April 25th, 2011 | 587 Entries

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587 Entries for “intersection”

  1. This one self obsessed douche thought that his time was so much more important, he ran over a girl on a bike.
    Then all the other cars in the intersection drove into them both, because they were’nt paying attention either.
    So many cars went into the pile up that they reached the moon, and when they got their, the survivors all got out saying: “we did it! we did it!”, only to suffocate in the vacuum of space.

    By Drake URL on 04.25.2011

  2. The point where two lines meet. The word reminds me of mathemathics and also of streets. A bit of a boring word, really. I don´t care much for it.

    By Dann on 04.25.2011

  3. The roads were closed off at this point. The dust from the farming town across the highway was abandoned, but the hay still remained. Everything was coated in a thick layer, while a fog like density centered around the intersection.

    By Lauren Milbrandt on 04.25.2011

  4. Concrete jungles where the wildlife is controlled by humans pumping pedals and turning steering wheels. It’s a controlled chaos that we live in. We have managed to separate ourselves from the laws of nature and have chosen to live in opposition of it. I don’t want to see how this one ends.

    By Gabriel Dahlke URL on 04.25.2011

  5. waiting. waiting. here i am. where am i? left. no, no. right. i am going to turn right now. okay i’ve turned right shit why did i do that? gary just called. he said to go left there. or did he say right?

    By sheirin Khalil on 04.25.2011

  6. she left the airport feeling somewhat aggitated by the way she had been treated. how was she to know that her husband had left his mobile phone switched on inside their luggage. she was furious with both him and the security guy who had no authority trying to carry out a full body search on her.

    By mary alker on 04.25.2011

  7. Standing in the middle of two roads,
    this intersection made me so unsure of myself.
    I asked “Can someone help me, can someone show me a way?”

    Then out of nowhere two men came out of hiding
    “I hear you are in need of some help” the first man said, “you can trust me… not my brother over here, I assure you the correct way is the left path”
    “Oh! now that is a lie the correct path is the right path. you can trust me! not my brother” said the second man.

    Now who can I trust? When I sure couldn’t even trust myself to make a decision.

    By Jezell URL on 04.25.2011

  8. we were parked, it was summer and i remember my outfit; it was stupid and trying too hard, so obviously I was in high school – early high school (still drowning my confusion and sorrows in weird foods sodden with cream cheese) so i was a chub. the cars hit so smoothly, and our music was so loud, I hardly remember hearing it and barely saw it. but it happened 10 feet in front of us. we took the little girl from the back seat to the bathroom at our house 2 blocks away. the car was totalled, it was a farm car, nobody got hurt. the man driving the truck that hit them was the man my friend from 6th grade’s mom cheated on back in the day. the concept of infedilty was so modern to me at the time, i will never forget his face or the face of my friends mom.

    By charlotte on 04.25.2011

  9. There’s a place where two roads meet, where a stop sign reigns over a square of pavement where blood flows freely across tar and sparkling asphault.

    A little girl stands, holding a teddy bear and watching her world slip away.

    Flashing lights from fire engines play their way across her face, and she turns her cheek away from them. They are too bright.

    By Savannah on 04.25.2011

  10. A cross-roads where two friends pause to talk, just to say hello. But the sun is bright and the park is nearby, so they take a stroll down the shadowed path arm in arm.

    By smr URL on 04.25.2011

  11. There always seems to be a point in every one’s life that we happen to come upon an intersection. For some it has only a couple of sign posts and the way is clear, for others it’s a confusing jumble of opposing signs and no clear way forward.

    By Amy on 04.25.2011

  12. The horses gathered at the crossroad ready for the hunt. People gathered from every direction

    By mary alker on 04.25.2011

  13. intersection is about people is about cars is about noise is about music intersextion implies a lot of feelings and senses

    By ramona on 04.25.2011

  14. I usually just hesitate at intersections. Like who goes first? Especially at stop signs. I usually have light signals down. I know exactly when I get to go. Otherwise, with stop signs, I usually hesitate for like 2 minutes. It gets pretty awkward. I hate it. Especially in the morning on the way to school. Ew, I hate it. I usually try to go early to avoid it.

    By Kelsey on 04.25.2011

  15. intersection. accident. bipolar ii. confusion at stop sign. ithaca. directions. google map.s gps. technology. intersection of relationships; conceptual intersection. not tv, which is parallel; rare relationship intersection.

    By Tyler on 04.25.2011

  16. Life is a great group of intersections. We run up to them again and again throught the course of our life and take many turns, many paths, always wondering if we’ve gone the right direction. And though we can rarely go back and try again, fear not, for there are always more intersections to come upon, to explore. More possibilities and futures. Even this, is an intersection.

    By ItsAProcess on 04.25.2011

  17. lots of wrecks happen at intersections
    ….I’m not really sure what else to write
    I don’t encounter this word on a daily basis

    By Echo URL on 04.25.2011

  18. she was at the intersection
    the cars every direction
    they buzzed by her ear
    nobody could steer
    she couldn’t move
    or blink an eye
    she waited there
    hoped not to die

    By roya URL on 04.25.2011

  19. place stop sing feeliongs caress dont touch hate fate line park way caress dont touch life love life tou how cant go stop stay leave near far titanic earth move end life white how egiptain care home red loose lost great need

    By aylor on 04.25.2011

  20. My life is an intersection of my African roots and my American heritage. Throw in a bit of Brazil, Aruba and colombia and thats the intersection you will find me.

    By deb on 04.25.2011

  21. I came to that intersection thinking, maybe ill get hit today. In the ten years i have lived on that corner I have seen an astounding number of crashes, none fatal. so each time I come across my intersection I get frightened. And so today was no exception and today i was hit and today that hit was fatal.

    By Ruby on 04.25.2011

  22. My life is at an intersection. Should I turn left? Should I turn right? Possibly go straight? Nay, I will forge my own path.. the stars through rugged ways.

    By Lane Collision URL on 04.25.2011

  23. Where cars stop and go… a place where accidents happen. Red light green light yellow. Intersections are like life sometimes you get to go and other times you have to stop and think about what your doing. Yellow lights are for slowing down.

    By Hayley McMillan on 04.25.2011

  24. crossroads, meet in the middle, two objects overlapping, stop sign, four way stop, crash into, two points.

    By Bethany on 04.25.2011

  25. the place where two rtaods meet. a place in your life that you come to where you have to make a decision about which direction to go. a place whgere accidents happen. right angles. perpendicualr. roads, cars, streets, trains, lights, crosswalks, sewer covers, usually where two roads cross, but sometimes more.

    By Treece URL on 04.25.2011

  26. Intersection is the same as a crossroads. It’s a place where I am right now, with a lot of people in my life. Alot of ideas. It’s the place where people crash and burn and build up bridges and freak out and want to eat burritos in taco bell late at night when they are drunk and just found out they lost 20 dollars. Or it’s something bigger. Like a highway.

    By Carly on 04.25.2011

  27. A place where you have to go a certain way. In the country you never have to wait for someone to go, considering there is no other people to wait for. But there is also the times where you have to let others go and wait in line for your chance to go. You often see intersections in driving and it’s the best part of driving. It teaches you how to follow the rules.

    By Avery on 04.25.2011

  28. maisie is stuck at the intersection. she says, speed up. we drive into 5 other cars. she says, i cant wait to drive. 14 years later, maisie does not get her liscense.

    By Maisie on 04.25.2011

  29. i drove to the intersection of some backwater street in cayman and saw the most black ignorant people god could have had the odasity to put in one location. one word for you. disgrace. and maybe : hahaha lol and wtf. am i done yet?

    By cory on 04.25.2011

  30. Cars meet. Some obey traffic signals. Some don’t. Lines cross. Hearts become entwined.

    By Jackie Garvin URL on 04.25.2011

  31. What, you wondered which way to go? Of course you did. You thought to stay on the road. Maybe next time you ought to choose one that doesn’t intersect.

    By chael on 04.25.2011

  32. we met at the intersection, I didn’t know whether the light was red or green, but you knew. You said you wanted to go, you said it was green, but it was really red, it was red, it was red…how can I ever trust you again, how can you sit there and just lie to me, to my face? There are no green lights, only red lights, there are no green places, only brown, deserted places.

    By Lora on 04.25.2011

  33. i feel like i am constantly at different intersections in life. Sometimes, however the difference lies in which direction I have always chosen to go. is the light red? or is it green. The path I am on constantly dictates whether or not i can proceed immediately when i get to a crossroads.

    By michael sorenson on 04.25.2011

  34. A place of possibilities. A place of meeting. A place of ebb and flow. A necessary place. Meet me there. I will wait until my light is green.

    By Carolyn Lackey URL on 04.25.2011

  35. Crossroad usually consisting of 2 or more roads meeting at the center. It can sometimes be the cause of many accidents including some I’ve been in.

    By Dennis Wilson on 04.25.2011

  36. You’re at a crossroads and I can see it. The intersection of wanting me and anything but taking care of me. The best part shouldn’t be winning me, it should be holding on to me. But I’m at my own intersection. Wavering between falling and running as fast as I can in the other direction. I’ll follow if you take the lead. The only question remaing, which way will you turn?

    By Katie URL on 04.25.2011

  37. intersection like at a four way stop?
    like when your waiting to see who is going to go first?
    like when you stop to wait to see when your going to turn?
    like when you have writers block and your stoped at a intersection?
    i think so.
    for sure.
    inter means stop

    By carolyn URL on 04.25.2011

  38. the middle of 4 roads

    By erica chupp URL on 04.25.2011

  39. When i think of an intersection I think of green. I want to go, I hate waiting for things to happen. I know whats going to happen when I see that green. I’m gonna go. Get out of here. Get away from this place. As soon as I can. It doesn’t matter where I go so long as i’m moving. Away.

    By Candice on 04.25.2011

  40. There comes a time in you life where you meet an intersection. You may go at some point, and you want to, but there is always that red warning light, holding you back. I believe it to be fear. Fear of anything and everything.

    By Juliet on 04.25.2011