July 3rd, 2013 | 126 Entries

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126 Entries for “intent”

  1. letters of intent to college applications. intending what? intending to come to their school? intending to get good grades? intending to be the best student they have? I intend to make up a bunch of BS in a letter and try to convince them to take me anyway is more like it. I think it’s hard to read people’s intentions anyway. so how is a college supposed to know what your real intent is?

    By Jennifer on 07.03.2013

  2. it wasn’t what I meant to do, it just happened. I only meant to make him smile, I didn’t know it would go this far. Now we’re in this mess, and I can’t help but blame myself. I always blame myself, you know. I guess that’s just who I am.

    By Hannah on 07.03.2013

  3. Intentionally causing all this pain was never part of the plan. The plan was picnics in parks, and baking together, watching films well past dark. That’s never all there is though, it is so hard to have happiness without the dark, too. Intentionally or unintentionally, we’ve darkened each other inside.

    By Jessica URL on 07.03.2013

  4. I couldn’t stop. I was determined. This was going to go right or I would have to never show my face at school again. Ever. If I didn’t do this absolutely perfect, I know I will be so ashamed. My intent is clear. I’m here to do this, no doubt. Now I just gotta do it.

    By Nick URL on 07.03.2013

  5. My intent for writing that wasn’t for having someone tell me they loved me after all this time. It was to get everything off my chest, for my feelings to be out in the open. I had no idea that the feeling was reciprocated. Had I known would I have still sent that initial letter? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? is it a path or is this a distraction and a test that I’m so obviously failing? I’m not sure what to do now…I keep floating on and hoping that something right pans out of all this. That the right decision is going to be obvious when deep down inside I have a feeling it never will be and in the end 2 people will be hurt…Me and the other is still yet to be determined.

    By J. URL on 07.03.2013

  6. Intent, doing something.

    My intent is to date your daughter.

    My intent is to pass this history test.

    It’s all about goal setting and determination. This word is about the struggle yet willingness to overcome the obstacles to achieve what the person wants. It’s about passion. It’s about the lust for life or someone else. About the lust for success. Intent is learning much more about yourself than you expected.

    By Ashlyn on 07.03.2013

  7. now i think i get this test, its about writing about this word not one word, what could be the intent of this experiment? I still dont get whats going to happen in the end.

    By Bulinica on 07.03.2013

  8. to focus on accomplishing a particular task or goal.

    By Eric Mayer on 07.03.2013

  9. Intent

    deliberate action that rises above hidden feelings……

    good or bad????

    no-one knows for sure.

    By Laurie on 07.03.2013

  10. All of these neighborhoods were the same. One red house on the corner might have a bigger garden than that white one next door, but they were all square, squat, with dilapidated porches hanging off the front and the back.

    By lalatischa URL on 07.03.2013

  11. The rain came down like a slap of grease on a grill. It slid from the asphalt and into the ditches. Snakes. White and gray snakes.

    By lalatischa URL on 07.03.2013

  12. What else? When would things get better? She shook her head trying to clear the thoughts from her mind. Grabbing a paper towel she stabbed at her eyes, trying to hide the tears that were creeping from behind her stormy blue eyes. Silently she cursed her life as she reached for a post it note, knocking her coffee cup off her desk. She had been strong for so long, always the one taking care of everything, but now… she felt beaten and defeated. Sighing she could feel the warm tears welling up once more. Was there no end? Her phone rang and she cleared her voice, answering business as usual. No one could know her hell. She would not allow it. She was intent on surviving, while life was intent on her mental, physical and financial demise. Her eyebrow raised as she wondered who would be victorious

    By Cat URL on 07.03.2013

  13. meaning to, wanting to, having the urge to, pre meditated, doing something, good intent, bad intent, thinking about something before doing it, intention, intending to, knowing what consequences something may have, thoughtful

    By jessica on 07.03.2013

  14. Silently she sat, perched above him in the old Oak tree. Her stormy blue eyes intently watched his every move as he pulled the lifeless body from the back seat of his car. Cate studied the motionless body, a pretty young brunette, no doubt picked up at a local bar. She smiled as she caught the faint sound of a heartbeat coming from the girl, she wasn’t dead…at least not yet. The middle aged man positioned himself above the brunette, gently sliding his hands along her bare legs, grabbing for the hemline of her summer dress. There was a glimmer of shiny silver which caught the moonlight in one of his hands. Cate ran her tongue over the tips of her fangs, as she knew his intent for this girl was nothing good. Quickly and quietly she pounced like a cat to it’s prey, in one swift motion knocking him to his knees. Before he could mutter a single breath, she sank her fangs into his neck and drank . She was intent on draining the evil from his body and if that doubled as dinner, so be it.

    By Cat URL on 07.03.2013

  15. It is my intent to move forward boldly and conquer my fears. Go where i have never gone before and achieve what I have never had before. I can have it all. Yes that house on the hill.

    By Tracey URL on 07.03.2013

  16. as i drove into the mans house, i looked at him with fierce eyes. It was my only intent to murder this man, kill him. Make his body into nothigness. His soul was hated and his face became known to the whole town. he was the mosted hated being. I sliced his throat untill i saw blood pour out of his flesh.

    By clare on 07.03.2013

  17. She was
    On prouving
    Him wrong once more
    Hazy remorse, after all
    It’s not what you say, but
    What you do
    That matters

    By deepblue URL on 07.03.2013

  18. it’s the greatest thing of our generation. It has everything you ened and everything you dont. there’s bull shit on it and there’s wonderfull knowledge. You can find pictures of elephants and orphans and elephants eating orphans. You can find music and people trying to make music. It’s given Daniel Tosh his comedy and allowing him to write none of his own material.

    By Daniel Wentz on 07.03.2013

  19. “I don’t care about your intent. Don’t you get it? You killed someone, Daria. Calonius is DEAD because of you.”
    “It was an accide-”
    “It doesn’t matter!” she snapped, cutting me off. “He’s dead and it’s your fault. And, as a member of the royal guard, it’s my duty to turn you into the local garrison of your crimes.”
    “You can’t do that.” I said.
    “Of course I can; it’s my duty.” she countered.
    “I didn’t say you couldn’t do it, Hayne. I said you CAN’T.” my eyes were open and honest as they met hers. “You know you’re not strong enough.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.03.2013

  20. Intent means focused and calm. Intent means determined. Intentsity is a character trait.

    By Avery on 07.03.2013

  21. I wonder what your intentions are. I definitely know mine.

    By Jason URL on 07.03.2013

  22. EVERYONE has good intentions. No one means for you to get hurt. Not true. He didn’t have good intentions. His intent was selfish. To get what he wanted. And I was in the way. It was never his intent to knock me down

    By jdobs03 URL on 07.03.2013

  23. intent is the act of willing, not of action. A word that gives its own right and incentive, but has not the power to follow through.

    By Jonny Gleason URL on 07.03.2013

  24. The drive and desire pushing a decision. The outcome you want. What makes you do things. The result you expect. The reason behind a decision. The why.

    By Heather on 07.03.2013

  25. The intent of doing something is not enough. Intending to write a book or finish an assignment is not going to get you anywhere until you sit down and actually do it. For example, I had every intention of not procrastinating and getting that assignment done to the best of my ability. How do you think that went?

    By Sarah URL on 07.03.2013

  26. wither, the weather wondered
    whenever it needs to go away
    when will the pain pins and needles
    the scars scratch burnt and vain
    intent on staying the same
    when everything else doesn’t change
    the day to day
    shades to gray
    as we all wane.

    By Matty M. on 07.03.2013

  27. I was itently staring at bob. You killed her I screeched at him. I can’t believe it. Lisa is dead because of you.

    By Avery on 07.03.2013

  28. Jon’s intent was benign, but Susan had good reason to believe that the demon that inhabited his heart had another reason for offering her a lift to the train station, so she opted to take a taxi instead. The demon, however, was quite persistent….

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 07.03.2013

  29. If you intend to do something what are you waiting for get up and do it. You can’t keep running away from your problems. Why are you still here reading this get a move on!?

    By Lauren on 07.03.2013

  30. His intentions were good, but my goodness did they go wrong. Firstly he had not checked the address and delivered the parcel to the wrong person. So intent on getting his message across that he did not notice he still had his pyjamas on. He stood feel very foolish and grinned sheepishly as the woman stood with her mouth open.

    By Pamela Darling URL on 07.03.2013

  31. Her intent was clear; she meant to kill me. The vorpal blade glistened menacingly in her hand. It was clear that my followers had defended me loyally for the blade dripped in sticky sweet crimson and it splattered like teardrops on the white tile floor.

    By Alyss Lynn URL on 07.03.2013

  32. “What’s your intent?” she asked the man as he approached, sharp blade in hand, cold smile stretched from ear to ear.
    “My intent?” the man asked rhetorically, “I’m just here to kill you.”

    By Tyler on 07.03.2013

  33. “It’s not my intent to scare you,” said the ethereal, “but there is a difference.”

    “A difference in what?”

    She cocked her head to the side and sneered. The gold pocket watch on her coat glittered a little, then turned silver.

    “In detection,” she said. “Identifying threats. When you see a piece of bread, you don’t wonder if it’s a piece of bread, right?”

    “No. I just know.”

    “Exactly,” said the ethereal. “So do you want me to be a friend, or do you know I’m a friend?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.03.2013

  34. Her intent was to forget it all. Leave it behind by drowning out everything that could remind her of it. She put her head underwater and tried to breathe in, but her lungs wouldn’t allow her to. She stayed under until her salty tears mixed into the freshwater lake, yet when she raised her head again, the voice of guilt still streamed into her ears.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 07.03.2013

  35. Intent is the feeling behind everything we do. You can intend to be great. You can intend to be good, or bad or otherwise. But our intent, in the end, holds no sway over the outcome. Good intentions pave the road to hell. But without intent, you are nothing. So intend to be good, and pray that you will succeed.

    By Kaley on 07.03.2013

  36. my intent was never to hurt you, she said. yeah right, i’m saying now. I can’t help but question your intent because you really did hurt me. but the worst part about this all is that it wasn’t your intent. you didn’t mean to. and i didn’t mean to but i’m still left here broken and you’re out in the world happy and stuff. its not fair.

    By Sierra on 07.03.2013

  37. fail succes love frienship secon mess koala bear hasmter piña piña colada sandría vino rojo uva morado verde azul cortina feo bonito

    By Daniel on 07.03.2013

  38. All intent is meaningful, but that doesn’t mean that you mean what you intend. Sometimes are intentions go astray, and we are left with a bitter disaster that was meant to be amazing. People make mistakes. No intent is perfect. But every intent is changeable.

    By Sari on 07.03.2013

  39. Wrapping around and around
    These weeds of doubt creep without a sound
    Strangling my good intentions
    Who ever heard of such inventions
    Never saw them in the dark
    Never knew they’d light a spark
    Of a destructive fire
    I’m stuck in the mire
    A swamp of despair
    Quickly suffocating all fresh air
    Is it too late this time?
    Can’t I be forgiven of this crime?
    All these crimes I did commit
    I am such a hypocrite
    Blinded by the darkness
    How can I escape this mess?
    Living in a world of non reality
    Little did I ever see what would in fact become of me
    Awoken from my sleep
    Dreams are now why I weep
    Light a lamp, a bright torch
    Let the flames scorch
    Penetrate the lies
    And uncover my demise
    Everything is in the open
    All the words have been spoken
    There is nothing now left to say
    Except that I acknowledge my ways
    And it is my full intent
    To make up for wasted time I spent

    By untamedimagination URL on 07.03.2013

  40. A cat intent on its prey follows it, stalks it. So the man followed her. He would make noises to scare her, intimidate her, make her wonder if someone was following her. He was simply a tiger playing with its food. The time would come for her life to end, but what was the hunt without a little fun?

    By Sarah URL on 07.03.2013