May 10th, 2013 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “loom”

  1. You loom over me both physically and emotionally. I haven’t seen you in years, felt you by my side. But yet, the bed is cold from where you left it. I miss feeling the movement of your body as you stir next to me. I can’t wait to fill the void you’ve left behind. The looming presence of our happiness is a ghost.

    By Goldie Red URL on 05.10.2013

  2. He stood up, his shadow falling over her tiny frame. She shrank back into the chair. She didn’t want him to see how intimidated she was by his size but it was a natural reaction. He placed both his hands on the arm rests on either side of her and stared straight into her eyes. “What do you want?” she asked.

    By KATE19 URL on 05.10.2013

  3. He looms over her. Fist clenched. All she can taste is blood, all she can see is rage. She loves him, and he loves her? Not enough… or maybe too much.
    She blinks, it isn’t him. It is someone else. A stranger in her bed. But a stranger with the same blue eyes and the same warm hands. What had her life become? How had she allowed this?

    By Caitlin URL on 05.10.2013

  4. I loom in darkness when I am depressed. It is a big black blob that covers my head…
    Light and airy.

    By Ari on 05.10.2013

  5. The fact that I fucked up looms over me constantly. It eats me alive and settles in my stomach and waits. The graduation date looms over me, the apprehension filling my chest with fear and uncertainty. The countdown of days before I say goodbye, this too looms over me. the feelings of affection and longing but also fear of the unknown with you and all that it entails looms over me and makes my head spin and my spine tremble. I can feel the shot of adrenaline, each time like the first, wash over me every time i think about it. My self hatred…that too hangs over me. Lingers and swells within me until Im gorged out on the suppressed feelings and forbidden thoughts of “Well what if this… What if that… Maybe just…”. It’s all the same no matter how I put it. It shivers and shakes and hangs and lingers and pushes and pulls and looms on me. In me. Around me. And I can never seem to shake it off

    By SMejorado URL on 05.10.2013

  6. The giant urban willow wept over the murky waters of the bay. The small child wailing in the basket passed under, unnoticed by the entwined lovers.

    By www.oneword.com on 05.10.2013

  7. loom. what is loom? i have no idea. i’ve heard the word before, but i can’t remember what it means. i wish i had time to see a dictionary. yes, a dictionary would be great. loom is nice. a nice little word. i think it has something to do with looking.

    By Julia on 05.10.2013

  8. I have no Idea what this word means. I have a hint it is related to Pirates of carribeans. Pirates just deserted someone in crew in deserted island , ad they called it looming

    By harush Shrivastava on 05.10.2013

  9. looming over head
    thats cool
    loom sounds like loon which is a bird in canada
    uhm we have a town in here called lunenberg a
    nd jennas little love brown guys lives there and hes hahs a horse that like kicks people
    and omfg he video taped it and i jSUt omfg his hrose actually kicked people and loom

    By emma on 05.10.2013

  10. She peered over his shoulder as his deft fingers wove stitch through frame. “It doesn’t look like much,” she said with a sniff.

    “Not yet,” he said, smiling back at her. “But it will. So it goes with all things.”

    She sniffed again, young and not caring much for the old weaver’s sayings. He sighed and continued his work as she scampered off. The night drew closer.

    By LadyP URL on 05.10.2013

  11. I have already written about it once. Not gonna write same thing again. Hence this stuff.

    I need a gal who love me.

    By Harish URL on 05.10.2013

  12. Her fingers picked threads numbly. There was hardly any light left now, just strange, slanted rays of dirty purple dusk leaking in through the barred windows in stripes. The sun would set completely soon. The loom creaked as she wove the threads faster, not noticing the slices in her fingertips from the tightening strings.

    She wouldn’t be able to finish before nightfall.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.10.2013

  13. The tree’s shadow loomed over the scraggly path. A menacing presence; a beautiful monstrosity. Such power, such wisdom it possessed. It grew and loomed ever longer, ever farther, stretching across the earth to reach all the way around.

    By Alaina K. on 05.10.2013

  14. loom. i am not really sure what this word is. loom? like loom a basket? can you loom a basket? i think thats just weave but i am not sure loom is something like that though. but i really have no idea what it is haha fjlk

    By anne on 05.10.2013

  15. i cant think of what loom is. i feel like it is a depressing word about night time or lonliness or something like that. It sounds like a beautiful word to say, ive seen it in books but i have never got the chance to look it up. It sounds beautiful.

    By lily on 05.10.2013

  16. What is looming on the horizon? A new day if you would just step out and greet it with an open heart and an open mind. Leave the pain behind jump up and embrace the light!

    By Tracey URL on 05.10.2013

  17. The trees loomed above us, blocking the hot sun from burning our delicate skin. I looked down taken aback by how high we had claimed. Trees shouldn’t go this far up, but neither should I.

    By Ashlee P on 05.11.2013

  18. I feel a sense of loom over me because I cant seem to get my thoughts onto paper and I really have a deadline to reach. I really want to talk about thoughts and how they affect my reality so that it will become a great video. Thoughts are supposed to helps us whether it be in a positive or negative manner, something always comes out of it.

    By Sharon Anderkin on 05.11.2013

  19. she pick up the threads, keep looming. since the deadline is tomorrow. she’s about to give the thing that she wove to the king. the fierce king.

    By reihana zahra URL on 05.11.2013

  20. The looming clouds pressed down on my psyche. I couldn’t get stormy thoughts out of my head. It seemed like time was racing and inching at the same time. I had to get to the station before everything broke.

    By Sparsey on 05.11.2013

  21. A figure loomed from behind, bringing with it light to mask all darkness.
    Nothing moved from the little figure, but the strands of hair pulled by the winds.

    By OneJen URL on 05.11.2013

  22. I sit here and think. The past relationship that we had looms on my mind constantly. Almost every thought of everyday, you are in. Thank you for looming around.

    By Taterus on 05.11.2013

  23. She sits in the firelight, half-darkness playing over her graying hair. The loom sits before her. Penelope, Penelope, Penelope: she hums her own name as she runs her fingertips through the strings, thumbing them fondly like a harpist would.

    By Zee URL on 05.11.2013

  24. paedophile

    By pratik roy on 05.11.2013

  25. He loomed over her, his shaggy blonde hair hanging limp and lifeless from exhaustion. He had been in this same room for weeks now, waiting, the eating when food was passed under the cold metal door – which wasn’t very often.

    By Emily Walklate URL on 05.11.2013

  26. she looms over me and i cant see around her
    she consumes my thoughts, my waking consciousness and her ideas are my ideas
    and i cant tell the difference between us anymore.
    we are one, but i dont want to be.

    By Julia on 05.11.2013

  27. As the moment loomed closer the nervous tension in the air got ever thicker. She sat, twiddling her fingers through her hair and biting her lip almost to the point of drawing blood. This is it, the moment of truth, if everything goes to plan she’ll be free.

    By Nikki Holmes on 05.11.2013

  28. I’m loomed to many things that happen around me, many times you wil find that people will get often offend about things that they do, and usually its because they are unable to back

    By Mahad URL on 05.11.2013

  29. It’s was a pretty dusty and dank basement, as you’d expect to find in an abandoned house. What was odd was the loom in the corner. Sitting there away from all the other junk, and without a speck of dust.

    By Amimee URL on 05.11.2013

  30. The thought of being alone forever loomed over her, choking her.
    The curse was impossible to break, she knew.
    So for the rest of her life, she was to be in isolation.

    By Celine Wu URL on 05.11.2013

  31. The loom clacked in the background. It seemed to her that it had always done so – all her life. As if it wove her life. The pattern of cloth that grew lacked variety or beauty; she hated it.

    By E A M Harris URL on 05.11.2013

  32. His time limit looms not-so-far away, and he resists the urge to check the timer on his palm again. It hasn’t changed so much since he checked two minutes ago, but he doesn’t want to see that it has changed at all.

    He won’t lose, because with the stakes of this Game, he can’t *afford* to lose. He has to believe that or he can’t keep going, can’t go against the Composer when the only outcome is his death and the destruction of this city.

    He’s already made a good amount of progress. His plan is starting to fall right into place, and the Players will help him a little more before the end of the week. He’ll save Shibuya, convince the Composer to stay his hand. He’ll do it.

    He checks the timer again, and pushes aside the unease in his gut.

    By Li URL on 05.11.2013

  33. the loom is not very obvious state, I am not sure about that meaning, maybe right

    By victor on 05.11.2013

  34. The future looms above like a rain cloud. It hovers in the distance with an ominous stare. It brings worry, fear and despair, but hope, happiness and excitement. Sometimes the sun shines through.

    By tilda on 05.11.2013

  35. I loom we all loom, to the yellow brick road.
    Care for me o’ Lion the cowardly guy.
    Nah, I am legit.

    By C. Purcell on 05.11.2013

  36. There was an eerie aura looming over the city foreshadowing the unexpected event that was to come. No one believed it would happen. Everyone tried to close their eyes to what was before then but no matter how much they tried not to see, it was always there. The darkness engulfed the city. It had begun.

    By VanessaTechlan URL on 05.11.2013

  37. In the darkness of the top most room of the tower, where the last bit of daylight filtered through a tiny window to make the dust specks dance, there loomed a loom.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 05.11.2013

  38. The loom that the students did was selected for the presentation. It was not the best, but it was the energy and devotion of the participants, that caught the judges eye.

    By victor URL on 05.11.2013

  39. Moon, loom, spoon. Alispoon. That is my name when I type funny. How much do I have to write? I can’t keep up. I’ve started knitting. That’s related to ‘loom’, right?

    By Alison on 05.11.2013

  40. He loomed over her, stalking up silently. With a startled shriek, she fell backwards, her eyes opening wide in horror as his hand brushed her shoulder.
    With a confused look the tall man, bent a little, concered. “Excuse me miss, are you alright? I just noticed you dropped this, and wanted to give it back. He held out a battered wallet. Her wallet. Relief flooded her as she felt silly. He wasn’t donig anything scary.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.11.2013