August 4th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “manager”

  1. am i still a student. i have no manager and even when i grow up i do not want to have any manager as i want to be the on top of everybody. i don’t like being given orders.

    By shobna URL on 08.05.2011

  2. There are some things a manager can do anythin about. But obviously a manager would know more about it ? What does a manager do exactly do…? i mean does that one person manage everything … really..??? doesnt he get time to manage himself and his life..? would a manager just read this and throw something at sounding so stupid about his job..?
    i would do something if i was a manager

    By Mallika Malks URL on 08.05.2011

  3. I never wanted to be the manager at this stupid store. But still, I got upset when Sarah gave the duties to someone who had been there for considerably less time that I had. Surely I deserved some reward for putting up with this awful place for 3 years! But no.

    By Darby on 08.05.2011

  4. I’ve never really understood what it meant to be a manager. It can be used in very many different ways and I think I have never been one myself. I have never got the chance to “manage” a group for instance.

    By zooile45 URL on 08.05.2011

  5. someones boss. A person with power. To be someone organizing time, plans, and business’s. A person with lots of responsibility. Someone in a position of authority.

    By joy keddy on 08.05.2011

  6. Brett was always in control. He didn’t have a lot to be in control of, but he was the manager of his life, pretty darn effectively. Unlike Susan, who had plenty to manage. However, Brett ruled his cats and his pot plants contentedly, while Susan ruled with an iron grip.

    By Lucy on 08.05.2011

  7. Stage manager.
    I’m the ASM for Hairspray in the fall.
    I’ve learned that as a stage manager, it’s necessary to wear high heels and dresses more often than not, then the cast will take you seriously and be intimidated of you, even if you’re just a sophomore in college.
    Lesson learned.

    By Hollie URL on 08.05.2011

  8. My manager is amazing. She is a true friend. She loves the employees like her own children. At my work, we are one big family. We truly are. Even when I don’t want to be there, my manager and co-workers make it worthwhile.

    By Chandler on 08.05.2011

  9. someone who gets the ability to order you around and you have no choice in the matter…the old guy that hires only girls.. the one whose too touchy.

    By emily on 08.05.2011

  10. manager……what is he(it sounds so male- ish) or she managing??? better manager is the one who manages own life which most are not able to do

    By chaacha on 08.05.2011

  11. manager……what is he(it sounds so male- ish) or she managing??? better manager is the one who manages own life which most are not able to do….so why managing others?? or even offer help in managing when you are a failure?? learn life management

    By chaacha on 08.05.2011

  12. It’s tough being a manager. YOu think that people are working for you but in reality, you are working for them. It;s your responsibility to keep the wheels turning so that your people have work t5o do and a job to go to every day.

    By Fred Cameron on 08.05.2011

  13. She oversaw all that went along in Joseph’s life. Perhaps ten, twenty years ago it had been the other way around, him ordering, demanding, overseeing everything. Now she was the boss, and took to every detail to make his final years better.

    By Luke Z URL on 08.05.2011

  14. he counted his blessings when he counted his wallet,
    tuning himself with the bustle of papers
    and a sense of importance that
    he never felt important before–
    not even as a child scrawling crayons
    across white walls and aged vanities.
    his mismanaged life remains a mystery to me.

    By Amanda on 08.05.2011

  15. She thinks she can be the boss of me. Running the house her way and all that. Well, little does she know this kitchen just ain’t big enough for the two of us. No space for two bossy boots in this home. So now, the ultimatum has arrived. It’s me or her – you decide.

    By travellati URL on 08.05.2011

  16. I was informed by the manager that my services were no longer need. I had given twenty good years service at the company and now without any warning I was terminated just like that. I felt like my world had come to an end.

    By victor walkes URL on 08.05.2011

  17. The manger of the restaurant was short, and greasy, just like his fries. He made her uncomfortable and she knew from the start that this was not going to be a comfortable palce to work. He slimed his way over to her, slithering like a snake, and placed his head on her back,

    By anne saan on 08.05.2011

  18. i wanna become a great manager one day. I should start being one from now and begin my customer service report. I am going to be the greatest employer ever. I love my field of profession.

    By nora on 08.05.2011

  19. formal guy with lach of emotions and always weqars a suit and a tie and is really mean but also smart.

    By ashish on 08.05.2011

  20. high post man doing great job who is proud of himself.

    By tripti on 08.05.2011

  21. My sister is a manager. She works at McDonalds, or as kids in my town say, McDicks. I don’t know how to feel about it. On one hand I’m proud of her, but at the same time she is twenty and I feel that she should be doing more with her life. But who am I to judge? I have no idea what I want to do with my own. At twenty years old, I could be a homeless person on the street.

    By Alice on 08.05.2011

  22. She squinted her eyes at the customers by the food aisle. Where was Andrew?

    Shaking her head, she straightened her uniform and walked over.

    “Hi, I’m Sarah, manager of this store. What can I do for you today?”

    By Maow on 08.05.2011

  23. To control one’s life is to be responsible in living it, and to manage one’s dreams is to be willing to achieve it. As far as being a manager is concerned, both vertices are to be covered – either one or the other cannot fulfill meaning in life alone.

    By Mohamad Arshad URL on 08.05.2011

  24. eu não sei o que representa este folha em branco,onde me disseram para escrever um texto, sem recorrer ao pensamento apenas ao movimento incerto e desprovido de estrutura intelectual. É isto que está a acontecer e estou curioso em saber o resultado que é delimitado pelos 60 segundos que inicialmente foram propostos como meta! com isto fiquei sem assunto e mais não digo!

    By Ricardo Maia on 08.05.2011

  25. My Mother.

    By Spongebob Squarepants on 08.05.2011

  26. managers suck. most of the time. my manager was an ass hole, underpaid me so much i would compare it to slave labour. i ended up quitting and now im unemplyed with no money at all, but its better than being around that jerk four days a week, plus going to school!

    By tom on 08.05.2011

  27. Your big words ache my head
    loading data
    I dial your words and number
    through the alleys of the brain
    I am alight under your gaze
    This is not passion

    By Maroula Blades on 08.05.2011

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    By Nikola Sterling on 08.05.2011

  29. Ha! Not me, I can’t manage my own handbag. Unlike my mother who’s an excellent manager.

    By Locsalot URL on 08.05.2011

  30. im a manager, no im a janitor. im actually whatever that it takes to stand the hurt. i dont want it. i dont vomit i jus clean up the sonnets.

    By gerald on 08.05.2011

  31. The man who hovers over me wishes nothing, but pain. Every moment he looks for a flaw to exploit. Everyday he loves to shout as a sign of his youth, but everyone know it is waning. He gets everyone the axe, because his family cannot survive if he has a demotion.

    By henshinger URL on 08.05.2011

  32. someone who’s a good leader. has the ability to control people and keep them satisfied enough to do their job well. knows how to manage all kinds of situations under pressure.

    By Sheen Razdan on 08.05.2011

  33. today’s word is manager . . i saw this a minute ago when i first found the site and thought maybe every time i hit the button, it’d give me a new word, but no . . it’s one word per day . . cool . . i’ve had many managers in life . . some douchey, some cool . . i’m particularly thinking (for some reason) of one in kentwood when i delivered pizza . . he was okay for a high school kid who only had hungry howies as his best out . .

    By matt hill URL on 08.05.2011

  34. Where is the manager on this site? Darn … I want to get some things done, but I have to get to the manager first. Rather amusing that the controls for this site are called “manager”, as if they were a real person.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 08.05.2011

  35. I don’t like having a manager. I don’t like having someone to tell me what to do and how I should do it. I like doing things my own way. I don’t feel constricted by the bands that managers place around you.

    By varsh URL on 08.05.2011

  36. A person that is suppose to be the example for those who are under them and be able to lead in stressful situations. A manager is the title that many aspire to earn but when they get there, quickly regret it.

    By Mandy on 08.05.2011

  37. I hated him. He was so pompous and arrogant. He thought he owned the place, rather than just kept it going while the lights were off at night. He was the night manager and I was the day manager. I have, rather had more power than he does. Still does. Yeah okay, I got fired. But for good reason, he needed to be put in his place. That’s all…

    By Isabelle on 08.05.2011

  38. The manager of my lve could be either myself, or those I choose to make happy.
    The important thing is that I’m happy.
    Right? I may be wrong. Probably.
    I don’t manage a lot of things but I know that my manager of my job is not liking me too much.
    That’s okay with me because I dont care.

    By Renee Molzon on 08.05.2011

  39. He opened the door. his clothes full of blood. he threw the gun on the ground and sat on the chair in front of him. “He’ll be right there” said Suzy. he never seen him before.
    A man, wearing a black suit, entered the room.
    ‘FUCK! HOW DID HE FIND ME?’ he thought hysterically.
    “Hello jon, I’m your new manager”.

    By someone on 08.05.2011

  40. I felt a chill run down my back like the icy fingertips of the reaper. I frowned, turning slowly and looking around at my other co workers. Something in the air changed, it became tense and quiet. I looked at their faces, searching for the answer that I didn’t possess, but they turned away and continued their work.
    Then I heard her voice. It was such an irritating voice, I hated it immediately. I briefly wondered if the customers thought the same, why they weren’t immediately walking out of the store.
    Except she wasn’t their manager…

    By Terry URL on 08.05.2011