May 19th, 2013 | 180 Entries


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180 Entries for “lullaby”

  1. i want a lullaby to envelop me. to wrap me up more than the blankets covering my body.
    i want the lullaby to float out of your lips like hawks encircling the clear spring sky.

    By kelsey URL on 05.19.2013

  2. My mother used to sing me lullabies. She would hold me in her warm arms and somehow i would be comforted by terrible pitch and a technically very bad voice, but it was not the singing that would cause me to nod off, but the love surrounding every word.

    By kelsey URL on 05.19.2013

  3. I never was really sung lullabies when I was a kid. Because I was raised Catholic we always said prayers before we went to sleep. But what always really helped me sleep at night was when my mom would rub my back until I was calm enough to fall asleep.

    By Molly Sweeney on 05.19.2013

  4. you had me at helullo,
    but this is lullabye.

    By ukifaluki on 05.19.2013

  5. A lullaby, dear child, is the armor given by a parent in love with the innocent.

    By Nathan Velt on 05.19.2013

  6. music

    By lauren on 05.19.2013

  7. roaring across the alleys,
    vibrates dust off these 4-year old walls.
    soon freedom will send us stumbling off
    to bed, one last dream
    with these people,
    then nothing.

    By Kairn URL on 05.19.2013

  8. The lullaby we first heard while in the womb
    we search for from thereafter until in the tomb,
    somewhere in the laughter and whispers of love,
    in the silent harmonics of a heartfelt hug, it’s there.

    By drew URL on 05.19.2013

  9. Sing to me, love. The sound of your voice is a beautiful one. Though we are far apart, I can hear your words and they are meaningful to me. They give me peace of mind. I am yours and you are mine. A love like ours is uncommon. Perfect and sweet – a lullaby.

    By Madi on 05.19.2013

  10. lullaby lullaby sweet sweet lullaby lull me to sleep bring me sweet dreams to dream of dreamy faraway lands in which I am a princess or perhaps a queen

    By Box of Rain URL on 05.19.2013

  11. My father sung the same lullaby to me every night. I would be in the state inbetween wakefulness and sleep, and reality would start to muddle and distort. The lullaby would take over the surroundings, and I’d see everything in the song. Then sleep would come, and the lullaby would manifest itself again.

    By Amanda URL on 05.19.2013

  12. Oh, whispered lies.
    Hold on. Hold on.
    But not, fingers slipping.
    Reality spinning
    The lullaby continues
    Whistling, Walling:
    Lies, false hopes, misconceptions

    Reality hits. Hard.


    By Sentito URL on 05.19.2013

  13. I waited patiently after asking you to sing me a lullaby. The pause my body revealed shocked me, shooting electricity through every nerve and fiber inside of me. The natural instinct of my ancestors and I casually lifted and dropped my chest, inhaling and exhaling the oxygen around me only to release it completely. I was left with an empty feeling of guilt. I was no one and I belonged to no one. To produce a tear all I had to do was remember that no one belonged to me, either. The longer I waited for that lullaby the deeper that lagoon grew inside of me. The non existent notes and rhymes from a lullaby haunted me as I regained consciousnesses. It seemed like I had been gone lifetimes but nothing around me had changed. Only the new hole that had now appeared inside of me, I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling.

    By Lola URL on 05.19.2013

  14. once upon a time there was baby with a mum who sung her lullabys. the baby was very pretty. she had bright blue eyes and looked very cute. the baby’s favourite lullaby was rock a bye baby on the tree top. tjk;skd sssljflkjslkj sdlkjlkjlkdj ljlkdjlkj lksjlkj lkjds lksjdlkj lskjlskj dlkjlskj lsjdlkjsldkj lskjd lkjsldkj slkdjl ksj lkdj slkdjlkjldkj llskj ldksjlkdj slkjdlkjsdlkjs lskjdljslkjd sldjkljdlksj ldskjdjslkjdl sldkjlkjdlkj slkjlkjlsj dl sldkjdlkjlsk dslkjlksjldkj slkdjlsjldkj slkdjlskjdlkj sdlkjslkjdlkj sldkjlsjdlk slkjdlkjl lkjlk jlkj kljlkj lkj l

    By nancy on 05.19.2013

  15. Babysitting for an entire week was something I hadn’t done before. Trading off with Joanie and Jenny in shifts made sure all the hours and shifts were covered between the three of us. We all enjoyed helping our favorite couple out so they could go on their cruise at last. I didn’t expect him to ask for a lullaby before bed, or that he expected at least three songs as part of his goodnight routine. I couldn’t think of any lullabies, except the one my sister loved to sing. I struggled to think of something besides Rock a Bye Baby and finally decided it wasn’t the words, just the tone of my voice that would do the trick. The only other songs I could remember were Stairway to Heaven and a cute little tune by Melanie about drawing around the moon. I finished with my sister’s favorite lullaby, Stay Awake. It put both of us too sleep every night that week.

    By JDwrites URL on 05.19.2013

  16. I wish I was one of those kids who were sung lullabies as a child.
    It could have changed so much.

    By Shannon on 05.19.2013

  17. His love is a lullaby, singing softly to those who will listen. He is there for you.

    By sturmzie on 05.19.2013

  18. I bring him to my chest, this weary man of mine
    All the troubles of the world wrack his silly mind
    My gift is one of comfort
    A gentle ruffle of his hair
    A sweeping graze across his temple
    A light kiss upon the tip of his nose
    All this to the tune of a soothing tempo
    All of this set in time with self-assured notes
    In this we step along till we land into the deep
    This gift is the comfort of my thoughtful keep

    By Intuition URL on 05.19.2013

  19. I’m tired. I want to go to sleep, but I’m waiting for something. I can’t sleep yet… I need to, but I shouldn’t… I need a lullaby and a good excuse. Then I can be happy.

    By Cathalos URL on 05.19.2013

  20. Sing to me and maybe I will sleep. Let me listen to the cool pattering of wet footsteps on my window pane and maybe I will sleep in peace tonight. Perhaps I will no longer be crushed by nightmares. Sing to me and maybe for once I will not dream.

    By KT URL on 05.19.2013

  21. the baby, the baby…..!! i was just singing this lullaby and.. and.. i.. I don’t know what happened. i just don’t know what happened…

    By Tom on 05.19.2013

  22. when i was young, my mom would always sing me those classic lullabies. the one about the mockingbird was always my favorite. even now, even when it’s sung ironically, it always calms me down. i miss the days when just a lullaby would suffice.

    By Amelia Williams on 05.19.2013

  23. I don’t know where it comes from. But it croons in the middle of the night. A soft harmony to my ears. It has the effect of a sleeping pill. My eyes gradually beginning to close the dark world around me, as I felt myself slip into a deep, dreamless sleep.

    By Glasya:. URL on 05.19.2013

  24. lullaby sweet thing, cry inside the plastic bars, softly singing trembling shrill, playthings dangling, twirling rocketships, hanging stars, creaking legs, cry into the night at the monsters of the dark corner. Then here comes mom.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.19.2013

  25. I was 26 years old; I was alone; I was scared. The night time captured me, pulling my entire existence into a cloud of darkness. No one could help me or offer words of solace, so I curled into my body and fell asleep humming a quiet melody in my throat.

    By N URL on 05.19.2013

  26. lullabys are kinda creepy. they put you to sleep, and sleeping is like dying so is like the last thing you hear in your life your lullaby cause theyre the last thing you hear before you fall asleep , when I was little my grandma would sing a lullaby to me about a duck we knew how to swim but then dies swimming even though he’s good at it, and it really creeped me out so I don’t enjoy lullaby’s at all, i guess that’s why i associate them with death,

    By Halisha Skyes on 05.19.2013

  27. His lullaby soothed her aching limbs until she had no feeling at all– a walking puppet he knew was under his spell.

    By Kelly T URL on 05.19.2013

  28. Sing me to sleep so I the next day can come. I sit here alone at night watching the clock slowly run. Can’t believe the day is finally here and can’t wait to hold you near.

    By Chris URL on 05.19.2013

  29. Flowers falling slowly with the lazy wind. Blossoms float in the open window past the sheer white curtains. A lullaby is being hummed quietly. All a hazy memory as he looks around the scorched room. So much destruction and death. The war has taken so much from so many, but he feels as though he has lost the most. He can hear his mother calling down the hall to wake him for school, his father in the lounge watching tv, his little sister playing with her dolls. All of them gone now and forever. He sunk into the ashes and wept. Wishing that he could become ashes just as they had.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.19.2013

  30. I let lapping waters be my lullaby.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.19.2013

  31. songs that calm a child when they are scared in their little beds at nighttime they soothe the child and their parents get some peace and then they are able to sleep. mothers sing these because dads can’t. they are still asleep
    they are very lazy, i know i am.

    By shane jones on 05.19.2013

  32. There was a time where she couldn’t sleep properly because her father was away from her all the time. He had a duty to attend overseas. But whenever he is back, he makes sure to sing a lullaby to her cute little baby.It makes her feel nice.

    By travellerinmotion on 05.19.2013

  33. lullaby..something that I really did not understand the meaning of.
    It is said that the very word lullaby brings in a soothing breeze in the souls of the ones who experienced it…well really? I would never know..probably because i never had it

    By Amnottelling on 05.19.2013

  34. The lullaby put the baby to sleep. Finally we could get some rest. We were up all night trying to figure out how to quite the child. We were told that having a child would be a lot of work especially a baby, but we never expected it to be this exhausting.

    By Gilltyascharged on 05.19.2013

  35. sometimes i feel like i just need to hear a lullaby to fall asleep. i lay awake all night and all i want to hear is are the sweet sounds of your voice and know that everything will be okay. why can’t i? why are you not there? i feel tired, but i cannot sleep. at all. i am up all night.

    By Kristen Pascall on 05.19.2013

  36. my mother sings to me soft voices i hear in my head drifting slowly i fell into dreamland it is a whole new world i love how its soft and enchanting lullaby is my mothers voice drifting away im slowly moving through outer space im dreaming lullaby

    By sarah on 05.19.2013

  37. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the one less traveled by;
    and hey, that rhymes with lullaby.

    By ukifaluki on 05.19.2013

  38. of course you think rock a bye baby falling right from a tree what kinda bullshit is THIS what the hell is the baby doing in the tree. babies don’t belong in trees they belong safe and cozy with the ones who love them. who care for them. maybe some birds but not WILD birds for god’s sake

    By dagger URL on 05.19.2013

  39. There was no lullaby fit for a king. There was only the sadness, the quiet. The unmistakeable truth that is only heard by those who climb too far up the ladder. He had become far too powerful.

    By Kash URL on 05.20.2013

  40. When I found out the tune she used for my lullaby wasn’t an original, I was shocked and heartbroken. I had lived thinking it was always just mine, but apparently, it also belonged to a girl named Clementine.

    By Blue on 05.20.2013