June 27th, 2013 | 151 Entries

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151 Entries for “decoy”

  1. machine, powder, soap

    By nandini URL on 06.28.2013

  2. We fell for the trap that was set for us. The war games had begun and it was the second day of activities. We were traveling in an easterly direction when out of the blue a sign or decoy indicating that the road was over the other side, caused us to stop, and that is when we were attack be the other team.

    By victor URL on 06.28.2013

  3. vigilantly we watched the skies
    for signs of rapture

    great birds with wings made of
    brimstone and sulfur

    if we’d lowered our scaled eyes
    to the cursed ground

    we would have seen the snakes
    suffocating our ankles.

    By h. b. URL on 06.28.2013

  4. It’s a decoy. It’s not real!! Oh my gosh, what are we going to do? I don’t even know when we really lost the track. Do you think we’ve been following the decoy the entire time? This is just ridiculous. I am so upset. So where did he go? Should we double back? Yes, let’s double back and see if we can figure out where we lost the

    By Jenn on 06.28.2013

  5. Oh my gosh, it’s a decoy! A DECOY!! Where did we miss him? How did he slip through our grasp? This is insane. Ok let’s double back. Maybe we can pick up the trail and see where we lost him. I cannot believe he tricked us!!! This is just nuts. Oh, well. You loose one, you win one.

    By Jenn URL on 06.28.2013

  6. He stood behind him, in the shadows. Watching as they hurled vitriol and curses for the policies he’d made. He almost felt sorry for the man he’d set up to be his decoy. Almost.

    By Soft URL on 06.28.2013

  7. Patiently, quietly, the decoy performed his assigned duty with aplomb; steadfast in firm belief that his role was a noble one, a just one, a righteous one.

    By sheer force of self assurance, he dedicated his wooden soul to the noble notion and idealistic idea that, among all the world’s decoy ducks, the very very best was he.

    More than just a wooden duck. The best wooden duck in the world.

    By Think Hopefully, Act Vocally on 06.28.2013

  8. vigilantly we watched the skies
    for signs of rapture
    great birds with wings made of
    brimstone and sulfur
    if we’d lowered our scaled eyes
    to the cursed ground
    we would have seen the snakes
    suffocating our ankles.

    By h. b. URL on 06.28.2013

  9. To hide in the shadows of the cowl. Dagger in hand and dubious intentions. I pass as your friend, as you father, I am everywhere and anywhere. But in the least expected moment I come out and attach. I am a decoy to your most passionate desires, and when you fall, I will be there.

    By Alexis URL on 06.28.2013

  10. “ready for retaliation”
    what if i de-coyed you
    let me rob your intro
    to turn you IN side out
    make your face bloom
    your arms glow
    there’s no plan b
    no subterfuge around the corner
    i promise, i am no dummy
    but i want your bash, not your ful.

    By berenique URL on 06.28.2013

  11. “use the decoy strategy.” I knew it was the only thing left we needed to use to succeed in this plot. The heist. It was going to go wrong, and it was all my fault this time. I had no one to blame except myself.

    By Allyce on 06.28.2013

  12. “It’s just a decoy. Aim to the left,” said the crackling voice. I winced and switched it off. Decoy or not, I trust my own eyes. Aim to the right and fire. Crack-boom. Did I miss?

    By Penny on 06.28.2013

  13. She was Sydney Bristow in better clothes.

    An angel without a halo or something from a Blaxploitation movie.

    She held the gun to the back of his head and pressed the trigger. His name had been Max and she’d never caught any more than that.

    By Jon Carter on 06.28.2013

  14. It all started the day I went for a long nature walk in the woods behind my house.

    As i walked the trail i stumbled upon a a yellow rubber ducky decoy in

    By pg on 06.28.2013

  15. whatever it is, it’s a clown. You have got to be kidding me, right? Decoy is a funny word when you pronounce it slowly. Haha. Deee coyy. Lalalalala. Bam. Dot. Koy

    By Carina on 06.28.2013

  16. oshMy mom makes decoy for a drink at my house. it is a drink that is watered down. For example my mom takes some hawiian punch.she pours half of it in a bottle and she puts half water into both of the containers

    By Josh on 06.28.2013

  17. When I saw his nervous smile, I knew that he wasn’t my blind date. Blind dates have more nervous and less guiltiness in their ugly faces

    By Moriah on 06.28.2013

  18. ‘Tis but an illusion
    I dropped in your way
    To distract from the vision
    Of Truth everyday
    A mask of the moon
    A casque of a king
    A cheery Bard’s tune
    It’s all the same thing
    Nothing more than illusion
    A phantasmic clone
    That distracts you from living
    A life of your own

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 06.28.2013

  19. Rubber ducky, darling, I have brought a decoy. Will you spot it in time? No other hunt brings as much fun as duckies in the pool.

    By ISOreality URL on 06.28.2013

  20. Damnit. It was a decoy and now I was trapped. How could I fall for something so simple and elemental? I continued to crouch behind the flipped over table. The firefight was on pause, but it was not over. My heart was beating so fast, blood pumping and bulging in my veins.

    By Jack URL on 06.28.2013

  21. I will be the decoy
    from the fights,
    the crying,
    the screaming,
    I’ll just do something
    Then you won’t fight.
    You’ll just bottle it up
    and pretend that I’m the one worth saving,
    not your marriage.

    By duckszcic URL on 06.28.2013

  22. “well frank what did you think? did you honestly believe this could happen? well no this was all a brilliant plan and I just the decoy.” I give a half sime to frank as I light my cigar.

    By Claudia URL on 06.28.2013

  23. I was fake and he fell for it. I was never really me. I wanted someone to hold me, to save me, to make me better. I was so selfish. I never let him in because I was afraid but I let him let me in. I let him make me feel wanted. I was a terrible person. I let him believe that I was in love with him when I was really in love with the idea of him. I was a decoy. I hate myself for it.

    By Alex. URL on 06.28.2013

  24. Hiding in the shadows, looking familiar, the men noticed without a hitch. “That’s him! That’s the one, obscured in the dark there” they whispered urgently. The men turned and approached rapidly, terror filled them as they realized the trap when suddenly…they woke up.

    By Dixon Cider on 06.28.2013

  25. I feel like when I write these I should write a story relating to the word. This time I am going to just write, which is the whole point behind it. You see the word and just write. I don’t necessarily have to use the word given, just write with whatever comes to mind form the word posted.

    By Dean Marshall on 06.28.2013

  26. I found a decoy bouy today. It had a picture of a uck on it and no gps inside. Perhaps it was bait for some sharks passing through, to keep them from damaging dangerous equipment. Or maybe it was put there by aliens from outer space in UFOs, checking out the human race.

    By Autumn URL on 06.28.2013

  27. They tried to use me as a decoy. but i had planned ten steps ahead of them. If anybody was going to die it wasn’t going to be me.

    By Maston Mbewe URL on 06.28.2013

  28. decoy decay death gone run run we are running from our death, and we’ve never felt more alive. every second is a second gone. that’s nothing to just throw down the drain. run, around the curve of a stone building, duck from the bullets behind you. hide. you will sleep soundly tonight.

    By Emma on 06.28.2013

  29. Why would you use a decoy when the truth is so tangible? I suppose you may want to use a decoy to set the truth free — but so many times the decoy believes it is the truth, and the truth is batted and executed in prison… its limp form discarded in a mass grave of past truths.

    By Laura J on 06.28.2013

  30. You are either an original or a carbon copy. Most of the people I’ve come across are merely decoys of what they can’t be. These are the ones that pretend to be bold and powerful. These are the ones that have grown into their façade. These are the people I’m forced to walk beside; the ones I can’t stand.

    By Magdalena URL on 06.28.2013

  31. Fern took aim, aligning the lead sight of the barrel, left eye closed, ready to take her shot. If only her left eye had been open, she would have glimpsed the Chevy Malibu hurtling towards her, moments before just a part of the scenery of the Newark street. The figure in the window had just been a decoy, and Fern fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

    By JV URL on 06.28.2013