April 15th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “leverage”

  1. “We’ve got just the right amount of leverage. Now is the perfect time to act!” Enjolras said.

    Combeferre refused to be moved, meeting Enjolras’s hard blue gaze calmly. “There are too few of us. It’s too dangerous. If you care about the safety of –”

    “Of course I care about everyone’s safety,” Enjolras spat, irritably shaking his hands through his hair. “But if we don’t do this now it’ll be /years/ before –”

    “Then put it to a vote. Talk it over with everyone at the same time,” Combeferre cut across, never raising his voice. “It’s their lives. Let them decide what’s more important to them.” His gaze obtained a gravity that forced Enjolras to drop his. “Be the kind of leader you wish our king was.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.15.2013

  2. When everything seems to be going great and all of the world is in place it doesn’t seems to matter that you needed something to get where you’re at. Sometimes one word can help you realize the thing you had. Leverage.

    By parker on 04.15.2013

  3. Today I overheard Bekah saying that she was insecure so I thought this would be some good leverage if I wanted her to keep quiet about my secret. I went to talk to her about this and it actually ended up working! So now my secret is forever safe.

    By Gabriella Marrufo URL on 04.15.2013

  4. I don’t know what this is
    And neither do you
    I might look at google
    and in a dictionary too

    Eventhough I love english
    and it’s not my first language
    who cares if I know it?
    It doesn’t make me anymore empty

    By Jade on 04.15.2013

  5. You hold everything in the palm of you’re hand, and you don’t even realize the power you posses. You are a selfish creature, playing the strings of others harts.

    By Alicia on 04.15.2013

  6. just give me some leverage,
    cut me some slack.
    I don’t know how you could squeeze anymore out of me than what I’m already giving.
    Other than my soul, the one thing I won’t surrender.

    By Audrey URL on 04.15.2013

  7. Leverage is a very difficult thing to find when you find yourself making a mistake. It’s hard to forgive your self for whatever wrong you might have committed. As time goes on we need to learn it’s ok to screw up as long as we learn. If we don’t learn then there’s no point in screwing up.

    By Michelle URL on 04.15.2013

  8. She couldn’t quite get the leverage she needed to lift the fallen door. The tree branch was not long enough, or she wasn’t strong enough. Either way, she would have to go for help and leave him there. There was no other way. Unless, she thought. Unless I talk to her. Maybe she’ll understand this time?

    By AndriaR on 04.15.2013

  9. Leverage is the term given to a lever as it grows older, or ‘ages’. Old levers can prove to be rusty, squeaky, or just plain unusable, so this is a very important term in the engineering industry.

    By Billy on 04.15.2013

  10. Leverage. Borrow. lend.
    This is hard. What am I doing?
    I should be studying.

    By Ash on 04.15.2013

  11. If I could leverage anything it would be the cash to save our farm from the near end that meets us today. It is hard to watch all that you love getting away from you.

    By M. R. on 04.15.2013

  12. the odd thing about thinking is the leverage. suddenly, your head full of nothingness is worth more than that of moth smoke. the bracelets jingle, and the little girl screams out for you to stop because the noise hurts her. she hears flowers whisper and die quietly on midsummer’s eve and she flies among the nightmen from samarkand.

    By zahra syed URL on 04.15.2013

  13. “Whatever it is, it should help you to get some leverage over him.” She stared me straight in the eye. “Got it?”
    I nodded, glancing away. Everything in my appearance was the picture of compliance. But inside, I was seething. What right did she have to determine people’s lives?

    By LILYhibiku URL on 04.15.2013

  14. It’s great to have over people and animals. You can make them do anything you want. This includes getting help to get the beers out of the fridge or painiting your wall.

    By DJ on 04.15.2013

  15. Leverage
    What people use to give themselves the upper hand.
    Watch out,
    For you are their ladder to the top
    Don’t give them the satisfaction of using you
    As a rung.

    By Kate URL on 04.15.2013

  16. “every time you are angry, write a love poem.”
    once i honked at a car
    who cut off mine & scared me

    the man got back into the other lane
    rolled down his window, shouted, ‘i’m sorry’

    i felt so terrible
    most people are basically good
    (but it’s such an easy thing to forget
    these days)

    By robyn URL on 04.15.2013

  17. Taffy McSnarkerson had a great deal of leverage with the Mayors of Windywald and the Governor of New Arkansassippi. And he barely even moved a muscle for it. He just wormed his way out of his bed and eeled his way into his chair, punched in a few numbers, and got the many corporate tycoons to grovel at his feet. Was it his charming good looks? His soothing voice? His influence? Or his cold, dead eyes?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.15.2013

  18. Hello mundo, muy pronto nos veremos.
    Brayan Cruces.

    By Brayan Cruces on 04.15.2013

  19. It’s not fair that any one person should have such an advantage over the other.
    ‘Leverage’ he calls it.
    I call it blackmail.
    He holds it over my head, near the tip of my nose like a carrot.
    I remember a song lyric from my youth, a distant memory of Bono hissing, “Gimme what I want, and no one gets hurt.”
    Except in this situation, either way I get hurt.
    The question is who I take along with me.

    By Kshemani URL on 04.15.2013

  20. She could have used him. He could have given her the leverage that she needed to win the people over, to start her reign as Empress. She would have used him, he was practically asking for it, with his big eyes and easy smile.

    She could have turned him into her weapon… except for the way that his hair curled and the way that his smile made her heart flutter.

    By Joy on 04.15.2013

  21. To properly blackmail, you need leverage. You need knowledge you shouldn’t have, and the threat of using it in a way you shouldn’t. And you need a backup, because no one believes you capable, until you do it.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.15.2013

  22. I took the hand of the girl and escorted her out of the crowd. Camera flashes blinded us as we moved toward the bright light at the exit. It was three o’clock in the afternoon and the world was ending.

    By Ryan Draft. URL on 04.15.2013

  23. “Umbra!” she shouted. Her eyes darted back and forth, left and right, scanning the debris for a sign of him—any sign.

    Panic was setting in. She felt her legs go weak and before she knew it, she was falling.

    But a sturdy arm stopped her—caught her. It was him. She hung on to him for leverage, her long hair matted against her face by sweat.

    By Tes on 04.15.2013

  24. Leverage makes me think of our arguments – of the way you stand at the other end of the room and curve your back over, protecting your thoughts from me. Leverage as I burn my tongue on a cup of coffee and yet my words are undeterred.

    By Karla Gomez on 04.15.2013

  25. What past was my reluctant present was nothing but life I’m stuck with nothing but at last I’m balanced with a leverage that any captain would commend I reap you

    By disclosed URL on 04.15.2013

  26. She holds the gun up against my head. “You see this right here?” she says, voice shaking. “This is the only leverage you’re going to get.” The cold of the metal presses against my temple and I realize that I’m shaking too. “You’re going to back away,” she commands. “You’re going to do what I say or he goes down before you can even make a sound. Is that understood?”

    By Jasmine URL on 04.15.2013

  27. He held a gun to the woman. She smiled and slowly dropped the bullets that were in her hand. They clinked as they touched the cold metal floor and sent a shiver down his spine… The gun had suddenly become heavier.

    By Herringbone URL on 04.15.2013

  28. Leverage is what you give me. When I need help I know that when I turn around, I will always see you there waiting to lend a helping hand. You’ve been there for me ever since I was born, a babe in arms up until the teenager I have become. I love you Daddy.

    By Em on 04.15.2013

  29. it can be looked at as “lever” and “age” the coming of a new age of consciousness pivoted upward and ascended through beings of higher consciousness, the physics theory of quickening applies as beings emitting higher frequencies of energy eventually raise the frequency levels of those among them.

    By legzdem on 04.15.2013

  30. Weak – to have leverage would be to acknowledge the fact that you have power over another person in a situation where you are dictating the majority of rules, to need further help is just weak.

    By levi on 04.15.2013

  31. I roared across at Judith; ” We should use the lamp post to gain some leverage, it is the only way to get the wall off Gerry!” “No, that would be interfering with the accident scene! We should leave it this way until the police get here!” – she was obviously distraught. “I vote for moving the wall!” murmured Gerry from under the rubble.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.15.2013

  32. twist that lever a little to the right and you will find that it is stuck. What a situation, due to the fact that this lever is the most important. It controls the laws of friction, and one of the laws which oxidizes metal. All these things don’t seem important until you try and ride your bike after a long winter.

    By Flam Whommle URL on 04.15.2013

  33. She traded her ability to write for a good night’s sleep
    Chose not to feel over the potential to weep
    Thoughts smothered and buried in the back of her mind
    Her eyes saw the world, but her heart became blind.

    By Carly URL on 04.15.2013

  34. i want leverage over you
    because that would make me seem important
    and i’m a little dead inside
    not “killing myself” dead
    but just dead enough to need constant reassurance
    that my life’s worth living
    so give me something, anything
    i’ll take “my boss yelled at me today”
    or “i didn’t have a girlfriend in high school”
    just a little crumb of your misery
    to make me feel better about mine.

    By Matty M. on 04.15.2013

  35. One can use leverage for a lot of different thing. Leeverage can be used to get a very Heavy object moved to a different place. One can use leverage to get something they want from somebody. Leverage can also be used for things lthat arent black mail.

    By Brendan Olson on 04.15.2013

  36. seek support where there is not, we must help

    By Cardona on 04.15.2013

  37. I can leverage my sobriety into the life I want to live, just for today, one day at a time. I leverage my clear mind and strong finances to life my dreams. I am very grateful for the lever.

    By charlie URL on 04.15.2013

  38. I glared at the machine I was working at, cursing and muttering underneath my breath.

    I paused and wiped some sweat from my brow, looking up and glaring at the super intendant. He smirked back and gave me a mocking salute.

    I continued working. Because while they had her, they had leverage over me.

    By Rio URL on 04.15.2013

  39. She stopped, gasped, and let the wooden chest slide from her fingers. “Not… enough leverage…” she choked out.
    “It’s okay.” I tried sound soothing; if I showed her my panic, there was no way we’d make it out of here alive. “Maybe there’s another way?”

    By WearyWater URL on 04.15.2013

  40. leverage is a good and bad thing, depending on how you use it. But one you think about it..isn’t everything the same? Anything can be good or bad, depending on how you use it. So dose that mean that nothing is either good or bad? Are our actions like that too..? Or am i just digging too deep into this leverage thing…?

    By Bobbi B URL on 04.15.2013