March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. the lantern was attached to a leprechaun who was from mulberrry hill. He had a severe drinking problem that was brought on by years of physical and mental abusive from equally as drunk father who was ashamed of his son because of his inability to produce a pot of gold on the end of a rainbow.

    By Seth Abrahm on 03.02.2012

  2. Lanterns can be dull,
    lanterns can be bright,
    Lanterns help you see the way when it is dark at night.
    People can be strong,
    people can be weak,
    People make the world a bright and colorful place when they speak.
    Nature can be kind,
    nature can be cruel,
    Nature is what people change so that we can rule.
    Life can be short,
    like can be long,
    Life can be a wonderful thing so don’t use it wrong.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 03.02.2012

  3. lanterns give light. But lanterns do not give me light. He does. Right now, I feel like I am living in the dark. There may be a lantern lying around that I can use but I just see it not. For he is there not. Lanterns are not the ones that guide. People and your minds do.

    By Anon on 03.02.2012

  4. The lantern was turned on and shining bright in the darkness of the cave. They could see themselves and the dark shadows on the walls behind and around them. They were scared but stayed together for comfort and security. The echoes were deafening.

    By j.renee on 03.02.2012

  5. chinese lanterns. pouring through the sky. over the sea. deep and shiny like a mirror. time to go far away. lighting the way along your path. exploring. Happy. Meeting new people. lighting you up.

    By moola on 03.02.2012

  6. I use a lantern to go in the barn. I need to check on the cows and pigs. They may need to be feed and I will need to put more in there feeding troughs. If I don’t need to feed them I will go riding on my horse. This is what I love to do in my free time and no, I don’t live on a ranch because horses aren’t on ranches they are also on farms. Sometimes it is easier to use horses to check the pastures instead of using a vehicle and wasting gas. I don’t care if people think that they know about farms because this is all about a lantern. The lantern is run by a battery and I don’t have to worry about the flam

    By mary w URL on 03.02.2012

  7. The green lantern. I like lanterns mostly the fire ones because i love fire! :D

    By Noreen on 03.02.2012

  8. lanterns are lit during halloween. lantern reminds me of the name lauren.

    By heaf13 URL on 03.02.2012

  9. A lantern is a light that you can carry around

    By Ivy URL on 03.02.2012

  10. a lantern is a light that you can use anywhere on halloween,when you go camping and when you do any thing also on christmas

    By Bieberlover URL on 03.02.2012

  11. give m the lantern!!!!AHHHH!!!a lantern is a glass container that either holds like a fire type light or just a regular light,SO GIVE ME THE LANTERN!!!!!

    By loulou88888 URL on 03.02.2012

  12. the man drew terrified, he didn’t have a lantern to light his way so now he was stuck. Stuck in the wilderness where you don’t want to be stuck. The man tried putting on a brave face to show courage he did not feel. Then the howl came whispering through the trees to the man’s ears. he was doomed and he knew it, if only he had brought an extra lantern………

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 03.02.2012

  13. a lantern is a light

    By zach URL on 03.02.2012

  14. A lantern is something… (i do not know how to explain it.) lol

    By shayna URL on 03.02.2012

  15. A lantern is a sort of carrying device that holds a candle and it has glass around the outside so it can make the light brighter.

    By Mario URL on 03.02.2012

  16. happy happy day a lantern in the sleigh!

    By ingaolga URL on 03.02.2012

  17. a lantern is a light fuled by fire. They were used in the old days, and for fishing.

    By butter URL on 03.02.2012

  18. a lantern is a light that you can carry around

    By rainbow URL on 03.02.2012

  19. This reminds me of a night in Teacher’s College just before Christmas Break. We came out of class and someone had set up white paper lanterns with candles glowing in them all over campus. It turned a boring University campus into a magical place.

    By kluinstra on 03.02.2012

  20. It hung from the rod near the barn. Outside its circle of light the shadows danced. WIthin the light the moths created their evening ballet. No music, but the lights were bright and the dance elegant.

    By Mary URL on 03.02.2012

  21. For some reason the first thing I remembered after seeing the word lantern on the screen was not light, but Arabs, which somehow reminds of that great book, The Far Pavilions.

    By Sam on 03.02.2012

  22. I got lantern again. This is sad. :( I like lanterns. We used to have a lantern in our house, we used to light it when there was no electricity. But now we have a UPS, so it’s pointless. I miss it.

    By Sam on 03.02.2012

  23. She saw the light far off, like a beacon. I squinted against the fog, unsure if she was telling the truth or spinning one of her lies, again.

    “Surely there can’t be something that bright, that far away from what we know!” I scoffed, but still she plunged on, no doubt promised by the feeling of soft, warm, forever-and-ever light.

    Can I say that I blame her? We had found darkness for so many years. And here we were, at the cusp of everything.



    By haywirehay URL on 03.02.2012

  24. light chinese light lamp glowing floating festival candle glow see

    By danni on 03.02.2012

  25. The lantern was a burst of light in the otherwise darkened world. It was star, a flame.

    By Kitty URL on 03.02.2012

  26. on the lake, they were flowing like little hearts aglow in the dark. you could almost not see the people who gently laid them on the water’s surface, to flow away in peace and grace. there were no people who laid them to the surface. they had landed from the stars and that’s where they were going back to. slowly, gracefully.

    By Dana on 03.02.2012

  27. you use lanterns when you camp, isn’t camping fun? Lanterns provide light, so you can see in the dark. And with that light, you can do anything? Catch fireflies, sing a song. The ideas are endless. The lanterns will brighten the night with the happiness you need to enjoy oneself.

    By elle on 03.02.2012

  28. There is an old lantern that sits next to the fireplace at the beach house. It’s nothing fancy, just cast iron with salt stained glass and a small candle inside. Though it doesn’t look like much, that lantern has been at the beach house for as long as I can remember. It brings a sort of character to that house that I have fallen in love with.

    By Nick on 03.02.2012

  29. lantern,
    you brighten
    my dark sky,
    a blaze through
    the night,
    a star
    that is mine,
    and mine alone
    you are

    you guide
    my way
    from the night
    into the day

    So please don’t
    tell me the secrets
    you keep,
    so I will not wake
    from my silent dream

    By Kitty URL on 03.02.2012

  30. lights, warmth, heat, cold night, camping, scary movies, graveyards, chinese paper, bright, casting shadows,

    By amy on 03.02.2012

  31. She was like a lantern to him. Could light up any dark spot in his life with just a thought. Just the utterance of her name could bring up every memory of her and take his mind off of something bad. She was his light in the dark.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 03.02.2012

  32. the lantern fell on the floor and cracked all the glass that encased it. The girl gasped and was so sad.

    By Lyndsey on 03.02.2012

  33. We have a lantern in the house for whenever the power goes out. It’s mostly used in the basement, ’cause there’s no other source of light down here other than it when the power goes out. It’s really bright, and kinda neat looking. It’s sitting next to me right now because it was storming all of last night. This thing is weird and I don’t understand the point of it.

    By Misery on 03.02.2012

  34. the dark lantern shined brightly in the dark night ann thought to herself ohhh this is a big mistake , kale could see the lantern coming closer and closer he prayed it was the beautiful woman he had left the not for and not someone else coming to decapate him yet again he planed his escape rout throughout the dark forest and across the icy river

    By sinead o callaghan on 03.02.2012

  35. I once held an old lantern at a museum. I couldn’t imagine how it would be to rely on this kind of light all the time. I think of the old man farmer on back to the future in 1955 when Marty crashed the DeLorean into the barn and the lantern only lit up Marty’s space suit frightening them.

    By Brady on 03.02.2012

  36. the dark lantern shined brightly in the dark night ann thought to herself ohhh this is a big mistake , kale could see the lantern coming closer and closer he prayed it was the beautiful woman he had left the not for and not someone else coming to decapate him yet again he planed his escape rout throughout the dark forest and across the icy river and on over the cold mountains to altanta it was a bought journey but it was worth it to get away from the pain and anguish of the last few weeks and it

    By sinead o callaghan on 03.02.2012

  37. a lantern is an object that that you use to be able too see.

    By mak!:) URL on 03.02.2012

  38. An old lantern swung softly, forwards and backwards, ten floors below, tracing out hyperbolic arcs of light on the snow-covered sidewalk. Some old man, walking slowly, still using last century’s mode of lighting. I took off my earphones, put my face against the frosted window, and just watched until he vanished around the street corner.

    By Holden URL on 03.02.2012

  39. I love the look of a lantern lit on my front porch. Summertime brings out these tiny lights that welcome those walking by. We sit visit and fellowship with those who are closest to us. We love the way our front porh glows with lights as the sun goes down and the flickering of the lanters and the laughter of the people. Conversations, tears and open conversation trickle around the flame of the fire. I wait in patients for the warm summer nights of the down time with those I love the most. I love the summertime, weather, smell and even sound of what this season brings to my soul.

    By Crisnole URL on 03.02.2012

  40. Time is never up. You see what people don’t realise is that you can keep writing for ever and ever for as long as you wish and everything else is completely irrelevant. They say you have only 60 seconds but that is a lie. Never trust somebody that you do not know. This, you will live to regret. Lantern was yesterday’s word.

    By Greg on 03.02.2012