June 26th, 2013 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “joyous”

  1. Maybe it’s the way she looks at me with those beautiful eyes. Maybe it’s what she tells me whenever I wake up first thing int he morning. But all I know for sure is she makes me happy. Her in general. She’s beautiful, stunning really. Her voice is that of an angel. And I think I migh be in love whith her.

    By Jasmine on 06.26.2013

  2. The foolish naivete of ignorant youth
    Before hormones and passion become wisdom and truth
    When curious eyes meet a world still unknown
    Before the days blend together, before we are grown.

    By Carly URL on 06.26.2013

  3. when they first discover larkspur seeds, armin is the happiest of the three of them, with his loud breathless gasp. eren is curious but at the end of the day has little interest in horticulture, and mikasa has never been particular about flowers one way or the other.

    all three of them smile and join hands though, because this is it, this is proof of eren’s dream.

    By heartful URL on 06.26.2013

  4. A beam of joy came to him from across the room, and as it came he caught his breath to stop it from flying away.

    She was smiling at him, her eyes shining with joyousness, and he could feel it deep in the cavity of his lungs, expanding, growing, thrusting up through his throat out to his mouth, ready to escape into the world as a laugh, just as joyous as the smile in her eyes.

    He awoke, briefly, from the dream, sitting up straight and breathing hard, frightened.

    By Maria URL on 06.26.2013

  5. Kat was absolutely joyous, and Hale couldn’t figure out why. It was a typical day. Nothing special had happened. At least, not that he could tell. But, for some unidentifiable reason, Kat was practically jumping for joy.

    By Isabel URL on 06.26.2013

  6. Hours passed, as they talked of a lifetime. Alice had found her real mother, and it was a joyous occasion. The enormity of the event would not hit her for several days.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.26.2013

  7. Joyous! Joyous is the apt word to describe how I feel when I get an unexpected holiday. Joyous is when my parents agree to something after opposing it for years. Joyous is how I feel when I pull my hand out after it was stuck in a jar.

    By Risha Ahmed on 06.26.2013

  8. The world blurred below him, the greens of the trees merging with the browns of the earth, everything mixing together as he flew above them.
    The air felt good rushing through his hair, this was

    By jacob on 06.26.2013

  9. Simone makes me feel a joy I never knew I had. her laugh, as she tilts her head to the sky, like laughing at it is the most infectious joyous thing I have ever known. then she looks at you and smiles. the little crinkles that form in the corners of her eye ,let my heart.

    By mandy on 06.26.2013

  10. I thought my married life was perfect, joyous, just like the magazines and TV. I wore the dresses, the pump shoes, makeup, with a strand of fake pearls. I did the housework dressed like Donna Reed. I baked cookies and cheesecake. I read Good Housekeeping and Redbook. I did the Tupperware parties and the crystal dishware parties and watched soap operas. I did laundry, sewed clothes, and did what was expected of me, what I thought I was supposed to do. I had dinner on the table every night at 2 a.m., unless he wanted it earlier, and I never asked why. I never asked what he did between work and coming home. I never expected it all to collapse years later when he told me he had never loved me… how he expected it to eventually happen, but it didn’t. Then I discovered how joyous life could be living it without a script, as I started over without him.

    By JDwrites URL on 06.26.2013

  11. The fact that im on this website trying to find to peace. I dont feel liek im important or bring joy to anyone. Ive questioned my own religion that is suppose to bring joy to me. You can say my night at 12:43 am has not been joyous.

    By Alyssa on 06.26.2013

  12. This word was brought to you by the term: Drag Queen. What a serendipitous moment when Jinx Monsoon mentions how drag brings joy to the world, as this word pops up on my dash. I am filled with the notion that someone is pulling my strings, tilting my head to an unavoidable truth which I am either too drunk or too proud or too stupid to attain.

    By Ruben URL on 06.26.2013

  13. I was joyous to walk in the park today. Taking in the presnce of my surrounding and the people that were also walking with me. I enjoyed this joyous moment so much that this is the sole reason i return to this park time and time again. The scenery, the people, the atmostphere of it all is what makes it enjoying.

    By victor ferreira on 06.26.2013

  14. Christmas. Again.
    Red ribbons. Again.
    I hear a sad song on the radio, but I look out the word and see the beauty of the world.

    By Peter Wester on 06.26.2013

  15. The joyous harmonies of life that play out before us are amazing. That we would waste them on simple things such as a walk in the park or a meeting with friends is absurd, and yet we do it, and in those moments we find the greatest pleasures life has to offer. And with those pleasures comes together all the suffering we have done and in a penultimate moment we forget that the suffering was ever there and embrace the joy we have come to feel in that particular moment.

    By Hunter on 06.26.2013

  16. I sat there inside my head wishing myself into the present. If only I could tap into the positive energy at this ever so joyous occasion. My own wedding. And here I am with my mascara running down my cheeks and a stranger’s face in the mirror. My crossroads was approached at an alarming rate. How did I get myself into this mess?

    By Theresa URL on 06.26.2013

  17. happy.

    By Madison on 06.26.2013

  18. joyful. happy. something that we want to ecpierence everyday. it’s a warm feeling that brings a smile on everyones face. its a feeling you share with other. something you want to spread. it brings people together. something we want to be 24/7

    By Madison URL on 06.26.2013

  19. DAncing like a tantric maniac in a field of rusted flowers. The auburnette frolicks and smiles as the cottong fluffs pass her by. Beautiful in the sunlight. Breathtaking in spirit. Birds sing for her.

    By Hannah on 06.26.2013

  20. I haven’t been Joyous in a wile. Not in a long long time. I miss it. I miss the excitment, the laughter, the smiles. But it’s all gone becuase I let it slip from my grasped like a slippery fish ready to escap

    By Canada on 06.26.2013

  21. You can tell if a person is joyous if he’s got a smile on his face. Sometimes the things that make you joyous are the most innocuous. Like walking in the rain. Or missing work. Or even just having some candy. Life is easy that way. If you want it to be.

    By Abhishek Shirali on 06.27.2013

  22. my brain swells as i see her there, with my name on a sign, at the airport. “is it really you?”, i ask. the one with dirty blonde hair in a messy bun. the one with shoes that don’t match and a constant look of wonder on her beautiful face. yes, it is her. the love of my life, fire of my loins, the subject of all my late-night poetry. the love of my life.

    By Amanda on 06.27.2013

  23. I don’t know if joyous is a feeling that I should be experiencing right now, especially since my finals are next week. But I don’t know, at the start of June, my depression relapsed, so I literally cried to bed, and cried when I got on the bus. But somewhere in between… about…. 2 weeks ago I suppose? I was very elate when I got up for no reason..

    By thedarkestsheep on 06.27.2013

  24. joyous is smiling. sweet, innocent, untouched, uninhibited, beautiful minds wrapped around the cultivating awesomeness that is grandpa pushing the swing rhythmically with a grin until the sun goes down.

    By Django on 06.27.2013

  25. The joyous child looked at me with bright, innocent eyes. For she had yet to see the harsh truth of the world layed before her.

    By Danielle on 06.27.2013

  26. Happiness. In the summer with family and friends. Hawaii. Maui. Relaxing and soothing. Good music playing over head. The smell just after rains. The rain tapping on the roof during bedtime. People being friendly and understanding. A good movie+blanket+couch. Rasberry Black Tea. A kiss. A hug. Sides touching on a couch of friends. Sleepovers. Love. Remembering memories. Sitting and talking.

    By kfom on 06.27.2013

  27. that used to be me one day… that used to be what i felt every day i was with you! but now you are gone, you left me alone, you left me with no joy!
    Today, I am working hard to be that joyous person again so goodbye to you!

    By sally abi khalil URL on 06.27.2013

  28. At times I am joyous. The feeling like freedom flowing through me, I could float off and not even gravity would hold me back.

    By echynoderm URL on 06.27.2013

  29. What a wonderful feeling is the feeling of joyous.It’s rather self-evident, isn’t it? Or at least it should be? Maybe. I don’t know.

    By Billy Bob Joe Bob on 06.27.2013

  30. A thundering realization that maybe the world isn’t as static as she thought. She’s been living in the gray area in between the black and white. A foundation built of two men she loves, two she has such passion for, a trifecta of sex, and love, and trust, and it’s nothing that needs a name, but it’s everything all at once.

    By Cassie URL on 06.27.2013

  31. wow this is really hard I was expecting a different word like I don’t even know how to handle this. hmm I suppose I don’t feel as though this is a joyous occasion however this sight is very interesting and I shall visit it frequently hopefully I will have a more in depth response next time. hopefully. or I can just rant again. I suppose that works too. I wish I was joyous right now. I will be when I return from Virginia!
    ah okay
    goodday friends
    my time is up
    one more
    until we meet again…..
    how do I know when my times up?
    why isn’t there a timer or something
    oh my goodness
    the suspense is killing me
    end this now
    its too much
    I cant take it

    By Kat on 06.27.2013

  32. Joyous wouldn’t be the word I’d use to describe this occasion. When you reach my age, all marriages just seem like the feeble beginnings of a thorny path to divorce.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.27.2013

  33. i feel joyous when i am given food. i feel joyous when sad. sad brings me joy. it makes me feel less empty. joy is nice.

    By lulu on 06.27.2013

  34. Joyous. Happy. Ecstatic. Full of something I have not felt in so very long. This is a difficult topic because it is difficult to write about what you don’t know about. This is something I knew about but have lost sight of. This is gone. Joyous.

    By MShef on 06.27.2013

  35. Joyously it sang in a voice whispering of silk on cotton of a thread count so high and well-worn that it mimicked satin. Sweetly it summoned with the omnisexual allure of a succubus, spread out but not open. Slowly she slipped into it, under its covers, and quickly she came to call sleep home.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.27.2013

  36. life is too short to utter the word “if” a hundred times a day. life’s restrictions and complications can make you do so, but it’s up to you to celebrate the joyous beauty of life, or sit solemnly on the couch whining how you can’t watch your favorite movie because your tv broke down.

    By Ice URL on 06.27.2013

  37. joyous
    is the feeling that you get when you have a new teeth
    you can even hear KT Tunstall in your ears
    singing you can hear she’s a beautiful girl
    she’s a beautiful girl

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 06.27.2013

  38. Tangible; impressionable – infuriating. The loss of all other things in the search for it; the loss of it, the most terrible thing there is. Wonderful to possess, but when it is gone…
    When it is gone.

    By Lyra URL on 06.27.2013

  39. happy days of glorious wonderful freedom shining from the stars into the moonshine illuminated ocean from thailand all the way to antarctica the freedom and happiness of exactly this word follows you through the forests of life and the depths of your mind through into an opening gate that leads to your final self.

    By coco on 06.27.2013

  40. joyous.
    she didn’t know what it meant to be joyous anymore.
    too many people had left.
    how do you be happy when there’s always reminders of pain?

    By a.iris on 06.27.2013