November 15th, 2010 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “ivy”

  1. Ivy’s eyes red glare caught the man before her with shock. He had never seen a woman so stunning and just gorgeous. Eyes like the coals in the fiery pits of hell. And a body suit tight to her pale skin and just making the crimson strands on her head stand out even more. Beautiful, stunning, and a dangerous grin set on her face. She stalked forward. His heart leapt towards her.

    By Krystal on 11.15.2010

  2. Poison ivy! It hurts…don’t go near that stuff. If you want to spend the rest of the day itching and red with rashes, sure. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

    There’s a reason it has ‘poison’ in the name.

    By Cory on 11.15.2010

  3. i gave birth to
    ivy water
    the colour of
    and me
    trapped in a bed
    ivy water
    trapped in

    By s URL on 11.15.2010

  4. The ivy twined lazily around the side of the old house. The bricks, a dark red, stuck out individually against the white lines crossing all across the wall. The one window, grimy in front of dusty curtains, seemed to mock the rest. it was more important than the brick wall.

    By Lindsay I URL on 11.15.2010

  5. I miss you, Chaz. maybe too much. l:

    By - on 11.15.2010

  6. green vines growing up a trellis on the side of my neibors porch in clearmont florida, thinking I could climb like like in shadow of the colosuss, I grabbed on, but they fell off and I gave up. I wasn’t sad, it was just a memory.

    By Ben on 11.15.2010

  7. a little bitch i babysit. red hair and all. poison and itchy. sweet in the end. doesn’t like to hug. but it is possible that she knows she hurts. 4 years old. scary kid. lovely as well. catch phrase. poison ivy.

    By het anne on 11.15.2010

  8. crawling up walls it reaches for the sky not knowing what it will see when it gets there. Up trees and spaces and whatever is in between with feet that cling to any surface. Adaptable it reaches and over takes and binds with life around it to create art. Shooting through cracks and crevices like tey were formed just for the green filler of its stems, stemming to stem again to the sun and touch its yellow warmth.

    By Ryan Maloney on 11.15.2010

  9. IW, it’s a strange word.
    Probably has no meaning, but heck what i do i know?
    Or could be the anwser to life..
    Or just a simple dumb statement.
    It might be important.
    Or just out there for no reason.
    Could be a whole person’s life, and another person’s glance.
    It doesn’t matter.
    It’s a strange word, no matter what.
    Only two letters, huh! How about that?
    It’s probably a really amazing word though.

    By Kat Gorawr on 11.15.2010

  10. The ivy-covered cottage stuck out in the haunted forest. A safe haven from all of the evil-minded creatures that I have been stuck living with.
    Going up to the front steps of the small house, I gather my strength to press the doorbell.
    “Hello?” A mysterious figure answers the door quickly… But I have already ran off to the evil depths of the forest again.
    What can I say? It’s my home now.

    By Angel of Music URL on 11.15.2010

  11. ivy. whether it is poison. or whether it is a leauge. It can be a league of it’s own. But you must know, there is no crying in baseball.

    By Adam on 11.15.2010

  12. poison ivy blisters boil huge on my leg that one summer years ago. it bursts and the puss runs down my shin, making everyone around me squeal. So itchy, but i daren’t touch it.

    By evie on 11.15.2010

  13. Following the trailing plants up the stone-faced front of the house with her eyes, she smiled softly to herself. Nature was one simple thing she could fully enjoy lately. Nothing about the plants wanted to hurt her, wanted revenge or something against her. They didn’t want anything but water, sun and air. Elements and Balance, she wished her life was that simple.

    By Phee URL on 11.15.2010

  14. Ivy is just what I wanted a while ago. It all started when I was 4 years, my mother brought me an action figure that I still have somewhere in my bedroom, perhaps time has got rid of it.

    By Juan Fernandez on 11.15.2010

  15. Like ivy climbing up a building, cracking the stone, destroying, covering, breaking down. It covered everything in sight, stretched endlessly upwards, outwards, ever seeking the horizon. It was never satisfied, it could never rest. Like this, they spread across the continent.

    By R Lf. M. URL on 11.15.2010

  16. is an incredible latino woman. another is a girl who lives on my floor who i don’t know very well, but i think she’s gorgeous. i think i’m intimidated by her and that’s why i haven’t reached out to know her yet. also, ivy is a beautiful plant that i want to cover my house someday.

    By Abby H. on 11.15.2010

  17. “A tail as green as the ivy that lines the tower she came from.” I heard her hiss. “The wretch belongs on the dirt her eyes match.”

    By Hannah on 11.15.2010

  18. Ivy is a great plant don’t you think, It’s all green and loverly I just love it.

    By Gwyndolin URL on 11.15.2010

  19. Ivy can be poison, causing an itch when your skin comes in contact with it. I feel that I, myself, am immune to its effects, for the most part. My friend usually gets it whenever he goes in the woods. I think the oil released from the Ivy leaves cause your skin to itch.

    By Jeremy on 11.15.2010

  20. Ivy as green as surrounding, encapsulating freshness that feels poison to the touch. I almost immediately felt the effects.

    By Jeremy on 11.15.2010

  21. The boy stood, shaking his head. “God dammit.” The girl looked down at him with a smirk.
    “You’re the one that wouldn’t give in. It’s only your own fault.” She tossed the ball back at him, the leather hitting him in the chest with a thump.
    He growled at her, standing. His mother would be furious.

    By Chaos URL on 11.15.2010

  22. The boy stood, shak­ing his head. “God dammit.” The girl looked down at him with a smirk.
    “You’re the one that wouldn’t give in. It’s only your own fault.” She tossed the ball back at him, the leather hit­ting him in the chest with a thump.
    He growled at her, stand­ing. His mother would be furious.

    By Chaos URL on 11.15.2010

  23. I looked down at the stoop that i sat sobbing on. There was ivy growing in a crack. Now that I thought about it, there was plant life everywhere. Only the animals and people were gone. Except for me, of course. That little sprig of ivy lifted me from my abyss of self-pity and made me determine to find out what had happened.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.15.2010

  24. Clutching the corner of the building, the ancient ivy was slowly descending the building. It crept down at a slow pace, growing strong and supple as the building next door lost tiles on it’s roof, and long strips of white paint began to hang off of it’s smooth walls. It kept spreading it’s vines, straining as far as it’s limbs could muster, always determined to reach the ground below and join the other living world before it was gone.

    By Shannon on 11.15.2010

  25. green. fresh. life… beautiful. poison. spring. fence. name. old lady.

    By carly on 11.15.2010

  26. The vines clung to the chain link fence. Green laces winding between the wire fabric. The Ivy climbed up the fence and upon the coarse brick face of the crumbling structure. I

    By Chuck K. URL on 11.15.2010

  27. i thought the poison ivy was my punishment for what i did that day, we went with innocent intentions but they were washed away. you left me with something more that i still have to carry with me today.

    By Delilah URL on 11.15.2010

  28. The ivy grew up over the wall, creating a private, closed world in which she could hide. It was beautiful, and better still, it was safe. She could be who she wanted, and never have to pretend to be who she wasn’t. And it was all thanks to that marvelous, marvelous ivy.

    By Anna on 11.15.2010

  29. Poison fucking ivy
    That’s you
    I got too close and you
    Made your mark on me
    It just won’t reside

    By Amiee URL on 11.15.2010

  30. poison ivy makes you itch. It gives you little puss filled bumps and spreads to your clothes and your friends.

    Ivy league schools are pretentious and over priced.

    Doesn’t seem like there’s much good to say about ivy.

    i think there was a character named ivy something in one of the many batman movies. Can’t remember which. Not too important obviously.

    By Kristy on 11.15.2010

  31. the children like to climb the ivy. it is very long and strong. the ivy is by the beach and everytime the children climb it they fall into the water.

    By monsie URL on 11.15.2010

  32. The vines of ivy twirled up the building, which was pristine, and so white it was almost sickening. People complained so often of dirty, ruined buildings being overrun by plants -a disgrace to see-, but this was far worse. It seemed whoever lived there had some odd phobia of color; not a speck of dirt marred the doors, the walls, the windows.

    By Kristin on 11.15.2010

  33. the green ivy covered the wall at wrigley field. Only the numbers marking home run distances could be seen because the grounds keepers made sure of it. No one had seen the actual wall in quite some time. What was behind it? no one knew.

    By cmk917 on 11.15.2010

  34. Green stems climb higher and higher,
    ever reaching, never satisfied.
    Walls become nothing more,
    than mountains waiting to
    be climbed.

    By Liliam Naranjo Hernandez on 11.15.2010

  35. Ivy covered lanes are frost bitten in the night.
    Watch the crow stalk and prey, then proceed to take flight.

    By Marianne URL on 11.15.2010

  36. POISON IVY. BATMAN. ivy cottages in england the british country side and the whiet hills of dover, going from calais to dover on the ferry. walking on, whiel everyone else has driven. get off and look for pounds. kinds blond boy with the backpack helps me figure out the bus and subway station. huge hug and i’m off into the rain of london

    By catiqua URL on 11.15.2010

  37. The building was old, decorated with ivy vines all over the front and sides. I could see the places where the house had cracks, chunks broken off, and burned. It had been through a lot- I immediately gained respect for it and it’s owner.

    By Erin on 11.15.2010

  38. Poison is the first thing I think of. Then it is the vine and how great it looks on a brick building in the spring, making the building come alive.

    By Andy on 11.15.2010

  39. it stings and makes you angry, but you have nothing you can do. when i fight my anger it comes out in way i wish it hadn’t. i cringe and restrain my fire. oh i wish that poison woul heal.

    By layla on 11.15.2010

  40. ivy grows and grows on houses, attaches itself like me to you. never let go……

    By ar on 11.15.2010