January 19th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “liberty”

  1. freedom, the statue of liberty. four fathers. present from the french.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 01.20.2012

  2. liberty is another word for free . it means that your free to do wat you want.

    By dj URL on 01.20.2012

  3. liberty is our freedoms and our rights

    By Amaryllis URL on 01.20.2012

  4. i hire liberty i think of the stach u of liberty

    By cougar7 URL on 01.20.2012

  5. the statue if liberty represents the unitef states. we all want liberty. liberty should be the name of a cereal box. have u ever wondered how much liberty u have? i am not quite sure what liberty is so i am kind of putting random sentences.

    By heaf13 URL on 01.20.2012

  6. With liberty and justice for all. Simple words that mean so much for one and all in the U.S.

    By Bridges645 URL on 01.20.2012

  7. Liberty is a strong word that means a lot in our country….Liberty is a word that means freedom. the statue of LIBERTY stands for our freedom as americans. Liberty is one of the many words that make up our country….

    By mak!:) URL on 01.20.2012

  8. I think liberty is to be free or to have rights where we can do what we want and choose what we want. Liberty is freedom and to have rights and you should be proud to live in this free country.

    By Mario URL on 01.20.2012

  9. Liberty is a word that maens freedome and equal rights for all.

    By butter URL on 01.20.2012

  10. liberty means to have the right to do something. what does liberty mean to you.

    By cougars8 URL on 01.20.2012

  11. you hire liberty you can woch liberty.liberty is justies.

    By cougars34 URL on 01.20.2012

  12. liberty is what makes us… us. america is full of liberty as paul revere stated “Give me liberty or give me death!” it puts a lot of thought on the subject of freedom. we are such a strong country as long as we keep our very hard earned liberty. with out liberty we are nothing we couldn’t ever accomplish anything or make our dreams come true. so whatever happens in your life remember that you have liberty others do not and it makes us the amazing country we are. :)

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 01.20.2012

  13. Liberty is a big word with a big meaning for our country and for our little corner of the world. Our country has much liberty and pride. As americas are free to do whatever we want as long as it is not agaist the laws. But our country has much liberty or in other words has freedom and pride in our country!

    By kymay URL on 01.20.2012

  14. i think liberty means freedom, im not sure. if liberty does mean freedom then im glad we have liberty.

    By rainbow URL on 01.20.2012

  15. liberty is a big word to our country we live from liberty.

    By ryuzaki URL on 01.20.2012

  16. liberty means that you are free and that you are proud of your country. Liberty should remind you of freedom. What dose liberty remind you of?

    By baseball12 URL on 01.20.2012

  17. Liberty means freedom.

    By zach URL on 01.20.2012

  18. I think liberty means freedom but i am not sure

    By Ivy URL on 01.20.2012

  19. liberty and justice for all. the words of our founding fathers still ring true today. with these words we gained freedom. with these words we gained hope. liberty and justice. let freedom ring!

    By Laura S. on 01.20.2012

  20. There’s something wrong with today’s version of “liberty.” I think the word used to mean the freedom to do as you wished, so long as you didn’t bring harm to others. Now, I think it means something alon the lines of the ability for the government to do as they wish, so long as you don’t know about it. Freedom’s such a catch phrase these days, and the sad thing is, I sucuumb to that definition daily.

    By sariaru URL on 01.20.2012

  21. For me, liberty means freedom. Freedom lessens with each law that is passed, so more government means less freedom. Vote for Ron Paul!

    By Kim URL on 01.20.2012

  22. independence

    By salman on 01.20.2012

  23. oh and you think this is funny. we get pushed back in habitually by everyone else. push back leave them. pushback and go away. i don’t want to see you anymore, anyway.

    By gionna URL on 01.20.2012

  24. complete

    By Eliza URL on 01.20.2012

  25. “Life, Liberty, and the…” “Shit, what was the rest of it?” He continued to slur and prattle on around this statement, that somehow this founding fathers statement made it OK for his drunken behavior. He was on the floor now with a beer staining his ratty t-shirt, the bar stool tipping/leaning against his head, his eyelids fluttered and he struggled to remain awake.

    By manwhoknew on 01.20.2012

  26. Trying out this website – exhibiting my liberty through my flexibility to create instruction in order to stimulate lifelong learners.

    By Katie on 01.20.2012

  27. Freiheit – groß, unheimlich, erstrebenswert? Frei, zu tun, was ich will, frei von Bindungen, Sicherheiten, Beziehungen? Freiheit – Lebensressource, aber nur in streng limitierter Dosis :)
    Und die Freiheit, aufzuhören, bevor die Zeit um ist :)

    By Ella on 01.20.2012

  28. Liberty, I watched you drift away.
    I watched as we shut you down and I did nothing.
    Because it was then that I realized I couldn’t.

    By Cecil on 01.20.2012

  29. Unto death,
    delivered from evil
    not free this freedom
    some prices are too high
    unpaid, these debts

    By Tom URL on 01.20.2012

  30. I have the liberty to express myself in any damn way I want to and I won’t let some white sneakered junkie change that attitude when I sit his ass on the ground.

    By DMM on 01.20.2012

  31. liberty is something that we all have to fight for and all deserve. at times the govt tries to take away our liberties but the people will fight back and we will be victorious. we cant just sit by and allow our liberties to be taken away, we must fight vigilantly every day for it.

    By sscanlon on 01.20.2012

  32. Mr. Li Bert was born of two names and two races. His Li came from Asia and his Bert from England. He called Moscow home, as a sort of compromise between the opposing geographical interests. And, of course, in that antipodal contradiction of names came a unity; LiBerty.

    By Cyrus Willoughby URL on 01.20.2012

  33. “Give me Liberty or give me death!” was always the cliched saying. I rather prefer life though. While you’re alive you can always continue fighting for liberty. In death, well you can’t do much of anything then. Which is why I’m running right now, from those guys with the guns.

    By S.K. Kramer URL on 01.20.2012

  34. If i was to go to a third world country-i would choose one that has no liberty. you see, we as the american population take advantage of the liberty we are given. “freedom” “FUCK YEA AMERICA!” we’re always chanting and pro america-when in reality, america is just as fucked up as–a third world country with no liberty. not the country as a whole, of course; i’m simply talking about the people as individuals. rape, murder-kill, kill, kill. me? personally, i’m against politics. its just another way to ruin the day. i know my time is up, dammit-i fucking know. let me speak-let me think. thank you. all who died to give us freedom and liberty and allowing us to have things like this silly website to speak and think freely. don’t judge-i appreciate it. just think before-please.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 01.20.2012

  35. This is still the word from yesterday. They need to change these at regular times. Like at 9 am every day. So if you do it at the same time everyday, you will alway have a new word.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 01.20.2012

  36. I have the liberty to remain right here and go to sleep.

    By just582 URL on 01.20.2012

  37. There should be a movie about how one man looked at another man and they both existed in this world, in such-and-such a time, doing such-and-such a thing while breathing such-and-such’s air– and there won’t be any consequences for living. Yeah, there should be a country song about simple existence and naked living.

    By N.J. URL on 01.20.2012

  38. “Give me liberty or give me death”

    Is a great saying. But do want death if we don’t have liberty? Of course!!!! Liberty is amazing and great so yes, give me liberty or give me death

    By Twerewolf URL on 01.20.2012

  39. Liberty – to be at liberty to write, to explore, to create. To not be limited by a daily grind and the demands of an uncreative world. Liberty to be myself in my way, in my space, on my pages. Liberty to follow my imagination wherever it takes me and then report back to any who will listen.

    By Denise Golinowski on 01.20.2012

  40. I’m not at liberty to say, she replied. That information is private and I’m known to have a reputation for discretion. I couldn’t sell my products to the rich and famous if I blabbed about it to the world.

    By Cheri URL on 01.20.2012