April 25th, 2011 | 587 Entries

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587 Entries for “intersection”

  1. a place where cars can intersect.

    By none on 04.25.2011

  2. I curl behind you in our bed; I am your shadow. We are here together. The air we exchange sustains us. When I hold my breath, I can still hear yours. But you are going right and I am going left. Or, perhaps, I am going right and you are standing still. I’m not sure. I do know that we will soon leave this place. And I will miss you.

    By Amie Thao URL on 04.25.2011

  3. Halfway down the intersection, there was a piece of roadkill.
    An animal strung out to dry.
    Its fur was matted with blood and bits of rubber.
    Where had this creature come from?
    And what made it decide to step out boldly onto those yellow lines?

    By EllieG on 04.25.2011

  4. пересечение обоснованно пересечением с пределом…

    By Svet URL on 04.25.2011

  5. At the intersection of Lakewood and Jefferson the world gently drifted downhill into the asphalt opening that caught at all the debris of daily living until the storm came out of the black sky and chunks of yesterday spewed forth like ash from a volcano.

    By nannan on 04.25.2011

  6. They make me the most uncomfortable person around. Yet, I do like them for forcing me to make eye contact with complete strangers, but I also have that worry that I’ll become a terrible driver or a stupid pedestrian in their eyes. I have to fess up and just cross my merry way to safety.

    By Tay URL on 04.25.2011

  7. intersection. learning how to drive is so much fun. i never thought it would be anything but scary, but navigating an intersection just makes me feel like i’m finally a real person, you know? like if i needed to drive somewhere to buy someone medicine or something urgent like that, i could do it. that’s a good thing.

    By Alex URL on 04.25.2011

  8. Intersections are accident sites. They can be places of growth and learning as well, such as intersections of cultures, or intersections of belief. Or a combination of the two. Places where things crash together, mingle, and grow again in a new and different direction.

    By LF on 04.25.2011

  9. The streets were crowded. I could barely push through the masses of businessmen, women and children on their way to work and school. I stepped into the road; the light was green. I wasn’t going to come back.

    By Madison URL on 04.25.2011

  10. the roads cross and so do their hearts interlacing and weaving together like the flow of traffic from one place to the next… and where will it take them? to italy? rome? france? paris? they’re not sure but it doesn’t matter and the world only exists if they’re both together

    By Anna on 04.25.2011

  11. these things entwine, like thoughts. and like thoughts there are more around it; streets, people passing by, little blood cells in a vein. I sit in silence, the way I like, and stare at my hands clutching the steering wheel.
    I’m not going anywhere, because I can’t. They’re stopped in front of me. Accident, I think. I could turn on the radio for a detour suggestion, or to see if anyone was hurt. But I don’t, because I like silence.

    By Mara URL on 04.25.2011

  12. Cars go through intersections. SOmetimes I wonder how it would feel to die. Would I just walk into an intersection? Shoot myself in the head? Drown? BUrn? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

    By Kristen Polk on 04.25.2011

  13. cars go beep turn around look side to side everything blurs lights green yellow red who know s we are here at a crossroads will you stay or will you turn right? how may i help you mr yellow light. sir?

    By JesseCarole on 04.25.2011

  14. sometimes you have two choices
    but you cant figure out which one that you want to take.
    you see both of them but neither make sense.
    and you try and you think
    but everything just gets in your way.
    all the different thoughts in your head
    just run around colliding with each other.
    some thoughts intersect with another
    causing you to get derailed from the original place.
    then later, you realize just how off track you got.
    so you try to hop back on and you cant find
    the groove that you were previously running
    then you cant find the words.
    they slip, they drip right off your fingers.
    into incoherent sentences that match nothing
    to what you thought you’d like to think.
    because in the end the road you picked
    wasnt the road your thoughts were leading you down.

    By oldschool URL on 04.25.2011

  15. Intersection.
    I hate them, they are a nuisance. They are the reason to why people have accidents. And i bet you 10 dollars i will be in an accident from being in a intersection. Intersections are ugly they have traffic lights with 4 roads connected to them

    By Danielle on 04.25.2011

  16. My street intersects with the street my old elementary school is on. I walked pass there the other day and realized I haven’t the slightest clue what the inside looks like. Maybe I should go in one day.

    By Meesh URL on 04.25.2011

  17. All the cars stopped at the intersection of the road. I was in the car and came to a complete stop. On the other side of the intersection was his truck. That small green rusty truck that I knew so well. I seen him smile at me from across the intersection and I smiled back

    By Bridget on 04.25.2011

  18. Perfect! How much I marvel at the question of whether I am to enjoy oneself or to understand oneself and yet I cannot pull myself away from the desire to understand myself long enough to simply let live the impulsive nature of enjoying myself, which in turn, answers my question before I have the chance to ask it.

    By Jason URL on 04.25.2011

  19. White sheets
    intersecting beings
    holding only each other.
    Their silence is comfort
    though unspoken
    love is still known.

    By Dani URL on 04.25.2011

  20. this certain intersection in town is one that causes so many fatalities

    when you reach a crossroads of your life it is also the intersection of which way to turn to continue your life

    By she53lly URL on 04.25.2011

  21. Intersections are what cars stop at with the lights, you cross at them you almost get hit by cars at intersections. Me and Emily almost got hit by a car at this drive thru thingy, the driver wasn’t paying attention so i hit the car and flipped him off and started swearing that wasn’t very smart. Anyways, when we kept walking we stopped at another intersection and I was still swearing and really made, funny eh? Oh well that’s life, even though life it a pain in the ass sometimes. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if everyone just disappeared

    By Ashley on 04.25.2011

  22. Intersection Is the point where 2 things meet. A car, a point, a heart a soul. In terms of love, it’s where your soul encounters another. Take the word apart, starting with inter: meaning in, inner or where. Section: a chuck, piece or slice of something.

    By Victoria on 04.25.2011

  23. Eve was at a strange intersection in her life. Before her lay two paths, but being decisive she couldn’t decide which one to take. It seemed no matter which road she chose, it would have only a dead end. Her predicament was an uneasy one, but, as with all intersections, one must not stand around forever.

    By Sasha Greenwood URL on 04.25.2011

  24. He used to talk about intersections. He knew them all. Could place them on a table, mapped out with breadcrumbs or whatever was handy. All the intersections, mapped together on the scale of a table. He would say that the intersections were the important parts of life, over in a moment but in control of all direction thereafter.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 04.25.2011

  25. I stood at the intersection of reality and unbelievability. Would things go my way, or would we crash and burn? Only time would tell where we would go.

    By Stephanie URL on 04.25.2011

  26. She stopped at the corner and waited for the cars to stop. Behind her, someone else was also waiting, but apparently not patient enough. He stepped out in between the cars, but the space was not enough. A red Chevy swerved to miss him and rickashayed off another vehicle. The pileup stopped traffic but the pedestrian had disappeared.

    By Sarah URL on 04.25.2011

  27. It makes me think of the USA when I hear this word. Intersection. It is very succint isn’t it? Crossroads. Junction. Lots of options & different directions in which to go. Some could be life changing, some more subtle.

    By nc URL on 04.25.2011

  28. You come from one direction. I come from another. Yet, our minds always seem to meet at a single plain of eternity that has been wrought out long before we were even born. So how come we had to be separated, lost and wandering from opposite ends, when it’s always been ‘US’ all along?

    By madpocky URL on 04.25.2011

  29. The intersection was jam packed with turned over cars, screaming pedestrians and angry voices. The dog that had caused the mess, however, was perfectly fine albeit a bit confused as he ran off to investigate the whereabouts of his wayward owner.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.25.2011

  30. This is where the devil met your mind. Offered you things you couldn’t pass up – dreams you thought were beyond the living lifetime. Took you places that seemed like paradise, let you in on all the secrets of the mind.

    This is where you turn, one way only. Straight ahead, sticking to your history, your life. Right, the way of the way. Left, where you follow him to your insistence.

    By emay URL on 04.25.2011

  31. I feel like I’m at an intersection in life right now.

    Do I take the road ahead, the one that would be more comfortable for me?

    Or do I take a deep, deep breath, and change direction, to follow what I really want?

    I don’t know anymore.

    By Ellie Sparkle URL on 04.25.2011

  32. Afraid that the cold metal object would blow her brains out. She slowly followed her captor to the intersection of Main and 1st Street. Holding her breathe all the while, scared for what was inevitably in Mali’s future.

    By cerri URL on 04.25.2011

  33. There’s an intersection at 8th and Ocean, and I like to sit there, and watch things intersect, like cars, and bikes, and people’s lives;

    or bugs and strollers and feet,
    or lizards and canes, or little boys holding little girls’ hands.

    By L on 04.25.2011

  34. I feel uneasy, unsure. An intersection, when of roads, means nothing. Pavement means no harm. But this word conjures fear; harsh motions; slicing; splitting; tearing: an intersection of two things unlike.
    I am unsure. I am afraid. Strange, how a word–a normal word on any other day–today, makes me anxious.

    By Aj URL on 04.25.2011

  35. the crossroads of life is riddled with intersections and forks. it is filled with choices of love, desperation, and success for there is no direct path and no one exactly knows which road to take.

    By locke URL on 04.25.2011

  36. Lights. Everywhere lights. Stop; don’t go. Don’t leave me here.
    Crossroads to nothingness; the deceitful delusion of the world.
    4 corners of the earth will never be here again.
    Don’t fall off the edge. Stay with me; we will be safe. Don’t go.
    I’m falling; catch me…

    no sight.
    too bright.
    it’s late.
    too light.

    I’m falling.

    By devi URL on 04.25.2011

  37. our fate is drawn out on a single path that we will follow willingly or not. what makes it special are the people whose paths intersect with ours. i sound like a fortune cookie.

    By Scarlet URL on 04.25.2011

  38. the cops were closing in behind me. cars, trucks, everything possible blocking the way. i would never break the law, but in extreme cases, i had to. so i drove in the middle of the intersection avoiding a side collision. unfortunatley for the cops, they were smashed.

    By Katie URL on 04.25.2011

  39. thats where Im at
    no loger a crossroad
    no longer a fork
    but an intersection of mass proportion
    which way to go
    I must decide
    because standing still will
    only get me killed

    By Kat5 URL on 04.25.2011

  40. He got to the intersection and stopped. He knew which way he was supposed to go. He’d been here a million times, it was like muscle memory. But this time felt different. He felt like turning right this time would lead to something bad, something hurtful. Jim closed his eyes, took a long drag on his cigarette, and turned the way his muscles always had. Today was gonna be the day.

    By Destin URL on 04.25.2011