January 19th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “liberty”

  1. liberty is NOT censorship of the internet. the end. I love You Tube.

    By Tylisha Washington URL on 01.19.2012

  2. with liberty and justice for all the statue of liberty liberty is every where in america

    By briley URL on 01.19.2012

  3. liberty is important to our country.It gave us the Staute of Liberty.

    By jalizah URL on 01.19.2012

  4. Liberty is important to our country. It gave us the Statue of Liberty which was a gift from the French.

    By jasminemelissa URL on 01.19.2012

  5. the statue of liberty is in new york on an island off the coast
    liberty is a good word for describing America
    black people didnt have liberty when they first came here

    By BrokenForeverShatteredRippedAndGone URL on 01.19.2012

  6. I learned about liberty in soical studies.

    By turttles URL on 01.19.2012

  7. when i think of the word liberty i think of the statue lol and i know a lot of people probably put that

    By hailey URL on 01.19.2012

  8. when i think of liberty i think of the statue of liberty and like a whole bunch of history about our rights and stuff like that and a whole bunch of people that were involved in getting us rights and ya..

    By sarah URL on 01.19.2012

  9. liberty is when u can be free and have freebom to speack in public and say what u feel like saying

    By Dianna0531 URL on 01.19.2012

  10. The sun rises every day what is to love,
    lock the sun in a box ,
    and force it to overcome adversity in order to rise,
    then I will cheer.
    I will often admire a beautiful senset but,
    will never consider the sun a champion for having risen.
    Our liberty is much like a sun. It rises every day but is sometimes challenged by dark clouds, but yet the sun still peeks thruogh. Even though the liberty is blocked that does not mean it is gone.

    By Kaitlyn Anderson on 01.19.2012

  11. Something that is forever part of are country, something kinda like pride. Example: I will have liberty. People have built statues that represent liberty “The Statue of Liberty”. When i think of liberty I think of home and safety.

    By Jamie URL on 01.19.2012

  12. Her eyes took in the nothingness of everything. Names can always lie, look at her. The faces of her friends-how did that happen-didnt know yet. and she wasnt going to tell them

    By - on 01.19.2012

  13. She needed to break away, to get her liberty back from him. She knew it was never going to go anywhere. Years wasted, an entire youth plundered away on hope and possibilities. But what one needs and what one wants are two very different things.

    By Trista URL on 01.19.2012

  14. Liberty is NOT censorship of the internet. The end. I love You Tube.

    By Ty Washington URL on 01.19.2012

  15. This is a test to see if I can use this for teaching.

    By eef URL on 01.19.2012

  16. Freiheit, was ist das eigentlich? Ist das einfach nur, alles machen zu können, was ich will? Und wenn ich gar nicht weiß, was ich will? Ja, da sind all diese gigantisch schönen Landschaften. Da ist das Meer, von dem ich einmal im Leben ganz umgeben sein will (und gleichzeitig habe ich so große Angst davor). Da ist das fliegen, oben, getragen vom Wind. Und die Angst zu fallen. Die Hoffnung, das große Glück zu erleben. Und die Angst, dabei verrückt zu werden.

    By Eli URL on 01.19.2012

  17. liberty is a lady. death comes second to her. she’s a statue, but I’m not sure people take her seriously.

    By ahamoments URL on 01.19.2012

  18. Liberty tasted sweet. Much sweeter than I had imagined it would. When you think of being free for as long as I have you imagine all you would do, all you would say and feel. And when I was finally free, all I could was stand. Stand still and breathe.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.19.2012

  19. God has come and He will bring liberty and justice. every prison door will be opened.

    By laughalot on 01.19.2012

  20. He could see the statue of liberty from the Newark airport. He hoped he truly did land in the land of opportunity

    By Karen URL on 01.19.2012

  21. Liberty cannot be defined by a statue, however tall.
    Liberty cannot be defined by a flag, however proud.
    Liberty cannot be defined by laws or a single person.
    Liberty is defined by people- a country made of freedom.

    By Jocelyn URL on 01.19.2012

  22. Liberty, library, open to all ideas, freedoms
    Literary happiness, book covers open.

    By rael17 URL on 01.19.2012

  23. freedom. worth fighting for. a right to everyone. males. history. wars. revolutions
    . getting lier

    By Linnea on 01.19.2012

  24. the bell and the space and nicholas cage and movies and that time you hung up the white tablecloth so that we could snuggle in the dark. has it become so drenched, this word, with patriotism that I cannot disassociate it any more from the american flag? Dangerous and unbelievably good… give me the liberty to read and experience life to its fullest.

    By Ylan on 01.19.2012

  25. Find the peace that remains in following rules. Through rules we gain freedom. We do not limit ourselves, but rather unlock our full potential. Keeping the commandments provides a pathway to becoming like God. Disobeying the commandments, we forfeit our liberty and surrender ourselves to everlasting misery.

    By Emily on 01.19.2012

  26. we made by god have the liberty to be whoever we want to be who cares if someone judges you be yourself define yourself be yourself everyone was made unique so they shouldn’t die a copy be who you are meant to be that is you liberty to be who you are not what others want
    so live life to the fullest with no care be free

    By taylorp URL on 01.19.2012

  27. Liberty frowned, letting her hand skim over the surface of her desk musingly. It wasn’t fair. She was smarter than they thought she was, braver than all of them, and much more determined about their cause. She should be their leader, not Leopold or Scor or anyone else. She was a warrior for liberty, for justice, and for peace.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 01.19.2012

  28. Liberty

    “And to the republic, for Richard Stands…”

    Someone should name their kid that :)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 01.19.2012

  29. Liberty. Freedom. Life. The US. Life is so nice here. My first month has been so amazing, I can’t even explain it. I met a guy, and he is also great! Then, I bought a house, and I am planning on being a citzen.

    By NCISaddict98 URL on 01.19.2012

  30. This makes me think of the statue of liberty, first and foremost. Second, it also reminds of my government class, and how we have been covering the scope of American government, the Constitution, and various things/people involved in politics.

    By Emilia URL on 01.19.2012

  31. I’ve had “God Bless America” stuck in my head all day. It’s driving me mental. Mostly because I’ve been starting to over think it. So, I live in America, but I don’t believe in God. Now I’ve heard many things, but is this song assuming everyone believes or they should be “blessed” regardless?

    By Lor-n URL on 01.19.2012

  32. Can it be done now-a-days?

    By Hannah URL on 01.19.2012

  33. “Liberty” can you hear me it’s freedom……. Liberty?? Are you there it’s Freedom!!! Houston do you copy!!! Hello is anyone there!!!!

    By Jamie on 01.19.2012

  34. I am nothing more then me,
    nothing more then who I am
    and what Ive been
    and what Ill always be.

    You are nothing more then you,
    Nothing more then what you say,
    how you act,
    the things you do.

    Together there is we,
    acting, being, doing, seeing.
    A togetherness or oneness,
    can’t you see?

    The freedom of decisions,
    A choice that is our own,
    Liberty to make a right,
    or perhaps to make a wrong.

    Tender indecisions make me
    laugh, so nervous.
    You and I together,
    make my hopes ambitious.

    This is what my life is,
    Words that dont make sense.
    I know but one thing truly,
    My love indeed; intense.

    By Lili on 01.19.2012

  35. Dark and damp
    the smell of antiquated novels and encyclopidias.
    i would get lost in this world if I could
    jump in a book and live a life other than my own.
    Id experience so much more than I could ever dream.
    I wish I could jump in and quit.

    By KLB on 01.19.2012

  36. let freedom ring!
    let me run across fields of amber grains with my star-spangled banner
    let me stand on the street corner that says ‘i am the 1%’
    let me read what i want to read
    let the only censorship be what i won’t let my children read until they are older.
    let me bear arms and worship my God
    and live without fear that you will steal my liberty

    By nenana URL on 01.19.2012

  37. Liberty gives us freedom, freedom of choice, to do what we like with our lives, in a society full of rules and expectations and stupid bogged down shit, liberty is like the hope on the horizon, ever expanding, ever learning, ever growing, complete freedom from anyone’s expectations but your own.

    By Catherine on 01.19.2012

  38. Give me liberty or give me death…Shout like a Patriot. Like it still means something to you. Put being who you are aside, and I’ll put myself away, and let’s think about WE. Let’s think about who WE are and who WE will be and what WE can do. Because who I am won’t matter if you can’t be you. And if I can’t be me you are nothing.

    By Victoria URL on 01.19.2012

  39. Oh liberty where have you been? We need you now more then ever. What are we to do when it’s time to do what needs to be done? Liberty, Liberty, where are you?

    By teeda URL on 01.19.2012

  40. Liberty? Ugh. Color me uninspired.

    By Catherine URL on 01.19.2012