April 8th, 2011 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “integrity”

  1. Integrity is not a big deal, it’s the only deal. I fear those who don’t have it, respect those who do. If there’s anything more important than integrity, i don’t know of it.

    By Moyo on 04.08.2011

  2. This is the word that makes me stare blankly at the page. What does it mean, and where does it come from. Is it possible to change your mind, is it possible to change. Strength. Conviction. Certitude. All seem so hard to come by.

    By JNF URL on 04.08.2011

  3. Shouldn’t people be who they are? Who they are themselves in their own right? Running after what they want when they want it and with some concern for others? Showcasing the best of themselves so that we can all see it too? So we can trust each other better?

    I’d like some of that for myself and others please! :-D

    By Marisa Wikramanayake on 04.08.2011

  4. integrity

    What is integrity,
    but a mans moral apathy.
    The color of the free,
    The depths of the sea.
    The words that you speak.
    it is to be honored,
    it is to be true.
    The battle may be over
    but I can see threw…
    your lies,
    This fake disguise.
    The way you cry.
    Soldiers in war,
    we die…

    and mind,
    all one.
    can’t let go,
    or I’ll come undone.

    By lildevi URL on 04.08.2011

  5. hard and honest, cool and calm, someone or something to trust, lovely, not soft, not easily shaken. Beautiful, but intimidating. Hardly perfect. carefree and self assured, wondrous.

    By Rey on 04.08.2011

  6. Integrity is the strength of something that holds itself against all others. Integrity is plowing through the hardest times, and ending up safe at the other end. Without integrity, strength could not be measured. It’s different from endurance, because integrity will go much further and act as a better correspondent than endurance. We all need integrity at some point in our lives, and hopefully most people have enough integrity to accomplish the things they want to do. Love integrity.

    By Plasma URL on 04.08.2011

  7. i thought i had integrity
    but when i allowed you to come over
    like nothing happened
    i knew…
    that seriously i’ve lost
    all respect i thought i had
    ever had; for myself.
    it’s really not my fault
    if i think about it, i can’t help
    it — how i feel
    even though i know
    this isn’t real.

    By Just Jes URL on 04.08.2011

  8. class. the power to say what you did wrong. claiming yours and not trying to steal others. being able to go to bed at night with a clear conscience. whole.

    By kayti32 URL on 04.08.2011

  9. Integrity is a valuable commodity in today’s employee, they say. But they don’t mean that. They mean the employee will sacrifice him or herself for the good of the company–good being a purely financial idea. Integrity would be thinking about real people instead of dollars. Integrity would be turning in law breakers and immoral actors. And what company really wants an employee who does THAT?

    By maritov URL on 04.08.2011

  10. integrity comes with strength. integrity comes with experience… one who is wise has integrity.
    integrity might be one of the hardest things to find during high school. i’ve learned to never deny anything and learn from the past!

    By longbots URL on 04.08.2011

  11. P – perserverance.
    I – integrity.
    G -guts.
    S – show.
    *saw this on a show pig shirt. and liked it. i think ill get one.

    By Rupert URL on 04.08.2011

  12. i have no integrity because it holds you back as a human and stops you from doing fun things and having it means that you are being judged by morons. Also it gives judgemental people a name for their hobby. It makes you feel as if that’s the standard that all humans live by and it you ever fall short, then you probably aren’t civilised.

    By Nemee on 04.08.2011

  13. Integrity is staying true to yourself and your morals and beliefs in difficult times. When you’re challenged by a particular set of circumstances or a situation where its easier to cave than stick by your guns. Or when its easier to cave to the circumstances, to cut bait and run. I don’t cave easily. I stick to my guns, even in stormy weather. I fight for what I want, fiercely. I just with someone would fight for me as fiercely as I fight for her. -_-

    By Andy URL on 04.08.2011

  14. do it for me.
    -but, my integrity…
    do it for them.
    -but, my self esteem…
    do it for him.
    -but, my innocence…
    do it for her.
    -but, my dignity…
    integrity says no when everyone else pushes, “yes.”

    By longbots URL on 04.08.2011

  15. i have none
    i have
    been broken
    i am honest, but am i too honest?
    do i have morals?
    i thought i did, but you believe otherwise
    i guess i am just a good-for-nothing kiddo
    without integrity

    By bailey on 04.08.2011

  16. “I have integrity”

    By vince URL on 04.08.2011

  17. i think of car commercials; how often they try to sell things to you based on some supposed notion of integrity. i will define my own.

    By smdlibre URL on 04.08.2011

  18. People always say that you should aim to die with integrity. For good reason. It’s one of the most valuable possessions one may own. And one of the most difficult to keep

    By Raine on 04.08.2011

  19. so many times have i faltered in attempting to gather this fleeting trait. guess i don’t have what it takes. shame.

    By Mike D on 04.08.2011

  20. what i believe our presidents are lacking, ever since george washington. it’s just not going well at all for them.
    oh well.
    i wish i had more integrity.
    and i wish they had more.

    By Laura G. on 04.08.2011

  21. I have no integrity…that was lost long ago.
    I’ve said that multiple times, I’m little enough to call human.
    however one thing i can do. is have fun!
    which i do quite well I wont lie.
    Granted i’m going to hell.
    Granted people say i’m going to hell daily
    but hell I enjoy my life…can you really say that? honestly and truly?

    By wizardjedi URL on 04.08.2011

  22. i was born with a role model that taught me that integrity would get you nowhere. But that is ass-backwards, isn’t it?

    By Sparkle on 04.08.2011

  23. I have it, you have it. It is in all of us. Integrity. Intergrity is a beautiful thing to us all. But I wish people would show it more, sometimes. It makes me sad that some people don’t have the faith too. Integrity.

    By Mackenzie on 04.08.2011

  24. I wish people had more integrity. I feel like everyone is so used to the world now, and they don’t have a feel with what they want to do. I feel like even myself could use more of it. Integrity is the most important part of life, because without it, you’d be lifeless. You have to have that power to want to do what you do. You have to be strong willed. And having integrity is what that is all about.

    By Alissa Lambert on 04.08.2011

  25. its beautiful, soso beautiful. its the best thing its ever happened to me, and i am so greatful for it. it means peace, and love, and happiness. which is just all the things i wished for and it came true for me.

    By sarakelsey URL on 04.08.2011


    By PapaAudie URL on 04.08.2011

  27. Integrity means a lot. Doing the right thing, being honest, putting others first. I learned what it meant probably in seventh grade when we talked about character traits.

    By Dayla DeVore on 04.08.2011

  28. I walked into my audition and did my best work yet in any audition I’ve ever had. I walked into my interview for directing and did the best interview out of anyone in that process and the best that I could. I didn’t get the directing slot I wanted. I don’t yet know if I got any callbacks that I wanted. But in either case, I did the best I could and feel the best about both opportunities.

    By Jason URL on 04.08.2011

  29. the backbone of the human race
    is weaken when there is a competitive pace
    and with sort of evils which disgrace
    the look of a child when integrity is misplaced.

    By Nicole Vacherot URL on 04.08.2011

  30. The fundamental pillar of human morals; without it one can’t hold oneself accountable.

    By C. Ivan on 04.08.2011

  31. we have nothing to lose apart from our belief in ourselves. We jumped, but with our clothes on, because that was the way to do it for us, it felt right, it did. We could keep our heads high, because we had not done anything wrong. It felt good to stand by yourself. Must do more often!
    But then, we can do it more often, as we still have so many coupons to real life left, welcome, to non-Disney world! take off your shoes to walk on the grass, it’s so much nicer!

    By seileasdar on 04.08.2011

  32. Integrity is something hard to have. It means you’re tough, determined. But if you possess the quality of integrity, that means that you have truly accomplished something. Even if you failed at the task at hand, you endured.

    By Emily URL on 04.08.2011

  33. I’ve never totally understood the word integrity, but whenever I hear it used I just think – “morally upright.” And then I think of my father. When he used to tell me to “do the right thing” and “make good choices” I would roll my eyes and say yeahyeahsure before skipping out the door. He’s always been old fashioned, but now he’s just old. And that’s why I listen hard these days. I’m young, I’m stupid, I’m scared, but I’m doing the best I can to make him proud before he goes.

    By what people will see URL on 04.08.2011

  34. Integrity. she didn’t know whether she had it or not.
    What did mama mean when she had told her that it was good to have integrity?
    “Honey, Whatever you do, do it with integrity,” she had said, her face, a maze of lines, etched with years of sadness, hard work, and wisdom.
    Her mother, it seemed, had integrity.
    Maybe a dictionary was not necessary after all.

    By Becca_writesalot URL on 04.08.2011

  35. I wrote about integrity then it was deleted. Why do I have to give you my name and address? I thought this was just a writing exercise.

    By Debra on 04.08.2011

  36. integrity is about character. Character is about what people will do when no one is looking. Integrity is a trait that means you have good character. Like if you are willing to give up your principles when it’s hard to keep them. Like if you are willing to eat the last piece of pizza even though you know your buddy really loves pizza, and hasn’t had any yet.

    By Gaby on 04.08.2011

  37. Integrity. Sali hadn’t known what it meant.
    “Honey, its good to have integrity, in anything you do, or how you act,” Mama, had said, her face a maze of lines; sadness and hard work etched into every inch.
    Perhaps little Sali did not need a dictionary after all.

    By Becca_writesalot URL on 04.08.2011

  38. The President of the USA is strong in this category even though he has caved in at
    times to the pressures of the office, all in all, I think that he is doing a good job.

    I wish that he were more anti-war and was able to pull the troops home where they belong.

    By James Brown on 04.08.2011

  39. its about what you mean, what you want to say above everything else and how things truly influence you. its not the bullshit around you that shapes you.. its how you shape it whilst taking in the pieces that you think contribute to your idea of what truth is.

    By Kirsten on 04.08.2011

  40. Honesty and integrity. They go together, don’t they?…. Don’t they?
    Can I be a good person and a liar?
    Can I be a bad one who’s honesty?
    I don’t know what I spout is lies and what is truth. I lie so much I think I’m starting to believe it. Who the hell am I? It’s like… like I’ve let myself become a bad person. Like suddenly I open my eyes and I realize how disgusting I am.
    I horrify myself.
    It’s scary.
    I’M scary.

    By nim URL on 04.08.2011