March 2nd, 2013 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “instill”

  1. You have to get it into your head, this word. There’s no point in messing about. If you want to get the real meaning out of it you have to give it your full concentration, feel it in your bones like, well, like bones. Where would you be without THEM, huh? You’d be in a bucket and somebody would be carrying you home in it. Instill this, folks. Concentrate, people! Instill. It becomes part of you, then. I am instilled with instill. I can write no more.

    By Celia URL on 03.03.2013

  2. Instilling a memory, wine and distilleries, millers and milleners, instilling virtues and morals and decency in people, religious untertones and nothing to do with being in still water, treading ground.

    By Rachel on 03.03.2013

  3. While walking along the road with Simon I explained why sometimes people were mean, or violent or just downright bad. I did not want to instill fear, but he needed to understand the danger of being a Nook.

    By strangertothesun URL on 03.03.2013

  4. I reached into the dark crevice, but quickly drew my hand back out again. Do I dare? I asked myself. With my other hand I grasped at the golden locket around my neck, hoping that once more, it would install a courage within my heart as it had when I had defeated the dragon.

    By Ivy Grey on 03.03.2013

  5. Every other conversation the complications came back to harry their heels, to remind them that nothing had changed, that none of the solutions they had tailored had been worn. It was beginning to instill in her a sense of purgatory, a sense of paradoxically perpetual stagnation.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.03.2013

  6. I wouldn’t let him instill this hatred in me; as though I was useless, as though I was wrong, when he was so much worse. And I had to believe that. I knew that. I didn’t care what he thought, I didn’t, I didn’t.

    By Ashley URL on 03.03.2013

  7. instill? ethical?

    By dina URL on 03.03.2013

  8. Someone needs to instill some sense into you.

    By Jason URL on 03.03.2013

  9. “In der Schule haben wir heute Mathe getrunken. Wurzelrechnen.” “Wie hat es geschmeckt?” Naja, was denkst du wie Wurzelrechnen schmeckt? Erdig bitter. Mir

    By El Gordito on 03.03.2013

  10. A faceless conference, corporate bags abounding the floor, suits and ties speaking. Principles instilled in the mindless decision-makers while the world functions outside regardless, in a chasm of poverty and inaction.

    By tomcfa URL on 03.03.2013

  11. “Instill”: That’s about helping others, educating students and others, to give of oneself and provide others with knowledge and hopefully one’s accumulated wisdom
    – Gary Dorion

    By Gary Dorion URL on 03.03.2013

  12. “Instill”: That’s about helping others, educating students and others, to give of oneself and provide others with knowledge and hopefully one’s accumulated wisdom.
    – Gary Dorion

    By Gary Dorion URL on 03.03.2013

  13. I would like to I still in my children a love for reading and writing. Writing is often seen as a boring task by kids but once mastered it can become the tool to the next great adventure or recording important moments in history. Writing can be a friend and not an enemy. I want to learn how to make writing fun for my kids so they will enjoy it rather than dread their next assignment.

    By Jennifer on 03.03.2013

  14. instill something into your mind. i’m going to instil something into your mind. it’s going to be dangerous and amazing and sooper fantastical. it’s going to change you. it’s going to change who you are and you were. i will instill it into your mind. instill. instill. it’s going to be instilled into your mind.

    By Hira Munawar URL on 03.03.2013

  15. instill-still in. still in this place. never changing. in still minds there will be disruption, carnage, chaos.

    By Emma on 03.03.2013

  16. It is a way of putting things into one’s mind either through speaking or writing- the result? Who knows. It may or may not turn out right or suitable to the receiver. But for the instiller, Haha, he may be enjoying it. It could be fear or anger that is being instilled. As long as the matter is being instilled, the receiver will be at the receiving end. Bah, and damn the instiller. However, it takes time, courage and creativity to be the one instilling what he wants to put into the other person’s mind. It is also the receiver right and perogative to accept or reject the instilling.

    By Jeffrey Lee on 03.03.2013

  17. she had instilled that lesson well enough. he backed away from the river’s edge, shaking violently; the memories were still there. the time he had almost drowned.

    By Cate Write on 03.03.2013

  18. It takes shock. You never realised it before. Until the core of your belief crumbles or was attempted to be taken from you by force, you take it as granted, the instilled values. How your decisions are made. Your gravitational centre for feelings.

    By Roschen on 03.03.2013

  19. Instill values in me and it failed…i still became my own person because your morals scared the shit out of me…i didn’t want to become you but i did anyway but now i’m only 1/3 through my life and trying to backtrack, trying desperatly to find my way out of this wet paper bag.

    By caroline on 03.03.2013

  20. Who would have thought that something so slight could instill such a sense of terror and despondency in me. It was the difference between being invisible and being caught in the headlights of an oncoming train.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.03.2013

  21. I have instilled but not installed. Does instill go deeper than install? What is the difference? Who instills the confidence of instilling confidence? A word of the metal, hard steel. A word of substa

    By Subhartho on 03.03.2013

  22. Instilled in my mind, that vast image of open space…so quiet. All my memories of hatred have been distilled and later held in complete slow motion as to say, these instilled memories are here forever.

    By Alicia on 03.03.2013

  23. instill is an idea in one persons mind: instill values. we can also refer to some books including instill in such ways e.g instill eye drop.
    Instill is what you have in your mind, think about it you’ll get to know what i mean. blah blah :)

    By Nabila on 03.03.2013

  24. Maybe it’s just too early in the morning, but I can’t for the life of me remember exactly what this word means. I know that you can “instill” something. Or is it “instill something into something?” I’m not completely sure. But I think it’s a mixture of never using this word and tiredness because I can’t remember what it means.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.03.2013

  25. i do not know what that word means. i know it is found in the dictionary but i don’t have the independence to stand up and look for it. I know it is used with the word ideas and minds, but who cares? I want some cocaine right now. really. i want to get high, so please give me some cocaine.

    By jom on 03.03.2013

  26. To place your heart within my heart with such gentle ways that my heart will never let you go.

    By F. Moore URL on 03.03.2013

  27. instill might mean in a still mode . not doing anything mostly no movement at all .
    when your instill you might be in shock it might be a good one or bad news recieveived .

    By faihanaseem on 03.03.2013

  28. I gulped, the hulking form pacing in the cage before us instilling within me an instant feeling of terror that would not – could not – be quelled. “I’m to face THAT in single combat?” I asked incredulously, turning to my master.
    He smiled reluctantly, as though the gesture pained him. “That you will, my girl,” his eyes slid from mine to the beasts’ and, as the remnants of his smile deserted him, I heard him whisper: “Gods own luck be with you,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.03.2013

  29. All are winners and all shall have prizes. Except you, no prizes for your efforts. This will instill a sense of hopelessness into your work which will put you in good stead for the future. From which we will except you. No future for you. This will instill a sense of hopelessness in others when they hear of your demise which will put them in good stead for the future.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 03.03.2013

  30. And then it hit me: I shouldn’t be sitting here, all alone. I should be out instilling joy into eveyone’s lives, especially when the order of the last Infinity allow little happiness.

    By Jacob Smith on 03.03.2013

  31. A word I had to look on the internet. English is my second language, I can’t know them all. Not even in my first language I know all the words. I wonder if someone knows all the words in their first language. I wonder many things but time is short. Time will kill me and all the words.

    By Pepas URL on 03.03.2013

  32. To instill.
    Instill a conscience into someone who does not have it.
    She never will, after all.

    Actin in vain.
    Active in vain.

    Like a bee, that works all day, all life
    to instill life into flowers.

    By Bianca on 03.03.2013

  33. instill
    what does it mean?
    I think of install, instead, distill,
    but still
    i do not know this word

    By Laura URL on 03.03.2013

  34. “You have instilled life in my very being, and in doing so, have thrown me into an everlasting debt to you.”
    “What? Oh, you mean ‘install'”, the engineer sighed once again, wondering what algorithm his intern screwed up this time around.
    “Please, if you would, 78324 v7, turn around and self deactivate your core processor. I’ve got just a few more details I’d like to tweek before I feel comfortable showing you off at the Science Academy Awards Ceremony.”
    “Very well. System shut down in 3, 2, 1…” The robot’s audible buzz lessened until it dispersed completely.
    David was just getting to like his intern, Jeff, he didn’t want to fire him, but of course he had to.

    By Sarah URL on 03.03.2013

  35. I should really instill this into people that I am ultimately not here to sort out their problems, but rather they should sort their own out. This would make my life so much easier and I wouldn’t have to listen to their crap everyday. I know I sound angry and bitter. I am, so what? At least I have been honest about it. Unlike the rest of them.

    By norwich writer on 03.03.2013

  36. i have no idea what the word means but it makes me think of still. not moving just being still. letting the world around you move while you just still. is this bad or good? thats up to you. would you want the world to move on with out you?

    By bri on 03.03.2013

  37. they never said the bogeyman
    would have black hair and brown eyes
    or soft hands, and scarred wrists

    they never said she’d play piano,
    have a fondness for sweet potato fries,
    have a mom and brother, no dad

    they never said she’d kiss like rain
    or push her mouth to yours like you’d
    never see the sun rise again

    they did mention the fear she brings
    though there are no ghouls, no shadows
    nothing but innocent words

    “if you don’t do this, i’ll leave you”
    enough to keep your spine straight for days
    enough to piss yourself in the night

    they said you’ll outgrow her, but you
    am already grown. you want the yellow eyes
    instead, the monster under your bed.

    By h. b. URL on 03.03.2013

  38. I hoped to instill in her a sense of wonder, of adventure. My daughter was brought up going on trips all around the world. By the time she was 16, she’d been to Taiwan, New Zealand, Zambia, and Peru. She never seemed to appreciate it. She never saw the value in learning other cultures, in learning to love the world just as it was made, and never trying to change others. I wanted to instill her with love and kindness and mercy, and I failed. She cares about shopping, boys, and cars, and if anyone else doesn’t share those values, she writes them off. I hope someday someone can get it right, because if the next generation doesn’t learn to love, societies will continue to implode.

    By annabelle on 03.03.2013

  39. I did not seek to instill a spirit of recklessness, but I could not conceal the intensity I felt toward the cause.

    By Fay on 03.03.2013

  40. There are a series of sharp pains in my back and i hope your back feels better than mine. instill thrill

    By eartha on 03.03.2013