies. The roar of the crowd kept me from hearing my own thoughts. In one sense I felt incredibly disconnected. Like I was floating above the crowd watching. Yet, at the same time, I’ve never felt so in touch with my peers. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.

    By writertc URL on 10.08.2012

  5. An expansion of everything on earth. Everything in the universe. Mass is what takes up space, even space we can’t see. The total amount. A large quantity of all things.

    By Michael Davanzo URL on 10.08.2012

  6. Makes me think of ‘mess’ only wet. Sometimes I remind myself its a scientific term. Or a church thing. But mostly I think of java the hut, wet and sticky and gross. A giant mass of bubblegum. Yuck. I hate mass.

    By Krystal on 10.08.2012

  7. The mass of my heart is small. Translation: I’m heartless. But something in the way that you smile and the way you’re knuckles grasp my hands makes me feel like there’s hope fore me.

    By savannah on 10.08.2012

  8. Mass is the pull an object has toward the earth, similar to weight but notably different. Mass is also a church service that people attend. Some masses are good, while others tend to bore me >.<

    By Nicole W. on 10.08.2012

  9. It was a mass. A huge hulking mass with teeth that glimmered in the moonlight and red eyes staring you down like it new exactly what to do with you. We backed up until we hit the wall then it gave and almighty roar.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.08.2012


    By IT'S ME on 10.08.2012

  11. People say I have a mass of stuff. Reduce. Reduce. Trips to the Oxfam. I let go of stuff in the weekly recycling plastic bags. Could I ever be a minimalist? Just keep a few bits. Like losing weight. The pounds drop off so easily. If everything could fit into 1 suitcase. What utter joy, I could move or tidy very quickly, I need a large flat. One day…..

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.08.2012

  12. Church was really important to my family growing up. I remember going with my mother to cantor practice on Saturday afternoons. My brother would be there, too, just a year younger than me. We’d hide in the back, climb the stairs we weren’t supposed to climb that lead to the belfry, and discovered that we were small enough to slip underneath the pews unnoticed.

    By Kiri Brasseur on 10.08.2012

  13. The mass of an object is usually proportional to the weight of that object. Mass times acceleration results in force. This is an important unit in Physics.

    By obinna on 10.08.2012

  14. big fat not weight meat yum eat food fatty boom boom a lot of loads masterpiece mass murderer masturbate master

    By rosie anderson on 10.08.2012

  15. The weight was too much to carry. But I had to get through it. That’d be the only way. I’d gone through all that, that this doesn’t seem like anything in comparison. One more step. It’s all about the goals, you see. One more meter, and I’ll see her. Till the next tree, and she’ll come running out of the forest, her beautiful auburn hair flowing behind her as she jumped into my arms. Whether realistic or not, goals are what get me through each week, each day, each moment.

    By T.S. URL on 10.08.2012

  16. The choir is learning a Requiem. None of us are all that familiar with a mass format. So it’s funny, the logic and progressions of meaning are lost on us. I wonder if it alters the way we sing it? Oh, well, that’s the Protestant reality.

    By LailaLCR URL on 10.08.2012

  17. When I was little, I went to the early service with my Methodist grandmother, and then was whisked across town to attend late mass at my Catholic grandparents. I was heavily churched, needless to say. Now I am a leaping, tongue-talking, pew-jumping, charismatic Christian who has sworn off church altoghether!

    By Sheila on 10.08.2012

  18. Mass is heavy, light whatnot. Einstein, dat mass. E=mc2 massity mass mass.moose

    By Jess on 10.08.2012

  19. The mammoth was massive. He tore through the forest. His mass reducing trees to shreds. All the animals fed. He bellowed and grunted but when he reached the river he bathed himself and seemed to smile. A few hummingbirds perched on his shaggy back. He swung his massive head slightly and they settled peacefully on his shoulders. The sunshine warmed his fur and he relaxed. Two tigers approached him and settled in the bushes nearby, grooming themselves.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.08.2012

  20. It’s church, like going to mass every sunday. It is also the old fashioned way to abbreviate Massachusetts, MASS. Mass can also mean a large amount, or a measure of weight.

    By Elizabeth on 10.08.2012

  21. Matter. Anti-matter. I keep thinking about science. Einstein said e=mc squared, but that might not be true on a larger or smaller scale. It’s true as far as we know. But you can never know everything. A scientific law is just a statement that hasn’t been proven wrong yet.

    By Isis on 10.08.2012

  22. I feel God’s power trying to crush me anytime I go to Sunday mass. Church is no place for a sinner to hide.

    By Mark Irving URL on 10.08.2012

  23. mass can be in a chruch….in physics…in biology…..mass is mass…it can be anything you want it to be…..lump….or not…poetic or unpoetic……it depends on how a person takes it to be…..religious…or not….sceintific or not……

    By priyamvada on 10.08.2012

  24. a lot many church latin hair glory people silence commandment ten obedience weight box circle water volume ass baby diaper production media

    By Meg on 10.08.2012

  25. i dont know what a mass is please give me another word
    i dont speak english so i cant be acqurate when is this going to end?

    By carla URL on 10.08.2012

  26. evrything but nothing. annoying. my stupid chemistry class. matter , hate failing a test because i don’t know the definition. its BOOTY. mass destruction. more is spanish except without two esses <lol at my spelling. it only has one s.

    By lyric on 10.08.2012

  27. There is a mass in her. It eats away at her arms and legs, comsuming her organs and fats and tissues quicker than anything ive ever seen. she is weakk but brave. strong but resolved

    By Toni on 10.08.2012

  28. I remember the most massive woman I have ever seen. Her girth was that of an elephant. I was terrified, yet humbled, and thankful for my slim figure.

    By Joe Hutchinson on 10.08.2012

  29. Something the Americans think that the Muslims wish to destroy with unfound weapons.

    By Ian Harvey on 10.08.2012

  30. HIPPOS

    By savannah on 10.08.2012

  31. It’s heavy and full of people. some seem to have eyes glazed as they stare in the distance. Almost as if they did not see that what was coming to earth was unavoidable. Was it God in flesh? Was it the end or the beginning. This mass was different, and it was about to destroy all life.

    By Steve Johnson on 10.08.2012

  32. It was midnight on Christmas Eve and everyone was just getting settled into their respective seats for mass. All around everyone was in an imense state of serenity

    By Meredith on 10.08.2012

  33. Ssam. My name backwards with two S’s. Or my last initial with my nickname backwards. However you look at it.

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 10.08.2012

  34. prayer time, really boring, do it with choir – good songs. We get food but sometimes it’s stale and horrible. Also the only time children get to drink wine. science thing too, physics and chemistry.

    By india on 10.08.2012

  35. I wanted to write happy. Never mind. Mass happiness please.

    By Ian Harvey URL on 10.08.2012

  36. Mass has nothing to do with physical attraction. Between people. I think. Maybe it does, because, if you didn’t have any mass, I don’t think I could be attracted to you. Then again, maybe I could.

    By meep? on 10.08.2012

  37. stomach mass. mass in church. MASSive. there are lots of words that have to do with the word mass. I think of a whale to be quite honest. im not really sure why. i just kind of do. and its not like whales can go to church or anything.

    By Christal on 10.08.2012

  38. It was over saketinis at Lush that Cheryl revealed she’d found a mass in her breast and has cancer. The candle flickered in silence for a moment before Britt raised her glass for a toast and Mona fell out of her chair.

    By penny dreadful URL on 10.08.2012

  39. The mass of a man means more to him than it does to anyone else. The meaning of that mass is mysterious and moreover not very interesting to others. However, for some reason it consumes many minds for far too much time.

    By CWW URL on 10.08.2012

  40. When I think mass I think space and then I think about all the things that I think about with space which is the whole universe.
    The universe is a wonderous thing, and also to imagine how small we are and how little our existance means is just WOW.
    The universe is a beautiful thing, treat it with love.

    By Willow URL on 10.08.2012