August 5th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “lock”

  1. The way that people are hidden behind themselves just so that they don’t have to realize that they are trapped behind fear. The way things can just be constrained and detained and always remain. it’s unbelievable how you have a choice to do something so drastic to yourself, or to the world. How much information you hide or lack due this locking up of secrets.

    By Josephina on 08.05.2011

  2. I don’t know about locks. They’re suppose to keep people out, but they are broken into some many times. If we’re able to break into so easily, why call something locked?

    By Emily on 08.05.2011

  3. locked inside this office
    this place
    this space
    trapped inside the mayhem
    a ringing telephone, restless workers groan
    inside this place, this space
    but my mind is free
    it isn’t locked
    like the rest of me.

    By keisha brisette on 08.05.2011

  4. I tried once, twice. Jiggled it over and over. It was no use. I was stuck. The air started to feel sticky. A giant knot welled in my throat. The darkness began to pulse. It moved closer and closer, and pretty soon, the light was gone.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 08.05.2011

  5. i lock those thoughts deep inside my ever-encrypted mind
    how dare they attempt to escape
    through my fingers
    and visible to my delicate, vulnerable eyes
    how dare they attempt to become more
    than just abstract metaphors
    how dare i attempt to truly understand my mind
    no, that is not an option
    they must stay locked up
    regardless, society is not ready for them.

    By jill URL on 08.05.2011

  6. this morning you made me lock all of the hurt in the dishwasher
    nest in the forks and spoons

    By Tescia Schell URL on 08.05.2011

  7. i’m so tired of locks without keys and famously i get so distracted. life is grand when it has meaning and sometimes i buy into the lie, that terribly tempting lie that everything will be okay if i have a job where i’m not trapped. and then i feel guilty because even though my talents aren’t recognized (me, me me!) what does that matter? people are actually physically dying of hunger, and all that’s dying on me is my pride. it’s a mess to think about broadly, because i want to be justified so badly in feeling what i do.

    By roberta URL on 08.05.2011

  8. At first, my family wouldn’t let me put a lock on my door. Then my brother started getting angrier and angrier as time went on and in order to continue turning a blind eye to the situation, they had to provide me with some way to keep it secret. So they gave me the lock. The lock helped, until his anger got to the point where he discovered how to take the lock off. I love him, but he needs to be happier and not take out his anger on me. Not that way, at least.

    By ohthekings URL on 08.05.2011

  9. You’ve got something to hide? Then make sure no one finds it. Anyone can know what I think I say. As long as it’s in riddled thought which none can decipher, but I.

    By laetitia on 08.05.2011

  10. it is a safety gimmic
    it wastes no time
    it stays in place
    all the time
    the lock.

    By wilma forteau on 08.05.2011

  11. The easiest way to figure out if you an love someone for the rest of your life is to lock yourself in a room with them for a day. If you leave stressed and angry, don’t bother. If you leave reminiscing about the past 24 hours, you’ve found him.

    By Sabena on 08.05.2011

  12. She’s afraid, very afraid. She doesn’t like everyone around her, they have masks on their faces, they’re all fakes. All she wanted to do is to lock herself up in her tiny, cozy room, where she can hide from reality, and continue living in her small little fantasy world.

    By Junnnrawrs URL on 08.05.2011

  13. Darn, I wish I had bought a lock for the past a long time ago. Maybe a new name, or a new place would’ve done well. Sigh, I can’t do anything now. Mary-Ann’s look on her face tells me she knows everything. So does everyone else in this stupid room.

    By laetitia on 08.05.2011

  14. the lock was heavy, rusty and old. she jiggled it and it fell apart. she opened the heavy wooden door and saw inside nothing but darkness. she wandered in and held her breath, touching the walls as she went. she felt the rough bricks and felt suddenly..flesh. warm. and soft.

    By fab on 08.05.2011

  15. Lock, to keep out? Or to keep in? What are you locking? A room? A box? Something you cant see or hear? Why would you want to lock it? Is it dangerous?

    By Robert on 08.05.2011

  16. Lock the boat, don’t lock the boat baby! Lock the boat, don’t tip the boat over. Lock your doooooors and hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wives.

    By Grace URL on 08.05.2011

  17. It keeps people out. It’s a barrier. It hides things away. It keeps them trapped, until someone comes along with a key or a crowbar.

    By Jazz on 08.05.2011

  18. The sun was just starting to peek through the branches of the tree above her. Warm. Bright. What a wonderful day. It let her leave the idea of the lock on the door far behind in her mind. To nice of a day to close things outside.

    By Seansj URL on 08.05.2011

  19. We walk out of the hospital room and at that moment our whole lives become categorized and compartmentalization. Here are the things we talk about to people we don’t really know. Here are the things we say to people we want to impress. Here, behind a vault with one huge lock, here we keep our secrets, the one’s which no one is supposed to know.

    By laetitia on 08.05.2011

  20. when you lock something up, you always know its secure. it eases your mind, and helps you move on with your life. if its a person you may feel safer, if its money you may feel happy you are saving it.

    By Krissy on 08.05.2011

  21. emotions. it’s what i lock up. i try to make my feelings not a huge deal. if i’m feeling sad or down, i try to hide it. i don’t want others to worry.

    By victoria URL on 08.05.2011

  22. It was locked. They, the adults had put up the fence and locked the gate. That gate was the only way into the orchard we children loved and felt at home in. We could see it through the chain link fence. We could smell the ripe apricots. But we could not reach it. With the locking of that gate, we were forever barred from a part of our childhood. Slowly, we were being weaned from from our imaginations and forced to face rough, chain-link reality for the first time.
    Moral of the story: Locked gates suck. Reality sucks.

    By khakicat URL on 08.05.2011

  23. This lock is forever. This what I am. Locked in my body, forever. I need to get out. Break the cycle, break open the lock. Leave this shattered remain. Spread my wings to the sun. This is what I am.

    By Aisling URL on 08.05.2011

  24. Locks are good protection for a person. they can keep your house free from robbers and your locker at school from yourself being shoved in it. without locks we wouldn’t be very far today, especially since we’d either be in a locker or our stuff would all be stolen……

    By Anna URL on 08.05.2011

  25. Lock rhymes with dock, rhymes with mock and stock and flock of rocks.

    By keirs URL on 08.05.2011

  26. When I think of a lock I don’t think of a key. It’s been snapped in half and thrown over your shoulder to ensure your forever silence. People never specify what kind of lock it is on your mouth, though. Is it a padlock? Mine is. It’s bright blue with silvery orange stars that shine like titanium.

    By Nymeria URL on 08.05.2011

  27. Our brains are locked. Our secrets are locked. When I think about brains, all I can think of are the the vast amounts of locks bracing our secrets from others. Where these thoughts come from though, is unknown to me.

    By Megan Preis URL on 08.05.2011

  28. I’ve had this terribly nasty since I was about six; I always lock a door behind me.
    Even if I’m the only one in my house, and I’m going into my bedroom for thirty seconds to grab my bag that I left across the room, I will without a doubt shut the door behind me, making sure it’s locked.
    I’m not scared, so I can’t figure it out.

    By Hollie URL on 08.05.2011

  29. There was some part of me that was locked in a state of utter confusion. Even writing couldn’t help me out of my dilemma; I was horribly lost. I had always turned to my pen for closure and coping. But it wasn’t helping, and sleepless nights were spent staring up at the stars convincing myself I wasn’t the only one. It only seemed to make me sleepy enough to get through the night only to wake up to another dose of bewilderment and loneliness.

    By Marissa URL on 08.05.2011

  30. I want to lock you out of my life. Enclose myself with locks ad never give you the key soyou cant come inside and hurt me. I want to lock myself away from the world. Enclose myself in the peace and quiet of myself. But locks are always penetrable and I know tha either Ill get in or you will.

    By pam URL on 08.05.2011

  31. dont lock your heart away. be open to everyone, because you never know who will actually belong in your heart unless you let them in. a lock just keeps everyone out, and its not any way to love.

    By Leila URL on 08.05.2011

  32. You have the key to the lock that’s on my heart. The seal was never broken until you came along and set my love free. I want to hold you in my arms and keep you safe, and lock you in them like you are the safe. I don’t want anyone else to have you.

    By Courtney URL on 08.05.2011

  33. Lock: Keeping the rest of the world away from something deep to you. Possibly keeping you away from it too. Only for some time though, because as we all know it eventually comes back. Yes, it comes back everytime.

    By Olivia Niles on 08.05.2011

  34. If you want to find the key to my heart, first you need to find the lock within my soul.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.05.2011

  35. the door, or maybe lock the dresser because your favorite picture or diary of a kid is in there or lock the closet because you jst pushed you

    By lex on 08.05.2011

  36. Lock.
    I feel locked in this cage. This cell. Unable to come out and actually face every single problem. My feelings? All locked in this stupid cage. I’ve never actually let out any feelings. Maybe some insights. But never any real feelings. I’m such an emotional wreck…

    By Michelle URL on 08.05.2011

  37. I need a lock for my bedroom door, and maybe even one for my bathroom door. I need a lock so I can have some privacy, and feel safe to be alone in my own room when I feel like it. I want to be alone sometimes, this is not easy with three children.

    By Brenda URL on 08.05.2011

  38. Lock and key. Key and lock. How many times do I lock myself up? I’m always misunderstood by a lot of people and I wish I can show them that I’m not what I seem. Is it difficult to show my true self? Is it difficult to just be myself? I just wish people can see the real me and not have to use a key to unlock.

    By Nika URL on 08.05.2011

  39. My heart is locked up. .I am shutting out the world. I used to trust everyone, wanted to please everyone, wanted to give every single bit of myself to every other being other than myself. Not anymore. I am living for me. I have to pull myself out of this hole and the only way to do it is by my own bootstraps.

    By BRRC URL on 08.05.2011

  40. They ran over to the car, bullets zipping by at distances too close for comfort, and pulled the handles.

    The car was locked.

    “Why did you lock the car?” Boye shouted.

    “In case someone tried to steal our car.”


    By Carson on 08.05.2011