May 18th, 2013 | 130 Entries


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130 Entries for “signed”

  1. Scribble-de-scribble-de-scribble. Well, at least that’s what it looks like to me. I’m reading the paper upsidedown and it’s hard to read his signature.
    “There” he pushes it towards me

    By Ellie on 05.19.2013

  2. signed a letter from a broken soul. a letter once forgotten. written by a secret place in her heart. she signed her name for the last time. she’s gone now… lost at sea. signed, forever me.

    By victoria wilson URL on 05.19.2013

  3. signed by a sorrowful soul. she signed her name for the last time upon a tattered piece of parchment paper. she has been forgotten, just as her time is ending. oh, sweet irony. oh, sweet destiny.

    By victoria wilson on 05.19.2013

  4. guys, it was singed the whole time.

    By berenique on 05.19.2013

  5. She held the glimmering parchment in trembling fingers. On it was her own signature, signed in blood. If only that were her own, too. She fought not to throw herself on the lifeless body in front of her. She didn’t know him, not anymore. She couldn’t. From this day on her life would never be her own. Nor her thoughts, her beliefs, her mind, her heart. Her entire being was for THEM. And as she stared at the blood pooling at her feet, staining her hands, burning on the enchanted paper… all the while slowly dying… her hijacked legs marched behind THEM into the darkness. Into the prison that was her future.

    By marlinkin on 05.19.2013

  6. Her hand streaked across the 142nd photograph she’d signed that day. This one was to “Erikka” With two ks. Sophie scoffed at this and kept moving on never doubting that one day her mask would slip and they’d find out who she really was.

    By Arin on 05.19.2013

  7. The word signed brought a terrified look to his face. What worried him was the content on that page he didn’t have a chance to read. His boss managed a smirk as he collected the papers and put them into the draw and left him to his worry.

    By aakriti URL on 05.19.2013

  8. I signed my life away. It was quick. I was slow. I thought it would take a lot more thought. I couldn’t think though. There I was and then all that I had was gone. Signed away with a little bit of ink. Gone. That was it.

    By Christie on 05.19.2013

  9. I signed my life away…I thought they said “If you wanna sing, sign here”

    By Paulie Aragon on 05.19.2013

  10. David Ruddock

    This work has been signed therewith, resulting in a piece of text explaining the phenomenon of a signature. basically, what I have done is told whoever is reading this that this belongs to me. So there. :P

    By David Ruddock URL on 05.19.2013