August 10th, 2013 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “justification”

  1. Justified? Resolved, at best. Picking a toothpick from the restaurant jar; that’s rather alarming, is it not? The pink stain and the green teeth and the children sneaking back and forth from their tables to steal tiny red and white candy mints. I suppose we’ll take the check, please.

    By aria autumn URL on 08.10.2013

  2. You can make any excuses. Weep a thousand hot tears until they flood the room around us. But I still heard you say it. The words were like ice and steel, cold and hard and sharp.

    By Katerina E URL on 08.10.2013

  3. Justification? What is justification? Is it something that we need in our lives? Do we need to justify ourselves to anyone? No. You should live your life your way without anyone’s permission and without having to justify yourself to anyone.

    By KerryB URL on 08.10.2013

  4. it’s what we need more of:
    fair trails, fair juries, fair judges.

    By Junipurr URL on 08.10.2013

  5. People justify to themselves all the time. They do things not based on morality but on standards – standards that are imposed not by reason or logic but by the PRACTICE of them! If it happens, its right. If it happens, I can do it. I need not feel guilty so long as I am not alone.

    By Erin Joslin on 08.10.2013

  6. Why do we do things? Because they meet our desires in the best way that is socially acceptable. If we can justify our actions than they must be RIGHT. If we cannot, they cannot be. We fulfill ourselves within artificial limits. Is that justifiable?

    By Erin Joslin on 08.10.2013

  7. Robyn looked around the hosipital room.All of her sons and their wives were in the room.Andy was dying.Because she was his wife for over 32 years she needed no justification to be the last one to talk to him.She put her lips to his ear and began.

    By A False Terl URL on 08.10.2013

  8. justification was the last option man wanted from her wife and at last he pullrd the trigger but,
    it hit someone else who was he.

    By Rishabh on 08.10.2013

  9. I give my justification, but the words come out wrong. I know I stumbled over logical alternatives, and I crashed straight through to the conclusion I’m now in need of excusing.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.10.2013

  10. Tutto quel che vedo è tutto quel che sento, un mezzo universo e un mezzo buco nero.

    By LifeEssence on 08.10.2013

  11. “That’s not justification for what you did!” I shouted at him. “I don’t care if you were drunk, I don’t care how many pills you took, I don’t care how many joints you smoked! You cheated on me, and we were going to get married! We were going to have a life! We were going to have a future! Now it’s all over.” Angry tears ran down my face.

    By Kristina URL on 08.10.2013

  12. The justification of hurting another will never bring justice to the world. There is no excuse for the pain you have caused.

    By Kirby URL on 08.10.2013

  13. I didn’t want to hear it. Nothing he could say would have made what he did better, no explanation would undo his heinous action. “I’m going out” I said, removing myself before I did something I would regret.
    I can’t believe that fucker ate the last kit kat stick.

    By Charles Christopher on 08.10.2013

  14. There was no justification for it. It had been a killing that was purely for the thrill of it. A thrill kill. She had looked at the men who had taken her husband away and had not realized that she would never see him again.

    By Linda S. URL on 08.10.2013

  15. just go down to the wig store and find a new identity. the man who wears a hat doesnt like his hair, but the man who wears a wig, has twice as much hair. JUSTIFICATION.

    By Colton Adrian URL on 08.10.2013

  16. If you can’t justify your behavior to yourself, but you continue along the path you are on–that is psychopathic behavior. Killing people is psychopathic behavior. I’ve been reading alot about the prefrontal cortex, dysfunctional amygdalas and the temporal cortex and

    By Buttxheeks URL on 08.10.2013

  17. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone wants to be justified. We try desperately to achieve justification on our own, but in reality only another person can truly justify us. When we try to do it ourselves, we are just being pushy and stubborn.

    By wgirl URL on 08.10.2013

  18. Not providing one iota of justification for it, I managed to incinerate the entire year’s worth of files with some gasoline and a single, floppy match from a set I had swiped from the Moonshine Motel back in my hometown. They were unable to discover that I was the culprit until two months later, when I had safely stowed myself and some minimal belongings in a one-story house in the California mountains. I did not expect the phone call.


    “We know you burned everything,” came the raspy voice of my former boss. “Why?”

    I snickered. “Because I don’t think you deserve any more money.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.10.2013

  19. The rain slammed down into the ground from pregnant clouds and a ceiling of gray, plastering the hair to side of his face, running the blood from the body below him into the grass.

    There was no justification for the sin what she had done but this.

    By Rachel Juillerat on 08.10.2013

  20. Because what is right is right. Most times we already know what we want but we need someone else’s approval.

    Don’t think so hard about it. They are doing the same. Do what you want. Do it.

    By Mimu on 08.10.2013

  21. I don’t know why I care about the result of such ridiculousness. And I’m not sure what exactly I’m expecting. But I know the justification, and that is happy clowns with sad faces that run around spanking grandmas so that children aren’t spoiled.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.10.2013

  22. Justification is an interesting concept. Can anything truly be “justified” given the right circumstances? Is something always wrong, or can it be justified at some point.

    By Jojo on 08.10.2013

  23. Justification is a funny concept. Can something always be considered wrong or is there a certain circumstances when something that is mala in se justified.

    By Jojo URL on 08.10.2013

  24. All the words thrown around so carelessly meant nothing to me. Nothing could make it better.
    They said they didn’t care, and tried to justify their words with shitty excuses, shitty poker faces saying nothing but “forgive me because I’m an idiot ad I deserve it” all the while holding back giggles at my strong reaction.
    I couldn’t handle it and stormed out, mad at everything at had happened, but mostly at myself for getting mad.
    I should know how to handle stupid people by now.

    By Samantha URL on 08.10.2013

  25. “Justification?”
    “Er, yes.”
    “You believe you had justification to come waltzing into my front door, expecting to lie not only to me, but to my BUTLER, who really– what made you think you could lie to the butler?”
    She breathed in deeply, and decided to tell the truth, “I wasn’t really worired about the butler.”
    “Why? Because he’s the help?” his tone, everything about him, told him he was expecting something rude to come out of her mouth.
    “I didn’t know you had one.”
    “Didn’t know I had one!”

    By Maria URL on 08.10.2013

  26. Why do you try to give a justification for every action you do? You don’t need to justify anything. You do it because that is what you choose to do, and that’s the end of it. Stop trying to displace the blame for the consequences onto some other force higher force that forced you to perform that action.

    By Amanda URL on 08.10.2013

  27. I’ve often thought of myself as the sort of person who requires justification for everything I do – in other words, to rationalize through life. However, the more that I think about it, the more I realize that justification is always based on prior beliefs; some reasonable, but some that are so ingrained that it’s arbitrariness is forgotten. Thus, my conviction for the next semester and year is to live more spontaneously, to discard prior beliefs, and go with the flow.

    By Robert URL on 08.10.2013

  28. I lived by her words for a year and
    a month, living in the
    suspension of
    never-ending spiderweb
    of stars
    and I swore I wouldn’t cry over a loss
    that never even meant
    anything to begin with
    and I swore I’d never lie again in my poems
    and dammit, I swore I
    wouldn’t be alive
    but I am
    and her spiders are spinning again
    (“I told you.”)


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 08.10.2013

  29. Parece balanceado pero es necesario tenerlo todo organizado bajo la premisa de la verdad absoluta.

    By Luis pinto URL on 08.10.2013

  30. Parece balanceado pero es necesario tenerlo todo organizado bajo la premisa de la verdad absoluta. Me das la razón pero te doy una explicación. Tengo mucho que ganar y poco que perder si te presento mi caso con lógica, con la lógica del desesperado que tu sabrás comprender porque eres digno de mi confianza y espero ser digno de ella también.

    By Luis pinto URL on 08.10.2013

  31. I can’t say i blame you, when you leave me in the dark, but when you tell me that it’s for my own good, that’s simply justification. It isn’t me, it’s you. and that just doesn’t fly. Talk to me. Tell me why, tell me how, tell me when. Don’t give me excuses. Be all you can be.

    By Rose URL on 08.10.2013

  32. do not try to justify
    the way our teeth clash
    when i only aim for lips

    there is no formula
    for our heartbeats
    ( mine’s always erratic, random, when i’m with you )

    the stars will fall and burn
    when i press my palm against yours
    but it’s not our fault

    we are made of stars and sun
    and death
    so allow me swallow your breaths

    you’ll never know which one
    will be our last

    By F URL on 08.10.2013

  33. they party. they drink. they smoke. they waste their life away. not making a difference, not even trying to. what justification do they have? none. i’ve been through multiple hardship, surgeries, and failure but i haven’t given up. im going to make a difference in this world. what’s their excuse?

    By foost URL on 08.10.2013

  34. “You know what he’s done, what they LET him do.”
    “They didn’t LET him do anything; he was their king! What were they supposed to do?!” I demanded.
    “Fight!” she snarled, her eyes flashing with inner fire. “If they had joined us, this could have been avoided. But they made their choice. As we made ours.”
    “That is no justification for…this!” I exclaimed, gesturing towards the gore which surrounded us.
    The expression on her face hardened, the blackness of her gaze nearly making me gasp. “THIS is justice.”
    “There is no justice in slaughter!”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.10.2013

  35. What justification do you think you have to do that? Just go out and be yourself without thinking it through? How are you going to take care of yourself if you don’t follow the herd? Who told you you could be different?

    By Angel URL on 08.10.2013

  36. Everything needs justification. Every damn thing. I need to justify my existence. I need to be justified to feel alive, to want to be alive, to feel that I’m allowed into existence. Everything in this country begs for justification. Justify. Crucify me with justification. This is just. This is just my way of saying how much I want to be alive but am not bloody allowed to.

    By Goh Koon Hui on 08.10.2013

  37. Why. Why, why, why, why, why why?!

    Why was she sitting all alone in a courtroom, head buried in her hands and shoulder’s shaking with sobs. Why was this happening to her? All she wanted was to bring justice to herself. She had been VIOLATED, she was the victim!

    So why was she being punished?! It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair!

    There was no justification for his actions, so why was the court pretending that it was the other way around?

    By Andrea URL on 08.10.2013

  38. The way to make your opinion correct. Maybe not correct, but finding a way to make it seem like a passable option. Justification is related to justice which is trying to find whatever right answer we can find. Justification makes our consciences feel better about a decision that we may not actually feel comfortable about. It ratifies whatever statement you are trying to make.

    By Caitlin on 08.10.2013

  39. Kayla’s father was murdered she deserves justification. That is why they’re investigating her father’s murder. then they’ll go to trial.

    By kayla(; URL on 08.10.2013

  40. I was trying to explain
    I knew that I was doing what I was supposed to
    She had even told me
    I didn’t need to give more reason than that

    By Hightimes URL on 08.10.2013