August 4th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “manager”

  1. oh bioy, I’m the manager here at work. What a moorning. crazy busy and nothing is going well.. A constant balancing job/ or managing every little situation.

    By Stevew URL on 08.05.2011

  2. It must be quite miserable finding yourself beneath a manager. This pathetically uniformed, thin-tied, bloated-chinned, bald-headed, wrinkled-face, age-abandoned man could no less be the human counterpart of ‘rock bottom’.

    By Lora URL on 08.05.2011

  3. managers; they think they can control you when really, they have nothing better to do with their life so they make your life hell instead of facing reality that their life stinks.

    By anonymous on 08.05.2011

  4. “I am the manager”, he said, so I deserve respect. And that was the nub of it. He ‘deserved’ respect. But we didn’t see it that way, if anything it should be the other way round.

    By David W. URL on 08.05.2011

  5. the manager is stupid he typically screams at his workers for not working when he himself does not work. a manager is also typically chosen by idiots who were managers before and thus the cycle would repeat.

    By trollololololol on 08.05.2011

  6. one with power, in control,hatred towards their achievment the envy burning my insides until i feel the rush of my fire within. thinking someday i will be in those shoes, in control of only what i can really boss around. manager that isnt a what i figured one to be in the working environment it is a helper one you ask for advice not some co worker whom you despise for their attitude or bossiness. i am already a manager if that is the definition of one.

    By cassandra on 08.05.2011

  7. What I hope to eventually be at Ernie Davis Dining Hall. It will look great on my resume. Ernie will be the death of me, though. Also, sixty seconds is longer than i thought.

    By Emily on 08.05.2011

  8. she had shuffling walk as did all the bosses, I thought it was a Sicilian thing, but on reflections that’s unlikely, bleach blond hair and her Acapulco tan, cigarettes and blue eye shadow, she taught me all I need to know about managing businesses, when I did that I asked myself all the time, what would Dorothy do?:

    By geraldine URL on 08.05.2011

  9. Things lay in random heaps on my desk just as they seemed to in my life: things buried under papers and receipts and tickets and bills here, stories ready to topple in dismay over there. I didn’t know exactly how things had gotten so out of hand, so hard to keep track of, like a department store shift full of teenagers when the manager was gone.

    By Natalie URL on 08.05.2011

  10. a store manager someone who controls time and people almost the same word as the place Jesus was born some one old enough to be listened to by other only a person who can be trust should be a manger.

    By ca on 08.05.2011

  11. someone who could manage something like thing that could be managed somehow by somebody :P what the hell is that!!

    By me ABDEL NUDR on 08.05.2011

  12. The manager at the job I worked at was, let us say, less than motivated. And who can blame her, really? I mean, she was getting paid one dollar above minimum wage.

    By J.M. RIen on 08.05.2011

  13. “Who’s the manager of this place?” the blonde with the botched dye job barked out with a glare. “This woman has to go!”

    I barely managed to avoid rolling my eyes. “I’m the manager, okay?”

    By Anya Marina URL on 08.05.2011

  14. one who tells others what to do in order to create harmony amongst the others. We need these kind of people in our lives. We can’t live in chaos. We can love them and hate them at the same time. It takes a certain personality to be a manager.

    By Kanela on 08.05.2011

  15. “He’s breaking down, I think.” What of it. Doesn’t make any difference to you. “We need to get Theresa. She’s the only one that can hold him together.” Metaphorically? Literally? Breaking apart at the seams, and there’s only one person who can help me? That is just unbearably predictable.

    By Phlux URL on 08.05.2011

  16. I think of my managers at work. I think about whether I want to become a manager. I think about how I have similar qualities and also severe differences I have apart from them. I try to evaluate if I’ll be a good leader and adjust my style to see if I can change. I would like to be a helpful leader.

    By Heejin Han on 08.05.2011

  17. as a manager, he just manages
    But seriously, when did management become about following orders from management higher up, enacting strategies copied in name alone from never read studies?
    what happened to thought?

    By rorourke URL on 08.05.2011

  18. my manager is the absolute worst! His ego is jst absolutly annoying, probably the only thing i despise the most about him! he thinks he is the best thing since sliced bred! i want to quit but I cant because i have four kids to feed and i really need the money.

    By Amber on 08.05.2011

  19. The teenager glares at his manager with a menacing look. His teeth are slammed together, his jaw moving rhythmically back and forth to keep from saying something that could get him in worse trouble than he already was. His foot was moving up and down quietly. He nodded at the manager’s terse words and said “yes, sir” where it was required. Obviously he wasn’t happy with the blame being placed on his shoulder. Especially when he wasn’t the one who turned his boss away.

    By AspiringWriter URL on 08.05.2011

  20. “I am the new manager of this store, so you should now listen to me!” the new plump old guy said confidently, flaunting his pride. I could only grumble as he went through the employees and told us all the problems we have.
    My question is why we can’t be how we were before? Since the new renovation, they hired this guy, but now this place is all boring, and it’s all that Manager’s fault!

    By Mary URL on 08.05.2011

  21. I never asked to be a manager. I just wanted to run my business, but I guess its just part of the job. After all managing people isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do. I don’t believe in waiting for a quarterly report either. If something is wrong or someone does something that is wrong in my eyes, then it needs to be addressed right away, but there doesn’t need to be negativity. Of course there needs to be some kind of reinforcement of what they did and how it was wrong, but it should be followed up with something good in order to maintain motivation.

    By AndrewBryan URL on 08.05.2011

  22. manager? i would love to be one, and i would wanna be our manager, so that i can manage your life just as how i wish (:

    By Junnn on 08.05.2011

  23. the manager at my work decided to be a complete jerk. today he made me clean all the bathrooms and then clean all the floors. besides the fact that my jobs were gross, he just sat back and laughed at me all day. however, at the end of the day he gave me a large bonus on my check.

    By spencer0sheridan on 08.05.2011

  24. Capitalism. Just making profits. Being never home. Coke, Charlie Sheen. Working all your life and realizing in the end, that it was all for nothing. Being fired for being a victim of speculation. Being Alert. Know many languages. Heartattack.

    By N on 08.05.2011

  25. Reganam. Regge man! Manager. The man-ager. Extensive, exhaustive, ma’nager!

    1, 2, 3, Fire me!


    Negatory Eval A-waiter.

    Mana-ger. The food before the promised land. Manag. Penang Penang.

    The ranger, ma. We’ve been summoned. Or severely rearranged.

    By Josie on 08.05.2011

  26. The manager of the candy shop was furious when he discovered that on of his employees was sneaking candy.

    By lauren woods on 08.05.2011

  27. I’ve never had a problem with the managers here. They may not always know where your coming from, say if you’re late to work or something, but why do try harder to understand more than other’s that I’ve had. They’re more relatable than others.

    By Amelia on 08.05.2011

  28. manager represents a company which has got a kompetence. the manager has to guide thhe team manager wear suits. managers have to carry papers managaers have to be responsible. managers have to be critic and positive. manger is like in fifa

    By Didde Lykke on 08.05.2011

  29. Manager? I just heard the door open behind me because I thought mine was coming in, so I hid it behind my email and feigned productivity. It was a lie though. I’ve been on Stumbleupon ALL DAY. I’ve literally never had so little to do. I’m chewing my arms off.

    By Tom on 08.05.2011

  30. I need a manager. Someone to look over me, guide me, yell at me. Tell me that I can’t mix the colors with whites. I need someone to tell me that it ISN’T going to be okay, and to slap me with a little bit of reality. Because sometimes that’s all anyone ever needs. A little bit of reality.

    By Jennie P URL on 08.05.2011

  31. He leaned over my shoulder, his breath stank like the bottom of a garbage truck. I hated the new manager. He was a joke that only we workers got. When everything went smoothly, it wasn’t because of him–it was sheer luck.

    By Cheryl URL on 08.05.2011

  32. who is the manager here! i WANT to speak to the manager,” the old lady screamed at the top of her lungs. This customer was a regular… she regularly came and complained about her purchases. we knew, could sense, when she was coming into our shop from at least 10 miles away.

    By abra URL on 08.05.2011

  33. Even though she was cute, I had to give her that little rush of fear when I asked if her manager was in. Her eyes were spinning around like little whirlpools and I calmed her down by smiling and telling her I was a friend of his.

    By Dan on 08.05.2011

  34. Managers can be good or bad, the laid back ones are the best! I had a manager one time that was awesome but every time the big boss woman would come around, she would curl up in fear. I wish she would have just stood up for herself!

    By Brittany on 08.05.2011

  35. the thing was she always thought she was such hot shit, little miss organizer incarnate, thing was she couldn’t organize herself out of a paper bag, no, she just tore the damn thing and it was her mousy assistant who made it all work, gutsy as all hell that one, running the multi-million dollar company from the seat of her slip until finally she married the ceo and fired the pretty but brainless twat, manage that! she said

    By judigoldberg URL on 08.05.2011

  36. the thing was she always thought she was such a hot little miss organizer incarnate, thing was she couldn’t organize herself out of a paper bag, no, she just tore the damn thing and it was her mousy assistant who made it all work, gutsy as all hell that one, running the multi-million dollar company from the seat of her slip until finally she married the ceo and fired the pretty but brainless twit, manage that! she said

    By judigoldberg URL on 08.05.2011

  37. I hate the man I work for. It isn’t so much that he’s a bad boss, it’s just the way he treats others. He doesn’t have much respect for people, other than it seems, me. I sometimes appreciate the fact that he’ll leave me in charge and what have you, but I can see the bitterness etched in the faces of others.

    By Sarah on 08.05.2011

  38. unorganized. looks sweet but im convinced shes actually quite evil. bite your lip or kiss you paycheck goodbye-status. she does her thing while i stress out all week waiting for my schedule. managers -__-

    By liled on 08.05.2011

  39. Thinking about a manager is not that hard to do. think about the person who controls your life and the things that happens. Like God. He is the manager of my life. He makes sure everything runs well in my life&that I end up living through whatever crisis I go through. If it is time for me to leave, then He will know when that is, and send me home happily.

    By Renee on 08.05.2011

  40. They manage people. and they get better uniforms at McDonalds. and Burger King, Well, pretty much anywhere.

    By Brandon on 08.05.2011