August 4th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “manager”

  1. i suppose that’s all you really want, right, to get in with your bloody manager. you’ve met him what, twice? how is that supposed to make you feel? happy, excited, like you really know him? i get it. i understand why this manager of yours is so much better, smarter, so much more wonderful than i could ever be. it’s the pseudointellectual prattle, the beautiful, dazzling smile, the eyes i haven’t quite got. is it really about the fact that my nose is broken?

    By Vera on 08.04.2011

  2. I’ve never had a manager. Because I’ve never had a job. I kind of had a job and my dad was my manager. I wish that Michael Scott would be my manager for my permanent job I will have someday. Some say “He is the best boss. They go ‘wow, we’ve never worked in a place like this before.'”

    By Alyse on 08.04.2011

  3. One way- Bossy, controlling,

    Another way- Helpful, productive,

    Either way – They’re in charge of you, whether you like it or not

    By Anna on 08.04.2011

  4. Some body in charge. They are the ones accountable, keeping it running smoothly. They are the watch keepers and the hell has broken loose calmers.

    By Jazz on 08.04.2011

  5. The manager walked into the room. Everyone immediately stopped the fun things they were doing and pretended to be working. Even though there was nothing to do that day they thought they would be more likely to get a raise if they at least looked like they were doing something. Tomorrow there would be nothing to do again.

    By Jessica on 08.04.2011

  6. Once upon a time there was a man named Manny and he was a manager of Manson Hotel. He was a mean man and he didn’t like monkeys.

    By Jennifer on 08.04.2011

  7. The managers at my work are some of the coolest people I know. I am definitely closer to them than any of the other crew. My best friend is a manager as well, so I’m in with all of them I guess. But when offered the oppurtunity, I say no thanks!

    By Shannon URL on 08.04.2011

  8. work, nice, production, leah, busy, follies, schedules, meetings, creating, setup, design, construction, helping, leading, teaching, managing to keep us all together.

    By Reilly on 08.04.2011

  9. there is a person at the bottom and a person at the top. very rarely is this the same person. more often the person at the top is installed through a series of personal or familial connections. very often the person at the bottom just showed up. the person at the top is called the manager.

    By George Hicks on 08.04.2011

  10. i tapped my fingers on the glass counter. i could hear the ticking of the close as every second passed and it was driving me mad. everone complains they have the worse job, but i do.
    then in came Lina

    By yesenia on 08.04.2011

  11. A boss. with like messy black hair and a cigar and a beer belly. so anyway hes all like you need to get back to work! and then verbally beats you. :O

    By shetookhispicture on 08.04.2011

  12. Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs is the manager of the Krusty Krab. Each one of the spongebob characters represent one of the seven deadly sins.

    By isabel on 08.04.2011

  13. Sometimes I feel like I need a manager for my life. The job requirements are: Being able to handle my worries. Because, frankly and speaking introspectively, I worry way too much. About things that will likely never happen. So if there were anyone up for that particular, melodramatic challenge, I’ll leave my P.O. Box up for grabs.

    By A.J. O'Riley URL on 08.04.2011

  14. Someone in charge. When you become a manager you get respect. You get people to listen to you. But you also get people who will defy you at every turn of the way. People who will make your life a living hell. It will just be horrendous.

    By Katy on 08.04.2011

  15. a mean, bossy person who bosses everyone and is in charge of all things in teh thing and tells people what to do and doesnt be friendly and is bossy and in charge and manages and a person who is head and company and head and in charge of everyone, bosses people like a manager and magaes things of a thing tells people what to do and is like the head of

    By Jessie on 08.04.2011

  16. I hate the manager of this store.

    By anilu on 08.04.2011

  17. annoying and not supportive. would be great if a manager had an ear to the people and had an experience that mirrored what their employees experienced. some managers can be fuckfaces. some can be great.

    By ishaq on 08.04.2011

  18. When I was 16, I got my first summer job working at a pool selling churros and funnel cakes. Every time I worked, I had a different manager because people were getting fired and promoted left and right, so it became quite a pain to, say, call up my manager about schedules or put down a reference on my job applications later in life.

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 08.04.2011

  19. Manager…I wonder if I’ll ever get that job. I wonder…if I’ll even get a job period. Just thinking about all these financial and education problems, I’m devoting my time to release a good cry. I’m extremely overwhelmed by all these responsibilities in this game of life.

    By Nika URL on 08.04.2011

  20. Thinking of no-one but himself, herself. She is flighty, floating, dashing and she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s asking you for help. You need to ask her for help, she is the hand in the darkness where you grope and fumble. You are tripping and she is dragging you down. And she has no light, no fathom of direction in this nonsense. She doesn’t know, she just doesn’t know.

    By frankie on 08.04.2011

  21. My manager was kind of nice, his name was Ben. He said asian women were allergic to beer. I’m not sure how true it is but it was interesting for sure. I liked working with him.

    By Elise on 08.04.2011

  22. The manager blew his top, almost literally. She watched as the toupee threatened to fly off with every jerk of the man’s head while he shouted like a bullhorn. She wondered if steam would start spilling from his ears soon, or if the ear hair was too long and clogging the exits up.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 08.04.2011

  23. I want a manager who leads me to victory!

    By Lors URL on 08.04.2011

  24. He was the manager of the hotel. Tall, handsome, beautiful green eyes, I was enchanted by his presence. He passed by me, while I was holding onto a Cosmo mag and my airplane snacks.

    By maria on 08.04.2011

  25. mange

    By MorganLovell URL on 08.04.2011

  26. Manager’s should be nice to their employees. I understand that their jobs involve getting things done efficiently, but you can get the most out of colleagues when you truly care about them. A healthy working environment is ultimately far more efficient.

    By Nishat on 08.04.2011

  27. Yet more harrowing evidence of how we amounted to nothing. I shined his shoes with my spit, frothy and glistening.

    By Holly URL on 08.04.2011

  28. relis-tu ma fréquentaion
    de millot ..les fré rashier
    la mani jillet… hire M,
    yellow fol<<hum aisson

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 08.04.2011

  29. logic: “manager” is like “orange” in the sense that nothing rhymes with it; henceforth, manager=orange

    The words that rhyme
    are written before the 60 second chime

    By MJ URL on 08.04.2011

  30. I hope that one day i can be a manager of something. Scratch that, I hope that one day i am succesful. To be succesful, I have to go to school and do well, and get my degree. Once i have my degree, I can have a succesful career.

    By Frances on 08.04.2011

  31. The boss. The person in charge who treats you like garbage who is a gumball machine. they started out just like me and worked their way to the top. I just think of mulligans. not sure why. yep.

    By Ann Flynn on 08.04.2011

  32. the manager at my job really sucks. she’s ugly and has terrible hair and is always bitching at me for something stupid and pointless. if she’s gone to college she wouldn’t have to bitch at teenagers all day. sucks for her. she’s also still really ugly. i hate working. i’m a kid and this bitch makes my life even worse.

    By koolkid519 URL on 08.04.2011

  33. If she had a name it would be simply, manager. Not because she worked as one, but because of her seemingly obsessive nature regarding similar things. Like how she would spend her hours organizing every crook and cranny of the entire establishment she lived, or how she would often demand things from many of the service people, and how in every wake and hour she would do little more than manage not only the basics, the life styles, but the beliefs of those around her. She was the manager, whether or not it be in the most accurate or orthodox of ways, for lack of a better way to put it.

    By This. on 08.04.2011

  34. Why does it so often seem that the one with the title of “manager” never seems to deserve it too much. I look around, and I see a woman working tirelessly to get the job done and done well. I feel as though she is more deserving of the name tag that says “manager”, but what do I know. She is just a drop out who needs to make a living for her child that came too early. And she will never be manager.

    By Katie URL on 08.04.2011

  35. I hope that one day i can be a manager of something. In fact, I want to be succesful one day. And to do that, i have to go to school and get a degree. Therefore, I hope that i can do well in school so that one day i can get a job and be succesful. Or the HBIC. or both.

    By Frances URL on 08.04.2011

  36. “Do this,” “Do that…” I’m tired of taking orders from a cranky old hag named Eugene. Can someone please save me from this hell that I call work… -____-

    By SimplyLuvble URL on 08.04.2011

  37. Authoritative and regal
    The word is smooth across
    Except for the little g
    It reaches down as if to help

    The tones are lyrical
    of except of course for the little g.
    It jerks the fun to a stop
    And gives a low growl

    The word manager is quite a word
    So many descriptive qualities
    The match the word perfectly
    Making the definition nearly obsolete.


    By Ash Lee URL on 08.04.2011

  38. My manager at work was my aunt. You’d think it’s be easier that way but you are very wrong. That was my hardest critic. I hated it. I did everything right and she made me feel the opposite. I was fired from my job last week. I guess she was right all along. ):

    By Victoria Lynn URL on 08.04.2011

  39. I am one.
    It takes drive, character, and ability to execute. To be a good one you must understand they dynamics of a team, be able to balance activities, and be able to develop those who will follow in your foot steps.
    A manager is a friend who holds you accountable.

    By Lindsay on 08.04.2011

  40. i went to the manager in hopes of procurring a large sum of money but to my dismay he had a women in his office who was rubbing oil on his feet and he looked up in red outrage at me and told be to shoo and so i shamefully walked out and left the building and walked down the street into the town below

    By Daniel Field on 08.04.2011