January 8th, 2012 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “lilies”

  1. lilies are flowers I am not familiar with. still: I do like them. I love them. if I knew them, I’d be crazy about them. lilies. It’s all I ever wanted, it’s all I will ever need. by the way: my wife’s called: lilly.

    By max on 01.09.2012

  2. lillies are so pretty. they are white. my mom loves lillies but, my sister is allergic. So no more lillies. Goodbye Lillies!

    By Bridges645 URL on 01.09.2012

  3. Lillies are so pretty there like the meaning of summer in y heart I love Lillies

    By lexie12 URL on 01.09.2012

  4. Lillies are beautiful flowers. They just bring happiness and love into the world. Lillies should be grown everywhere to spread there joy to the whole world

    By alliekaley URL on 01.09.2012

  5. Tiger lillies are my favorite flower… i love the orange ones.. they are also my moms favorite flower. They are beautiful!:)

    By kymay URL on 01.09.2012

  6. lilies are cool flowers they are bueitiful

    By ryuzaki URL on 01.09.2012

  7. lillies are beautiful flowers. lillies are found everywere in the world. the color of lilliies are orange. the lillies in the vally is a movie.

    By heaf13 URL on 01.09.2012

  8. lillies is a type of flower.I have never seen a lillie in real life. I hear lillies are really pretty.

    By loulou88888 URL on 01.09.2012

  9. lllies are supper pretty I like lillies lillies are flowers

    By Amaryllis URL on 01.09.2012

  10. lillies are one of my favorite flowers. my grandma has a garden full of them. they are beautiful.

    By las13 URL on 01.09.2012

  11. i like the flowers, lillies. they are really

    By rainbow URL on 01.09.2012

  12. i love flowers in the field in front of my house. Lillies are the most beauiful flowers ever. I like the also Ice cream with my lilles

    By Lonnie URL on 01.09.2012

  13. lilies remind me of the time i was at a small pond with my entire family…. those days were happy and we had fun picking the lilies and feeding ducks. it was a spectacular view of a waterfall and frogs were jumping everywhere.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 01.09.2012

  14. lillies are very pretty flowers. they come in lots of different types. i think that the purple lillies are the prettiest types of lillies. they are very nice smelling. i enjoy them a lot.

    By mak!:) URL on 01.09.2012

  15. The lillies in the meadow along the river bank were so precious and beautiful in the light of the sunrise. The photographer could not resist taking a photo. He set up his camera on his tripod very carefully. Then when he went click, a fox jumped out at his tripod and knocked it over, sending him, his camera and tripod in the dirt and weeds.

    By j.renee on 01.09.2012

  16. word. That’s my favourite flour. My spelling has never been that impeccable, but my grammar and orthography tend to be good enough… I hope! Either way I enjoy just sitting in the springtime, watching frogs leap off my atari.

    By Dovikles URL on 01.09.2012

  17. When she was young she would stop and smell the flowers. How beautifully fragrant each them was. So unique. A reason to linger. But then her world was turned upside down. Then it was shook violently. Then it was kicked around like a ball. Then loving hands picked it up, brushed off the dirt and set it on a sturdy shelf. She stops to smell the flowers, still today, but now they only remind her of funerals.

    By under that tree URL on 01.09.2012

  18. flowers and shampoo

    By melisa turgut on 01.09.2012

  19. Lillies will always remind me of church. I don’t go to church, haven’t since the pastor told me I couldn’t wear pants to church. I don’t like dresses and so I didn’t go back to church. I think that pastor had his head up his ass. God doesn’t see what you’re wearing, right?

    By Cheri URL on 01.09.2012

  20. Within a field of overly grown weeds, scrapping high above the knees of tall men, men who work through the day bent over in back pain from the kneeling of placing their hands in the soil, men who scrape and pull against weeds that soil the crops of their fields, always been their field, never been the county’s field on those events they snaggle with threats of foreclosures if they can’t, and men who turn back from the end of the day to look over their field, their knees with scratches and see not weeds but imagine fields of flowers or vegetative offspring plush with color, these men thank the Lord on their knees and the pain of the spine is released.

    By DMM on 01.09.2012

  21. My friend Michelle was the first I knew, to do it, carry calla lillies down the aisle at her wedding. She was also the first I knew to incorporate another color (gold) as a main part of her wedding dress. A gold-ish champagne sash around her waist that, in some of the pictures, made you do a double take because at first glance it looked as though she was wearing a two piece wedding dress.

    By Rebecca URL on 01.09.2012

  22. dsfadsfsafds

    By Julia URL on 01.09.2012

  23. she
    loved the
    she said.
    the bouquet’s
    every line.
    the fragrance.
    the lil’ card that
    came along with it.
    she smiled.
    And hugged.
    Until he left.
    Because little did he know
    her favorite flowers are actually
    gerber daisies.

    By NuSol URL on 01.09.2012

  24. they are my flowers. i like them. even though the smell is not the best. i especially like the white ones. they are supposed to bring me luck and happiness according to some horoscope .
    i like them. no one ever gave them to me though

    By Valeriya on 01.09.2012

    Напишите своју причу о добром дрвету или дечаку.

    By Славица on 01.09.2012

  26. Just yesterday, or so it seems … We walked hand in hand through the field. It was just like in the movies. Lillies and daffodils all around us. It was intoxicating. Then, it was gone. She said we were done, and there was no going back. I still have the memories, no matter how bittersweet.

    By Dayle URL on 01.09.2012

  27. stable horses drawing their manes
    like self-taught artists
    melting the pastel filaments
    through flaming oil,
    the fingers between such hairline spaces
    is a vinyl cord of spinaltap fluidity
    and the reflection of their
    feral pupils, wet with running
    leaks in and out of coloured fibre.

    By Hannah Wells URL on 01.09.2012

  28. dd

    By Mac URL on 01.09.2012

  29. “You are a set apart white lily. Focus on your Prince, let Him be your lover.” These words never get old for me, these words make me feel so beautiful.

    By laughalot on 01.09.2012

  30. she picked the lillies
    stuck them in her hair
    and danced about
    in the golden sunshine
    the warm, fragrant air
    circled her
    intoxicated her
    as she reveled in this place
    in peace and love and freedom
    she knew that this
    was where her soul
    had been living

    By karmachik URL on 01.09.2012

  31. L;i;;ies are whiyr

    By Sally on 01.09.2012

  32. The young lady cupped the lillie in her hand admiring the slender petals striped with orange and yellow. ‘How beautiful’ she thought.

    By Smile your alive! on 01.09.2012

  33. Lillies are a type of flower. They can be named Lillies of the valley. Lilly Can be a name too.

    By sue URL on 01.09.2012

  34. Lillies are flowers. There can be water lillies or Lillies of the Valley. Lilly can be a name too. One of my favourite L names is Lilly.

    By sue URL on 01.09.2012

  35. Lillies in the field.

    By Pamela Porter on 01.09.2012

  36. Lillies

    tend to be nice people.
    Have you every met an awful Lily?
    My grandmother’s name was Lillian
    she had white hair, she had
    a beautiful smile

    By Leana URL on 01.09.2012

  37. purple plant flower double “L”‘s a girls name Lilly of the valley song, White lillies for easter, long petals and long thin leaves, tiger lillies, given at funerals,

    By Shudson on 01.09.2012

  38. Lilly of the valley, Jesus
    Thank you for the valley i walked through today, thankyou for sunshine and rain. Thank you for every storm I’ve surfed, thank for the morning dew… Thank you for the valley i walked through today.

    By Shudson on 01.09.2012

  39. the first time we met,
    you saw me watching you
    pick flowers
    and you told me that
    lillies were your favourite
    and then
    you stuck them in
    your golden hair and danced
    circles around a
    captivated me.

    By Iffath URL on 01.09.2012

  40. I like lilies, especially calla lillies. They remind me of the chinese saying, ” If you have but two coins, buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other.”

    By Charles on 01.09.2012