June 26th, 2013 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “joyous”

  1. Sarah’s joyous occasions always came whenever her mother made apple pie, her favorite. Apple pie meant things like, grandmother’s visit or a new baby sibling…or the last time, the neighbor’s had just had their 50th anniversary.

    This time, though, the atmosphere was different. She walked into the kitchen, her nose in the air, deeply inhaling the intoxicating scent of apple when she saw her mother’s face. Swollen from crying, she set down the apple pie and gave her a look. “Your father and I are getting a divorce.”

    By tanya on 06.27.2013

  2. It was a joyous occasion indeed when my son was born. I became a father and he was my all in all. I give God thanks each day that I have strength to be there for him, and to encourage him to praise God also for wisdom and life.

    By victor URL on 06.27.2013

  3. Laughing out loud felt absolutely wonderful. After years of silence, he had almost forgotten what this felt like. This letting go with reckless abandon. Throwing a head back and letting everything fade. All because he laughed.

    By Amber on 06.27.2013

  4. Some people were walking joyously on the road when suddenly, without them expecting it, a burglar came out with a bag full of money on his bag and in his other hand, was a gun. The group of friends started running, petrified. Fortunately, a police car was patrolling right at that moment so the burglar was arrested and the money restored in the bank.

    By Tatyana URL on 06.27.2013

  5. A joyous little girl, unknown to me, crossed the street to give me a smile and a necklace

    By odhran on 06.27.2013

  6. In these modern times, human beings have lost the essence of the true definition of the word joyous. Joyous is the state of being full of happiness. Clearly we human beings have lost the full part. We are only half joyous every day, when in reality we should be joyous for everything in these world. In these transitory life, we people should be joyous whenever we can, because when our time comes,we will have wish we enjoyed our short life. Let us all live a life full of joy.

    By Daniel Motta on 06.27.2013

  7. “Oh frabjous day! Callooh, callay!” said he. “You basically mean, Oh joyous day?” quipped she. “Uh, yeah,” replied he. “Then just say that,” retorted she.

    By ukifaluki on 06.27.2013

  8. You are joking…Joyous, on a day like today. It has done nothing but wuther. Wuther Wuther Wuther! All over the country we have Wuther and wuthering

    By Greg on 06.27.2013

  9. I am certain that at some point I will get happy about making this trip, but right now all I am is nervous and stressed. Joyous will no doubt come somewhere along the road, but I’ll have to wait for it.

    By mrsmig on 06.27.2013

  10. Joyous again! Well I’m not finding this easy even though I did this not more than 10 minutes earlier. I decided to catch up on onewords from the past and I scored this again. I suppose it could be joyous, (after time-up: but it would be more joyouser if I could come up with something a bit gutsier than this eh?

    By Bronhill on 06.27.2013

  11. Bellicose Gargoyles gaze mightily from the Parapets. Knights Soldiers & Archers assemble, Defenders of the Royal Realm. … Lo! The dark Day has come; now the Time of War is at hand, and upon us All. … Who amongst us waxes Joyous now? Who? … Only Aelaeraeon’s hungry Hawk, perched menacingly on her shoulder — and yes, Aelaeraeon herself; the most belligerent Princess the Kingdom has known. Under her strict and sure Command, the valiant shall shield Geffenstinkelflaggubben Castle and Kingdom, verily to the Death and beyond; to see us through the bloody Days, Weeks, Months, Years if need be — ’til Victory Bells peal Joyous once again!

    By Think Hopefully, Act Vocally on 06.27.2013

  12. No this can’t be…! I’m trying to do out of date onewords but all roads are pointing to ‘joyous’ and I’m not happy. No joyouis moments in this.. I wan a new word – please You’ve got one las chance and where is the time up bell??

    By Bronhill on 06.27.2013

  13. Nope. Off to bed Bronhill. I’ve got othjer words to write about. Life is more important (and short) to be bothereing aboiut ‘joyous’ at this time of night. I want to write abouit moeny and wealth and riches an (whoops the bell)

    By Bronhill on 06.27.2013

  14. I joyously celebrated through the night. Champagne? Yes please. Another kiss with the groom? Why not? 2 more hours on the dance floor. I won’t get to drunk.

    By Emmy Loo Hoo on 06.27.2013

  15. Jump! Run, laugh. Embrace yourself. Out of a job? Without a home? Low on friends? You are wealthy- you’re still here.

    By Soft URL on 06.27.2013

  16. Joyous were the days when I could look out by the window and let the wind take my mind away. When my thoughts did not feel like anchors dragging the bottom of the sea, being forced away from time to time in spite of themselves behind a ship, perpetually resisting the currents of life and aging prematurely from the rust of boredom.

    By J. on 06.27.2013

  17. family, school, students, Time in my pool,. I do not get enough of that that is all one me! I like joy it brings simple moments to a better place than happy

    By MegCarolyn on 06.27.2013

  18. I am joyous when I stay with my bf.? He makes me joyous just simply being himself or by making me nice small tiny gifts. Life with my

    By luci on 06.27.2013

  19. My heart leaped and my stomach fluttered as heat and joy rushed through me like a river broken free of a dam. It was a joyous sensation.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.27.2013

  20. Having a child is a joyous occasion, yeah? I mean, you get to see a new person come into the world, a little miracle you helped create. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to me, but then she opened her eyes and little fingers that were so clearly mine grasped my hand and I… I couldn’t help weeping with joy.

    By Claire on 06.27.2013

  21. Will you be quiet? he asked, finally looking up from his book. She responded by taking the book from him and silently dancing around the room with it, miming a joyous and ecstatic rapture.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.27.2013

  22. The bells were ringing, sky was blue. People everywhere were throwing their balloons and decorations into the air in celebration.

    By Leasha P. URL on 06.27.2013

  23. The birth of a child is the most joyous occasion a person can experience, so I’m told. Then why don’t I want one? Why do I get the feeling that everyone is lying to themselves and each other, unwilling to admit that perhaps they’ve made a huge mistake?

    By JV on 06.27.2013

  24. her voice was whisper-relief as she
    painted stars on my throat
    with her lips,
    careful and quick,
    before adam could turn his neck
    and see.

    “oh, i thought i’d get so lonely,”
    she said, juice trickling down my arm,
    fruit still pulsing in my hands,
    wary to surrender. i could’ve sworn
    it beat a little faster
    when she took a bite from it
    right over my shoulder.

    in those days clarity was not
    light cutting through a darkness;
    it was the darkness that slithered
    into my vision of light,
    took away the miasma of innocence,
    made the fruit taste bitter-tart.
    i could’ve cried; everything before then
    had been unbearably sweet.

    i shook my head,
    in lieu of words,
    pressing back against
    the bumps of her flesh: an offering,
    not a temptation.
    her resonating smile was serpentine.
    “i know somebody
    who can give us a ride out of here.”

    By h. b. on 06.27.2013

  25. It’s a joyous day. My wings have finally come in. I flap happily around the back garden while my mother shouts at me to come down.
    “The neighbours will see!” she calls.
    “They’re just jealous their children don’t have wings,” I call back. I fly higher, up towards the clouds.

    By Penny on 06.27.2013

  26. A family tradition we used to celebrate the joyous season included boxes, wrapping paper, duct tape, and gift cards.

    By Brooke URL on 06.27.2013

  27. Joyous. A word with many meanings to each. One can be joyous for many things. Food, new clothes, long drives, good music, romantic dates etc
    Sometimes, it could be smaller. For a dog, it will be nearly EVERYTHING. A new toy. His companions coming home, a small bug, anything. And everything. That is the beauty of a dog.

    By Ishita on 06.27.2013

  28. Joyous. What the fuck. I am not feeling particularly joyous at the moment. I am bored beyond belief. I have absolutely nothing to do. I’m on my summer holidays and I’m supposed to be having fun. Joyous is not a feeling I am experiencing. My social life is dead, my friends live far away. I am not joyous at all, goddamit.

    By Not Joyous on 06.27.2013

  29. i don’t know what it means :D
    i have no idea ithink it’s something to do with joy so maybe it’s about joy !! :D
    shit i’ll totally be a bad writer

    By haidy on 06.27.2013

  30. Expectations…
    I have come to expect them.
    Like a physical
    (comforting tangible)
    weight, or a burden;
    sometimes reassuring
    in all its familiarity,
    other times pressuring,
    always against the rib-cage,
    restricting breath.

    Confined through
    chains and shackle,
    I think,
    through curious lens,
    how it might be,
    to let go of these
    (social restraints)
    that I place
    upon myself
    and know
    what it is like —


    By YEsomebody on 06.27.2013

  31. happy amd exciting. makes you feel good. a name. loveely.
    cute i love the word, feels good when you say it or think it and it makes you just plain happy. feel good

    By annie on 06.27.2013

  32. happy. feels good to say it and just make you feel great. i could be a pretty name, beauatiful feeling. lovely. sounds nice when you say it. “the girl was always very joyous”

    By annie on 06.27.2013

  33. you see the coffin was made from oakwood, it was a lovely shade of brown, there couldn’t possibly be a more agreeable hue for a casket like his, you should have seen it, it went a long so well with the widow’s hat, it was embelished with a dried aster, so very charming, even the bouquets harmonised with

    By berenique on 06.27.2013

  34. I once perched on a bench next to the glamorous miss humbard. We sat and spoke about the joyous wedding we had just experienced together. The food was magnificent, but humpty dumpty got drunk and fell of the wall! This meant that the kings horses and men who were all in attendance had to try and repair him .

    By Holly on 06.27.2013

  35. Joyous celebration filled the air as the triumphant warrior rode back into the enormous city on his cliche white hourse. Cassandra scoffed as the petty villagers continued to cheer the champion of the city. He held up the bloody head head of his most recent prize and the roar becae deafening. It was despicable how th crowds cheered and adored him. He was just man; well a narcissistic egotistical man but a man nonetheless. As the other girls squealed as he rode by, Cassandra defiantly stared at the ground ana made not a sound. Little did she know, the champion had noticed the one girl in the crowd who was not cheering his name…

    By Sarah on 06.27.2013

  36. I peeked, like a child with
    wide eyes
    looking in at the presents
    in another home
    in another family
    under the nice tree
    undisguised glee on my face
    so obvious, anyone
    would’ve known
    like a travesty,
    a parody of joy
    twisting just so
    in my gut
    in my innards
    spilling down onto
    fresh wet snow

    By YEsomebody on 06.27.2013

  37. Oh joyous yee occasion to write for 60 seconds about joyous. As joyous is such a joyous word and nothing but joy can ever come of a thought of even thinking the word joyous. Are you joyous today? Joyous joyous joyous, ok, what was derived from some late word for…

    By Dixon Cider on 06.27.2013

  38. Vacation. Breezy, tropical islands with oversized sunglasses and flower crowns. pinapple drinks and fashion and beauty shops. perfect outfits and beautiful scenery

    By abby on 06.27.2013

  39. Nothing new can now be said
    Now the last of the poets is dead.
    Joyous, joyous! All new art
    Will lack the will to move the heart.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 06.27.2013

  40. Joyous describes how I’m feeling today. Everything is well with all my people. I am at work and busy, but not overwhelmed. I am in a good place right now. Joyous, to me, means overflowing happiness. And that is how i feel….

    By Coness on 06.27.2013