June 27th, 2011 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “lust”

  1. color
    three in the morning
    flo rida
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    By evanzo23 on 06.28.2011

  2. Desire, burning through her veins like fire on dry leaves. Scorching everything in its path. Giving off heat. A visible sign of an invisible force. Lust is a sin? Or is it a need.

    By Jspeed29 URL on 06.28.2011

  3. To some it’s the reason for being, to some it’s the last reason for being. To each, his own. There is a very slight difference between lust and greed. Greed is acceptable. Lust is just crazy.

    By akanksha on 06.28.2011

  4. Lust is something I’m familiar with, but not in a typical sense. I find the feeling in libraries, in bakeries, in church. The first two are possibly permissible, but the third? Where are my morals? I have morals, only they leave once I enter the church door.

    By watermark URL on 06.28.2011

  5. evil, sin, the opposite of love, deceiving, lost, passion, out of control, pain, nails, hopeless, never ending, appealing, hot, spicy, alone, empty

    By cheetahchelsea on 06.28.2011

  6. I feel great lust for my wife, reading, and film. It is a hunger that is hard to satisfy. I wish I had a lust for life (just finished the book about Van Gogh) then I could be the writer I have wanted to be.

    By AYFULD URL on 06.28.2011

  7. Hersheys is so sexy I want him all to myself. Can’t wait to get back to the U.K.

    By Josie on 06.28.2011

  8. I waited for him to get home from work, feeling silly and anxious with my nakedness under the sheets. I wanted him to love me. I wanted him to make love to me. I knew that he didn’t want me that way, but I felt that I could change his mind, if he would only give me a chance.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 06.28.2011

  9. I wanted him the first time I saw him. He was sweating a little from running across the field. Our bodies collapsed onto on another. We lay in the tall grass and the thunder rolled in overhead. He said he loved him. I knew he was lying but I didn’t care. We entwined ourselves together. He kissed my mouth. I grabbed at his back. It was like that for hours and then the rain came. I had won. I had gotten him to notice me and to want me. If only for a little while.

    By Bret on 06.28.2011

  10. Lust.
    Lust just like I had in high school, now filling every relation. Like a binge and purge of people, dreams, ideas, and school. Lust more like an arrogance or abuse.

    By Chuck Lit on 06.28.2011

  11. lust?

    now isnt that one of those seven deadly sins
    i guess i could see why
    but i dont know much about the bible
    or much anything for that matter

    By luna URL on 06.28.2011

  12. the physical attraction between a person towards another person; a feeling of passion and sensuality. The need be with them in a sexual or intimate manner. Sexual feelings for someone.

    By Isabella on 06.28.2011

  13. What a loaded word that is. That’s all it is to you isn’t it? I thought we had a whole lot more.
    Why would think that
    why wouldn’t I? You led me on…. I thought

    By jasmith URL on 06.28.2011

  14. She was in lust with him. Not love, not like, just lust. She wanted to know him, physically, sexually. To be with him night and day, but she didn’t want to know him intimately. That would ruin it all. Of this she was certain. Words, feelings would muck it all up. She just wanted to screw him, again and again. That was all.

    By annes URL on 06.28.2011

  15. Wanting to do stuff with people. A sin! Fun! Um? :L ………. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I don’t get this website!

    By Derv on 06.28.2011

  16. Lust is a feeling. A feeling that I feel every single time I look at you. I wish I didn’t feel like this, so lustful, I just want to love you, you’re perfect. No lust, just love. You and me, in love.

    By Aleyda on 06.28.2011

  17. There are occasions when I wish I knew what was going to happen beforehand. Then I wouldn’t end up with the same suggestion twice. It’s like getting the same suggestion twice in a row for an improv show. “Hi, we’re Reverse Tranny Surprise, can we get a suggestion?” “Lust!” “Umm, you gave us that LAST week.” Of course, that’s when a suggestion or show is even memorable enough to stick with you that long.

    By AmPetryschuk URL on 06.28.2011

  18. like a whiny, needy child that throws a nags and cries and throws fits until you give in

    By noplacelikehome URL on 06.28.2011

  19. (time just went by as I imaginated a lot of things)

    By Felipe URL on 06.28.2011

  20. her heart was pounding in her chest. she couldn’t stop what she knew was coming, even if it felt wrong in all the right ways. there was a crashing in her ears, like the time she

    By Kiersten on 06.28.2011

  21. An uncontrollable urge, passion, wanting for that special someone that you just can’t be apart from one second more, no matter how far apart you are. Longing that some say is fairly common but you don’t really know what it really is until you’re caught up in it.

    By Norm URL on 06.28.2011

  22. yes it rhymes with bust but i’ve already got one of those so am alright.

    By ngozi on 06.28.2011

  23. lust. love. hunger. sex. what some may call a mistake in the game of relationships. you may be in love, but all it is is lust. you fall in love with lust, sex. its a trick. you may not notice. yet love and lust together can be beautiful. it is not necessarily a bad thing. just an addition to love. not to be trifled with.

    By MIranda on 06.28.2011

  24. it is a carnal desire and cannot be ignored. it is the root of desire and the starter of wars! it is human nature. it is is is us. it is life.

    By Kim de Beer on 06.28.2011

  25. I lust for the world. Really I do. The whole world. Every inch of it, every corner and crevice. Every open space and the expanse of every over-populated village. I lust for adventure and new things.

    By Abby on 06.28.2011

  26. an undeniable wanting, a glance out of the corner of one’s eye at another, starring, dreaming, wishing, hoping, wanting for some indescribably powerful, yet indecipherable wish that is buried in the hollows of your chest.

    By steve URL on 06.28.2011

  27. Lust is not love, though they both begin with the letter “L” and consist of four letters. While that is deceiving, they are not nearly the same. Love is deep, slow, soulful emotion. Intense and forever. Lust is fleeting passion. Nothing more.

    By Abby URL on 06.28.2011

  28. sexy… For me like a dream of untold, unknown lovers, tall and dark, with rippled backs and inquisitive minds. The kind you meet at a party and can’t take your eyes away from. The kind who sweep you away and you want to follow them forever… Or at least to bed, over and over.

    By Hannah URL on 06.28.2011

  29. Lust is something no one can control, it drives people like animals to each other and makes them long for another.
    Lust connot hold a candle to love but nonetheless feels better at the time, its when a haze goes over your eyes and you just go for it.

    By Noelle on 06.28.2011

  30. The power of lust is substantial when you take it into consideration. It is a feeling that all share, but that none truly realize is affecting them when they feel it. It looks like love, it tastes like happiness, but in the end it is often a bitter thing to accept. Lust is something that many do not want to accept, and it affects them daily. It leaves them only with tangled relationships, and hurt feelings.

    By Kevin Ringoni on 06.28.2011

  31. They hadn’t seen each other in 8 months. He had been overseas serving his country, but not he was home. They didn’t want to waste a second, and they surely didn’t want to wait the 2 hours before they would be home. Lust was overtaking them. They made it home, but not by much.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 06.28.2011

  32. The most dangerous of the feelings..the one that everyone has the most difficult time controlling. the one emotion that causes some of the worst…or best… decisions.

    By Spice on 06.28.2011

  33. Am I invisibe to you? When the covers drop and the passion fades, are we invisible? Is lust the fuel for our fire? What can we become without the fires burning?

    By lizamajig URL on 06.28.2011

  34. feeling in the moment. not looking back. do dont think. living in the moment to the point where you dont thnk and you allow yourself to sucomb to the freedom of your wants.

    By samantha on 06.28.2011

  35. Lust is the thing that sparkles in her eyes when she looks at me. It’s frightening sometimes how much she seems to want me, how much she seems to need me. I can’t not deny that I want her too, so much. All the time. As I’m walking down the street I want her, as I’m washing the dishes I want her, as I’m mowing the lawn I want her. I don’t even mean sexually, I just want her, I need her. She’s my everything, and I cannot imagine life without her. She wants me, I want her, we’re the perfect match, and nothing could ever tear us apart.

    By Emma URL on 06.28.2011

  36. what is lust without the one you love?
    What is peanut butter without jelly?
    What is ying without yang?

    By KaiyaP5 on 06.28.2011

  37. It’s something I have to deal with every single time I’m around you. Whether it’s the way you walk, or how you brush up against me, or the way you take my hand and smile. It’s your kisses and your endless class. I just.. I’m falling, hard. And I never even thought it possible, but I want to be with you.. in THAT way. I want to be with you. I do.

    By Katie URL on 06.28.2011

  38. comes in every form. it hits you in the heat of the night when your mind should be blank but is filled with naked pictures and dirty thoughts. vision of one persons image resounding hopelessly. love for the body. and care for the mind.

    By melissa on 06.28.2011

  39. moist and lovely when we rose together and saw our bodies and we wanted to abandon the world and our duties and to do lists and all the books and papers and other letters. We wanted to say goodbye to groceries dishwashers and laundry. we wanted to roll up in sheets and drown in an ocean of wet little crevices and then just love all day. and do nothing else.

    By Grace URL on 06.28.2011

  40. I lust about good health, wealth and love :) love should not be confused with lust. my 60 seconds are about to finish.

    By swe on 06.28.2011