June 6th, 2012 | 330 Entries

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330 Entries for “jelly”

  1. Grape jelly, my favorite in flavor, but the worst for spreading. Likely because its not made from grapes after all. But some artificially conjealed substance originating from pig knuckles or something. I dont really care. Its delicious. I also imagine myself eating buiscuts and gravy BUT theay must have…guess?… Grape jelly on them.

    By robyn on 06.07.2012

  2. Jelly. When I was a kid my dad used to buy me a Japanese brand of jelly called Konyaku. They were shaped like animals and cute objects. It was one of my favorites as a child.

    By ChristieLovestoWrite URL on 06.07.2012

  3. Dirty paws turn me to jelly. I watch his bulldog digging up the rosemary while he talks of mortgages. “Hey,” I say, “want to go inside?” But he’s still talking about interest rates and terms when we go in, and the dog is still swinging away in the sun, too far away, beyond the sliding glass patio doors.

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.07.2012

  4. I looked at the bowl of jelly in my hands, and smiled. Just as I was about to eat it, I saw him. He gave me a lopsided grin, “Jelly? Wanna share?” That’s when our forever began… with a bowl of jelly.

    By aquaman URL on 06.07.2012

  5. Once upon a time a green jelly bag was hanging around the stables when the sky turned black and it started raining cats and dogs. The jelly, being allergic to rain, ran to the stables to hide. In there was a large black horse by the name of Tim.
    ‘Wassup?’ said Tim.
    ‘Wet….’ replied the jelly.

    By Lumos on 06.07.2012

  6. Squishy. Fruity. Jelly. Jam. What is the difference between jelly and jam anyway? Is it that one doesn’t have pieces of fruit in it and the other does? Is it like crunchy and smooth peanut butter? But then why give it a different name?

    By Elise URL on 06.07.2012

  7. Hi dear I want to taste your jelly by slanting on your belly. I know you want to ask or tell me some thing. But you hesitate to start. Am I right?

    By laxmi on 06.07.2012

  8. I Love jellie’s and even wrote a book called Jellyfish inside out. it has a cd rom in it too, to show how the stinging mechanism works. It was fun and hard to write! For 9 to 12 year olds.

    By michelle a.m. URL on 06.07.2012

  9. The word jelly always reminded me of the jealous. A little saying teenagers use. But if we were talking about the food jelly, now that’s just weird. It has a weird feel, the taste is alright. Just the jellyness is funny. The way it goes down all wobbly jobbly.

    By Jazmin on 06.07.2012

  10. reminds me the dessert in hospital, the black jelly beans that i hate and the red that i love, the shotters with vodka and jelly

    By laurence on 06.07.2012

  11. The jar of jelly was just sitting there on the stove. My mother probably made it yesterday. Deep purple and mulberry black all tightly contained in that little jar. I licked my lips and couldn’t wait to taste it.

    By Laura Riddle on 06.07.2012

  12. Trust me she hadn’t predicted the night to come to such a dramatic closing, yet here she was curled by the side of the door frame, her brother inside, flipping tables in a confused manner, calling out for them “Mom!? Dad?!” Mab looked down at the jar of mysterious jam the two had tasted earlier, the whole night s

    By Hannah on 06.07.2012

  13. a wobbly substance nice with icecream, kids parties, wrestling, peanut butter sandwiches, cubes and hot water, yummy, strawberry and lime flavour, ambrosia custard, is it a food or a liquid? somewhere inbetween. hwo does gelatine give it the texture? weird texture.

    By kirsty on 06.07.2012

  14. wibbly wobbly yummy slippery on the spoon eat it fast and it slides down slimily. jiggly, tingly, baby food danger, gorging on a fruity food flying down your throat, like a heavy flabby flop.

    By karen on 06.07.2012

  15. Jelly is good!! Peanut butter and jelly sandwich – Yum!! Who wouldnt want a bite out of that? Jellyfish are pretty too!! Jelly is like the perfect guy. Good to look at, see-through and flexible. Lol.

    By AKP on 06.07.2012

  16. Push the nightmares back into a jar. Pull me back up from the floor. Wash away the wounds like jelly slipping from a plate.

    By genahtastic URL on 06.07.2012

  17. yummy
    peanut butter

    By Rebecca URL on 06.07.2012

  18. it is wobbly! i love jelly, raspberry is the best.. i did a project in first year of college on jelly… ended up looking like a jelly dealer with my weighing scales and asking people to make jelly for me.

    By Holly on 06.07.2012

  19. “Why do you call me that?”

    “I have to rename everything. Otherwise I can’t fall in love.”

    She smirked. “Oh, I see.”

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 06.07.2012

  20. I like jelly. It squishes out the sides of my globby, gloopy over-buttered sandwich and makes me feel young again. Sometimes I want to run around the house afterwards and put my hands all over the windows, just to prove I still can.

    By Laura URL on 06.07.2012

  21. i already did jelly. lets talk about poop. brown and stinky ewwwwwwwwwww dont eat it.

    By poop eats alot URL on 06.07.2012

  22. Suche eins,
    nehme noch eins,
    immer mehr
    kann nicht aufhören
    nur noch eins
    dann ist aber schluss
    lass uns noch eins nehmen
    nur eins
    dann noch eins
    bis sie alle verschwunden sind

    By anuri URL on 06.07.2012

  23. It wasn’t blood, but a jelly that seeped forth from his wound. The physician looked up in confusion. He looked at the patient just in time to see the eyes shift into narrow slits and claws leap for his throat.

    By River Ranter URL on 06.07.2012

  24. Jelly fish.

    The jelly warbled off of his plate, looking offended. It glared up at him, singing the song of its people.

    “I don’t know!” she screamed. “Apricots! THAT’s my favorite jelly!”

    The gummy worm would never tell his cousins that he was in fact made of jelly.

    It all hurt so much.

    By Bob on 06.07.2012

  25. a purple substance that goes on bread, very good. comes from grapes. wet, slimy, wiggly, like jello. jelly, nelly, belly.. very good, kids love it!

    By avi URL on 06.07.2012

  26. sandwich, lunch, hungery, food, jellyfish, sponge bob,

    By logpon on 06.07.2012

  27. Jelly…a breakfast favorite or a child’s curiosity? “Do jellyfish make jelly?” They may ask. “But then where does jam come from?A jam fish?”

    By Alexandria Reardon on 06.07.2012

  28. yummy cool slimmy food PB&J good to eat fun to eat cold love to eat good for you

    By keagen on 06.07.2012

  29. I had a jelly shot last night. Just the one. It was free and I was drunk; these are my excuses. I haven’t eaten jelly in four years and back then it was coupled with ice cream, sprinkles and birthday parties.This time it was coupled with dancing, cigarettes and alcohol. I think I grew up.

    By leaheline URL on 06.07.2012

  30. It is delicious,fruity and moist. It is cool how will can be wobbled

    By hfdhd on 06.07.2012

  31. It is what my mom makes. My brother like eating this stuff. He makes it look like the most tastiest thing in the world. I don’t like it though.

    By Binary Ninja on 06.07.2012

  32. Is it always jelly? wibble wobble wibble wobble its always jelly. Feeding troops the jelly of death, feeding kids the party kind. So on so on so on…everyone born in the 80s knows that jelly was best served straight from the pack! eating the sq cubes without the boiling episode.

    By Alex on 06.07.2012

  33. jelly is a semi solid semi liquid thing…and its amazing! it comes in all different flavours and is very easy to make aswell. I love strawberry jelly and ate it alot as a child, it was evem exciting because it made my lips pink and i used to walk around like i had lipstick on.
    Okay, now i just want to eat some jelly…I made some rice cripy squares today though…best thingg ever. Opps, this is suppose to be about jelly

    anyways, go buy some jelly and eat it

    By famk on 06.07.2012

  34. my cat is called that.

    By stacey on 06.07.2012

  35. The refrigerator is disgusting, she told me. Like she’d know. I mean, it was disgusting. The brown stuff made up of who knows what was increasing by orders of magnitude across the floor of it. Also, a lid from some dark colored condiment never made it completely on.

    By Chris on 06.07.2012

  36. I hate my jelly without looking back. Diet was the furthest thing from my mind. It tasted great, slightly liquid.
    My wife looked across the kitchen with a blank look. I guess she didn’t totally approve…

    By NunoB URL on 06.07.2012

  37. The jelly fish undulated in the water, tentacles waving as the surf carried it closer and closer to the shore. With a burst of energy, it propelled itself toward the open ocean, struggling to escape the pounding waves of the beach. Caught in the shallow water, it gasped, trembled, and rolled upon the sand.

    By D on 06.07.2012

  38. good yummy slimy different colours fun good to eat with peanut butter kids love it

    By keagen on 06.07.2012

  39. sticky and sweet, wobbly like my tummy, joyful like a child, clear, colourful, runny when hot, set when cool, birthday parties, mommy and siblings, jumping castle and balloons.

    By karabo on 06.07.2012

  40. jelly is so fun to look at like watching homer simpson run in slow motion on television. jelly comes in all shapes and sizes and i especially like the ones with little fruits and jelly shells in them. i like to eat and share with my friends a nice bit of jelly.

    By t on 06.07.2012