August 11th, 2013 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “distress”

  1. I have indigestion. That’s also known as gastrointestinal distress. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m wide awake. I suppose I should take an antacid. It’s because I ate a boatload of Chinese food and fell asleep too quickly. I should know better.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 08.11.2013

  2. I have not been in distress for a while but I’m slowly venturing close to it. I’m more in denial at this moment and somewhat depressed that I haven’t done what I wanted to do and should have done. It would later on lead to distress and disappointment but that is my burden to bear and hopefully, something that I will be able to overcome…soon.

    By Lucy URL on 08.11.2013

  3. I put on the dress and looked in the mirror. The bright orange ws hideous and it had no shape. I was awful to see myself in such a horrible garment. I quickly switched to a different dress. The light purple fabric and gathered waist looked much better. I walked ut og the door into the sunlight. Ouch! The solar rays burned! Literally. Id foregotten that I m a vampire. I burst into flames and died.

    The ebd.

    By Dont Ask on 08.11.2013

  4. She called out in distress, hearing nothing except the distant echo of her own voice. Her cheeks burned, the embarrassment of her situation enough to shut her up for a while. She was stuck, that was definitely the truth. The truth was that she had fallen butt first into a hole and was stuck in a compromising position. If only a person she didn’t care about would help her and not some cute boy. It was mortifying enough having lost her shirt on the way down. She didn’t need the rest of that.

    By SourNothings URL on 08.11.2013

  5. The thoughts spun around in her mind all day. Tracing over and over again. Oh those events. Oh the distress. Oh the shame. She kept replaying them. Over and over. Around and around. Tracing over and over. Oh those events. Over and over they spun in her mind. She just couldn’t shake them. Over and over. Time and time again.

    By esky1118 URL on 08.12.2013

  6. I am a ghost. A ghost with a tragic past. And I don’t know how to find my way back. Or forward. A lost soul, wandering forever.

    By Raquelle URL on 08.12.2013

  7. Constantly you are beguiling me with your eyes, looking up through your eyelashes, your lips in such a pout that I know that I am being tricked. You are tricking me into thinking that you can’t handle it yourself and you know that every moment I try to be your knight in shining armor, and when you pull this damsel in distress nonsense I fall for it hook, line, sinker. We both know I will just keep smiling and nodding and “Yes, dear.”

    By Nonsense on 08.12.2013

  8. “Call 911!”
    “She may be okay–!”
    “Fucking call 911, don’t talk, just do– Oh God, Sarah–”
    “I’m calling. Should I go get towels?”
    “What the fuck is this– we don’t have time for fucking questions! Just go get the towel, you’re not using a landline! Jesus, hang in there Sarah, breathe! Please–Oh God– Just breathe! You’re going to be okay–!”
    “Here– the towels!”
    “Oh, thank you. It’s okay Sarah, baby, just look at me, keep looking at mommy, okay? Okay, sweetie? Everything is going to be okay. Everything… is going to be okay.”

    By Helianthus URL on 08.12.2013

  9. i was always in distress
    my life was a mess
    i was sure i was done
    i thought someone else won
    i wrote letters to my future
    and tried to undo the past
    until i started running fast and i fell on my ass

    so now i stopped searching
    and what it is i’m learning
    is you can’t ignore the signs
    you were right the whole time

    By Lauren on 08.12.2013

  10. the first time gabriel was sent down
    he brought with him
    a storm

    why can’t i feel my wings
    why are my lips slow moving
    and my wings so heavy,
    he said of the cold

    why are there tears on my skin,
    why are my brothers crying,
    is it because they miss me?
    he said of the rain

    when lightning struck and the clouds
    bellowed with thunder,
    he smiled and thought, i am not alone
    they are calling me home.

    By h. b. URL on 08.12.2013

  11. He scrabbled at the water, trying to pull her behind him, but she was heavy and frightened and she thrashed and clawed at him in her distress.

    By mrsmig URL on 08.12.2013

  12. Damsels. Acid-washed blue jeans. Damsels in acid-washed blue jeans are doubly distressed. After a distressing day at work, they stand out on their balconies, triply distressed, and smoke a cigarette to destress. It works.

    By amygdala URL on 08.12.2013

  13. I can’t handle a damsel in distress. They are always the victim, you know what I mean. Shit, one drama after another; one failed relationship after another. Get over it, please! Take some responsibility for your own emotional health and quit awfulizing every damn thing that happens.

    By Linda Kay URL on 08.12.2013

  14. There was substantial distress displayed at the announcement that the train would be cancelled. It was the last one that day, and there were a large number of mothers waiting to get their little Mouseketeers home. They could not tolerate, or afford, spending another night at Disneyland.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.12.2013

  15. in the lower tract. You know the consequences. Open the windows, turn on the fan. Must have been the corn on the cob, or the cabbage. Please, please, open that window!

    By Lee URL on 08.12.2013

  16. The distress call went up when the the Garda decided they’d had enough of the people waving around their empty pint glasses. She stood close to the window, staring down at the crowd, wondering when the first glass would become a projectile, a weapon. Officers in bright vests spoke into radios; in the distance, new sirens began to wail.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 08.12.2013

  17. She tore at her face. Not in any recognizably insane way. Years of practice gave her expert skill at hurting herself to relieve stress. She she feigned a headache and rubbed at her temples while her nails dug into her skin. “Are you alright, dear?” the loan officer asked. She forced a smile and dug a little deeper. “Oh, just a little headache, I’m fine, really.”

    By Soft URL on 08.12.2013

  18. In Distress

    Not when I can lift myself high
    to soar away.
    I can be the antithesis
    the bad guy.
    I can be the planter
    and place roots far under ground.
    I can be the dreamer
    and imagine it away.

    By Amanda URL on 08.12.2013

  19. Distress, no mess with my love….

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.12.2013

  20. Distress, no mess with my love…

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.12.2013

  21. When I am in distress I am scared and normally I would call 911, or call someone to come help depending on what I’m in distress about, sometimes I’m in distress because I see a snake or a spider, I don’t like those they scare me.

    By tman2001 on 08.12.2013

  22. I’m distressed. I keep coming here to one word to loosen my fingers with a one word flash, and i get the same words over and over. It felt like peppers was there for days! I’m sure it is me, and I’m doing something wrong, but if you are the control freak perfectionist that I tend to be, distress would be your word, too. Every day.

    By Rose URL on 08.12.2013

  23. As he was riding on his white charger through the forest he could hear a scream. When he looked around he saw a princess being held captive and she was obviously in great distress.

    By Alexandra URL on 08.12.2013

  24. distress

    i’m always

    By katiekieran URL on 08.12.2013

  25. the day goes by so fast and no one can help you. you think of what you need to accomplish in the short 24 hours you are given. your body is in distress and you begin to convulse with tension and uncertainty.

    By cassie on 08.12.2013

  26. I feel it when I’m stuck somewhere and no one is around to help me. Like when my battery is dead or my tire is flat but then I get over it. Thank God for smartphones and my own ability to deal.

    By Selena on 08.12.2013

  27. The blood ran down my pelvis in gushing rivulets.
    She just stood there squeezing her mouth shut, before tearing down the hallway
    and leaving me in a pool of blood.
    She didnt even say goodbye.

    By Tom on 08.12.2013

  28. hirato is always the one who stands tall and proud. out of the two of them, he’s the only one who never seems to be afraid, nor does it ever seem like he’s weak for any reason. the way what is supposed to be their status quo (fragile after all) is so effortlessly wrecked is why tsukumo finds herself so distressed over him falling ill.

    somewhere along the line, she too has been fooled by the illusion and accepted the notion that he must be bulletproof.

    it’s nothing but a mild case of the flu, says the doctor on board before gently reprimanding her, but even with that knowledge in mind, she can’t find it in herself to stop worrying.

    tick, tick, tock. the ticking of the clock sounds unnaturally loud to her ears amidst the sounds of mildly labored breathing and the soft buzzing of machinery.

    small hands grasp the sheets and tuck them a little tighter around his shoulders.

    By erishuka URL on 08.12.2013

  29. The distress beacon blinked, forlorn, unnoticed. A hundred meters away were bloodstains. The trail in the mud suggested something had been dragged to the river. A deflated life-preserver was hung from a thorn bush as if its owner had just gone swimming. The surface of the water was undisturbed.
    ‘Let’s get out of here,’ said Buran.
    Something moved in the rocks to one side, shadows uncoiling.
    ‘It’s too late for that,’ I said, flicking my rifle’s safety-catch off.

    By Shimbo URL on 08.12.2013

  30. In distress we rest
    without breath.
    Abreast, our breaths
    control death.

    Dying stressed,
    she always lived in duress.
    The thought’s all pressed
    up into my chest.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 08.12.2013