November 15th, 2011 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “left”

  1. When she left it was quiet. It happened in the middle of the night. She just packed her bags and and slipped out the back door as if she was never there at all. She had been wanting to leave her whole life. When the time came she felt a sense freedom like a caged bird being released.

    By Brittface URL on 11.15.2011

  2. Left is one of the sides i use.

    By ....hahaha on 11.15.2011

  3. “Turn left. No, right.” The tires screech. The motorcycle goes off balance. It comes crashing down into the soft, shifty sand. I have a mouthful of dirt, but I’m all in one piece, thank God. My husband stands and quickly brushes off the sand. He then reaches down and picks the motorcycle up…and leaves me on the ground eating dirt.

    By knighttime on 11.15.2011

  4. Why go right when you can go left? Left is always left out, ahahaha no pun intended. Most people are right handed, barely left handed and everyone’s sad when they get left behind or when someone left them.

    By somethingreallysilly URL on 11.15.2011

  5. Politics used to be the most interesting thing in the world to me. I’d stay up all night reading theories and blogs, arguing on message boards, Facebook, etc. And then, I sort of realized just how out of tune politics were with the actual world.

    By Michael Garrity on 11.15.2011

  6. left of centre is where I stand politically. orange is my favourite colour, too. once, officials were organized from right to left depending on their stand on a topic. my ancestors were the drinking buddies of famous canadians, but who knows who they’d support today.

    By an octopus URL on 11.15.2011

  7. I was left sitting there, my hands in his fur, with a sense of gratitude. It was annoying, having them so worried, but it also wasn’t. I had been afraid I would take this badly, and they had been ready to see me through it. Annoying, yes, but it was an annoyance I was glad for.

    By Amai on 11.15.2011

  8. I left. Just abandoned all the things I had ever wanted and went back to comfort. It called to me and told me that I could resolve all my problems there.

    By travelingalisssa URL on 11.15.2011

  9. left wuz wat we called her, she wood mysteriously disappear, but she ran to her left and hid and…well….left….

    By Rosie URL on 11.15.2011

  10. He left.
    Just disappeared. One day he was here, the next he wasn’t.
    There wasn’t anything there, nothing left behind, no note, no explanation, he just left.
    His last words to me… “I’m sorry. I can’t do this. You can’t replace her. I can’t keep doing this. I’m sorry”
    Alone, but I can’t help but wonder, Sorry for what?

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.15.2011

  11. left in the dust
    back where you were standing
    alone with your thoughts
    some pain and lack of comprehending
    how you allowed yourself
    to open up again
    and why you think you and him
    could ever just be friends
    maybe he’s a dick
    and he treats you like crap
    there’s something that his touch
    does to make you melt
    and every time you see him
    it’s like a swift kick to your stomach
    and you hide without your pride
    because you’ll always fucking love him

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 11.15.2011

  12. there he was standing my left in a pale blue suit. and there’s Jake standing at my right in jeans and a plain T-shirt his curly brown hair in his face. i wanted to cry. i loved both so deeply but it was a choice. perfection vs. passion. left vs. right. :'(

    By Jillian on 11.15.2011

  13. This girl always gets me. She’s beautiful, smart, captivating. Benevolent, sensitive, human.

    But I always see her back.

    To me, its seems that she can’t seem to slow down and turn around once, to look at me in the face. Three years of love, and she’s never going to return any of it.

    To me, she was the library, to her, I’m a sentence in the chapter of her high school life.

    I always see her back because she’s always running from me. I’m always left in the dust.

    By mistershin URL on 11.15.2011

  14. He kept telling me to turn left. Turn left! But the more he shouted, the more confused I got. Which way is left? What is right? What is wrong? Is right wrong? Is up down?? How will I ever make my way through this world if he keeps shouting in my ear and telling me what to do?

    By Jessica Frampton URL on 11.15.2011

  15. What is left of me? I can feel nothing. No one can see me. No one can hear me. I have forgotten what happened earlier…what happened? I look down at my hands and don’t see them. Then, suddenly, a brilliant light appeared. I looked at the light to see a holy man appear before me. “Come with me, child. You will be safe now.” He smiled with the purest smile.

    By Brianna on 11.15.2011

  16. left is the opposite of right . when your not right i guess your left . So im left all the time , cause i fuck shit up daily , and not in a good way ! i mess every little thing up that i do , im ALWAYS left . Never right . But i guess when you cant be right , your left .

    By tara on 11.15.2011

  17. the world would be a better place if they just left….disappeared, fell of the face of the earth never to be seen or heard from again. the children would thrive. they might be missed for an instance but nothing that they will leave behind, not even the word “mother”, is so special that it can not be rebuilt in spades.

    By More Everything URL on 11.15.2011

  18. You left August 18th.

    I had to let you leave my house, knowing that once you let go of my hand, you would no longer be mine.

    I had to watch you get in your car and leave, knowing you were driving off to bigger and better things.

    I had to live with the thought of you moving on while I stayed behind.

    When you left, you took a part of me with you. A part of me I don’t think I’ll ever get back.

    By Audrey URL on 11.15.2011

  19. I felt left out of musical chairs when I was little. I remember the terrifying plunge of my heart when there were no more chairs left, and in my tiny desperate mind, I felt betrayed. Like when there’s no one to sit with at lunch, and you have to eat your canned fruit salad and chicken patty off of the speckled bathroom tile tray alone. Or when you’re the last one picked to be on a team. And then sometimes you crave being left alone, and playing with rocks and dirt and singing to yourself is a whole lot better than not being picked.

    By mere URL on 11.15.2011

  20. Then one day he was gone . he left . he left me with the memories , the pain , the heartbreak and betrayal . he left it all with me . Why couldnt he take all that shit with him ? how come i have to be the one to cry myself to sleep every night with your memory ? our memory ?

    By tara on 11.15.2011

  21. The man turned left. Although, maybe he should have gone right. The man likes to do right. Right is what he does, it’s his profession even. But sometimes he goes out of his way to help others and just gets left behind. So he turned left, just to know what it feels like…

    By hudacheck on 11.15.2011

  22. hi
    i’m not sure whats going on here.
    love love love it.

    love me

    By j on 11.15.2011

  23. she left him, he left her the whole world seemed to be following this tragic little thing. it’s stupid to say at least, but whatever. it’s not her fault that he left her there, it’s not her fault that he left her. she threw the hairdryer and he left like that. but she left him not he left her, maybe it’s the other way around, maybe she just screwed up and he left her.

    maybe it’s just the other left.

    By Alissa on 11.15.2011

  24. Take away what’s right, and what’s left? What’s left isn’t always right. Two lefts don’t make a right.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 11.15.2011

  25. Where do you go? To the right, where nothing’s left? Or to the left, where nothing is right? I would rather turn to the right because since nothing is left, I could make something of my own that everyone could be attracted to. Then, the right will have something wonderful and whatever is on the left will be all wrong.

    By Diana Yakubova on 11.15.2011

  26. all i have left are memories.
    all i have left are flashbacks.
    all i have left are good times i wish i still had.
    all i have left are bad times i wish i could go back and change.
    all i want left are your arms holding me.
    all i want left are your lips pressed against mine.
    all i want left is you.
    all i want left is us.

    By sabrina nicole URL on 11.15.2011

  27. Behind I stand and watch others go; why is it that I’m not moving? Am I slow or is everybody else simply too fast? Left to eat the dust. Left to push on forward.

    By Michelle Chen URL on 11.15.2011

  28. did you leave something behind? when did u leave this place? left is the opposite of right, there fore is the same as wrong, thus left is wrong and right is correct. where does going left lead us to?

    By jay on 11.15.2011

  29. he left, she left bla bla bla…
    We heard it all before, well in this story they both stay just to say that they were stronger than the weakest.

    By Tina URL on 11.15.2011

  30. s(he) left
    those rites of passages
    by the mail box
    for the mail man
    to pick it up
    and leave it for
    some other fellow
    who believed
    in all of it’s
    paper sail boat

    By Phil on 11.15.2011

  31. I left the station. I left you behind, standing there on the platform as the train pulled away, and I’m pretty sure I left you waving after me, but that could have been someone else in a red scarf and a blue fleece jacket. I’m sure there’s someone else who looks like you who might have been crying – possibly – as I pulled away, because I’m pretty sure my leaving wouldn’t have caused you to break down that totally. Although maybe it did, and if it did, I’m sorry; I didn’t want to leave… I just needed to.

    By Lancir URL on 11.15.2011

  32. The left one just wouldn’t fit. No matter how many times she struggled to get it on it refused to continue past her toes. ‘It doesn’t make sense!’ Maria thought to herself, ‘I’ve lost weight so how can my left foot only have gained more?!’

    Almost sobbing in frustration as she again tempted to shod the stubborn shoe, she noticed a shop assistant walking towards her.

    “Excuse me ma’m,” the assisant said, “but you’re trying on the display shoes which are two different sizes. Here’s the match to the size you need.”

    By Veekz URL on 11.15.2011

  33. I couldn’t bring myself to ask you to stay, and you couldn’t bring yourself to ask me to go with you… Before we knew it, you left and now I’m all alone.

    By Chele URL on 11.15.2011

  34. he left. without another word. just like that. he walked out of my life forever-and it was all my fault. Oh, how i wish i could rewind time and start over. It hurts to much to watch you go. I cant, my chest in constricted with pain as i saw you just go, and leave me behind.

    By Em URL on 11.15.2011

  35. when i shut the door behind him it finally clicked that he had left for the last time. it’ a weird feeling, knowing when an something will be a last.

    By t URL on 11.15.2011

  36. To the left were pigeons. To the right, foxes. And all around me, the sound of horns and baying. I strode to the podium with an axe in my hand. It was spray-painted gold. I spoke in a Nordic tongue I didn’t recognize. The foxes yelped. The pigeons did not pay attention. And when I was finished, a fireball struck my throat and rendered me mute while all the world crumbled around my tennis shoe-clad feet.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.15.2011

  37. Turn left to find a road leading to a mountain top hill. The air is refreshing, soft breeze touches both my cheeks causing it to glow pink. I love the greenery, it gives me calmness and space to think.

    By prrudy on 11.15.2011

  38. To my left, there was darkness. To my right as well, but the darkness to my left was particularly fascinating. It was emitting the darkness, rather than just containing it, and there was almost a sort of luminosity about it. It was indeed a strange phenomenon.

    By Rainbow URL on 11.15.2011

  39. Turning to the left, I saw the square box that had heretofore obscured my vision. My left eye could not see that which threatened my life. “Lean into the left,” I shouted.

    By Paul German on 11.15.2011

  40. I am the last one standing in the schoolyard, left behind, uncollected. You are not here to remind me that I am safe and loved. You have left me behind, like some kind of trash or revolting rat.
    Then I spot you, over the hill. Race towards you.
    I haven’t been left. I am safe.

    By Jocelyn URL on 11.15.2011