February 27th, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “keychain”

  1. The keychain dropped from his pocket as he scaled the foundation wall. He heard it hit the concrete floor of the hollowed out basement. He then looked up at what remained of his truck and decided that he didn’t need the keys anymore. With that, he turned away from the fireballs and began walking. He didn’t have any idea where he was going, only that he was able to go and anywhere was better than where he was now.

    By chole URL on 02.28.2011

  2. The keys jangled as the girl struggled to get her locker open. “Bloody useless thing.” she muttered under her breath as she finally got the rusty lock to pop open. She grabbed her books, slammed her locker shut, and sped away to her next class, all the while playing with the keys in her hand, and fingering the new charm on it.

    By Ady URL on 02.28.2011

  3. A Santa claus keychain in her pencilcase. Why is it even there? It should be on a zipper or a set of keys. All of the zippers/keys she has already have keychains though and she couldn’t bear to throw this away. It reminded her of so much. Of that one day where she was happy. Where she was with her, and nobody else for the majority of the time.

    By Kira URL on 02.28.2011

  4. It rattles in your pocket. There’s a small bear attached to it. A very small bear who seems to be wearing blue pyjamas. Sometimes you call in Kevin. There are seven keys. Your car – a dented red Honda, your mother’s house, your own, the keys to your old apartment, (back and front), a key you can’t remember, and mine. You use my key like a talisman. I’ve seen you touching it. At my funeral, you pressed it so hard into your hand, the imprint stayed for minutes. You could have opened my door with your finger,

    By Jeannie URL on 02.28.2011

  5. Keychain reminds me of overseas trips and gift souvenirs. Whenever someone went somewhere hear, they would inscribe a keychain with names onto give as gifts when they return!

    By Pin xiu URL on 02.28.2011

  6. My keychain has a labyrinth from Grace Cathedral, two keys, one of which I will return in about six weeks, ,my miniature library card, and loyalty cards from a supermarket I never shop at.

    By Nikki Strandskov URL on 02.28.2011

  7. locks. always keeping your belongings secure. locks of love. love chain hearts. machines that whisper tranquility into the sun setting horizon.

    By Erikkk on 02.28.2011

  8. keyring round personalized silver colorful house keys

    By Eimear on 02.28.2011

  9. a silver bottle opener saves the day – 12 pack of beer, the keychain will open them and the party can start

    By somethingmoreexciting on 02.28.2011

  10. keychain is a keyring basically. it heplps in keeping track of your keymaybe
    And i feel there should be something attached to it more like an alarm or some device you can get like caliing you get where it

    By Pria on 02.28.2011

  11. something that reminds me of being 12 and thinking keys are important to me ( to get into my bedroom) , and more importantly they should look pretty.

    By nadia on 02.28.2011

  12. Standing in line at the grocery store. It’s been a long day. I stifle a yawn. It’s then that I see it… dangling from the fat woman’s hand. Her keychain. It swings before my eyes, hypnotically. The logo is unmistakable. And means very little to most anyone. But to me, it brings forth memories of a story we once shared. A story of you and me… in a sweltering shed… melting kisses, frantic hands, declarations of love… completely ignoring the smell of cut grass, metal and fuel… lost together… near a John Deere tractor.

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 02.28.2011

  13. The small key chain dangled in front of the cat as I stood talking to my brother. The cat, being hunter by nature, crouched down as if to attack. A few moments latter there is a tugging on my pants as the cat tries to detach the key chain from my belt loop.

    By Kristin Schulz on 02.28.2011

  14. she never used a key before so I had to show her, she lost it the same day and we had to call a locksmith to break in our house, it was raining the whole day, not funny…
    we use a keychain now.

    By Adida fallen angel URL on 02.28.2011

  15. i like keychains. They hold keys. I have 6 keys on my keychain. It makes lots of noise. I have a black and yellow keychain. I keep it in my purse. There are lots of different kinds of keychains.

    By oaktonhs URL on 02.28.2011

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    By Marley on 02.28.2011

  17. A keychain…. chain with keys on it. Interesting concept, really. Storing all of your keys on one chain. It’s kind of controversial, what with the saying “Don’t put all your chickens in one box”, or was it eggs? I mean, that’s beside the point. What if someone stole your keychain? Instead of losing one key, you’d lose them all. And where would you be then?

    By Emine on 02.28.2011

  18. A key chain holds your keys together, binding them with others in a tiny key prison. They can move around as much as they like, but will never break free. Unless you have a broken keychain.

    By Kate on 02.28.2011

  19. Keychain… again? Really? I just wrote about this, though. What else can I say about a keychain other than what I have already said two minutes ago? It’s a dead end. I’m completely blocked now. Oh, well. Well, well. You seem to have beat me, you little keychain. Sneaky word you are, aren’t you?

    By Emine on 02.28.2011

  20. A key chain is link for objects that gives you access to places otherwise forbidden. In times gone past it has been known as a privacy buster collective and no-go area upset association.

    By Ciaran on 02.28.2011

  21. I foung the key chain with no keys on it and wondered what happened, there is still the soft toys and shitty holiday gifts on it but no keys to anything, what a waste I thought.

    By Alex cooper on 02.28.2011

  22. Don’t lose your key. Take my chain, lock your key and don’t lose it. The key is important, but you really know how to lose it. With carelessness, the key to my heart.

    By Fredda URL on 02.28.2011

  23. When I think of a keychain i think of when I was a kid and we had our house keys tied around our neck on shoestrings. That was our first step of adulthood.

    By BgKahuna URL on 02.28.2011

  24. a very practical thing. i don’t like them too big cause then they’re just annoying. it has to be something small and simple but still original so that i’ll know which keys are mine. i have a borken keychain that i got from my cousin the ay before they moved from sweden to belgium. it was broken but it didn’t matter, everytime i see it i think of it. plus, it was found outside the house where my grandmother and grandfather used to live. a lovely thing to carry!

    By Lisa on 02.28.2011

  25. The globe-shaped ceramic bounced against her thigh, matching the tempo of the blurring yellow lines. The keychain had been an impulse buy. But now she realized its benefits: she was either seeing the whole world or holding it in her hands.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 02.28.2011

  26. is the keychain whcih is stuck in the hole or is the chain on the key whcih is stuck? i have a feeling that the key is stuck in the key hole and the keychain is hanging from t like a pendulum oscillating to and fro!

    By priti chandra on 02.28.2011

  27. this colors is peronality color of years 2011,.have move energie & more power .

    By BerryBox URL on 02.28.2011

  28. I have too many things on mine – 2 different photos from school photo sessions…my library card…a store loyalty card……and yet if it was smaller…I would probably lose it.

    I always wanted one on a chain that I could attach to my bag but then again, when I tried one it was a bloody pain in the arse – especially if my bag was heavy and I’d have to lift it up to open the door.

    I’d like a magical one that would never get lost.

    By Sally R.E URL on 02.28.2011

  29. you never got me a keychain with the welsh flag on it. :

    By littleblackbear URL on 02.28.2011

  30. you never got me a keychain with the welsh flag on it. i’m going to go downstairs right now, give you your coat, take you by the hand, and you’re going to buy me one. because you love me, and i started asking you for it 6 months ago.

    By littleblackbear URL on 02.28.2011

  31. The key chain was making me nervous. Every day when I came home it was hanging in the same place. As if he never left. It never moved. That didn’t seem healthy. Not for a boy his age. I was his mother and I rarely saw him. Every now and then there were noises coming from his room that concerned me. But, I didn’t want to be one of ‘those’ mothers. After two weeks of this I just couldn’t take it. Knocking on his door, I got no response, so I pushed it open slowly. There was something in the way. Something stopping the door… I reached down and felt coarse hair between my fingers…

    By EmilyMg URL on 02.28.2011

  32. Keychain brings to memory the game Kingdom Hearts. All the keyblades are changed depending on the keychain attached to them, giving them special abilities and stats and appearance. I love that game, I want a keyblade now . . .

    By Matthew Richardson URL on 02.28.2011

  33. When I hear the word keychain I think of something you put a key on. Or you can put like stupid little things on them. Like tiny teddy bears.

    By summer firm URL on 02.28.2011

  34. I make keychains with Pauley, on the bench in the park.

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 02.28.2011

  35. i like keychains…They are so very pretty… They make me feel pretty:D

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 02.28.2011

  36. Keychains are fun. They sound cool when you jingle them.

    By Wltbank URL on 02.28.2011

  37. I use a keychain to hold my keys so that i don’t lose them.I hold the keys to my house on the keychain so that when my doors are locked I can unlock it.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 02.28.2011

  38. My house key is on a keychain along with others.

    By kamikaze URL on 02.28.2011

  39. Keychains are cool. i like them. you can put keys on them. i like keychains. the are very cool.

    By Daylan Turner on 02.28.2011

  40. in my car i have a keychain we had to go to to school and it jigeled the whole ride. i had to go to the to the store and all i could hear was thoes keys.

    By someting URL on 02.28.2011