August 4th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “manager”

  1. The manager manages. What a thought. Managing sucks. First, it’s a dumb word. and B) it must suck to be in charge of so many people. Being the logistics guy. I want to be the creator. I’ll make what you want, but MANAGE it?! Hell no.

    By eeepa on 08.04.2011

  2. He was a manager at a branch in downtown middle-of-nowhere and he hated his job. Bored, he would sit in his office day after day and stare at the rubix cube (unsolved) that he kept on his desk. Perhaps someday he would solve it. But for now, he would simply stare until maybe it solved itself.

    By Heather URL on 08.04.2011

  3. Of all managers restaurant managers were the worst subspecies, seemingly going the extra mile to embody every stereotype about managerial incompetence. Their clothes, their hair, and their overwhelming stupidity is something I will never forget but have tried to forgive, accumulating several degrees and vowing never to become.

    By anonymous URL on 08.04.2011

  4. what will happen then?

    By J. on 08.04.2011

  5. Manager.
    I couldn’t believe I’d gotten promoted to manager. I’d been working at this job for a year and a half now, slowly working my way up from lowly dish girl, to hostess, to waiter. And now I was the manager?
    “This is great,” I said with a smile. “That means… I mean… a pay raise, right?”
    My supervisor nodded. A pay raise! Maybe I’d be able to afford college after all…

    By Sydney URL on 08.04.2011

  6. hate ugh i want to be quit hating on my dad. too much power one day if im one ill be a good one. sad job. a lot of bad things to do. do i want to be one? hell no i really doont ppl hate bosses i dont want to be hated jerks lalalalala hate hate hate

    By kg URL on 08.04.2011

  7. full control and good prediction

    By AL on 08.04.2011

  8. Mom said that if I want that Weasley twins poster from the movie theater I need to talk to the manager about it. I fully intend to do this. My love for the Weasley twins transcends the boundaries of space and time and I will have that shining, glorious homage to their excellence in my possession. One way or another.

    By Julia A. URL on 08.04.2011

  9. girl
    awesome person who is alot of fun. She has a great sense of shoe style. Is very laid back. Her name is alisha. I also have had one at KFC and his name was steve I danced with his daughter at school. He was really, really nice. He let me keep my job there even though I was going to school in Little Rock.

    By Rachel on 08.04.2011

  10. “I want to speak to your manager.”

    The words she always dreaded hearing. Too bad the honest answer was, “No, you don’t really want to, because he’s an incompetent prat.” She said, instead, as she’d duly been trained, “Mr. Bryant is out of the office, but I am qualified to handle your complaint.”

    “This was filed wrongfully -”

    “Let me see the signature on it?”

    Naturally, it was Mr. Bryant’s.

    By Nagi URL on 08.04.2011

  11. today i was told i’d be the manager. i want to laugh and cry and pray. that’s my reaction.

    By roberta URL on 08.04.2011

  12. So one day i went to ask my manager for a promotion, but when i entered his office, there was no one there. I walked around and looked on the desk to find an odd looking crystal. I gazed thoughtlessly at it, and i looked for so long that i wasted away waiting for nothing, all alone, staring at a single beautiful sight, not thinking to continue on with my life.

    By Lena URL on 08.04.2011

  13. A manager is someone who manages. Chantelle was my manager – but she never really acted like it. She just acted like she thought she was my mother because I was young. my real manager was Richard, who I was vaguely attracted to. He did the propane for me whenever we worked together and always touched my shoulder when he walked by.

    By Stephanie on 08.04.2011

  14. Things have never been good with him, my oppressor, my manager, my monster. I wish I could run and hide, but he sees me. He watches me like a wolf. He doesn’t watch the other girls. Just me.

    By Kira on 08.04.2011

  15. boss
    in charge
    the head
    the top
    great view

    By samara weiss on 08.04.2011

  16. A manager is someone who is in charge. They could be good or bad. Many people can become the co-manager of something or be the official manager! Being the manager is fun because you can decided what to do with the company you own!

    By Julia on 08.04.2011

  17. i talked with the manager about my promotion over and over, for the past couple days. i was due, wasnt i? i deserved it. but looking at that little woman, no matter for her size she was always intimidating, i knew i couldnt win this fight. i guess i had no luck.

    By maria on 08.04.2011

  18. My manager at work is very nice. I was at first nervous about it because she seems very tough, but in truth she is really easy to work with. She is flexible about when I come in although sometimes I have to stay late. She is also good about giving me positive feedback in addition to hte necessary negative feedback. I hope that one day I get a management position. Honestly I thought that I was alreaedy out of time.

    By Sarah on 08.04.2011

  19. In all the years I’d worked there, I’d never quite figured out what my manager actually did. Apart from a constant stream of criticism and a talent for nagging, she seemed to be completely useless. Sometimes I wondered if she was human–it must be difficult to be so miserable all the time, after all.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 08.04.2011

  20. a person who thinks they have it all, but they are only slightly higher than others. They will not rise any farther, they are comfortable with their position. Micheal Gary Scott.

    By Jamie on 08.04.2011

  21. a person who runs a store. he or she could be nice, friendly, a leader, an inspiration. you could be frightened of them. hopefully they help you become a better person no matter what. listen to what they have to say. they are trying to help you. they want you to succeed. they are wise and have good advice take it to heart.

    By Elizabeth Jachimowicz on 08.04.2011

  22. The one thing that controls other things. Looks over things. Decides what really goes DOWN. ME. Like a boss – boss around, push around, order.
    Order, and power. I like power. Without power we would just be at a corner. I like power.
    Power is what most of us seek for. Being in control and always being right. Taking care of things. I take care of things. And i do it right. Who ever is THE manager, things go the right way — all the time.

    By Giannyx3 URL on 08.04.2011

  23. The manager overlooked all my efforts, all my hard work. He glanced back at me with disappointed. “I expected better.” My spirits fell.

    By Audrey Jude URL on 08.04.2011

  24. He wishes she could panic. Instead of being driven to work every day by a chauffeur, he wonders if she had ever gotten up 15 minutes too late and haphazardly throwing on any old thing (did she ever have any old things?). He wishes he could imagine her panicking.

    By Migs URL on 08.04.2011

  25. Promotions are the reason why we all go to work everyday. We all want to move up, and in some way make more money, accomplish something. I’ve been trying to get promoted into management for two years now. Two whole years.

    By Don on 08.04.2011

  26. i generally don’t have one of these, because i’m a freelance writer. it might be easier if i did; i managed my time like a champ in college and now that i’m my own boss i sit around biting my thumb nail until the last possible second and turn things in late more often than on time.

    By loveismaroon URL on 08.04.2011

  27. Managers are very valuable in some cases and worthless in other. managers of business accounts are useful and people depend on them. grocery store managers and such are worthless and just have a title to help their small self esteem and sometimes small private areas.

    By Anna URL on 08.04.2011

  28. What am I supposed to say here? I’ve never had a manager. I’m somewhat relieved. The closest thing I’ve had to a manager is my mum. She says I have to get a job next summer. It’s about time, I suppose.

    By Anna URL on 08.04.2011

  29. I’m been sitting here thinking about how cute he looks when he’s staring at a book, trying to figure something out, brown hair dropping down near his eyes. He’s my boss so I guess its kind of stupid to fall in love for your manager but still. Its kind of hard not to. Especially when he’s always so nice and polite and quiet and you seriously spend 6 hours a day with him. But its not going to last. Ever.

    By Hanan on 08.04.2011

  30. my manager is Kristen Loria at the Patchogue Medford Library. well, kind of. she’s my supervisor. my co-super is Kyle Koleda. i like Kristen more than i like Kyle as a professional person, though i could totally picture myself being friends with Kyle more. as a matter of fact, Kyle’s kinda hot. just sayin’. well, i hope i get to be in their position one day.

    By Christina on 08.04.2011

  31. I have a manager who smells like cheese. He eats cheese 24/7. It’s really gross and I have no idea why he eats so much. He likes cheddar the best, though. Weird, I don’t really like cheddar. My manager is tall, and ugly too.

    By Holly on 08.04.2011

  32. I can’t manage her. She’s wild. With hair as bushy as a child. Oh crazy life. I’m not the boss. I don’t know where we’ll all go when the road splits. Take me back to decisions simpler than this.

    By laetitia on 08.04.2011

  33. my new good friend from new york is the manager at mcdonnalds. This makes me smile because it reminds me that normal people work and do shit. I don’t want to be one of those spoiled kids who says psh, some mcdonnalds worker. In other words, anyone who works hard in their job deserves respect. It’s sad that we frown upon people over carmel mochas because they push a lawn mower or drop change into a cash register.

    By caroline on 08.04.2011

  34. control
    rude mean devil disguise fake sexy hot steamy crude
    not nice hurt heartbroken pain hurting

    By Faith on 08.04.2011

  35. “Okay, all you need to do is mop the floor. Even you can’t mess that up.” Okay, I said, I’ll do it. He hands me a mop and a bucket, and I start working. I mopped the ballroom floor for an hour, at the end of which I knocked over the filthy bucket of water. And that’s how I got to mop a ballroom floor twice.

    By Olivia Swasey on 08.04.2011

  36. I can’t stand my manager, but I still really like her. She will be really funny some days and then super cruel and mean another and I absolutely cannot stand it. Especially when she is with Julie. So glad that Saturday is my last day, I can’t decide if I should talk to her manager about everything that has been going on. It has been absolutely ridiculous just seeing the way she treats myself and my coworkers. But today was one of the few good days, I guess I didn’t mess up enough to make her angry today. Not really sure.

    By Kristin on 08.04.2011

  37. They told me to manage what I could, but I had no idea what that was. When I was younger I could manage it all, but what now? What do I have control over? I want to manage things and people, but why would they stop and suddenly listen to me? I mean, if someone came and pat me on the shoulder just to tell me to stop doing something, I’m sure I’d say no. It’s in human nature to avoid being managed, yet they want me to take control of what I can.

    They can forget it.

    By Dan URL on 08.04.2011

  38. Her name is Paula. She has curly blonde hair and really pretty blue eyes which are framed by thick-rimmed rectangular glasses. Her daughter is 22, so she’s probably around 50 years old. My guy friends who work in produce think she’s a MILF, that’s gross. She only gives me 15 hours of work a week, but that’s okay because sometimes I’m lazy.

    By Kayla Cayabyab on 08.04.2011

  39. A manager is this kinda dude who makes dudes who aren’t him do stuff and then gives them $$$ or sometimes cents which I cannot find the sign for on the keyboard which, at this present moment in time, I am using.

    Keyboards are very similair to typewriter keyboards, in fact, they are the

    By Abraham LincPwln on 08.04.2011

  40. A person who takes care of something and runs it. McDonald’s has a manager and big business companies have a manager. Everything has to be managed.

    By Amanda on 08.04.2011