March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. La lanterne éclaire dans la nuit. Une lueur ambrée dans la mort qui coule sur tous. Dans cette épaisse mélasse, ce rayon perçe. Les hommes s’y rendent, mais tout n’est qu’illusion. Point de salvation. Il faut que le symbole existe, même s’il n’est que mensonge, car au moins l’espoir demeure.

    By plqc URL on 03.01.2012

  2. I watched it float above my head. I prison of light made of something as simple as paper. Its candle heart flickered in the wind protected by its flimsy skin. It floated to far and out of my sight.

    By Holly Jongeling on 03.01.2012

  3. I threw the lantern down ad it exploded. Large flames lept from the remains of the lantern and

    By jamesbitticks URL on 03.01.2012

  4. A story about a lantern. The moon and her lantern. And her holly bush. And her dog. A story turned into a silly mockery of itself by a bumbling buffoon and his troop of actors. A dramatic tragedy becomes a hilarious tragedy. An improvement.

    By Jessica on 03.01.2012

  5. Sometimes you see lanterns in the distance as a sign of hope. There can be gas lanterns and candle lanterns. Nano Nagle has a lantern it is the Star of the sea logo. Lantern rhymes with patterns, well not really it sort of looks like lanterns.

    By a on 03.01.2012

  6. Lanterns… reminds me of light. a dim light. like walking on an empty street at night after it has rained, a beautiful clear night, with a full moon. i see myself walking, maybe with a backpack and books in my hand. maybe with an umbrella. perhaps with the man of my dreams. i hope its the last one…..

    By Naija Jones on 03.01.2012

  7. the lanten was bright, but not bring enough. Being drunk to the point of bad vision in any case, he stumbled in and out of darkness circling the post with one arm around it like a man in love with it. I tried not to laugh, but found it impossible….when he heard this he stopped to look (or at least try his best) at me.

    By claire on 03.01.2012

  8. Lanterns remind me of camping. My youth in the backyard of my house, freezing my ass off with my friends in a poorly made taint. Only we would be stupid enough to pitch a tent on a hill.

    By Andrew Rivera URL on 03.01.2012

  9. After seeing the sky lanterns, the word has a whole new meaning for me. Fireballs floating through the air. Majestic and haunting in their weird, unnatural, beautiful way.

    By Ashley on 03.01.2012

  10. The foul smell fell over the woods and the cabin was silent. I had heard that noise again. The noise that has been bothering. I grabbed a lantern and stepped outside. Then she screamed.

    By T. Shafer URL on 03.01.2012

  11. The paper bag lanterns line the walkway to the beach and it reminds me of a movie, of a summer’s evening with the wind blowing and clothes discarded by skinny dippers and light kisses on the porch late at night, but it’s not like that, it’s not perfect. Some of the candles have gone out, and that’s really inevitable, isn’t it? We’re just perpetuating something that’s going to fall apart eventually, you and I. Maybe tomorrow or maybe next week or maybe a year from now, a big gust of wind is going to come along and it’s going to be strong enough to knock us off our course…

    By Natasha URL on 03.01.2012

  12. There was a light amidst this fog, I couldn’t make out a source. Only a faraway hope. I extended my arm to reach it, as I was struck from behind by a cold disillusion.

    By Ruben URL on 03.01.2012

  13. The green lantern is a movie and a superhero. Jack o lanterns are for halloween. There are lanterns in video games when it’s dark and you need to see. Lantern kind of sounds like intern in an odd way.

    By Acela URL on 03.01.2012

  14. japanese, orange and white. summer. candle light. breezes and cicada bugs. floating on a stream for the ancestors. lighting your way in a cave.

    By Karen on 03.01.2012

  15. Often I’ll think of myself as a series of books; section Me off into novels. I’m surprised that most are cared for, not only by others but by myself- shocked, even. They are worlds that we slip away into without looking back. They are loved.

    Others I imagine abandoned in an old and decaying part of my mind. Sitting, waiting. (Everyone hides things)

    I’d like to, maybe, some time, eventually, return to that place where they are kept. Blow the dust off their covers and read them from front to back. But to tell the truth- it’s dark in there, and I don’t have a lantern to guide my way.

    By ~T/H/V~ URL on 03.01.2012

  16. providing light to those who need it giving shadow to those who want concelement. a glow in the darkness and a darkness provided by the contrast of light to dark. hung or held the light is there and is a force of nature.

    By mia on 03.01.2012

  17. The lantern cafe. A cafe we have in school. They don’t make the best drinks. but like, when you try one, you’ll like it. but they get old very fast. they charge a shit load for whip cream. we’re college kids, we dont just have a bunch of extra money laying around. its annoying. the UC already rapes us of any extra monies as it is. it’s fucked up. i just don’t really know.

    By rebecca on 03.01.2012

  18. he made the night a little lighter wherever he would go the tools in the night are brighter than the light the shovels of men’s backs are train wrecks in the dark a silent spooking of leaves crackling and all the rain that call the world home.

    By Jennifer on 03.01.2012

  19. it was bright and beautiful like daylight without the sun on a dewy Sunday in which graves glistened and the world turned red burning up into a ball of paper wrapped tightly together.

    By Lydia Jacobsen on 03.01.2012

  20. Faith is the lantern that guides us through darkness towards an enlightened life

    By lucringcring URL on 03.01.2012

  21. The lantern shed light into the snow covered street and the flakes glistened magically. It was the kind of night that starts a fairy tale or a romance novel but that is not the reality of this tale. Rather, the focus is a lone figure, huddled in the snow, clad in blankets and shrouded in sadness, held hostage by the demons of addiction.

    By Cass on 03.01.2012

  22. The night sky was quickly turning a dusty blue. She looked up to see the halo of light surrounding her. The black cast iron lamp post rose above her, like a tower of defense. The light rained down like a shower upon her.

    By Alonna on 03.01.2012

  23. glow old luminous oil illuminate fulfill tin lamp creaky smoke

    By hello on 03.01.2012

  24. a light. a beautiful, cylindrical light. it illuminates the clear, mystical lake water under the night sky. there are no clouds. it is a clear night. the hand holding the lantern shakes; it blows out. darkness.

    By Stephanie Conte on 03.01.2012

  25. He lit the lantern by the door. It didn’t help much, but it helped a little. Any little bit of light that we could get wasn’t something I should complain about I guess. This was the third night in a row. The days weren’t so bad. Sunny. Dry. But the nights. The sounds that came from out there. We needed all the light we could get.

    By S.K. Kramer URL on 03.01.2012

  26. I watched quietly as the lantern floated away among the lily pads that night. It was tradition to send a lantern into the river as a symbol of giving light into a dark world, a goal that everyone should have that wants to make a difference.

    By Kaylen on 03.01.2012

  27. It glowed softly under the moonlight, casting a stretching reflection over the still waters. It’s light was slowly fading, leading to an insurmountable darkness that would only envelope, not destroy.

    By Lauren on 03.01.2012

  28. i know a lot of lanterns. i need a new lightbulb and i dont now why i dont tell my mom. its like im lazy or i dont want her hlp but its annoying cuz i have to use my big light. laterns also remind me of the camping trip which was really fun but also made me change my perspective on a boy…in a bad way. but i think it was good because now i can see things differnt. maybe thats something i can talk to my theripist about , but also i dunno that could be awkard….i just dont know the limits with my psychologist and i know she cant tell anybody but still i feel like it would be so awkward but at this point ive experiecned pretty awk experiences with adults (my mom) and im worried about my dad too! how did lantern get me to this haha

    By nina on 03.01.2012

  29. The lantern blew out in the midst of the storm. Of course it was not like her to ever have a replacement around. She scurried through the mess on her desk, if only she had cleaned that instead of being interrupted by the man who had suddenly appeared behind her. He was all she could think about these days.

    By jacqueline gray on 03.01.2012

  30. pizza is the best when the peperoni are almost burnt but truly cooked to a perfect dome .lights are purposless if there is no pizza in the room. get real AAAmerica.

    By ben on 03.01.2012

  31. I found an amazing lantern at the store. It was beautiful. It had a very complex pattern all around it. It was purple and blue and green. It had glass windows all around it.

    By Nikki on 03.01.2012

  32. i grew up in germany. and one of my favorite memories was dec 6. st nicklas day. all the kids would dress up all nice and we would make there adorable lanterns with little lights inside and parade around our small town behind the “saint” on his horse. <3

    By Deja on 03.01.2012

  33. My light is faltering. Or I thought it was this morning. Getting fired will do that to you. Getting fired when you’re broke will blow it out even further. But then I got the kerosene and realized that it was up to me to illuminate my world again. It’s up to me to make it real. And I think I’m ready for it this time. I truly am.

    By Trey URL on 03.01.2012

  34. light
    old ages

    By manu on 03.01.2012

  35. Glowing, glowing, glowing stronger than ever. This lantern is our only power source and we have to protect it forever. Once that light flickers out the nightmares will take over.

    By Jessica Ridgway on 03.01.2012

  36. the lantern hung limply in his hand as he tread through the darkness that was now his new world. its light was dim, weak, but he clung to it as a lifeline. it was his guide, his grace, his hope. it was his faith that he had been so long without but so desperately sought after. he only wished it hadn’t taken damnation for him to finally find it.

    By Rachel URL on 03.01.2012

  37. Lanterns never tip without being pushed. Otherwise their light just keeps burning. No wonder they line the streets to keep us steady. Hold us up in their steady, flickering flame.

    By Christopher Robin URL on 03.01.2012

  38. there is a lantern sitting against the wall, it is unlit. I find a match in my pocket, but no box with the rough texture to light it with. I instead strike it against the ground, but it turns out that the room was filled with gas, and there was a large fireball. I made it out only through the grace of nylon windbreakers and work out sweat.

    By Kristofer Keegan on 03.01.2012

  39. The lantern burned hot in the nighttime. It’s glow was almost ethereal, illuminating the woodsy downtown area of the city. She thought it gave her a certain mysterious appeal, and she carried it with pride. Everyone stared. It was perfect, if only her sleeve weren’t on fire.

    By shannon on 03.01.2012

  40. A “lantern’ used to brighten my night. Flickering flame to illuminate light

    By Razkul URL on 03.01.2012