April 23rd, 2011 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “iron”

  1. metal and rust and buildings healthy blood clots blood test iron weight heavy metal pennies copper element periodic table science chemistry school lost food iron healthy vitamin important human body people eat need to live healthy blood stream chemicals dangerous

    By bianca on 04.23.2011

  2. Once there was a girl in my class who thought when I wore my ‘carnivore’ shirt featuring a t-rex it was weird. She asked me about it as I’m a vegetarian and I told her it was supposed to be kinda ironic because I was a baby hipster, she then asked me if I meant like the metal. Sometimes I hate the world.

    By Meg on 04.23.2011

  3. Iron can be rusty. Iron is strong. Iron is spelled funny. It is an element. I am ron. Iron backwards is nori.

    By Claire Ayers on 04.23.2011

  4. i approched an iron gate facing the west. i could tell becaus e the sun was setting and there was a beautiful stream of red stretching across the sky. as i walked through I noticve

    By ch on 04.23.2011

  5. thr had it in my hair in the house we lived in in chestertow it qwa yellow and bihg anf the lady with the tewo blackmkids lived upatairs they werer scared o fthe doig named cain he was big and haory he barked at the kid running up the lane and

    By julie on 04.23.2011

  6. Strangely, the word ironic has nothing to do with ironing. Or the metal iron. Ironing is a household chore in which you use the aptly named iron to smooth clothing and other fabric items.

    By Alli on 04.23.2011

  7. Clandestine, locked up, behind bars, strong wrought iron containing a vault worthy secret. Happy to be enclosed, safe in the cold, hard encasement. Nothing can get in or out.

    By Laura Mary URL on 04.23.2011

  8. Why didn’t you iron my shirt like I asked?
    When did you ask me to do that? I don’t even remember that conversation
    She looked disappointedly down at her shoes, thinking about how he probably wouldn’t remember the conversation when he said he loved her either…

    By Zoe URL on 04.23.2011

  9. The steam rose from the shirt that I had the iron resting on. Sure it was likely to burn, but what did I care. It wasn’t mine. The white collard shirt still had his scent on it, and her lipstick stain.

    By Gabbie URL on 04.23.2011

  10. Iron eyes means eyes that are cold. Eyes that don’t give anything away and don’t surrender. They are emotionless, unfeeling, and inhuman in their utter depths. There’s a soul, but it’s hardened, like iron.

    By Liz Humphrey URL on 04.23.2011

  11. metal,hard,useful,weapon,constructions,corrosion,dangerous,cheap,

    By ivoten on 04.23.2011

  12. The iron stung against his flesh, the burning pain rolling across his neck. He clenched his muscles and stood as still and peaceful as he could given his situation.

    By Faith URL on 04.23.2011

  13. “There’s iron in my blood stream!”
    She speaks so thoughtlessly, usually sounding like an idiot. She’s my best friend. She has a beautiful heart and soul and she loves. boy, does she love. people, kids, animals. she’s the best.

    By Celeste URL on 04.23.2011

  14. With a determined gaze, he focused upon the silver glint before him. What was it? What purpose did it serve? Could he use it for something? Better yet, would it be of any help with the Inanimis dilemma? What to do, what to do…? He would never know.

    By Steph on 04.23.2011

  15. I am made of iron. Maybe tin. Or aluminum. High density polyethylene? Low density polyethylene for sure. I wipe clean easily and can break if dropped.

    By ted on 04.23.2011

  16. iron your sweater. iron the sheets and handkerchiefs. iron the curtains. iron the rug. smooth fabrics, no more wrinkles

    By Danielle on 04.23.2011

  17. Iron willed, my mother called me… she could do nothing to move me once I made up my mind. If only, I had known then how precious her wisdom really was. Now I understand how important it is to be open to listening to alternative ideas. Then, I was only sure mine were the only thoughts worth paying attention to.

    By deb URL on 04.23.2011

  18. Iron is in our cereal. Weird, huh? When I think of iron, I don’t think of it as something you digest for health, but rather as something strong.. permanent. Like that saying, “Pumping iron.” Or just the different ways people pronounce iron. It intrigues me.

    By Waffleshockk URL on 04.23.2011

  19. Magneto is such a cool villain. Not only is he played by Ian friggin’ McKellen, but he can suck the iron out of someone’s blood and use it to escape a hi-tech security prison. I want to be him when I grow up!

    By Vanatron URL on 04.23.2011

  20. my favorite blouse is pink with a million wrinkles in it. heating up the iron to make it wrinkle free. takes about a half hour to get to wear it with my favorite blue jeans. no one ever irons their clothes anymore, only my obsessive mother. when you take one to school everyone thinks you have OCD.

    By kaitlyn on 04.23.2011

  21. Irreverent wrinkles
    Refusing to lay flat
    Onward I press
    Never to be beaten by linen

    By Amy URL on 04.23.2011

  22. iron and wine is a good band. i think iron is an element and its pretty strong. Kinda looks like i ran (haha). It makes a bunch of stuff and i think it rusts pretty easily.

    By jackie on 04.23.2011

  23. I hate to iron. It’s one of my most dreaded chores. Because of that I got a steamer. It is much quicker and easier, but guess what my new dreaded chore is? You got it- steaming! I don’t know what it is about making my clothes nice and tidy that I don’t like, but I really dread those chores.

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 04.23.2011

  24. When I was a little girl I hated my hair. It was long and very very curly. I would beg my mom to iron my hair before school pictures so that it would be straight and I could look like Marsha Brady. Nowadays we have flat irons for that. I think of Mom when I see that word. I miss her very much.

    By Beth Billings on 04.23.2011

  25. Clashing metal groans and scrapes and collides, steam spiraling up like an angel into heaven.

    By EndlessMusing URL on 04.23.2011

  26. The iron. My mother uses is every Sunday for laundry day. Ironing cools her down from a long stressful week. AS she irons, she’ll watch old Lifetime movies and dwell on her life. THe movies tell her that even though her life is crumbling down she does not have it that bad as the people in the movie. THat life shouldn’t be about moping around and crying about it. As the last puff of iron goes so does the end of the scene.

    By Estibaliz on 04.23.2011

  27. its what i feel like. its what i have to live like. its what i became through all these.

    By o on 04.23.2011

  28. He wept the sweat drop away from his forehead,
    look down through his sharp eyes
    the red hot iron is nearly ready
    a few bash,
    and a full immersion in ice cold water
    you will be as strong as ever

    By soraoshi URL on 04.23.2011

  29. Iron clad hands jut up and take the top hat from my head. That hat that covered the half folded crater of my brain. This iron grip, ironing the rod brazen thinking like it was a carton of eggs, cracking my thoughts like soap bubbles or soda pop.

    By Elle on 04.23.2011

  30. it is a material, you can iron your clothes, it is in your body and is needed it is a verb and noun it s useful for many things

    By alexa URL on 04.23.2011

  31. It feels great to lift weights and pump lead but honestly, it also feels manufactured. It feels rat-racey. It feels plastic to stand in a room with bicycles and treadmills and weights lined up in a row while everyone does the same thing to achieve the same image. So I do something else which is both fun and free and just as beneficial.

    By Jason URL on 04.23.2011

  32. Iron ore, from the mine, a precious resource, so many things have come from the pursuit of this. Produce and lives shaped by iron,and the pursuit of it

    By lo on 04.23.2011

  33. Iron. Iron will. Iron man? I’m not sure where to take this one. I wish more about me was made of iron. Like my resolve to finish something I start. Like my ability to stand up for myself.

    By pule on 04.23.2011

  34. Metal strengh. Walls/barriers. Protection. But when it really matters, rain will crush it to rust. At the worst times, it won’t help.

    By d-d-d-disco dance on 04.23.2011

  35. collapsing rhymes, this
    iron resolution riddles
    the sublime
    tickles the ivory
    vagrants in they
    classy lil jibes:
    answer the blistered
    options: i crammed
    for the last time, all
    rumors to the con

    By paschal URL on 04.23.2011

  36. The hot iron burned into her skin but she refused to scream because she knew if she screamed it meant that they won and they could not win.

    By niki on 04.23.2011

  37. it’s in the blood. it’s in the gate on a southern building that was bent and formed by a slave who did not know that one day he may be free but never free. is freedom in our blood? blood as dark as iron that is not as flexible or flowing.

    By Stacy M. on 04.23.2011

  38. my friend can’t say the word iron correctly. she has an accent and says “irin” then when i tried to explain to her it more sounds like “iearn” thats all i hear out of her mouth “i” pause “earn” …she just doenst get it. haha

    By Katie URL on 04.23.2011

  39. Iron can be a strong element… people always compare how strong something is to it, but like all things in life, iron has its weakness… it may be hard to find out what it is. but after you do find, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment… never let anyone tell you it is impossible.

    By genesis on 04.23.2011

  40. man. heart. soul. built. life. body of iron. iron cage. sword. stomach. house. steel. love. liver. head. feet. state.

    By Georgia on 04.23.2011