June 27th, 2011 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “lust”

  1. the only thing that happens at first sight. Not love, just lust.

    By camilleandrea on 06.28.2011

  2. I was just writing my speech about lust. To be perfectly honest, I have realised that, in writing my speech, lust is the only real emotion we have, and love does not exist at all. Just think about it.

    By Lilo on 06.28.2011

  3. is interesting. But I wonder if aesexual people feel it – biologically aesexual that is, not orientation-wise. I mean… If you’ve got both, a penis and a vagina, which one will get aroused? Hmm.. I guess it depends which one is more developed. Oh well =P

    By Mai on 06.28.2011

  4. Oh how I lust for thee
    When I catch your smell
    I arise to the occassion
    When I taste you
    I breath a sigh of love
    and joy
    Oh how I lust for thee
    my morning coffee.

    By liltig URL on 06.28.2011

  5. I lust after an unblocked nose and an un-aching head.

    By Aditi URL on 06.28.2011

  6. lust. what is lust? I think it’s a longing, sexual desire. I’m not really sure. Lust and love can be confused sometimes. Dangerous, I know. But why do people confuse it? Because they’re both blinding emotions. That’s why. I don’t think I’ve ever been in either, so I wouldn’t know.

    By Laiken URL on 06.28.2011

  7. Lust really? I just wrote about this but okay.
    The feeling of want.
    I don’t know. I’m still young. I’ve still got a lot to learn.
    But who really knows anyhow?

    By Laiken URL on 06.28.2011

  8. He stood there watching them like vultures tearing at rotten flesh. Blood greed. Like a lizard in heat, helplessly driven. He stood there watching, the wind playing with his hair. Lust-less.

    By Harvinder URL on 06.28.2011

  9. lust.
    i lust you.
    but i don’t love you.
    so i will break your heart.
    this is life.

    By Ali on 06.28.2011

  10. Fire tongued, she licked the air for his presence. Wading through the vapor of sweat from a thousand unknown bodies, for the silky strand that rose from him like incense. Each cell became a black hole, hungry to engulf. If only he could rise from the dead. The past.

    By Harvinder URL on 06.28.2011

  11. Lust inspires!

    By Harvinder URL on 06.28.2011

  12. He stood there watching them like vultures tearing at rotten flesh. Blood greed. Like lizards in heat, helplessly driven, they swooped.
    He stood there watching, the wind playing with his hair. Lust-less.

    By Harvinder URL on 06.28.2011

  13. lust, trust that im filled of.
    lust, rusting with sin dust
    it overpowers me, cloudy
    but, im in love.

    By gerald on 06.28.2011

  14. hot sweaty slippy slidey heavy breathing desire…..wanting so much all else is insignificance, that to go without is physically painful and can only be eased by the object of desire, and even then, the need returns with terrifying demand.

    By georgie on 06.28.2011

  15. I couldn’t stop. It overwhelmed the very fiber of all that I knew. Her legs wide, eyes closed, this moment changed it all; I live never be the same.

    By Wayne on 06.28.2011

  16. Ew. Lust? Like, sexy little beasts trying to get some?
    I feel too young to write on this….
    Lust is something I’ve yet to experience, after all…

    By missstar URL on 06.28.2011

  17. He’s ever so blind. I cannot understand why he’d fall for a woman that treats him less than what he is worth. I’m not saying I’m the perfect one for him, but I am certain that she is not the one.

    By Violet Aleere on 06.28.2011

  18. evil people……

    By jeremiah on 06.28.2011

  19. Lust is something easily confused with love. That burst of feelings that the less mature or experienced label as love. It used to associated more with males, but it is an equal opportunity issue.

    By ah on 06.28.2011

  20. The lust of the world is biggest evil that making people to think against god’s will.Eventhough they know this is not from god they are immersed in that,finally that will destroy them from the presence of god.

    By jose on 06.28.2011

  21. Lust has turned me into a lioness, a seductress, a hunter. You: my prey. The feelings you make me feel aren’t about falling in love, but feeding off this energy and turning into a pheromone-secreting, red-lipped, sleepy-eyed, sexual entity. In turn, the world has noticed and you have not. Lips locked, these nerve endings have graced five people, none of which were you, since falling weak to the feelings you make me feel, failing to exhaust my lust. This is a game, but I play only to win you.

    By Ryana URL on 06.28.2011

  22. He looked at her, it wasn’t love – it was lust. She shied her eyes away from his glare. She had to leave the room, he frightened her. She needed fresh air and to be on her own. Her mind was racing ho

    By Micki Perepeczko on 06.28.2011

  23. I want it, I don’t have it. I don’t even know how to get it. I have never had mojo. I am searching, on my journey. I just am. I admire. I enjoy the view. I keep climbing.

    By bruce on 06.28.2011

  24. Oh the dagger. Plunge it once into my heart once and forevermore. I don’t even want to think of the other. At least not this night. Two drinks. Maybe more, and then she comes in, like always, or sometimes, and it’s heading toward the end. The games I play in my head, this time of night.

    By Bryan URL on 06.28.2011

  25. lusty wonder i dont care lalalalala the time is going down to dawn i dont care lusty missy believe it i cant see you in lusty dream

    By taninta on 06.28.2011

  26. Lust is a raw animal feeling, we all feel it. It reduces us all to the same base creatures. Lust makes us all equal.

    By issy on 06.28.2011

  27. Turn on that soothing light, that squeal, that sizzle of fillament
    Flick the tip of the worn smooth switch, the exposing culprit
    Gaze back up at its piercing pins or clamp tight grooves of its screw
    Bask in the man made moonlight and howl when you are done

    Then let the rays have their little deaths – a lighthouse, crumbling from the salt

    By gsk URL on 06.28.2011

  28. His lust was unmatched by mine. Day by day, our collection grew. Is this yours? he’d ask, and I would say, eyelashes lowered, Yes, it is mine. Soon our apartment filled with our collection, and he stepped onto the tiny balcony and said over his shoulder, I cannot live like this any longer, and he tipped over the railing and was gone. The collections are mine, both. I inhale the sweet aroma and tell the children, No, your mama, your papa are not coming back, no. The collections cry and I fall asleep on the daybed, my lust still demanding more.

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.28.2011

  29. There was only ever one word for it. It was raw, rough, and terribly painful at times… The floor is a lot harder when you’re actually down there! I don’t think our specific activity made it any less regrettable.

    Either way, there was only one thing to call it, and I feel no way about calling it what it was, and then moving on. She was beautiful and so energetic, but hey! I can never claim to have loved that lady

    By Dovikles on 06.28.2011

  30. love disguised in passion. red lips; high heels; dark night. On an empty street. Red light. One light. Lonely men come up at night. Roxanne. Desperate for love. Finding it in all the wrong places. Wet skin; trembeling face.

    By Emily on 06.28.2011

  31. Lust can make people do stupid things, it can take over your whole mind and just for a few precious minutes nothing else in your life matters apart from the object of your lust. Whether that object is a man, woman, a new pair of shoes…

    By Jo O'Hanlon on 06.28.2011

  32. lust – is never good
    lust- is never right
    but about it- i have to write
    Lust- it drives all good away
    even in the middle of the day
    lust is disgust
    to the soul
    it does not make you whole
    the end

    By gintare on 06.28.2011

  33. when in the course of human anxiety and wanton desire, we fill our souls with thoughts of others and other things, not that we need anyone or anything. just carnal passion for what we don’t have.

    By JMB on 06.28.2011

  34. Seemed like every time she got involved with someone “in that way,” there was always a guardian angel around or somethin’ to keep her in check. Like one time, she was at the bridge, makin’ out heavily with some fella she met at the bar, when suddenly a great growl near knocked her unconscious – she stood up and hit her head on a branch. They never did figure out what that noise was.

    By URL on 06.28.2011

  35. Love and lust are two different things. Get that through your thick skull.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 06.28.2011

  36. you.
    killer. fill me,
    like contempt
    this blood will boil
    and tonight will end
    but not with tragedy;
    no, with agony that the
    sun rises and bodies cease
    motion for we’re only human &
    despite the yearning for another taste
    I can only muster the energy to smirk & think
    and lick my lips one last time before submerged in my
    own sweat & beneath the haze of perfection I must close my eyes.

    By doc. URL on 06.28.2011

  37. the tingling starts behind my thighs and sprinkles upwards, wanting to pull me forwards into another body. the way you smell! i can almost hear it, singing to me.

    By oliver danni on 06.28.2011

  38. The mansion was even bigger than I remembered. Drake and I climbed the few steps up to the ornate main door and entered the huge hallway. I remembered then, the first time I met Drake. His beautiful light green eyes and the strange smile he gave me. The wave of lust hitting me like a tidal wave.

    By Anton URL on 06.28.2011

  39. The warmth filled my body as his mouth came down onto mine. Our breathes mingled his has roamed trying to peck and squeeze but I didn’t want the romance just the feel and I wanted it now.

    By Vivi on 06.28.2011

  40. Lust…such a simple word and something she had never thought existed. In her world of black and whites she thought you either loved someone…or you didn’t. Now, she wasn’t so sure. Did she love him? As he knelt before her with a ring outstretched, she wasn’t sure.

    By justjess1001 URL on 06.28.2011