February 27th, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “keychain”

  1. Keychains are very cool you can stick them on your key rings.

    By Sam tate URL on 02.28.2011

  2. a key chain is a thing to put keys on sometimes they are just decorations people put with their keys my key chain is just a chain attached to a key ring with my key on the end.

    By josh on 02.28.2011

  3. all my keychains are usually broken i can never keep one intact.

    By ruger13 URL on 02.28.2011

  4. I like keychains. They are cool to collect. Thats all I think about keychains.

    By bananaphone URL on 02.28.2011

  5. I do not have one. But i hared they are good. For haveing in your home because they can help you.

    By delgean URL on 02.28.2011

  6. Keychains are what hold things together like rings or keys.

    By Brittany URL on 02.28.2011

  7. The most important key on my keychain is the church key.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 02.28.2011

  8. sobriety. phone booth. red. lost. found.

    By asdf on 02.28.2011

  9. They are good for holding keys. And other things they are good to have around. Your house because you do not lose your keys.

    By delgean URL on 02.28.2011

  10. “I had that one on my keychain”, Bill said. He would be locked out of the one place he needed to be if he couldn’t find his house key. Meanwhile, his wife was nowhere to be found and…

    By David Saleeba URL on 02.28.2011

  11. I don’t have a keychain but if I did it would be one of those springy ones that you hang off your belt

    By throbber URL on 02.28.2011

  12. If alcoholic babies could have driver’s licenses, then there would be tiny beer openers on their key chains.

    By Andrew Rolfsen on 02.28.2011

  13. I fumble with my keys and drop them on the wet ground, trying to hold my bike and the lock — still not fastened — with one hand, as I pick up the keys with the other. My hand slips and the bike lock falls off. The rain starts to pour harder.

    By lynx URL on 02.28.2011

  14. holding objects that open doors to a new abode.
    freeway to happiness.
    dwellings not yet furnished, but soon to be.
    open windows of the uncertainty of life.
    walking through empty rooms with excitement of what is yet to be.
    keychain holding objects that open doors to a new abode.

    By Nubian Spirit on 02.28.2011

  15. I used to collect keychains; they were my form of souvenir from places I visited. Despite that, until college, I had no useful keys or devices to have on a keychain (e.g. swiss army knife, rabbit’s foot, etc.) and I don’t think I ever really took my collected keychains anywhere. I think I lost the collection after moving away from college… maybe some are still in my personal “sweet stuff” box?

    By Dave Guskin URL on 02.28.2011

  16. Her keychain clunked to the floor as she rummaged through her handbag.
    Martin bent down to pick it up when he noticed the extra keyring behind the BMW medal.
    “Where did you get this?” He asked suprised.
    “That old thing?” She smiled.

    By M Daly URL on 02.28.2011

  17. Keychains with lights, keychains with bobbles, keychains that make music, keychains that spell things, keychains with pictures of beaches you’ve never been to on them. Why do we always feel like we need them?

    By MCMorris URL on 02.28.2011

  18. I bought a new keychain when I went to Disney World in September. It’s a Minnie Mouse one. I figure each little ‘Disney’ themed item I carry around could potentially lead to my mentioning that I sell Disney. Oh, what a cute keychain. Oh, thanks. I just love Disney. I love it so much that I even sell Disney vacation packages!

    By Tara URL on 02.28.2011

  19. finding my keychain is easy I just look for winnie the pooh. sometimes i just look for the gold ody on the keychain.

    By Meishia on 02.28.2011

  20. there was this keychaing that was incredible. Every time you jingleed it you could close your eyes make and make a wish. You could wish for anything except for someone to fall in love with you. My wish? An unlimitted credit card!

    By mely on 02.28.2011

  21. I love keychains. They are something I’ve collected over the years. I currently have far too many on my keyring that I use everyday. But they are my favorites.

    By Robbi URL on 02.28.2011

  22. never had any

    By prarts on 02.28.2011

  23. Helps you to refresh the memo about different moments of the life. My own keychain reminds me about sunny days in Turkey. And now every time when I look at it, I smile=)
    So this little things make me really happy=)

    By Julia on 02.28.2011

  24. My keychain is full of keys. Keys to my life, my car, my home. I am full of things to do, places to go, responsibilities that claim my time and energy. Today I wish I could just grab my kids and my keychain and go to the beach. Get away from it all.

    By Michele Moore URL on 02.28.2011

  25. there once was a keychain that loved to hide from their owner. It could never be found and the keychain found it hilarious when the owner was in a frantic. The moral of the story- don’t buy a tricky keychain.

    By katlyn on 02.28.2011

  26. The keychain dropped from her hand with a clatter. Every memory of every place she’d ever been and the ability to go to all the new ones were all there in that cheap accessory. She felt for the blood dripping down her thigh from her stomach and screamed. She no longer needed the keys to go anywhere.

    By Hannah URL on 02.28.2011

  27. i love key chains, they are for easy maintainence of keys and some are really beautiful and decorative even for fashion purpose,,, i want to have as many key chains as possible which ever new place i go i get key chain as remembrance of a specific place. and they can be stored anywhere occupies less space and cheap and affordable.

    By niharika on 02.28.2011

  28. Dangling silver moonlike you hold the opening the closing and the going down of sun and moon fettered to my mind closed contained locked out locked in why have I never spoken of the grass to you? The entrophy of spirit?

    By Diana URL on 02.28.2011

  29. My husband has too many keychains, silly ones, serious ones, ones with children’s creations, ones with simple themes. And we don’t have that many keys!

    By dkwolf URL on 02.28.2011

  30. I lost my keychain, and that started a rollercoaster of event that I may never recover from. Why? You ask. Because it wasn’t just a keychain. It was a mini micro disk that contained the information to destroy the United States of America, and everyone out there wanted to get their hands on it.

    By Linda URL on 02.28.2011

  31. pointy and confusing and putting it in things takes forever – its like a guy! hmmmm and you can never find it in your purse its always mysteriously beneath something just trying not to be found until you have to change the locks and then it pops out and yells “HEY THERE!”

    By Chelsey on 02.28.2011

  32. you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their keychain. Sometimes an entire life story can be found on that one little item…

    By riley1 URL on 02.28.2011

  33. The girl, about 16, sat down in a sparse wooden chair, the only one in her one-room apartment, and pulled a keychain out of her pocked. She flipped through it, the odd jumble of keys to her old house and car and a collection of other junk. Plastic frames of her and her parents, some little tokens from various places, small gifts from her friends, funny reminders. She stood up, opened a window, and threw the keychain out the window. That was her life then. This was her life now. She had to forget and move on.

    By Claire URL on 02.28.2011

  34. i used to collect them. i like my new one form israel from mike. its a hamsah. i used to have happy faces, etc. they were loud in the hallways. i lost my keys that had aephi one.

    By kara on 02.28.2011

  35. usually has a key in it….various shapes…best one i had was with a boat pic in it. had lost one earlier this weekend. i hate the structure of the ring in most key chains.

    By Ayan on 02.28.2011

  36. i have a keychain on my backpack its an ugly doll. its pink. i got it for Christmas this year. and i got a big purple one with big ears. but its not a keychain. i was really scared that someone was going to take it off my backpack during school.

    By aliciaeddy on 02.28.2011

  37. my best friend alicia is also writing about a keychain. i found this link about the coolest keychains ever and one time i bought an i love soccer keychain. i currently have a harry potter one anddd i have a mooing cow one.

    By kelly on 02.28.2011

  38. Well, I am not sure what this word means:D It may be connected with keys,of course, but how?I cannot think of the definition so I have to look it up in the dictionary. It is great as I am going to learn a new word:)

    By klára on 02.28.2011

  39. A metallic triangle. A Pisces symbol. Peace sign. A small cloth strap from Okinawa. A key.

    Symbols hanging from a key ring. All cheap, all seemingly meaningless.

    But they are weighed down with your memories. They are you.

    You told me to let go.

    I will never let go.

    You will keep on dangling, on this little keyring of mine.

    By BatonNoir URL on 02.28.2011

  40. You can put keys on a keychain.

    By Shadow URL on 02.28.2011