January 31st, 2011 | 520 Entries

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520 Entries for “jelly”

  1. I see your face and I turn to jelly. I fall onto my knees and I pray for a future in your arms. My legs turn to jelly as you walk my way and i cry over the steps you take past me. My heart turns to jelly when you turn back and look at me.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 01.31.2011

  2. Fish, fish, fish!!!

    By Ivn Stoyx URL on 01.31.2011

  3. I watched as his eyes flicked down to my lips, and I could feel myself leaning in. As our mouths connected, a shock went down my whole body; racing down my spine, tingling through my legs, and rooting me to the ground by my feet. When he pulled back, I smiled, satisfied, and tried to get over the jelly feeling in my body.

    By eymliilmye URL on 01.31.2011

  4. jelly. why is it the only food I might describe as sexy? the thing that is 1/2 of a peanut butter jelly sandwich. pardon me for perverting my own childhood.

    By Nick URL on 01.31.2011

  5. jelly. jelly and peanut butter. a sandwich reminding me of my childhood. jellyfish. stinging, gross, yet beautiful sea creatures. finding Nemo. and he shall be my squishy and he shall be mine ….. and he shall be my squishy, come here squishy, come here little squishy squishy squisy.. ow! bad squishy bad! Dory that’s a jelly fish! lol… hmm.. jelly. grape, strawberry, pomegranate/blueberry jelly

    By Michelle on 01.31.2011

  6. Jelly fishes swim in the open ocean. Emitting radiant light, floating without a care in the universe other than being bright and flowing free.

    By Liz on 01.31.2011

  7. as i walked to the stage, butterflies grew in my stomach. my hands grew cold and clammy, while my legs felt like jelly. i looked out at the crowd and opened my mouth to sing. beautiful words came out. i take a bow and walk off. the jelly gone…

    By Michelle on 01.31.2011

  8. wow i used to dislike sweets. My mom started making jelly and changed that though, because now i eat jelly on everything and anything. I like it on ice-cream, toast, waffles, EVERYTHING!

    By Chey URL on 01.31.2011

  9. Jelly trees like to give away angels strung from candy and the current that carries the water by the tree is full of lies but the tree filters out the blackness and spills it on the banks. Which his why the soil is black and the fruit comes out all colors and flavors.

    By Marysol on 01.31.2011

  10. jelly. my brain has been reduced to a jelly matter. i want to put it in a mold. have it form again. this is not even a possibility. i can form my thoughts and understand them, but a simple mindless groan is all anyone else understands from my mouth.

    By joey on 01.31.2011

  11. Jelly doughnuts. I drive to Krispy Kreme and purchase 3 doughnuts. Every one of them is filled with jelly. The sticky sweetness sticks to my fingers and lips.

    By Kathryn on 01.31.2011

  12. Jelly is gooey and a great lubricant during sex. Although I get pretty wet, I like to jelly up my man’s penis before he enters me, and I think he finds it much more comfortable that way. If you ever get a little burn from sex, I suggest you go buy some jelly and try it!

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 01.31.2011

  13. I love apple jelly. It’s so strange: when I was little, I ate grape jelly and liked it a lot. After first tasting apple jelly, though, I couldn’t go back. Now, I’ve had myself some muscidine jelly and plum jelly and that’s good and all, but there’s just nothing quite like apple.

    By TTGG URL on 01.31.2011

  14. “You jelly?”
    “No. No I am not jelly of you, or your life, or your husband, or the fact that you live in the nicest house in the neighborhood, or the fact that you basically have the perfect life.”

    “I see. So you’re jelly.”

    By Winnie URL on 01.31.2011

  15. jelly is best when paired with peanutbutter. its sweet, tangy.. and reminds me of british people. when i think about jelly i want to smear it on toast with some butter because sometimes peanuts are overrated. jelly is no different than jam it just has a special name. uhm i dont know what else to say about jelly except for id rather have jam ….most days.

    By alex on 01.31.2011

  16. I’m 5-years-old and walking along the beach and I’m terrified of the jelly fish. I imagine a searing, death pain if I’m stung. I give them a wide berth and am on edge like I’m walking through a minefield. I see a darkly tanned woman in a skimpy bikini stride across the beach, her foot nonchalantly avoiding the pale blue and green bubbles by barely a centimeter. Looking back, I imagine her partying with gangsters and snorting coke that night. But as a five year old I just have the vague sense she’s tough and pretty.

    By the girl at the end of the hall on 01.31.2011

  17. i like jelly especially with butter on an english muffin but i dont really eat it because i think it will make me fat. if i was fat then my life would be more difficult because there would be physical struggles as well as emotional struggles. not many people like fat people so i would have less friends. plus i couldnt run.

    By samantha on 01.31.2011

  18. my legs like jelly, my hair a mess, i know you left me but you left me a mess.

    By claireg URL on 01.31.2011

  19. Jelly is the jam. The only Jam around. if their was a Jam to Jelly. Then Jelly would be its name.
    Wait is that a rhyme?

    By Denis on 01.31.2011

  20. We are the bells, and we echo echo echo. The sound is pungent and can seem a jelly, sloughing down around ears and throughout. Senses senses senses. We, the bells, the staunchest of tones. Remember us.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 01.31.2011

  21. Wobble. Everybody knows thats what jelly does. Everybody. So why was this green blob on the plate in front of me so defiantly still? I nudged the plate with the side of my finger, expecting it to flail atop the porcelain. Not even a wibble. Stupid jelly.

    By fionars URL on 01.31.2011

  22. “Peanut butter tastes so good!” Gabe exclaims, (my son has it all over his face)… love at first lick. I am jealous… going to cabinet now for some PBJ while he finishes licking his fingers.

    By Lia URL on 01.31.2011

  23. peanut butter and jelly make a lovely sandwich. I love to have grape jelly on my scrambled eggs. Your brain turns to jelly when you watch TV. Jelly in a mailbox would be a good prank. Jelly jello belly jelly belly jealousy is insecurity. Envy is ignorance. The best government is that that governs the least. Jelly

    By Mandrawr on 01.31.2011

  24. jam
    peanut butter
    willy wonka
    english muffin

    By Lucy Comaskey on 01.31.2011

  25. It’s all oopy and goopy and stuff. For some reason, it feels babyish. It feels nostalgic. I don’t know why. I imagine frolicking with the stuff, plumes and sheafs of it, running around the kitchen. It got everywhere, and I loved it. It was so pure. Just so unrefined. I used to love licking it. Not swallowing. Licking and nibbling and swirling. Pure. So pure.

    By Jake Bittle on 01.31.2011

  26. jelly donuts
    and coffee
    peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches
    and chocolate milk
    strawberry jelly
    blue berry jam

    By liltig URL on 01.31.2011

  27. morton jelly fats rolls on down to New Orleans and he is NOT wearing jelly shoes he absolutely is NOT. Instead he is jiggling and wearing his fancy tap shoes that look like saddle shoes on a 90 year old grand dame of society. Out of place and out of site and I wonder does this autosubmit? Guess I’ll find out soon if you steal my stuff

    By lz on 01.31.2011

  28. I ate a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich but it tasted like jelly fish oh how I wish I didn’t eat that peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    By Kieran on 01.31.2011

  29. Alexander, a son of Hecate, was wandering in the park one day
    He stumbled upon a jelly sandwich, which had a note to give to Mitch
    I’m not really good at poems you see, so let’s give up on this history

    By Kiga URL on 01.31.2011

  30. Jelly – like she made her way down the the waves and plunged in, smooth and glistening.

    By philippa URL on 01.31.2011

  31. i could really use some jelly to put in the middle of my thumbprint cookies. They are absolutely delicious. I wish you could have some too.

    By Christine on 01.31.2011

  32. jelly filled doughnuts are sooooo tasty, especially the crispy creme ones, they’re awesome and tasty and powdery and soooooooooo good, o my gosh i want one right now, they are SOOOOOOO good oh my gosh i want a taco too, and ice cream and cookies :)

    By littledubs on 01.31.2011

  33. I spread jelly with a spoon. I’m afraid of knives because my brother cuts himself.

    Now i’m scared

    By Maggie URL on 01.31.2011

  34. purple , put on tpast a little nasty , sick soup mmmm makes you fee so warm on the inside , hot sumer day I cant wait I hate the winter andschool ugh boring friendsmm getting on my nreves oring fake but hey it what evr

    By dominique jackson URL on 01.31.2011

  35. The human brain can do thousands of processes in a millisecond. It learns language, calculus, and physics all before the age of two. It is tasty on bread. Mmm. Brain-jelly sandwich.

    By Zombie on 01.31.2011

  36. Jelly
    so sweet
    all over your lips
    and as I look into your eyes
    I can’t help but be drawn
    as your lips are now
    ten times sweeter
    as they are already sweet
    and I think I might die
    If I had the chance to kiss you
    with jelly on your lips

    By m.A.c URL on 01.31.2011

  37. Jelly donuts. Jelly fish. Jelly…as in the flab on your stomach. I don’t know how I feel about jelly, except for the fact that my favorite jelly is black raspberry with the seeds in it. I hear they call that “preserves” so I suppose it’s not really jelly at all…

    I’m new at this.

    Don’t judge me.

    By alexis URL on 01.31.2011

  38. Hmmm…Jelly. Such a weird word. And what is the difference between Jam and Jelly? They just seem so similar, and why is the distinction so important. It’s like they’re not even in the same food group, but they are. It seems so weird and foreign.

    By Alexandra URL on 01.31.2011

  39. Something about it’s texture, how it moves between your fingers and tickles the tip of your tongue, you’ve always been a die-hard jelly fan. You never knew why, but the strawberry reminds you of blood…

    By Nicole on 01.31.2011

  40. There was a peanut butter sandwich on the table when I got home from school. I thought this was unusual, seeing how my mother was away on business and I am pretty sure my father has never stepped foot in the a kitchen. I scanned the sandwich. No peanut butter, just jelly.

    By Brooke Sushka on 01.31.2011