February 27th, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “keychain”

  1. Dangling from her fingertips, the round loops of metal jangled as they smacked against the hard wood. They soared from her hand and bounced off of every step with a cold metallic laughter as they slipped away from her, leaving her to get colder and colder as the blood stopped coursing through her veins.

    By garrett-tyler URL on 02.27.2011

  2. The key chain was one half of a tacky silver heart. We had gotten it last year as a joke. Now it served as a painful reminder of our severed relationship. I tossed my half in the garbage can and went about my day. I wonder if he still has his.

    By autumn URL on 02.27.2011

  3. The keychain swung in a constant motion. His eyes were glued to it while she walked. That had to be the only intersting thing about her.

    By CaitieLin on 02.27.2011

  4. As I spin my keychain around my index finger I wonder if I’ll actually have the courage to grab the car key and put it into the ignition.

    By Thia URL on 02.27.2011

  5. round small bells fairies i’m trying lying frying dying in my pocket car crash i’m stuck now

    By Piper URL on 02.27.2011

  6. the key hangs at the end of the chain. Still and uninterrupted. I’m trying to reach, but it’s an awfully long distance away. Too long for my arm. I need unlock whatever this key opens. It’s the only thing I can focus on. This is starting to hurt.

    By Jenraah URL on 02.27.2011

  7. i have a collection of keychains sitting on the bottom of the right side of my closet. it’s a chain of keychains. sometimes when i am travelling to places i feel like i want to but a keychain in the gift shop but i know if i do i won’t have room on my keys to put it there because i have too many keys and it’s annoying. keychains make me feel good and like a little girl again when everything was simple.

    By Erica Podsiadly on 02.27.2011

  8. The jingle, he followed the noise that was tormenting his mind. The jingle of the two keys, wearing themselves down on each other. Casually clipped to her belt loop, his mind couldn’t escape the keys. What did they open; where could they lead him?

    By Brigette Michel URL on 02.27.2011

  9. keychain dangly all over the shiny jingle jingle jingle, jangle jingle, keys, keys to places, mysertious places wonderful places find a path to a new place, unlock this cage the cage of my heart where am I how do I escape, how can I go to a place far away from here so dark so very dark so crampt, let me out, let me out

    By Jacob Crowder on 02.27.2011

  10. Heavy against her chest, the weight cuts at her neck and distorts her stance. There are keys for two cars, two homes, and one suitcase – of which, she uses zero. Neither car is her own nor home is hers to call her own. The suitcase is her singular possession, but the lock broke years ago, leaving the keys on her keychain rather redundant in the present.

    By megtastic URL on 02.27.2011

  11. dangling, pretty, unusual, locks, collections, precious, worthless, memories, important if lost, necessary, small,magical.

    By Rashmila URL on 02.27.2011

  12. long keychains are dumb
    everything is dumb
    why do I think I am so much better than anything I deem “dumb” “stupid” or “unworthy”?
    I have been told too often I am of great worth, and told too often by myself
    but I’ll think I’m just another potato in the bag if I consider and accept that I am worth the same as every one of his ex-girlfriends.

    By Adeona URL on 02.27.2011

  13. Hangs not only keys from my keychain, But I as well. A man with no escape I hung from the sky. The bells above ring for me.

    By Curtis Andersen URL on 02.27.2011

  14. A light breeze whisked across the grass, playing along the wind chimes who sang out like keys jingling on a keychain. Pillowy clouds loomed overhead, drifting gently as they journeyed from some far off bluff.

    By chii URL on 02.27.2011

  15. I lost my keychain when I went to the liquor store. I wasn’t going to rob it, but it seemed like a fun thing to do. Anyway, I dropped my keychain. It had a picture of me on my wedding day wearing a shirt with my last name on the front.

    Now I’m in the lock up and may never get out.

    By Daniel Wilson High URL on 02.27.2011

  16. my key chain is extremely large and heavy, and i fear it will end up damaging the ignition in my car. which sucks and makes me sad. also, sometimes my keys fall off of it and get randomly lost. one time my house keys ended up in my boyfriends aunts driveway after christmas eve, and i couldn’t find them for days. they ended up finding them in the snow and giving them back to me. it was extremely lucky, and i am happy. i thought my father stole them from me, ’cause he’s an ass, and doesn’t want my boyfriend (who actually just proposed to me on xmas eve) and i to live together. he considers it ‘shacking up,’ and that the whole world will know we’re sleeping together. big deal, dad. people live together all the time before they’re married. it isn’t the 1800’s anymore. chill the hell out man.

    By meepmoop. on 02.27.2011

  17. link hot mine lost bottomof the bag yours heavy family

    By Erotic Horizon URL on 02.27.2011

  18. i use a big key chain or else I lose my keys. I love key chains. I almost always buy one when I travel,; fridge magnets and key chains.

    By Nancie URL on 02.27.2011

  19. Hello Kitty. The keychain owed by my best friend who decided she hated me in third grade. One of the longest friendships I’ve ever had,

    By Sarah on 02.27.2011

  20. The keychain was alone, without the key in it. HOW IS IT VALUABLE THEN TO OPEN A LOCKED DOOR? Or to lock an open door? Doesn’t it have a separate existence then?

    By Jina on 02.27.2011

  21. my keychain is my dogs name, tahoe. i got it in lake tahoe with my best friend nikki. Also I have one from san francisco on the best trip i had when i was a senior. keychains are pretty. they hold together necessary thigns you need. it helps me not lose them. makes it easy to find.

    By me on 02.27.2011

  22. I have one. Not really, but I used to. They used to be funny and witty and cute. They used to say things about boys and sex and drugs and things I knew nothing about and I loved them and that was all that mattered. Now I have none. For convenience’s sake. It’s not that I like it, it’s just that it’s convenient. Which isn’t the way that life should be lived. I’m sorry I don’t have more keychains. I really am.

    By Morgan URL on 02.27.2011

  23. The unlocking of situations through greater revelation leads to a chain of opened doors, each quicker and greater than the last. The speed of doors opening faster and faster ever careening to the inevitable conclusion that it doesn’t matter which door you go through, it just matters that you go through the door.

    By daghdha URL on 02.27.2011

  24. The keychain I had his grandfather had given to me. I had to put it away, but its in the box among the other relics of our relationship; It was a house that we never had, a home that I had lost, the family that was no longer mine. His grandfather suffers from dementia, and he always asks about me.

    By Limerent on 02.27.2011

  25. I hate a lot of keys and a lot of key chains. I know they are some inspiring and clever keychains out there but i am not a fan of clutter. Life is cluttered enough emotionally as it is.

    By Horatiolc on 02.27.2011

  26. She was linked to me like a keychain. She was easy to slip on and off, hard to get on the first time, but once you got the hang of it, she stuck. She stuck, hung decorative things around her… and then one day, I realized how she was throwing everything off, so I took her off of the others and discarded her, and all other unnecessary rungs. She was my keychain, a superficial accessory — and I didn’t need her.

    By Airotia URL on 02.27.2011

  27. Yosemite. The World Best Mom. Joshua Tree. I was there, I saw that, you see?

    By Dana on 02.27.2011

  28. How many keychains is too many? Don’t you find it ridiculous when people have more keychains on their designated one chain than actual keys? I mean, come on- that beaded teddy bear won’t open doors for you; your keys will.

    By Sener on 02.27.2011

  29. The keychain sits on her table, dusty, worn, cracked in places, but she wouldn’t give it up for anything.

    It reminds her of a better time, when things were happier, when the gift was sincere, when he was someone she cared about.

    Now it sits in a box of memories, a reminder that love is fragile, a reminder that love is vulnerable, a reminder that sometimes, love is replaceable.

    By Samantha Chong on 02.27.2011

  30. I don’t have many keychains. When I carry my keys, I want them to be as light as possible. Actually my girlfriend just gave me a keychain today. Sounds weird, but it was a little action figure zombie she drew on. Its pretty impressive. I can always remember the old keychains. I remember seeing one that was on the shape of the number on and it was rubber. I think it was a lottery keychain. Its funny seeing people with a ton of keychains on them and only two keys. They make noise which ultimately annoys you. But the keychains are sooooooo cute that you have to show everyone that you love LOVE Hello Kitty.

    I guess I’m done with this word.
    This is quite fun.

    By Nebula URL on 02.27.2011

  31. It was a birthday gift from my dad a few years ago. A silly little trinket he probably picked up from a gift shop somewhere. It had a fish on the end of it, and it was all multicolored. Now’s it’s come to represent more than just a simple gift.

    By Evelyn URL on 02.27.2011

  32. my keychain is very empty cuz dad took my keys away so i don’t even have any keys on it, actually i do, i have a key to my firesafe box on there i hope i don’t lose it cuz thats pretty damn important i mean i’ve got $100 in there already.

    By Jessica on 02.27.2011

  33. keychains. I can never keep them around I use to keep them and would love to collect them. But not anymore. They are a pain in the ass and I always loose them. Lucas Has key chains. He is very attractive. I love him so much. Is it sad that even keychains have a way of making me think of his penis. I love to think about it all day. I LOCE IT!

    By DEBBUE on 02.27.2011

  34. Dangling. Swinging.
    The chink of metal hitting metal.

    By Fion L. URL on 02.27.2011

  35. keychain is a chain that you put your keys on and its pretty cool you can collect other keychain toys and stuff to put with it and express yourself and i like collecting them as a kid now i just have a few that i keep on there so it doesnt get too cluttered up jus the special ones i keep or ones with a good memory and even if i take it off i keep it somewhere anyways im memorable like that and like to keep everything, ill be on horders one day im pretty sure

    By Sarah on 02.28.2011

  36. I love keychains. So useful for putting keys on it. Not just keys, other things too. Like more keychains which look cool. I have a sasquatch keychain right now. It’s soft and furry. I like furry things because they’re soft.

    By Sarah on 02.28.2011

  37. The girl grabbed her keychain as she walked down the road of Hurringham Avenue, she was walking home from high school and was feeling rather nervous to drive her car that was parked at the field at the end of Hurringham Avenue for the second time, today was her first time driving her car, and it was horrifying for her.

    By Mikayla Andrews on 02.28.2011

  38. use any. in fact, i don’t use any keys. i’m re-learni g how to drive, so probably i will own one set of keys finally! but a keychain? no.on’t think i like them. i keep getting them from friends, but they all lie sed in some drawer or the other.smeet is really fond of them. she has all sorts. one set of keys has about 8 keychains attached to it. she’s insane anyway. not to forget, keychains will only make me more confused. so, i’d rather not use any. however, what i’d like to know is, who made them? i mean invented them? and why? what did the first ones look like? if ever i were forced to own one, i think i’d just like a small piece of wood attached to a thread for a keychain. so this means that people have been careless and have been misplacing things for ever. then why blame me? its in the genes!

    By yashu on 02.28.2011

  39. keys are dangling and making lots of noise. the jangling is loud enough to wake a baby who is sleep quietly in a crib in the corner room. a door open and mom checks to see how the baby is doing.

    By rocky on 02.28.2011

  40. what if every key moment of our love can be chained together, does that mean we will never lose it? Or despite its resounding echo, we will still forget?

    By chrystacha URL on 02.28.2011