July 4th, 2013 | 129 Entries

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129 Entries for “manifest”

  1. His temper manifested itself in a dozen petty ways: he kicked the table leg, flicked his fingers against his thigh, glared at the pretty hostess until she quivered. God help the poor fool who got his martini wrong again.

    By mrsmig URL on 07.04.2013

  2. Manifest the rest of the journey with the gurney under foot. We got a load to carry so precious it directs us to the extraction. War is hell

    By Dixon Cider on 07.04.2013

  3. It was a tough read, echoes of ghosts doomed to a fate they didn’t see coming. When flipping through the ship’s manifest, all I wanted to do was shout at the pages, “Don’t port in Casa Nuestra, you fools!” And as the skeleton of the great tanker lumbered into view, one pothole littered block at a time, my internal screams grew louder, and so did the ghosts’.

    By JV URL on 07.04.2013

  4. It’s been manifesting in my core for some time now. Urgent, uncurbed desire. Lust dripping from my lips. Willpower slowly draining until I’m feeding off of this one drive, my personal manifesto, my word of God, coming from the pit on my stomach and into my mouth.

    By Jessica URL on 07.04.2013

  5. It manifested right next to her. The faceless figure seemed to stare at everything but nothing at all. Susan screamed, an unatural sound coming from deep with in her. The thing focused on her. The chill in the air nearly froze what little oxygen we had left as the monster leaped at her. No one understood what was happening until the thing backed away and Susan lifeless eyes looked back at us. Hell broke loose, we were all going to die, and none of us would stop that thing from coming after the whole world. The thought chilled us even more as we waited for the thing to strike.

    By Remy on 07.04.2013

  6. protest love many people atmosphere communist lgaria law

    By Katerina on 07.04.2013

  7. Manifest Destiny. America sucks. What is the point of this? I’m done.

    By Andrew on 07.04.2013

  8. A sickening plunge of his stomach to the bottom of the ocean and back. Moths lose themselves in the darkness not knowing which way to turn. He stumbles, twists and cranes through the blurry, muffled fog that haunts his every step. They’re still there with him. Some things are easier left buried…

    By 5arahZ0ey URL on 07.04.2013

  9. It was a huge manifestation. He was hopeless in that bunch. He was doomed. I saw his organs being eaten and his blood being spilled. I would’ve helped him,but it is too late now. We just have to keep going forward on our quest to find the cure to this disease.

    By Amber M. URL on 07.04.2013

  10. Manifest sounds like men partying. I like parties. Men do too obviously because this word wouldn’t sound like I said before i they did not. That’s why it makes sense. Okay.

    By Madison Hart on 07.04.2013

  11. And suddenly, a change. His face shifted, the smile fell away and settled, like some sort of geologic motion, into blankness, flatness. The happiness was gone, now just judgement.

    By Strophios URL on 07.04.2013

  12. I am going to write a manifest about my lifemotto. It is to think Negative, so things will always work out positive or you were right. That is what Theo Maassen (a dutch comedian) also said.

    By Luisa on 07.04.2013

  13. A manifest of emotions..running through me like radioactive blood. It’s so intriguing being with him, he’s so dangerous. Like a long overdue thrill of life, seeking it in every little corner.

    By Dayna(: URL on 07.04.2013

  14. The dust, piling up for ages, sat on the mantle. Avery could never place her finger on why she couldn’t bring herself to take a duster to it. Perhaps it was the fact that it collected dust so quickly, so she’d have to do it everyday anyway? No, can’t be it. There was something more pressing, something tugging on the strings of her heart and emotions. Although it never came to the front of her mind, she knew deep down in her heart that it was the picture of her husband, now dead, that kept her from dusting. Perhaps she thought that letting the dust pile up would help her accept his death, that it would remind her he was collecting dust himself. If it were clean, perhaps it would keep him alive in her heart a bit too much, and she would be driven mad, thinking he was actually alive, talking to his picture. So, Avery left the dust to manifest on the picture, all over the mantle, so she would not have to think about this.

    By Jocelyn URL on 07.04.2013

  15. And as much as the owner adored his company, items he produced were manifested and sped off to others in a different land.

    By Amelie on 07.04.2013

  16. The fireworks, for a moment, seemed to manifest themselves as colorful, ashy flesh – the lights disintegrating just a little in order to reveal the bones of the night sky. I could pick out the stars like teeth. They were sharp, burning hot canines, never incisors or molars. They were meant to tear meat. They were intended to shred the moon when they got too close.

    My companion stood alongside me for a while longer, eyes focused on the adjacent carnival.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.04.2013

  17. Now to be honest I’m not entirely positive what manifest means, however, if you break up the word into three sections it can create “man” “i” “fest”, which sounds similar to feast. Men love to eat.

    By Amelie URL on 07.04.2013

  18. The ideo to manifest is one that brings imagination to mind. To manifest ideas, characters or occasionally heros, is a true and valid gift. The talent in uncommonly recognised which makes it a hidden talent, one which is necessary to everyone’s childhood.

    By Lizzie Summers on 07.04.2013

  19. In her mind, her anger takes the form is like a tsunami. It crashes ferociously against the shores, breaking against those hapless victims unfortunate enough to face her wrath. Her anger is not a fire – fire leaves behind ash, and from it life can still be renewed. But the sea is a merciless mistress, tamed by no one, and a rage such as hers leaves little in its wake.

    By LordSriya URL on 07.04.2013

  20. To manifest is a lost talent of value. One, which with childhood was left behind. Our friends made of nothing, but of imagination are lost in a world of neglect and our creativity escaping the grasps of humanity.

    By Lizzie Summers URL on 07.04.2013

  21. Is the power behind the inevitable, changing of the world, to come about from the unseen.

    By gp on 07.04.2013

  22. Manifest is a word. A simple word I know nothing about. What is it? What’s the Origin? Who Made It? Will It Save me from thee brink of death? Is manifest a really useful word?

    By Jacoby on 07.04.2013

  23. What you should always do, manifest what you feel, think, want, don’t let people pass through you… Be someone and show it to the world!!

    By catalina on 07.04.2013

  24. I thought my power over alcohol would manifest itself during the party.But just the opposite happened.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.04.2013

  25. The witch suddenly appeared in a puff of smoke.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.04.2013

  26. it manifests itself in different ways. in the ways she brushes the hair out of her eyes before she looks up. in the ways her hand grips slightly tighter on the folds of her soft clothing when shes embarrassed. mostly in the ways when she most needs it, she looks to you, and knows you’ll be there

    By bleh on 07.04.2013

  27. break back broken
    folded and whipped
    into a frenzy
    black tar of sorts
    manifest destiny, my foot
    born in silence
    dead in sentence.

    By Matty M. on 07.04.2013

  28. This is today’s word because it’s the fourth of July, isn’t it? *rolls eyes* *exhales loudly* Americans *shakes head*
    Anyways it all felt a little bit familiar to me. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure at this point. You never knew when your future would manifest the next surprise or obstacle for you to face. Should I talk to someone? Get it all out before the whole world found out?

    By Leasha P. URL on 07.04.2013

  29. was it a vision from the beyond? a ghost?
    It seemed something was being manifested outside in the dark dark night.
    Maybe it was just my imagination.

    By Hightimes URL on 07.04.2013

  30. Manifest destiny. The foundation of America. Today, July 4th 2013, one takes a second to step back and refelct on the freedom our country granted itself. And stole from other groups. The Native Americans were the victims

    By Yasmin on 07.04.2013

  31. Ghosts manifest themselves as people or sometimes light orbs. Sometimes people can manifest emotions or feelings.

    By cheyenne on 07.04.2013

  32. We came to the new world with a picture perfect world in our head. We were the ones who would know, and be able to teach. We would spread across the land, teaching those who needed to learn and lending a hand to those who needed it.

    We would take the land, because we knew it to be ours. It was our land that had been promised to us long ago, and now we were claiming it.

    By Ellen on 07.04.2013

  33. When I was a little girl I wanted happiness to manifest. I said all I ever wanted was to be happy. But as I grew older, I ended up trying to manifest things and events and accomplishments. I forgot all I wanted was to manifest happiness. And now, my whole life is trying to get back

    By justina URL on 07.04.2013

  34. destiny. and all the shit that comes with it. you are or you aren’t. it is or it isn’t and either way you still don’t really matter. fuck it all. fuck none of it. i am everywhere. i am everything.

    By bess on 07.04.2013

  35. You can’t sit and wait for your talent to manifest. It must be fostered, kindled like a small fire, stoked with sticks and leaves to grow into the camp beacon everyone circles around. Take out the hot dogs, the marshmallows, campers use the fire to heat their nourishment. Use your talents the same way, to aid the needs of others.

    By Ashi URL on 07.04.2013

  36. Something about a band. Streetlight. Manifesto. Happy fast music. And the “O”. A manifesto. It’s a thing.

    By Nichole Smith on 07.04.2013

  37. The mist manifested before him, slowly taking shape. He had often feared his nightmares becoming tangible, and now reality had obliged. Though there was nothing obliging about it.

    By The Good Doctor URL on 07.04.2013

  38. As Carrie watched in silent terror, the fog began to change around her. Swirling and climbing up over her head, a shape began to manifest. Her feet froze her in place as her skin became clammy. ‘No!’ Her mind yelled out, ‘It’s not possible!’ And as the heavy mist completed its transformation, Carrie’s eyesight went black.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.04.2013

  39. Manipulative Marjorie’s meticulous mischief made manifest mendacious Margaret’s misguided masquerade.

    By dufis on 07.04.2013

  40. Se manifiesta de entre las sombras, se abre paso entre los cuerpos danzantes; suda, se ríe, camina con la mirada perdida. Sus ojos se buscan en las luces parpadeantes, fugacez respuestas; se mira a sí misma en los ojos de extraños y ella sonríe, camina, entiende el porque y el quizás, pero no lo cuestiona. Se desvanece con cada trago para no pensar.

    By Aileen URL on 07.04.2013