March 3rd, 2014 | 111 Entries

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111 Entries for “juvenile”

  1. they left him behind
    and threw out his books.
    he was juvenile
    for wanting to eat.
    she was juvenile for asking for help.
    you pull yourself up by the bootstraps.
    not by chewing on shoestrings.
    we string them along,
    behind all the rest.
    they age in lines.

    By Kairn URL on 03.03.2014

  2. juvenil are tremendos, full of energy, wisdom, and coraje, the world is ours, we are never going to be beautifull the way we are now, we most enjoy our time, impossible is nothing to us, we just have to believe.

    By Fabian on 03.03.2014

  3. It was the way she pushed her hair out of her eyes, glancing sideways while nibbling a lip-glossed bottom lip that stuck him as childlike. Certainly not what he’d expected from a woman who’d…

    By Jesshc URL on 03.03.2014

  4. They called me a juvenile. Not worth the respect of people born before me but without the sense to treat those after me any differently.
    Juvenile remind me of juvy, the juvenile correctional facility
    I don’t want to go back but I don’t dare tell them that.

    Definition: immature, reckless, young.
    I am two out of three and I hope nobody ever finds which one I lack.

    By Brooke Fowler URL on 03.03.2014

  5. The juvenile is heading for detention. They are being so babyish that I don’t know what to do. I wish that the juvenile would grow up and then we could all move on. I want to know what goes through their mind when they commit the mindless crimes.

    By KT on 03.03.2014

  6. trouble kid needs directions young but have a future but could go any way

    By Hayde miller on 03.03.2014

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    By felicity on 03.03.2014

  8. Their juvenile actions and lackadaisical attitudes weren’t helping the image of the team. Their irresponsibility gave the outsiders an image of an immature and reckless team. Nobody wanted anything to do with the team. No aid, no support, no cheers. Nothing.

    By umbazachika URL on 03.03.2014

  9. Don’t go thinking that I did this for revenge, I’m not that juvenile! No, this was a deliberate part of a plan, that started soon after you were even born. Your father and I grew up together, and he spent most of that time making enemies, of which, I will admit, I am one. But this is not just about me getting back at him. No, this is to protect you from his legacy. There are a lot of people who think they owe you a lifetime of pain just because you are your father’s son, but I don’t think you should have to carry that burden. So I’m doing this to protect you. You see, I didn’t kidnap you, I rescued you!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.03.2014

  10. nights of darkness lit up, moving wildly into the world. not knowing or caring the consequences of your actions. not aware how much things will change. wistful and somehow sacred

    By Yasmine on 03.03.2014

  11. Poop poop poop is juveile

    By dark foldose URL on 03.03.2014

  12. She watched from behind the bars, her face was wild and dirt smeared and her hair flew about her head almost like it was being manipulated by some power in the dank air that no one else could see. The reporter looked into the girl’s eyes, and they were blank canvases. There was no color, no life, no spark. They looked like holes torn into dirty cloth. This was not a place for children. But she was not a child. No, she was not even human.

    By Kayleigh URL on 03.03.2014

  13. it was a little juvenile, she had to admit that. she prettied herself up like she did when she was five, playing with mommy’s makeup. she painted love on her eyes, a smile on her face. after all, who could resist such plastic beauty?

    By firelight URL on 03.03.2014

  14. It’s not very suprising to hear youths speak these days.Not only do they sound smug but also self centered. While this quality is not seen in every youngster, one cannot fail to notice the above attribute in most juveniles…

    By samantha on 03.03.2014

  15. Tim is so juvenile… He thinks that everything is a darn game! When he is at school, he plays jokes as if he were in second grade. A whoopie cushion on the 10th grade science teacher’s chair, a pencil in is his ear… He is never going to get a girl with that attitude.

    By Ariel on 03.03.2014

  16. “Stop being so goddamn contrary,” she reprimands him when she catches a glimpse of this juvenile pout. “You’re too old for this kind of nonsense!”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.03.2014

  17. It was just a juvenile adventure;
    the smell of flowers among your fingertips,
    my eyes enchained with yours and
    those voiceless thoughts
    mingled together in a rough and gentle kiss.

    By gargouillis on 03.04.2014

  18. Juvenile
    In denial

    she just ran a mile

    Don’t ask
    don’t tell
    but she also blew Miles

    By molly on 03.04.2014

  19. I am a juvenile, both mentally and physically. Although my physical characteristics are growing up visibly, many of my family members will testify without hesitation that i’m a 5 year old kid stuck in a 17 year old surly teenager’s body. To me, acting like my age seems like something of a great burden to me.

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.04.2014

  20. When I was young, I couldn’t eat candy. My parents never allowed it. It felt like I was the only child in grade school who didn’t have a treat tucked away in their lunch box. It was humiliating. My parents sent notes to school forbidding my candy at holidays. THen when I was in middle school, I broke into the vending machine to steal a packet of M&Ms. That was my first arrest.

    By Beka URL on 03.04.2014

  21. ewww. that is so gross. how old are you? just asking because you seem like a child, like a little boy. what makes you think that is funny? yes, i do have a sense of humor, but putting stuff up your nose is not funny.

    By Lee URL on 03.04.2014

  22. Juveniles are weak. They are full of energy and life, bathing in the cosmos with every breath they take. They are precious. They are weak. They fall. The rest of us just have to believe that someday they will learn to brush themselves off and allow the taste of adulthood to fill their mouths.

    By Ash URL on 03.04.2014

  23. The men in the street were adults but their behaviour was extremely juvenile

    By Alexandra URL on 03.04.2014

  24. you laugh,
    don’t you?
    you smile
    and giggle
    and let loose.
    So, why the sudden switch?
    why so serious.
    why are things so dire
    and rigid
    when we were just goofing around
    playing like old times sake.
    why are you suddenly an adult
    and not enjoying life
    like a juvenile.

    By NuSol URL on 03.04.2014

  25. juvenile. My worry that today’s word was going to be the same as yesterday’s was … perhaps … juvenile. Such a pejorative word juvenile. Yet youth isn’t for the young. It is for adults to enjoy. That is, I think spending time with children, at least mine, is extremely rewarding.

    By Jim URL on 03.04.2014

  26. I have an empty mind, can’t seem to think of the right words to say.

    By Lana on 03.04.2014

  27. A criminal, some one who is always in trouble. A trouble maker in school or home.

    By Lanasha Gamble on 03.04.2014

  28. The thief and the joker; cry baby;

    By Jacquie on 03.04.2014

  29. Criminal

    By Lindsay on 03.04.2014

  30. Children are juvenile because they have not matured yet; however, some children are more serious than others.

    By Hannah on 03.04.2014

  31. Juvenile detention? Where trouble kids go. That’s what I think about when I hear this word it sounds like a prison but it’s not I don’t think. Everyone who goes there isn’t nesscary bad people just maybe they made the wrong decisions so they had to go to juvenile detention for a while to get there minds right

    By Sarah on 03.04.2014

  32. Bad chid
    Got introuble
    Bad choices
    Life lessons

    By Alexis wise on 03.04.2014

  33. I young boy or girl who did so thing for there family, maybe stole something that they needed like medicine or food.

    By Micheal on 03.04.2014

  34. She screamed and called me criminal, they pushed me out and called juvenile, we yelled back at them and called the bad apples, rotten to the core. Beaten down by these words we hid amongst our kind.

    By Eunicea Custis on 03.04.2014

  35. A kid locked up or a kid in the system of a county it sound bad or sound like a label for someone

    By Ally Graves on 03.04.2014

  36. Detention is what I ultimately think of when I see this word. I hate it so much-detention I mean. Of course, I’ve never been, but the thought of it makes me cringe.

    By Kristiona on 03.04.2014

  37. Memories of the past creep on me like the onset of sleep, anxiety pumps through my river system of veins with every heartbeat, like a pump action shotgun blast.

    By Jonah on 03.04.2014

  38. A juvenile is a person, particullary a young person. Maybe innocent or maybe not, you sometimes hear of them as someone who is a juvenile in jail.

    By Somer Wood on 03.04.2014

  39. Some may say that my brother would be a juvenile, but I think he is just living his life. A wounderful life that he needs to figure out before his next step.

    By Abigail Nisbet on 03.04.2014

  40. Innocence is a word tha comes to mind. A child who doesn’t have to stress or worry about the future. And also those who threw away their future. Jail, juvenile detention. So youn yet

    By Zakiya Austin on 03.04.2014