November 22nd, 2012 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “late”

  1. Be late.

    I dare you to be late. Late for your wedding. Late for your wife. Late for your birthday. Late for your death. We are early too often and too much. Be late, even for this entr

    By charbronte URL on 11.23.2012

  2. I was late to school yesterday and it got me four hours of detention.. My therapy? Drawing, gossip girl, my puppies, food. Sounds good to me. I’ve been late too many times in my life, it never ends up well, actually disastrous if I might say… This needs to stop.

    By mikileeb URL on 11.23.2012

  3. Its never to do the right thing.

    By krista on 11.23.2012

  4. I always worry about a late period. I’m on the pill so even being a day late is pretty scary. I wouldn’t know what to do if my period came more than a day late. i’d be so afraid of going

    By Michelle on 11.23.2012

  5. It was late. I don’t know why I did that again. Maybe because of him. He’s always like that. Last time I was late for train when we were in Madrid. God, that was a good time.

    By offrampq on 11.23.2012

  6. It’s always extremly late before I can go to bed. It’s a curse that’s been with me all my life, but it hasn’t negatively affected me until recently. Now, because I can’t sleep until I’m exhausted, I end up sleeping all day. I don’t know what to do about it. I feel trapped.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 11.23.2012

  7. I am too late. Life has already passed me by. I just caught the tip of its tail swishing past. Soon it had disappeared and I was left alone in the bare desolate land. I am trying to find a short cut, to catch up with life. May be some time somewhere ahead, I might. If not all this would have been just a terrible waste.

    By Shail URL on 11.23.2012

  8. late im late im late. how hrd is it not to allowow oneself to think when confromted wit this dred word. lis how it starts. For some reas i picture a path along a river. I feel that path beneath my bare feet. why did my mind take this turn. i fear that when i ask questions i goota be thinking. I confess that it is impossible to write without thinking so I try and try again.

    By jack blake URL on 11.23.2012

  9. I waited too long. I kept putting it off. I thought I would do it another time….it would be easier to just leave it until later. Next weekend, I told myself. I built myself up for it but always let myself down. I waited. I put it off. I left it till next time. I was too late.

    By tilda on 11.23.2012

  10. late im late im late. how hrd is it not to allowow oneself to think when confromted wit this dred word. lis how it starts. For some reas i picture a path along a river. I feel that path beneath my bare feet. why did my mind take this turn. i fear that when i ask questions i goota be thinking. I confess that it is impossible to write without thinking so I try and try again. then we are not supposed to try. oh Lawdy i give up.

    By jack blake URL on 11.23.2012

  11. Ghosts….Thats all that seems real. Its late. Everyones gone home…Even I have seem to gone somewhere. Seems its too late for anything its too late to come home its too late to start over cuz im just a ghost…haunting…trying to be real….but it all seems to late…

    By cinnamon on 11.23.2012

  12. It rhymes with Kate; something I’ve never liked to be associated with. You wouldn’t believe the juvenile jokes that have come about from this one little word, it piques an interest that I’ve seen times before.

    By kate on 11.23.2012

  13. he’s always late when he goes out. i never understood why, but every night the answer is the same. i used to think it was my fault. that he was tired of me. but he kept coming back. i’d hear the rumble of his dirt bike by the window, and hasten to pretend i was asleep.

    By lia on 11.23.2012

  14. time passes by, i didn’t go to the meeting, i didn’t have a chance to tell her how i feel, i just wanted to sleep more, you did not come to dinner last night

    By Mira on 11.23.2012

  15. I thought that I was late for the interview for the job that I had apply for, at the hotel. However I was inform the I was an hour early and that I would have to wait until my name was call. This made me angry, for I had hurried home and nearly got into an accident on the way, all for nothing.

    By victor URL on 11.23.2012

  16. A person who is not in time
    The contrary of punctuality
    You don’t have time anymore

    By Giusi on 11.23.2012

  17. They were late to the tea party because that had woken up late which brought them to the salon later than they had planned so they had to wait. They contacted the others as soon as they could to inform them they would be a bit late. The others complained loudly but agreed to wait for the pair.

    By Matty URL on 11.23.2012

  18. Well I’m always late.
    Can’t help it darling.
    Sometimes I wake up and the world is fast asleep, but I drift away again and wake up and the sun is shining and I’m late again.

    By Suze Linnet on 11.23.2012

  19. I am late very often. I can never seem to leave the house early enough to arrive at my destination in a timely manner. Late is my middle name. People invite me places early in hopes I’ll be on time. :)

    By Kelsey Jones on 11.23.2012

  20. oh my goodness I am late for work. This always happens to me. Why? I love sleep too much yes, that is it. I love sleep! Now this is why I am late. Being late is an interesting concept. you look at life and people always have to put a time on things this is a world where people have to be certain places at certain times. This takes away from the concept of just living life going day to day without making out your day. Imagine a day where you wake up and have absolutely nothing planned out. You don’t have to go to work and be there at a certain time. You are given a day just to live. What would you do? Most people would be lazy, but is this a result of being so exhausted from our busy schedules. So the next day you have to just live take advantage of it.

    By Ashley Prescott on 11.23.2012

  21. I will be late to go to the school, now

    By Icecreamlover on 11.23.2012

  22. i’m so late in my art work i need to finish it. gustave is talking to me, i’m not fast enoughhhh i need to show hagar how to do this hmm the time is slowly finishing, and i’m no good in english ! aaah how did i find this ! i like stumbling, late is the word
    the word is “late”.. humm idk does it make me think of something ? i’m always thinking too much :p

    By Haguer on 11.23.2012

  23. Late ? Is that the word ? hmm well late is what i am. right now. in a plenty of things: ex: school word, art work, letter reply…

    I’m late because.. hmm why am i always late ? i think it’s because of procrastination. Yes right, i procrastinate too much, this needs to stop.

    By Haguer on 11.23.2012

  24. not being at the exact time in the right place. not keeping promise. such a bad thing, isn’t it? and also bad feeling. rush rush rush,

    By Mshn on 11.23.2012

  25. late last night I awoke, again. This time with hope for tomorrow instead of constant dread. When the word “resolve” came to the front of my brain my eyelids closed for much needed sleep.

    By True Leigh on 11.23.2012

  26. Late. Easy. That’s an easy one. I’ve got loads of ideas, loads of stories, loads of examples. I know exactly the story to tell, though there are so many to choose from, and exactly the words to describe it. And you’ll love it, too, I know you will. It’s just the best story, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sympathise. I know how to tug at the heart strings, I’m kind of an expert (if I do say so myself).
    Right, I suppose I ought to get cracking.

    Oh, too late.

    By Barber URL on 11.23.2012

  27. You know it’s not that late yet. We can still reconcile and patch things up together AGAIN but you seem like you’re not interested at all. You owe me and you know that! I’ve done my part. Tried to please you. Tried to talk to you. Told you about stuffs concerning what happened but it’s just not working. Good luck then

    By Alyssa Marie Ysabel Y.A. URL on 11.23.2012

  28. I don’t like being late. If I think I am going to be late then I will power walk until it is assured that I will not be. This doesn’t make sense to anyone in my life because I am from Vermont, so people assume I have a laid back disposition. But that isn’t the case. I even powerwalk in Vermont, pushing over tall grass and trees to assure that I am not late.

    By Rae on 11.23.2012

  29. “I’m gonna be late!” I thought, while rushing around the house and searched for my phone and car keys while hopping on one leg to pull on my boots. When I finally spotted my phone and keys, I quickly grabbed them and made a dash for the door.

    By Sofie Kestelyn URL on 11.23.2012

  30. This turned up in my inbox about 43 hours after I was expecting anything along the lines of what I had hoped for 44 hours preceding. Everything that I had waited for you to say, for quite some time, was neatly, almost poetically (the most poetically you could say it at least), transcribed for me. It’s too bad, I’ve closed the till, this ATM ain’t working no more, there’s nothing left to give you.

    By Rosebud on 11.23.2012

  31. The rabbit checked his clock incessantly. There was really no reason to do so since the clock itself seemed to spin forward and backwards at it’s own will, almost more a compass than any general well-to-do watch I know. Well here we are at least. There’s some time left yet, I think. But I guess I better check.

    By Laetitia on 11.23.2012

  32. As she rushed forwards, she wept. Streaks of tears rolled down her eyes and she made no effort to wipe them…she just wanted to keep going. Time was running out…

    By komal URL on 11.23.2012

  33. Being late has pretty much become a socially accepted norm. The word punctuality has been deleted form everyone’s day to day life now. Its infuriating and frustrating as people who dont respect their own time do not realize the importance of others’ as well. Nations who lag behind are the ones who dont realize the importance and essence of time.

    By Sana Farzand URL on 11.23.2012

  34. You know, I used to get up before dawn to see the sunrise and feel the way the wet and glistening grass was to the touch of my feet. That, and there was always an episode of Beast Wars on and my brother also loved playing Legos in the morning. Somewhere along the lines of life I stopped doing that. Now it takes me roughly 40 minutes’ worth of alarms, a strong coffee, make that two, a general good staring into space for as much time as I am able to, a good breakfast, a warm shower – some more staring into space; to wake up. I must be getting old, but I’m not really, only twenty for now. I dread the days of being seventy, and how long it will then take me to be awake, if I ever will be. Perhaps even earlier, I dread the days of being forty when I sleep through the day, late again, in my mind the kaleidoscopes silenced by the heavy thud of regularity, reason, rigidness. My debts finally paid off to society perhaps at fifty (did I ever owe them anything?) and then the dawning realisation that it’s too late. The pursuit of happiness something I will teach my children perhaps, once I send them off to school and guide them in all the ways that I used to be guided, half-guaranteeing them the same ‘success’ I’ve had. Perhaps I won’t have children. Perhaps I will wake up today with a broad grinning face, the only alarm clock the chirping of a nearby bird (okay, given I live in a big city so perhaps the honking of a car is more realistic).

    By Laetitia on 11.23.2012

  35. I don’t know why i slept in… Last night was crazy. On my calender i can see the red circle on todays date with the number 900 on it… CRAP.. Im running late. I quickly jump up and my head hurts. I have the biggest hangover since the new years party 12 years ago. All i remember is making out with a dozen hot guys. I throw on whatever is in my reach, snag a granola bar and run out of the house, I hop into my car and speed all the way to Starbucks. I see him through the glass and he has flowers. He has his back to the window and I honestly pondered if maybe i should just leave and say i forgot about the appointment. Maybe I should call him and say that I’m sick and can’t make it… My groggy voice would sound pretty convinceble right now.
    Better late then never.

    By Carolina on 11.23.2012

  36. what is one who takes knowledge transfer known as?

    By stephy on 11.23.2012

  37. i hope you aren’t late today. the minutes feel like hours and
    my blood pumps like syrup
    i want this so badly, i could kill for it
    kill i might but all i’m trying to say is
    please be early.

    By Julia URL on 11.23.2012

  38. Late, people are always late. Late in seeing what a point in life is, until one day they wake up and realize that there’s nothing more for them. They realize they’ve waited to long to make a choice. Simply they’re late.

    By Kayla on 11.23.2012

  39. it was never in his mind in the first place. that is why he forgot. that is why he was late. he sighed as he took off his glasses. things are sometimes a bit more complicated than it already is. still, he can never turn back the time. as the cliche goes, it is better late than never.

    By qie URL on 11.23.2012

  40. It was late at night when I came back home. The lights were off so I assumed that my parents are already asleep. But there was a great suprise waiting for me when I entered the living room. Lights went on and my entire family yelled: Happy Birthday!

    By Amina on 11.23.2012