May 6th, 2012 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “instrumental”

  1. Her hands ran across the violin like a swan across water. She had always been the instrumental one of the family, gentle, kind perfect for playing such a beautiful instrument.

    By cozy URL on 05.06.2012

  2. Being instrumental, being part of an instrumental…instruments for music, people can be instruments of other people, or of destiny itself.

    By Gwenh URL on 05.06.2012

  3. The most direct route they could take was straight down the mơuntain. There feet were slipping almost immediately and knew that wearing billy goats as shoes was the most instrumental way to succeed.

    By Derek Switters on 05.06.2012

  4. Music. Nothing but music. No lyrics. No words. Nothing but music. Notes on a page. Staff after staff. Nothing but music

    By Abra on 05.06.2012

  5. I love to listen to instrumentals from certain songs. Some songs can have awful lyrics or be inappropriate and still have amazing music. I can never find instrumentals unless I’m on itunes. Maybe I should make my own music!

    By mickey URL on 05.06.2012

  6. What is instrumental in what I think about others. ACTIONS. Actions always do speak louder than words. Proof. Talk is cheap. Wish I’d known that sooner.

    By Brittany H URL on 05.06.2012

  7. It was key that I never let her know of my plan. Much as I loved her, the knowledge would only hinder our relationship and the possibility of using her as a vessel would be lost. I needed someone with a clear mind.

    By Ruben URL on 05.06.2012

  8. Practice is instrumental to success. Without it, talent withers on the vine and potential lies untapped. Great men don’t make themselves.

    By waterdolphin777 on 05.06.2012

  9. Though the computer was instrumental to finishing her portfolio, presently it was driving her just plain mental. Every sentence trailed behind the flurrying keystrokes that wrought it, yet failed to contain spaces, the words clustered together in their delay. If the laptop lagged one more time, the screams of bloody murder surrounding it would be the least of its concerns.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.06.2012

  10. The instrumental score was instrumental in giving the high to that melodious song. A song is known by the height of its peak. No one ever hums the whole song. It is the crest that is hummed often.

    By Omkar Thakur on 05.06.2012

  11. Bangin with a gang of instrumentals i got the pens and pencils, i got down to business. But sometime the business end of this shit will turn your friends against you. Thought you was a real nigga, i can sense it in you. I still remember that car wash where i banged your wife, and the pictures that we sent you. That was fucked up, and i’ll never put that against you.

    By DanTheMan URL on 05.06.2012

  12. Without a voice
    without a sound
    empty echoes reverberated
    rich sound emancipated
    the chorus goes round

    By Mandy URL on 05.06.2012

  13. Musical, ambiental, armonic, relax, cool, eyes-closed, birds, feel good, house, friendly, beethoven, emotions, love, beat, functional, structural, machine, sound, structure, music,sound, ear, body

    By Chaka on 05.06.2012

  14. music

    By bryce on 05.06.2012

  15. no matter how hard i try i can’t seem to find the right lyrics for this beautiful beat. i don’t want another one-hit wonder, oh no darling. i want the type of song you’ll play at your wedding, and no less.

    By Julienne URL on 05.07.2012

  16. everything to do with a song, the word itself is music. an expression going far beyond words,

    By jb on 05.07.2012

  17. The guitars are being strummed as the bells chime in harmony and the whole world seems to dance, singing along to the merry music that soothes them.

    By Kiwi on 05.07.2012

  18. The violins whine as the group of friends dance around them, smiling as they sing to its sweet melody. It’s a beautiful song that speaks for itself. The high notes represent the joy while the low notes represent the melancholy. In other words, it is the song of life and it is what we’re dancing to, even now.

    And now I wonder, how is your song?

    By Dan URL on 05.07.2012

  19. He was always instrumental to the cause. They made him that way. They made him important to me, sharpening my feelings to the point where I could do nothing but harm those around me. They used him to get inside of my head, inside of my heart. And then they threw him away when they didn’t think I needed him anymore. He was only a tool. But to me he was much more valuable when he hated me than loved me.

    By river URL on 05.07.2012

    Instrumental is a word, which contains alot of music. In movies the instrumental part, shows you how you are supposed to feel in the current moment. That sucks.


    And thats all foks!

    By Mette URL on 05.07.2012

  21. the instrumental instrument that instrumented itself towards me in an instrumental fashion, was, indeed, an instrument itself. What instrument? i do not know…. what was it’s agenda?? Instrumentally instrumental in it’s advances i came to believe that this particular instrument was a male. And therefore an instrument that i have heard too much of.

    By trish on 05.07.2012

  22. They placed a pin through my eardrum
    not pushed, or pierce through, or stabbed
    but placed, as if
    a gift
    a token, a bliss
    not to be missed

    By gsk URL on 05.07.2012

  23. Somehow it just fit like the way fingers intertwine, leaving no space in between. They stared as the contraption slowly whirred into life, cogs spinning and gears turning.

    -we did it, we really did-

    By Ina URL on 05.07.2012

  24. If music were a brain disease, call me instrumental.

    By Ellen Lee URL on 05.07.2012

  25. the sounds in my mind made my ears ring and my eyes water and the sounds in my mind make my nails run along chalkboards and my teeth grind together. there is an orchestra outside of the wind and the ocean clashing together and the sky meets them in the middle in a horribly lovely horribly natural melody.

    By Katia URL on 05.07.2012

  26. What makes a person instrumental in the life of others, that they are remembered even until the next generation? I hope you and I contribute positively into the lives of others!

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 05.07.2012

  27. Instrumental for
    All Republican planning:
    How to instill fear

    By Catherine McClarin on 05.07.2012

  28. fingers dance across my skin
    as if my flesh were the strings of some exquisite instrument
    touch draws sounds from my lips
    giving voice to sensation
    giving life to adoration
    giving a soul to this complication

    By Domiknitrix URL on 05.07.2012

  29. The way he moaned. The way he cried out his name. The way he whimpered and begged and asked for “More, please, God more.”

    John never was one for classical. But with him, with him every sound, every cry, every yelp of pleasure and ecstasy was a symphony, a euphony of beauty and passion. Admittedly, John eventually found himself becoming quite the connoisseur of…instrumental activity.

    By noiseandhammers URL on 05.07.2012

  30. It was in the instrumental segment between verse three and the last refrain that the lead singer was murdered.

    By Izzy on 05.07.2012

  31. Instrumental music are not really what’s that makes me high for music . Skrillex’s an exception though .

    By Takufunkai on 05.07.2012

  32. instrumental is based on the word instrument. the ‘al’ at the end just refers/describes something or someone. For example you could be and ‘instrumental’ person by playing and instrument etc. just an example.

    By KitKat on 05.07.2012

  33. This song is very instrumental with lots of sound to it. Its a shame it hasnt got lyrics to it

    By Kacie URL on 05.07.2012

  34. Musical necessity.

    The double entendre of this word has been more relevant than ever in the past week.

    Sci-fi symphony. Space cadet headphone experience.

    I love Toronto.

    By Little Bites Big (@littlebitesbig) URL on 05.07.2012

  35. Dad was very instrumental when he donated his organ….his hammond b-3 organ that is. Keith Emerson grew up and became a rock star. Do you know of him? Not dad…Keith? Do you know Keith?

    By vanhaydu URL on 05.07.2012

  36. You were instrumental in my coming to this town
    And now,we never see each other.
    Why did I. Follow you to your world?
    Maybe to find my own life.

    By Robin on 05.07.2012

  37. The instrumental lasted longer than we had predicted. Leaving us with a spare 30 seconds of empty time. We had to fill it. Otherwise people would get suspicious. How had Jake not timed the rehearsals perfectly? We were supposed to have this done to two seconds, none of us expected to have a full 30 seconds of waiting.

    By Emma Park URL on 05.07.2012

  38. The General’s movement was instrumental in the siege of Fort Knox.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.07.2012

  39. She was instrumental in helping it all to happen… or should I say CAUSING it to happen. Had she prescribed massage, medication and weeks of inactivity and headache might have been prevented. The medication she finally prescribed caused tachycardia and hypertension… fabulous. More medical symptoms on the roller coaster of life.

    By SpaghettiBasgetti URL on 05.07.2012

  40. Sometimes instrumental music is like tribia you try to pick up the tune and discover what the song might be. Whether it be on an elevator or elsewhere. Acoustic guitar or piano can make rock or hip hop sound interesting. Covers by other artists are the best.

    By stonepark7lgr URL on 05.07.2012