February 18th, 2011 | 401 Entries

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401 Entries for “invent”

  1. i want to invent different types of stories. the spine-tingling ones. so the world could see who i really am. a writer at heart.

    By on practice URL on 02.19.2011

  2. that thing you do when you create a story about us that really you think is real but is actually something you put words to and tell yourself that is real, sort of like when you tell me it will snow but all i get is a flake or two and some dark gray sky that hangs heavily upon my car as i pull out of the driveway.

    By lkmf URL on 02.19.2011

  3. I was an inventor. But…not just any inventor. I was a scientist; a chemist, you might say. I invented all sorts of things! From medicines, to monsters. Yes, I said monsters.

    By Laura on 02.19.2011

  4. Did these feelings
    just invent themselves?
    Deep inside my heart
    from my mind’s imagination?
    But most importantly,
    can you tell they’re even there?

    By SprawlingInk URL on 02.19.2011

  5. there are lots of different inventions these days but still the word invent has a meaning that is very extensive and hard to grasp. Light Bulb, and invent is still used to refer to evil and dark and night, Nuclear Weapons, and invent is still used to refer to the most ultimate of good.

    By Ghulam Mujtaba URL on 02.19.2011

  6. golo

    By Inês on 02.19.2011

  7. “Those beakers are starting to smoke.”
    “Yes, they are suppose to.”
    “Ummm…those ball things have lightening coming out of them.”
    “And that Guy there looks to be in a lot of pain.”
    “Uh huh.”
    “What are you doing?”
    “Making bubblegum.”

    By jerasica URL on 02.19.2011

  8. BE

    By C.L. Mareydt URL on 02.19.2011

  9. he was a bald man and all he wanted to to was invent new things. He would sit at his desk, head in his hands pondering, but he could think of nothing, day and night he sat there. All of a sudden the idea came to him

    By Sheila Lucas on 02.19.2011

  10. Invent means a person who invents things to bring to people. like enistien with the lightbulb. its to create something new and fresh, something unique and different.

    By karl URL on 02.19.2011


    By MARIA COMPONO on 02.19.2011

  12. Never vent went inventing new vents. New vent prevention will aid in you father’s detention me thinks. And so it goes. The invention was a useful tool though used by fools and sheds of clay. Sadly enough we all left that sorry scene with Gene and his lovely wife Samantha. She had grown tired of our inventing new vets and did vent on this displeasure for upwards to an hour while in the shower I can safely say. Good news is that she is now a clean machine and sings of this pleasant outcome whenever approaching a taco vender with her displeasure for vents we’d invented. Ted was no more surprised than the lot of us at how well Samatha cleaned while showering in the shower and asked her to join him in his tower of diamonds to which she proudly disnounced his treasure stick and all went well for here on in.

    By Noel Nosbis on 02.19.2011

  13. design, come up with, creative, begin, new start, recreation, better, worse, helpful, genius, smart, inverter, creator, helpful, nice, useful, creativity, perfect, not perfect, scientist

    By sarah URL on 02.19.2011

  14. The word invent means to suddenyl make an explosion beyond proportion and a baby invention appears before your eyes. A baby plantpot invention? Who very well knows. But there was a bang, a boom, and there it is. I think it will be marvellous. A marvellous babyplant pot invention to eat your spades.

    By Becca on 02.19.2011

  15. Lies. Things that make our lives simpler. Finally, stories that make our imagination fly.

    By a7u URL on 02.19.2011

  16. To invent somethings is to create something new and useful. Inventors try and think of new things every day. Invented things can either help or hurt society. Inventing can stimulate the brain. Inventing is usually creative.

    By Korina on 02.19.2011

  17. A new dawn, just as the rules dictate. The invention of the wheel was a along time ago – too long ago. The boundaries are shifting now, melting into one anther like molten acid. Shift yourself faster or you’ll find yourself sinking alongside them. A warning to re-invent.

    By fionars URL on 02.19.2011

  18. i wrote about this yesterday. when do they change the word? inventinvent invent., BORNING. al i think of is THOMAS EDISON guy. yesterday i called him thomas jefferson by mistake. no no no edison, hes the guy who invented like a million different things. he was cool. the key and the lightning. blahblablahhaha SCIENTSTS

    By luna URL on 02.19.2011

  19. invent me something i can use, something other than the lies that you have become so fond of concocting. something that isnt solely to appease the aching heart and clutter the minds desperate eye.

    By BeeKnee URL on 02.19.2011

  20. He sat down to think. Drummed his old fingers on the wooden table. His mind was blank. Even HE was prone to writer’s block. It made the children feel comfortable.

    By Ingrid Berendina URL on 02.19.2011

  21. I would like to invent a machine to quickly freeze things in the summer like a freezer microwave but I know that I am not skilled enough in this sense to continue into creating a company and getting the materials to do so. I never will be able to create what which I would love to invent due to lack of experience, But it would definitely be a good idea if I knew where to start.

    By Lana on 02.19.2011

  22. I wish to invent a story more unique than any in the world. I mean, not only do I wish to invent an idea, one that’s never been noticed, but I wish to invent something that will bring others hope, joy and wonder. I want to be the somebody who makes someone’s day with something I did. I want to invent something because all, I wish to create. I want to invent a memory that will be invested in someone’s life. A good memory.

    By Alyssa URL on 02.19.2011

  23. to invent is to come up with an original idea. TO invent is to push the limits of whats already set in place, to take people somewhere they have never been before through art, music, electronics,

    By maite garcia on 02.19.2011

  24. I would like to invent the world with you.
    it’s a time to show what we know. we’d make it better, and not so industrious. back to the way we were in 1969.

    By Megan. URL on 02.19.2011

  25. very good,one word tells every thing,please be specific and sve time

    By tarashankar chowdhury on 02.19.2011

  26. People invented many machines to make the life better.

    By Nguyen Hai on 02.19.2011

  27. Invent. hmmmm invent. for the me, the word invent connotates creativity and individuality. something that not everyone will uderstand.

    By morgel on 02.19.2011

  28. i wanted to be an inventor when i was in second grade. so did this other guy who i didnt like so after that i decided that i didnt want to be one anymore. i think that an inventor would not be the best carreer choice for me anyway. i was lreally bad at inventing things anyway. i like the word invent because it has the word vent in it and the word vent reminds me of laundry and i love the smell of laundry detergent.

    By e on 02.19.2011

  29. i’m just gonna go ahead and say today is my birthday
    even though it was yesterday
    even though i didn’t want a birthday

    today is a day of inventions and i like to write myself into proverbial corners

    why did the chicken cross the road?
    to shed the dinosaur in himself
    to round the curve of a new year

    it’s a new year if i say it is and this one starts and stops here

    By becca Loo URL on 02.19.2011

  30. the mills of his mind kept turning. reaching for something, but it was just out of grasp. then all the sudden it would connect. a warmth would come to his soul and a familiar sound would appear. the sound of an idea in the air surrounded him, and it was beautiful.

    By Anne URL on 02.19.2011

  31. I would like to invent something. An invention can change the world, change a life, change anything. An invention is about change. You are creating something for the better and creation is good. Please create more world. Sincerely, Tom.

    By Tomq\ URL on 02.19.2011

  32. i was told about creating a tomatoe zombie. but i failed and made a robor zombie instead. whait, what? robot zombies even exist? how can be a robot be robot and a zombie if it’s never been alive? it doesn’t make any sense

    By Cate on 02.19.2011

  33. lets invent a new motorcycle. why not? its simple. just take the old one and improve a few details.. it shouldnt be a hard work.. come on! we can do it! lets go.. 1..2..3… we have to start somewhere.. okey.. lets just do it tommorow.. or maybe later… but someday I will invent a new motorcycle.. promise!

    By Simona on 02.19.2011

  34. invent is a thing to do. one can invent oneself, or for that mattr several selfs in several defferent contexts.

    a 3 dimensional approach

    master model
    the “i” within the “reality”

    By willliam on 02.19.2011

  35. She clenched her teeth, stirring as fast as she could. By the time this challenge was done, she was certain the judges would credit her for inventing something entirely new and different. And she was sure she wouldn’t be dinged for using the same flavor combination from the last quickfire go-round. Hopefully no one would call her out on it.

    By Lexistential URL on 02.19.2011

  36. Wish I could invent the perfect reason to see you. The perfect reason to not be here, but there. With you. Near you. Without reality. Oh, to be such an inventor.

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 02.19.2011

  37. I invented the stars for it, i brought seas to glimmer and skys to glow in hopes that the jewels of my creation would bring her to greater life and i hung moonbeams from her chest i shed the light of my blistered burning on her body so she may love me with all her many lives.

    By Evan Knoll URL on 02.19.2011

  38. There are tons of inventors these days. some who invent technology, or advancements…and some….who invent life. We are all inventors in our own way. When we find that special someone, together our bodies invent offspring. At school as a child, we invented new writing pieces and new ways to talk to friends.

    By Savannah on 02.19.2011

  39. To invent… create to make to build to profit. Creating something to better the world. Inventing something for selfish gain. Invention led humanity to greediness. To filth. And to what we live in today. No less, but infinitely more.

    By Anne on 02.19.2011

  40. There are many inventors today. Some invent technologies, or new advancements. And others, invent life. We are all inventors in our own way. When we find that special someone, our bodies invent new life, new offspring. As a child, our imaginatons invented new artistice drawings, and we were never afraid to show off our work. That is what its all about, not being afraid.

    By Savannah Wallace URL on 02.19.2011